Veda, Jyotish & Yoga – Thoughts and Musings

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Its new moon today (new moon blog to follow this one) and I have been working on this article for the last week. As i have been processing and reflecting on my journey with astrology, and the vedic sciences I thought I would like to write a little bit about it.

I have been a little embarrassed to admit that astrology, for me was initially a self help thing, which was also borne loudly out of fear of “maybe there is something really fucked up about me and Im too scared to find out” – So I would look to the stars to find reasons for my confusing and overwhelming emotions and feelings, trying to make sense of why things were happenings the way they were.

There was a little spiritual bypassing in there – though I was not completely fooled. Unhappiness is a strong reality, in essence I was dissatisfied with being unhappy and despite my challenges, I also had many blessings.

And so, feeling caught in the Paradox of Things, the journey began.

I started where most of us start, at the grand cyber location of This site was a profound resource which invited me to question my reality, perceptions, motivations and inclinations. It provided a practical framework and psychological insight with which to understand and navigate life, while fostering compassionate and expansive perspectives on the passing tides of emotions and experiences.

Once upon a time I was 16. I was living in Dulwich hill, in a house for disadvantaged youths … My father had just died the year before, I was officially an orphan and a state ward, I was in year 11, full of trauma, depression, confusion, excitement and endless questions about life, the universe and my position in the middle of everything, including an intense and overwhelming emotional reality.

When I discovered my astrology chart, I voraciously consumed anything that could provide any insight or answers, in an attempt to rid/relieve myself of the painful and overwhelming sense of existential anxiety that riddled my days.

Its been 16 years now since I have been immersing myself into the cosmic ocean of planets, stars and the universe – since then I have moved on from western astrology and into the depths and roots of Jyotish – The science of Light – Vedic Astrology. Jyotish is where the key roots of astrology can be found. Although the language can seem a little daunting at first, to delve into the mythology of the deities, countless gods and goddesses, not as creators, but as the multifarious aspects of divine expression – takes you on a rich journey of discovery and reconnection to our cosmic heritage.

The zodiac chart is a reflection of the human body in its entirety : Kaal Purusha – the cosmic man

Jyotish (vedic astrology) pre dates western astrology. In fact, western astrology was born from the roots of vedic, except it is missing about 70 % of the knowledge – including predictive techniques, divisional charts and the dasha system, just to name a few. The other major difference is in the debate over the starting point of aries.

Western astrology follows the tropical zodiac which is based on seasons and not on the actual position of the planets against the zodiac – Sidereal astrology (vedic, chinese etc) calculates the position of the planets in their constellations.

For personality analysis and basic insights western astrology will suffice – however it is not wholly accurate – one of the reasons it works is due to the heavy use of aspects which are the same across both systems. If Jupiter was 180 degrees your moon when you were born, its effect is the same regardless of the sign. But the sign is so important to understand how the planet is actually expressing itself through its element, the sign depositor, and the actual degree of its placement, then where it sits in the divisional charts, etc etc. Predictions will be more accurate when done sidereally.

Lunatic? Moonstruck madness? Full moon werewolves?

The sanskrit word for planet is Graha = loosely translated as planet / actually means “to grasp, to hold or to seize”

Ponder on that for a moment. Who is really in control?

In the simplest explanation, cosmic radiation beams from the galactic centre, through the stars and to the planets. We receive these vibrations – which affect our hormones, fluids and the flow of blood to the brain. The cosmic energies affect our subtle and astral bodies It is more complex than this of course, and beyond the scope of this article.

The movements of the planets reflect what is going on for us internally. Who and what we are is what we create. What is inside is what spills outside. It is simple like that.

We have a choice to become masters of ourselves, or slaves to external events. Jyotish gives us deep insight in to the events which occur in our lives and allow us to plan and prepare for our cosmic ‘seasons’.

From the vedic perspective, everyone is born due to their karmas (actions). There is neither judgement nor punishment, only cause and effect. Therefore there is no blame. We are responsible for all that we say, think and do. In life we have an opportunity to develop greater self awareness so we can harmonise our actions with the rhythms of the universe.

Veda is knowledge, and Yoga is knowledge embodied .

The indian/vedic view of psychology is inclusive of the body and mind, not separating elements. Many western healing modalities have integrated a variety of eastern teachings, such as mindfulness, tantra, yoga & meditation, non violence, vegetarianism etc – these ideas originated in India.
The emphasis is on direct experience, not borrowed knowledge. Reality is not compartmentalised. They work holistically, elementally and universally.

Jyotish is one part of a whole family of cosmic knowledge which can be applied on all levels. As a language it requires no belief, just observation, practice and experience.

While studying your chart can help you gain clarity, direction, affirmation, wisdom, insight and deep aha moments – it is not a replacement for therapy, or for doing the inner work – which is where you will inevitably need to venture into, in some form or other into order to heal that which needs healing, especially on the psycho-emotional level.

Astrology is especially useful for life management and planning, relationship/marriage compatibility and personality insights. Your chart shows you the menu of what you have to work with in this lifetime, and a good astrologer can help you activate and understand your potential, so you can maximise your strengths in the best possible way. The key here is in understanding that it is not an external force that has brought things to life – but our own past actions that have contributed to our blessings and ‘curses’. By harmonising ourselves with the universal rhythms and pulses we increases our ‘blessings’ – and become masters of our destinies – using the planets to our advantage rather than being tossed around, blindly in the infinite cosmic ocean.

Ultimately you have to live your life, and with a good map, the journey can be a lot less confusing, troublesome and stressful.

Good planning, never goes astray!

Thanks for reading. I offer consultations to suit all budgets. In person or on skype. Please see my website for more info and bookings.
Love, Darinka xx

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