Starry night

How best to serve?
Where is your heart?
What is your desire nature?
Where is the Karmic axis?
Where is your faith (dharma) ?
Where is fear and aniety felt?
Where do you feel your sense of duty and responsibility?
Where is your courage, action and energy directed?
How does the mind think and analyse?
How does the emotional mind experience events and respond to them?

We are here to discover our true self which is beyond the personality mind ego. This is beyond star signs.
This is beyond how these planets affect us, Our true self sits behind all of that, always watching and seeing, but not reacting.

It is the ineffable I Am presence of being-ness.

The birth chart shows us how we experience life, the various karmas we are subjected to and the default ways we respond to life.

But we are not our birth chart, we are not what happens to us, we become what we choose.

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