What is it?

Vedic Astrology is traditonally known as Jyotish . It comes from the sanskrit word ‘Jyoti’ – meaning ‘Light’.

Jyotish is a science of light that observes the motions of the heavens to understand our life on Earth. The Vedic understanding is that no act is random; all our blessings and problems are a result of past life karmas (actions) that we have done in this life, or a previous lifetime.

Just as a pebble is thrown into the water and the ripples can be observed long after the act has occurred, so too, our actions produce effects long after we have acted.

The philosophy behind Jyotish is that quality of our lives is reflected by the quality of our thoughts. The quality of our thoughts determine the quality of our choices. Making the right choices, at the right time, helps us to develop our true strength and power, allowing us to harness and access our resources, so that we may walk in balance through life, following our Dharma, and avoid creating negative Karma.

Astrology: Science of Light 

The ignorance of the mind is illuminated by the light of our soul – self – knowledge leads to expanded awareness and greater freedom in the mind, heart and spirit.

Jyotish is a profound tool that acts as a shortcut into the heart of one’s current karmic issues, as well as pointing the way to one’s path and direction in life, (Dharma). All aspects of life can be explored through the birth chart(s)

“Vedic technology is a “technology of awareness” that helps us work upon ourselves with the tools of our own mind and heart when they are open to the cosmic mind.”

– Dr.David Frawley.

I study and practice Vedic Astrology which is known as Jyotish, a sanskrit word which translates to “the science of light”.  Jyotish has been an indispensable tool of self knowledge and a force of awakening in my own life. Through the study of the birth chart, varga charts, transits, annual charts and  planetary periods (dasas), a wealth of information can be gleamed that shines a powerful light of clarity into the nature of one’s mind, psychology, character, as well as insight into all aspects and areas of life.

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