Vedic Astrology – Jyotisha

“Vedic technology is a “technology of awareness” that helps us work upon ourselves with the tools of our own mind and heart when they are open to the cosmic mind.”

– Dr.David Frawley

Vedic Astrology is known as Jyotish in sanskrit. The word ‘Jyoti’ – means ‘light’ – It is the light of awareness which illuminates the darkness in our minds. The soul is never dark, it is only obscured or covered by veils from being in the world of Maya – the world of appearances.

One key aspect to vedic philosophy is that quality of our lives is reflected by the quality of our thoughts. Although these ideas are not vedic per se, they are universal.

The quality of our thoughts determine the quality of our choices. Making the right choices, at the right time, helps us to improve out karma and walk in balance, following our true path, our Dharma.

Jyotish has been an indispensable tool of self knowledge and a force of awakening in my own life. Through the study of the birth chart, varga charts, transits, annual charts and  planetary periods (dasas), plus more, a wealth of information can be gleamed that shines a powerful light of clarity into the nature of one’s mind, psychology, character, purpose and direction, as well as insight into all aspects and areas of life.

The potential to go deep into the heart of one’s core issues is a profound gift of insight that you can do for yourself. An astrological consultation is not meant to replace other forms of psychological healing – but used in tandem, can assist to help create significant shifts within one’s self understanding.

For those who are digging deep into their own natures, have questions about who they are, and what is happening for them on a deeper and karmic level, a reading may be just right for you.

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