The Movement of Mars & Sun – Unravelling the Knots⚡️

Hey Cosmic Travellers,
We are beginning to enter some stormy astro weather, but positive changes ahead!
Here is the low down … 

  • 14th – 20th Mars moves through Pisces/Aries gandanta knot.
  • 17th – Sun & Mercury move to Leo, crossing through cancer/leo gandanta knot, Mars also moves to Aries.
  • 18th – Mercury combust the Sun
  • Ketu is almost out of Sagittarius, and is about to move through the sag/scorpio gandanta junction (23rd September) – the most potent of all three!! (more on this in next article)
  • 19th – New Moon Leo – Magha Nakshatra

Needless to say, the impulse of transformation is on our doorsteps whether we want it or not! The invitation is to really shed the old stories… and what do I mean by that? The victim inside that says I can’t do this because of that, or this happened and now I can’t do what I want because xyz… Life gives us our lot in life, according to the Karmas the soul is needs to experience for its growth and development, life becomes easier when we take karmic responsibility for our our situation and lives.

One of my favourite quotes is :

“The boiling water which hardens an egg, softens a potato. See, it’s not the conditions, but what you’re made of, that counts”

I am coming to the understanding that everyone is damaged in some way, we all have some kind of handicap, no matter what our situation. Its not about what happened but how we choose to deal with it.

Mars and Sun are both moving through gandanta points:

14th – 20th Mars is moving through Pisces/Aries gandanta point
16-17th, Sun moves through Cancer/Leo gandanta point. 

Gandanta means a ‘karmic, or spiritual knot’, referring to the junctions (Sandhis) between a water and fire sign. These sensitive points in the zodiac signify times of intense growth and transformation – if harnessed properly. These specific junctions represent a sort of ‘out of bounds’ – places of intense changes and turmoil, reflecting two highly contrasting elements and states, hence the steam that arises as water moves to fire. There is great spiritual potential located at these Sandhis. These karmic knots/ junctions represent the ending of one way of being and the birth into something new, but not without a struggle.

If any of your sidereal planets are within 48’ (arc minutes) between Pisces & Aries, Cancer and Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius, then this lifetime signifies some intense karmic struggle/issues you are unravelling, yet, where there is great potential of profound transformation. Gandanta signifies specific karmic issues that are ‘knotted’ – the more you try to unravel them, the tighter they become.

What I have observed over time is that we generally tend to push too hard around challenging times. When the energy is intense, when we are focussed on our goals, paying little attention to the signs around us, that is usually when we run into trouble, as we try to push our own agenda too hard.

The Sun connects us to our vitality, strength, sense of self/identity, and although the sun’s transit from Cancer to Leo is only several days, the combination of Mars and Sun (and Mercury) moving through gandanta simultaneously make this is a particularly potent time! Breakthroughs may be just on the horizon. After being in Pisces, much relief will be felt, as Aries is home for Mars, and Leo is home for the Sun.

Mars connects to the Manipura chakra – this is the seat of our courage and confidence , will power. Mars gives us the energy to accomplish the physical tasks that we need to do on the material plane. Intimately connected with action; with all Karma, Mars is what gives us the energy to act.

What has felt unclear, emotional, muddy or confusing will clear up and move; energy will be available to act. Confidence returns. 

On the 18th, Mercury combusts the Sun in Leo.
Communications and clear thinking is likely to feel challenged. Authority issues and power struggles may rise. Avoid arguing, and if something is not quite working, leave it alone for a little while. If you are struggling to make a decision, or have that conversation, let it be and come back to it in a few days.

19th of August – New Moon in Leo – Magha Nakshatra
This new moon occurs in a triple conjunction of Sun, Moon and Mercury, all within a few degrees of each other in early Leo – The star Magha – meaning Mighty and Great.

This asterism is home to the star Regulus – words such as regal, royalty and reign come to mind. This star confers authority, courage, power and strength. Magha connects us to our ancestors and forefathers. Magha is idealistic yet materialistic, usually desiring eminence in some place in life.

This asterism is ruled by Ketu, the south node of the moon. Interestingly, Mars is currently in Ashwini, (early Aries) another asterism ruled by Ketu and Ketu itself, is in Mula – the third asterism/nakshatra ruled by Ketu.

Ketu, as the tail of the celestial serpent, who’s head is Rahu, aims to sever us from materialism, but not without pain, as we are usually so attached to the things that we cling onto. With so much separative and firey energy at the moment, this time period is unsettling and purificatory.
Ketu acts like Mars, these three nakshatras which are being activated currently; Ashwini, Magha and Mula, which occur at the beginning of Aries, Leo and Sagg, respectively, show the beginning of a new phase of purification, transformation and soul growth. This is the time for shadow work. Embrace the process.

Gandanta Mars’s encourages a new cycle of soul development relating to how we use the energy available to us effectively, and unravel old patterns and deep seated karmas. The gandanta Sun is encouraging us to use our power wisely, honour our forefathers, both for the gifts and blessings in disguises. The tongue can be mightier than the sword, so watch out for Mercury’s combustion and then short gandanta transit on the 17th , you may regret words which cannot be taken back. Also be mindful of gadgets and mechanical things suddenly breaking/going wonky or just weirdly not working for a while, then working again!

What has been stuck, confusing, uncertain and unsettled will shift, prepare for the changes! The birthing of any new thing requires, patience, persistence and determination.

With much love and aloha to you, dear reader,
Darinka x

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