Dec 2021 – The Grand Finale ⚡️

4th – Full Solar Eclipse/ New Moon – Scorpio
5th – Mars moves to Scorpio
9th – Venus moves to Capricorn
10th – Mercury moves to Sagittarius
14th – Mars Ketu conjunction
Kaal Sarpa begins
15/16 – Sun moves to Sag- Sankranti
19th – Venus retrograde29th Jan
Full Moon Gemini

Key Events

We end the year with some powerful celestial events – A full solar eclipse, the beginning of a 4 – month Kaal Sarpa yoga and Venus retrograding for 6 weeks in Capricorn/Sagittarius. Jupiter has moved out of debilitation in Capricorn and is now in the futuristic and humanitarian sign of Aquarius. This is a significant shift especially for Sag and Pisces folk,

We are likely to see increased optimism and faith as well as changes and expansion in areas such as networks, friendships, large organisations, foundations, social justice, technology, democracy, wealth, gains and scientific research.
Please see Jupiter in Aquarius Report for more info.

4th – Full Solar Eclipse/ New Moon – 4th

The moon passes in front of the sun an exact degree. That degree is the Rahu/Ketu Axis. From earth, it looks like the sun is being swallowed… The spiritual light is temporarily darkened, truth is shadowed, life goes quiet. The moon; the individual soul is also dark, as solar eclipses occur on new moons.

Eclipse portals are omens portending change. They can indicate upheavals, sudden revelations or profound transformation and deep inner journeys. The astral energies at this time are highly conducive for all kinds of spiritual activities. It is a time for a spiritual reset.

Ketu invites us to separate and detach from the endless play of the outside world. Stop. Be still. Often, there can be feelings of apathy, withdrawal and less desires for material activities as well as heightened intuition This is the soul’s movements toward its truth and that which is eternal.

There will be 4 planets in Scorpio on this day – Sun, Moon, Mercury and Ketu – Scorpio is a mystical, deep and intense sign energetically aligned with all things secret, hidden, occult, transformative and destructive.

The 8th sign wrestles with powerful urges and desires, grappling with its lower nature as it stands on the threshold of emergence from the cave, to the vast landscapes of faith and spiritual wisdom.

The dark moon doubly emphasises the materially negating time we are in.

  • Avoid launching or beginning anything for material gains, such as laying foundations, marriage, celebrations or major decisions. 
  • It is a time for rest, withdrawal, detachment from senses and spiritual practices. 
  • Do not eat or drink during the eclipse period as it is said that the psychic forces disturb the prana in the food. 
  • Meditate, pray, fast, clean the home, throw things away.
  • Fast from excessive speech. Practice silence
  • Connect with Ganesha, as he is the deity associated with Ketu, removing the psychological blocks impeding our minds.
  • Mantras to chant : Maha Mritunjaya, Ganesha mantras, Mantras connected to Soma/Chandra and Surya, Durga and Shiva.

The Nakshatra energy is Jyestha – ruled by Indra, lord of storms and thunder, king of the gods. Wise, powerful yet lustful, Jyestha is a powerful, fierce and cruel star with the power to rise and conquer in battle. (Arohana Shakti).

The greatest battles we fight are within, so use this time to sever the thick veils separating you from Deep Truth. Illusions are plenty, as our western world is dominated by Rāhu – always seeking the next best thing. Insatiable desire and ambition becomes one’s own self undoing.

14th – Mars rahu conjunction Scorpio, Kaal Sarpa Yoga begins
Kaal Sarpa means ‘Serpent of time. This yoga is a planetary union, a pattern in which all the visible planets fall on one side of the Rahu/Ketu axis.

It often found in charts of prominent people, politicians and artists. This yoga is generally unfavourable, indicating an unstable and unpredictable time with the potential for both great gains and great losses. Events occur which can be strange, unusual or freakish. There can be strong feelings of ambition, obsession or irrational fears/anxieties.

The nodes are the eclipse points, they are shadowy astral forces and therefore contain no substance of their own. What is created under strong, unconscious influences of Rāhu tends to dissolve or prove to be disappointing in time. The nodes are opposing forces, drawing us to objects of the senses (Rāhu) – or detaching us from people, places and things (Ketu)

This Kaal Sarap yoga begins on the 14th when Mars moves past Ketu at 6° of Scorpio, properly entering the serpent’s embrace. It will break every 2 weeks, for 2 weeks as the moon will move outside of the axis. It will fully end when Mercury moves past Rahu on the 25th of April 2022. 

– Please don’t worry though, this is just a general interpretation and some people may not notice anything. It does depend on your individual chart, as well as your commitment to your inner engineering.

Who is affected most?
> Those with planets conjunct the nodes in their chart,
> Those with many planets in rahu/ketu nakshatras
> Those running a rahu/ketu mahadasa or bhukti.

14/15/16 – Sun moves to Sagittarius – Sankranti
Take it easy over these days as the Sun will move through he Jyestha/Mula gandanta region. This part of the zodiac where there are karmic knots and snares. It can bring up issues with fathers, authority figures and bosses.
When the Sun is moving to a new sign it is considered weak, as the solar energy is low, and it is best to avoid major activities/events on these days. There could be big storms or floods, as Jyestha is connected to Rains and thunder.

19th – Venus retrograde Capricorn
Full Moon Gemini
 Venus will spend 6 weeks retrograding from early Capricorn and back into Sagittarius.
This is underlying Saturn and Jupiter energy, both of which are in signs ruled by Saturn. Venus relates to our sense of self worth and value, vehicles, relationships, spouse and female partners/friends – the women in your life.

Venus in Capricorn is more conservative with a tendency toward more traditional values, so this can be a time of maturity in relationships. Retrogrades can indicate breakups, and a re-setting of deeper values. Venus is the guru of the Asuras, and connects to the water element. It is better in Capricorn than in Sagittarius, where there can be conflicting ideologies. Water puts out fire; Emotion and pleasure (Venus) is at odds with Jupiter’s Fire of Truth and spiritual purity.

Expect people from the past to call or re-appear. It is a time to re-address your relationship standards, most importantly however, your relationship to yourself, how do you speak and treat yourself, what is your internal dialogue? This reflects in what we choose to tolerate and accept in our lives.

The Full moon will be on the same day, so expect some news.
This Poornima will fall in the early degrees of the Gemini/Sagittarius, Mula/Mrigashira Axis – This axis highlights the celestial bridge of higher wisdom and the intellectual mind. Faith/analysis, The Big Picture/The Fine Details.

Please stay tuned for a separate blog/video on these two events.
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