One of the greatest wealths we can carry is a peaceful mind. Knowing how to create and maintain a peaceful mind can be likened to  having our inner true north defined. But, how do we arrive at that place?

Many people have suffered traumatic experiences, carry childhood and family wounding, or have experienced various setback and roadblocks throughout their life. By delving into the heart of how one perceives reality through the quality and nature of their mind and thoughts, there is an deep sense of awakening and awareness of the world around you. One’s perspective shifts from a victim state, where things seem to randomly happen, to understanding how one is constantly in relationship and communion with life. Life is responding to our thoughts, feelings and actions. This is the mirror effect; what is being reflected to us in every moment.

Many events occur in life that are unchangeable. This is one aspect of Karma. What is understood as destiny can largely be altered by the choices we make. Making the right choices, at the right time, helps us garner our true strengths and allows us to harness our gifts so that we may walk in balance through life, following our Dharma.

In the words of my teacher, Komilla Sutton, we must focus on strengthening our strengths. I study and practice Vedic Astrology which is known as Jyotish, a sanskrit word which translates to “the science of light”.  Jyotish has been an indispensable tool of self knowledge and a force of awakening in my own life. Through the study of the birth chart, varga charts, transits, annual charts and  planetary periods (dasas), a wealth of information can be gleamed that shines a powerful light of clarity into the nature of one’s mind, psychology, character, as well as insight into all aspects and areas of life.

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