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“Vedic technology is a “technology of awareness” that helps us work upon ourselves with the tools of our own mind and heart, when they are open to the cosmic mind.”

– Dr.David Frawley

Vedic Astrology refers to principles and techniques used to divine and predict events within an individuals life, as well as for the greater community and world, with the purpose of finding the right time to take effective action and harmonise one’s life with the greater cosmic and universal currents.

For over 5000 years, the principles of vedic thought and knowledge have supported, guided and facilitated humanity through their earthly walk, encouraging the latent divine qualities to emerge. The world is already familiar with Yoga, the 8-limb system of spiritual and physical development, but few are aware of the deeper cosmic connections that underpin this ancient methodology.

The sanskrit word for ‘vedic astrology’ is Jyotish – This word translates to the “Science of Light” – It is the light of awareness which illuminates the darkness of ignorance, just as the Sun illuminates and warms the world for life to exist.

While the popular application of astrology is mostly used for general life concerns and purely predictive measures, there is a far richer and deeper substratum of wisdom and knowledge which can be divined from reading chart.

Vedic Astrology provides deep clarity and insight into your personal “DNA” – Your karmic makeup; the specific aspects that make up your personality, and the issues you are here to deal with, experience and evolve through. This knowledge far supersedes the notion that destiny is fixed and predictable, rather is equips you with greater awareness to understand yourself better. The more you know yourself, your needs and your nature, the greater ability you have to manage the unexpected in your life as well as plan ahead.

I am particularly passionate about relationship astrology; helping individuals and partners understand themselves and each other more, fostering greater awareness of compatibility, relationship strengths and weaknesses, emotional needs, love languages, love styles, as well as points of contention and disagreement.

My aim is to awaken and enlighten you to the richness and fullness of who you are, to create deep affirmation of your experiences, however challenging they may be, and to provide guidance and tools to facilitate ease and grace and greater awareness in your daily life.

What People Are Saying :

Received a mind blowing Vedic astro reading from Darinka today. Wow! How can I ever look at astrology the same again?

I was impressed by the way Darinka allowed the chart to speak through her. It was as if she was literally reading my internal world. This ancient modality is so precise and so spot on, and

Darinka certainly possesses the passion and intelligence to be able to articulately convey the intricacies that the chart holds. If you’re looking for guidance, clarity, confirmation or consolation, I highly recommend you book a session with Darinka!”

– Laya

My recent astrological reading with Darinka was a profoundly affirming experience from which I continue to carry a deepened and sharper sense of my self and my life’s work.

Darinka draws from her knowledge of Vedic Astrology a complexity of synthesis, and poetry in expression to share a reading that is empathic and immediately responsive.

The emergent and powerfully transformational work I have been engaged in with myself in the past 12 months has found further grounding from the experience of my reading.

To any other folk seeking an understanding of themselves and their unique place in the universe from the perspective of an ancient and vibrant earthly tradition I highly recommend a consultation with Darinka.

Darinka, thank you xo

– Benjamin

I was skeptical having my first astrology reading, but Darinka put me at ease.

She has a nurturing tone which delivered a wealth of information leaving me feeling less anxious. Immediately after, I was capable of making decisions that I had put off for months. I can’t recommend her services enough!

– Wynn

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