Darinka was born in Sydney, Australia. She is of mixed racial descent, lost both parents at a young age, left home at 13 years and has spent the better part of the last decade with no fixed address while travelling, learning, growing, studying, and living in various places around the world.

She currently resides in a small atélier in the inner west of Sydney.

I am creative soul with many passions. Helping people feel good about themselves is my main priority in life. My interest in Indian/eastern thinking was inherited from my parents, both academics and travellers at heart. My mother had a strong connection with India and left her body in Bangalore when I was less than a year old.
Natrually, I had a lot of questions about life growing up.
After becoming disenchanted with western schools of philosophical and psychological thought, I discovered yoga and astrology in my late teens. Western astrology did not answer enough questions, so I kept investigating and researching and found the roots of astrology as we know it, in its Vedic format of Jyotish, commonly known in the west as Vedic Astrology.

Jyotish being a vedanga, or a limb of the Vedas and provides us with eyes to see. I have been studying Jyotish for over four years with my teacher Komilla Sutton. Vedic astrology and the life sciences are a life-long passion and study that is never ending.

I offer consultations and readings and I write a regular blog about the changing astro climates.

My approach aims to provide a grounded and down to earth feel, which is different to the ‘pop-astrology’ that is so prevalent in today’s media.  I aim to cater to the soul, rather than the ego, to speak what needs to be said rather than what the ears would prefer to hear. I attempt to make a complex subject simple, to translate the meaning of the cosmic motions into everyday language so that everyone can relate to their experiences with a broader perspective.

I am also a Ka-huna Bodywork practitioner. Bodywork and massage therapy provides a safe a nurturing space for clients to unwind, relax and reach a calm space in their body and mind. It provides physical, spiritual and emotional care and healing. I like to think of Ka-huna bodywork as a heart centred form of massage, the art of touch is something that i feel, is quite lost in today’s mechanistic modern world.

Every human being is inherently vulnerable. In the heart of vulnerability lies our true self; open and trusting. Finding the courage to accept and own one’s vulnerability is one of the first steps to living authentically. It is my desire to assist people in discovering more of their authentic self, to understand why they are here and where they are going.

Thanks for swingin’ by x