Mercury Retrograde & New Moon

New moon time is where the light of the consciousness is temporarily hidden from the moon, which represents our manas – the total mind. People born during the waning and new moon phases, tend to internalise their emotional experiences, preferring to process quietly. They may also feel insecure/vulnerable to share or speak about their emotional reality. 

The sun represents confidence and the ‘shine’ – the light in our life , the light of the soul. When it is fully illuminating the moon, the mind receives full support and light from the soul – when the moon is hidden behind the sun, there can be a feeling of lack of support, or clarity. It takes time for new moon people to work out how they feel about a situation. Full moon types can be more expressive and spontaneous in their manners.

This new moon occurs on 16/17 October in conjunction with a few other significant astrological events. It falls in Chitra Nakshatra, at the tail end of Virgo, before shortly passing into libra sign, along with the Sun, who is debilitated in Libra. Moon will then meet with retrograde mercury on the 18th for a short dance, before moving onwards

Mercury turns retrograde for 3 weeks (22 days) on the 13/14 Oct – 4/5 Nov

Virgo is a moveable earth sign, indicating a grounded yet flexible approach to things. It is ruled by mercury, which has just turned retrograde today!

Overall, this new moon is about the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new. New moons encourage us to withdraw, go within and be still. It has been a big year for so many, huge changes, losses and transformations. We are not quite out of the mud, though smoke is clearing, we still have a bit of the way to go. The world has been irrevocably changed and we are all adjusting. 

Chitra means a pearl or a jewel. It spans 23°40’ Virgo – 6°40 Libra. The ruling deity is Tvashtar, the celestial architect. The essence of this star is about allowing yourself to be shaped by divine forces. One image of this is the stone carver … all that is not us, is chipped away until our true form emerges. This is the pearl, also a symbol for purity and knowledge.

This new moon we can meditate on what is falling away, old structures, beliefs all the false selves, the stories and wounds which keep us stuck in limitations. Are you willing to let your true self emerge?

Mercury + Mars Retrograde

On the 14th of October, Mercury will station in Libra at 17° and retrograde back to 1° Libra, meeting in a square aspect with Saturn. 

Mercury in Libra highlights all our relationships and business partnerships. Retrograde motion means it is time to rethink your beliefs and assumptions. How have you been thinking? Is it serving you? Have you made choices that are worthwhile re-considering? This could be a time for re-negotiation of terms and conditions, but be mindful of signing contracts around the 13/14 and 4/5 when mercury is standstill. We will have the usual delays, lost emails, miscommunications and mental confusion at this time, however I find it is always a good time for artists, writers and creatives, as we can think in a new way and find a fresh solution to an old problem. The Saturn square will sober up our thinking and bring a reality check. 

Mars is also currently retrograde until the 14th Nov – asking us to redefine how we use our energy, to what, or whom do we give our power away to? (this includes our thinking) – how courageous we are in overcoming our limitations, as well as how we use our individual power. Do we try to dominate and show aggression in order to achieve what we want? Have we misused our power in the past? 

For the next 22 days, while Mercury is in retrograde, I invite you to join me …

To reframe, rewire, re brand, reset and rewrite your inner narrative –
Most issues in life stem from interpersonal relationship issues – this is why, during this 3 week retrograde of mercury in Libra we have a real opportunity to look at our relationship to ourselves! No one is a bigger critic than you are to yourself, so why not try being nice?

Remember, the mind doesn’t filter what it hears, whether it is positive or negative, so say good things and watch good things grow in your mind!

Be your own best friend, lover, partner and companion, first, then share that goodness with others. 

This is a very simple process, in order to become aware of, and reframe the negative narratives we may be carrying around. Mercury rules our mind and thinking process. When we are not thinking clearly, we can make mistakes, assumptions and exaggerations. 

This 22 day journey includes the Full Moon in Aries on the 1st of November, which will be all about launching fresh visions and dreams, for a new cycle of growth, learning and development. Mercury will move direct again in Libra on the 4th/5th November.

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Day 1 – I am Enough

When you believe you are enough, you are telling yourself that you really are OK – that you don’t need anything external to give you validation, or a sense of worth. You don’t need that outfit, the body change, the new car, the new thing, or the relationship to validate your sense of self, because you are enough Just As You Are. 

When you believe you are enough, you can relax into the safety of your body and breath. Breathe these three words in. Keep saying this to yourself through the day and everyday – and come home to yourself! 

You Are Enough!

Lots of Love,
Darinka ⭐️

Full Moon Pisces – Healing & Integration

Full Moon Pisces : Uttarabhadra Nakshatra
2 October
Water under the Bridge – Healing, Integration and Moving On.

Hello !

We have moved through the most difficult part of the year – Saturn has just moved direct in Capricorn, Jupiter is direct in Sagittarius, the lunar nodes are settling into more stability in Taurus and Scorpio. Mars is retrograde until mid November, Mercury will go retrograde for 3 weeks from the 14th of October, however, in contrast the the volatility over the last few months, we can enjoy a period of moving forward with long term plans, re- setting and integration now. 

Uttarabhadrapada’s deity is Ahir Budhanya – the deep sea serpent, connected to wisdom, fertility, seclusion and spirituality.

The Shakti, or power of this star is in creating, or finding a foundation – “Uttara Bhadra grants a firm foundation in life, connecting us with the wellsprings of vitality, the serpent who dwells in the middle of the sea.” – Dr. David Frawley, Fruits of Worshipping Each Nakshatra

This Pisces full moon expresses the combined energy of Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets show us the nature of our beliefs and values and how we use that to create the structures and foundations in life.

Jupiter governs Pisces, and Saturn rules U.B. Both of these planets, especially Saturn, represent the structures in our lives, and society.  This planetary combination expresses the more gentler, wiser and patient form of Saturn, who teaches through perseverance and wisdom rather than through being the harsh taskmaster.

With Jupiter and Saturn having just gone direct after being retrograde since May, this full moon points to an apex, a peak turning point in the collective journey we have been on. This may be a time of resetting and recalibrating the foundations in your life, creating new ones, or continuing on the path that was set in motion earlier this year. There is a defined sense of relief, many issues can be resolved. 

As well as Ketu’s transit through the deep waters of the scorpion tail,  this lunar month indicates a time of integration; healing and understanding of root patterns that have blocked you from moving forward in the past. Jupiter/Saturn combination in Pisces says trust in the divine plan, trust the process, trust that you are meant to be, surrender fear and trust, float in the cosmic waters.

The trials and tribulations, delays, disappointments and frustrations all have the purpose of shaking and loosening you from what is limiting your true self. We are rarely in control even when we think we are. The true self is one that is unfettered by the losses and gains of the world – it sits within the world with equanimity, neutrality and compassion, accepting the ways of the world.

Jupiter’s direct motion in his own sign Sag, supports the wisdom and growth which has come out of the breaks and changes over the year. Another way to look at breaking – is to see yourself, and your life, like clay – allowing yourself to be broken so you can be remodelled. Energy can never be destroyed, only transformed.

Tonight and tomorrow, you could meditate on the changes that have occurred for you over the last few months; give thanks for the lessons, they are blessings in disguise, even if it doesn’t look like it now. Do your practice, focus on your intention for this lunar month, stay calm, make good choices, eat nourishing foods and keep your affairs simple. Being near the water may be a good thing to do, even just having a bath.

This moon is a strong, yet gentle landing, a place to breathe deeply, surrender and give thanks for all that Is, and is to come. 

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Rahu& Ketu Taurus/Scorpio 2020- Collective Shift

Hey There Dear Reader,
We are at such a pivotal time … The lunar nodes have just changed signs, with Ketu still in deep gandanta Saturn is standstill @ 1° Capricorn, Venus is in Leo gandanta , Mars is retrograde in Aries Gandanta.
(Sidereal/Vedic Astrology)

Will Great Knots Unravel or Tighten? 

Rahu and Ketu operate primarily on a psychological level, they always move retrograde and have just moved into the Taurus/Scorpio axis. This axis will bring more stability as the nodes are comfortable with these signs. Ketu co-rules scorpio, giving the mystical quality to the scorpion, Rahu is happy indulging in the world in the earthy and sensuous Taurus. 

This next 1.5 year nodal cycle highlights themes around spirituality/materialism, increasing interest in occult, spirituality, mysticism, letting go, severing limitations and old chains, old modus operani. It is also increases the Taurus/Venus realm of desires, tastes and pleasures, creativity, ambitions, abundance and wealth/resource creation.

Ketu scorpio / Jyestha —- Right now, Ketu is sitting in deep gandanta, straddling the energetic threshold of Sagg and Scorpio. There is a feeling of a come down, as the Sagittarius vibration is sattvic (one the the three primary psychological orientations of nature), and is oriented toward purity and spirituality. Sagittarius is half man and half animal, repressing the movement of the soul from its animalistic inclinations. Scorpio is still working out its instincts. While mystical and spiritual in its own way, scorpio can take us further into the density of the material world. Scorpio is Tamas guna – expressing the state of inertia, slowness, materiality and stasis. Tamas is important as it gives stability and solidity in the world. 

Ketu’s lessons always revolve around issues and themes of detachment, disassociation, separation, spirituality, insight, the spirit world, the unseen, the hidden, the obscure, unusual, mythological and symbolic … Ketu is the wandering sadhu, the headless serpent, detached from the material world. Scorpio links us to our power (mars), the occult, sexuality, death, transformation, things which we refuse to let go of, mysticism and other’s resources such as money and wealth.

Ketu is travelling through the gandanta knot of Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra (16°40 – 30°00), until mid Oct. Following the uprooting of old baggage while Ketu was in Mula, there is now a great churning as we are in the peak season for deep and lasting change.

This is a once in an 18 year opportunity to truly heal and transform the deepest wounds that you carry. While you may not be responsible for what happened to you, you are responsible for your healing. 

Ketu is fiery and acts like Mars, Scorpio is water and fire, Jyestha is ruled by Mercury. What we have is a steamy, unsettling fire/water combo combined with the thinking, intellectual Mercury.

Ketu at this powerful juncture invites us to look at how we might have been creating our own “bad luck”. Jyestha is associated with Alaxmi – the goddess of misfortune. However, ‘bad luck’ usually comes through our own unwise choices. We are free to the any action we desire, however we are not free of the consequences of those actions. Such is the law of nature, the law of Karma. 

Ketu in Jyestha asks, 

  • What limitations and mental blocks am I willing to sever now?
  • How do I create my own misfortune? 
  • In what ways am I limiting myself?
  • What ways of thinking limit my growth and potential ? 
  • What is ready to be transformed, once and for all? 

Jyestha is ruled by swift mercury, who governs the central nervous system. This could be a time of purging deeper emotions/traumas and thinking patterns held in the body and nervous system. Ask for these to be released now.

It is a great time for studying spiritual things, especially astrology – the more we know ourselves, the greater clarity we have, the more co-operative we become with nature, and thus nature, co-operates with us. 

Indra is the deity associated with Jyestha. Known as the king of the gods, he becomes Zeus in greek mythology.  God of thunder, rain, rivers and waterways, Indra is know to be powerful, lustful with strong desires. He is also connected to war. 

Indra governs the senses (Indrayas)  – There can be a tendency to misuse the senses, creating negative karma for ourselves. By negative karma, I mean to say, the fruits of our actions yield undesirable outcomes which have a negative affect on our wellbeing, which we must bear – this is how we can, unwittingly create our own misfortunes. The work is about gaining clarity of perception, before acting. Alas, such is life, many learn the lessons through the school of hard knocks. If we are smart though, we can learn through others’ mistakes too.

Although desire is sometimes seen as a dirty word, It’s not at all, the key lies in witnessing how our desires are working for us? Are the desires we follow leading us to greater freedom or deeper bondage? 

Rahu in Mrigashira in Taurus – Mrigrashira symbolises a kind of divine discontent. This asterism is symbolised by the deer’s head, it is ruled by the moon and connected to Soma (another name for Moon) – A kind of divine intoxicant. The mind can feel restless, and full of desires, pulled into the world of illusions. Here, the mind is looking for the divine, but it risks getting lost in the trappings of the material world. Taurus is the sign of the bull. Earthy, materialistic and enjoying luxuries, Rahu in Taurus can amplify all kinds of desires for food, pleasures and the good things in life, depending on placement in your chart. Again, not bad, one just needs to keep a sense of proportion in check as Rahu tends to not have a sense of limits. Mrigashira means the deer’s head, hence the searching quality.

The key with this transit is to watch for “chasing of the golden deer” – lusting after things without a solid spiritual background, or just obsessing over things we want and ignoring the baggage we need to clear – embracing the past and moving on, allows us to move forward with integrity. Ketu leverages us from our limitations, hence he is karaka (signficicator) for Moksha. Be awake and alert to your inner process, your needs, nuances … your inner Magic.

This is a peak time to unravel old karmic blocks. Dig Deep. For those doing the inner work, this is a wonderful time to ‘incinerate your limitations’ – (in the words of Robert E Svoboda)

As we heal, we also allow healing for our ancestors. Our karma is our inherited genetic memory, we are here because of our ancestors – our soul stories are our karmic responsibility, and we have the ability to transform them.

A practice I find very powerful during times of purging and processing is working with Agni – the spirit of fire. During the full moon coming up on the 2nd of Octiber, write down all the limitations and stories you carry. What do you want to sever? What are you ready to drop? Be real, be honest with yourself. Write it all down, then put it in the fire. You might want to do this process several times, over a period of time. 

What is happening is the energy is being transferred from your mind to the paper and ink, the fire then transforms that energy. It works. You may want to do it several times, and observe the effects. 

Be committed to incinerating your limitations, and welcome the changes, you are in the perfect place. 

Collectively and individually, the unknown looms larger and larger. Who’s hands is our fate really in? What is going on? Who really knows? Who has the eyes to see ?

“Within infinite myths lies the eternal truth
Who sees it all?
Varuna has but a thousand eyes,
Indra has a hundred,
You and I, only two.”

Devdutt Pattanaik

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Love, Darinka

Mars Retrograde, New Moon & The Cosmic Soup

Wow, Where to start!

This year keeps unfolding with bigger curve balls than we could have ever imagined. On all levels. What began in January with the bushfires in Australia, is mirrored across the pacific ocean now in California, with orange skies and blazing wildfires… Tensions are rising across all manner of political fields, BLM and of course the ongoing situation with Covid. 

Since Saturn entered Capricorn earlier this year and met with Pluto – A ‘New World Order’ has been unfolding. Our world is being fundamentally restructured, internally as well as externally – And we have no choice but to surrender to the process. The more we turn our face toward the light, regardless of our circumstances, the greater shadow falls behind us, and becomes manageable. Keep on keeping on, the only constant is Change.

September is a month of fresh and positive changes.

  • 9th : Mars retrograde for 2 months
  • 13th : Jupiter direct (1 year cycle)
  • 17th : New moon Virgo/Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra
  • 24th : Rahu/Ketu change signs to Taurus/Scorpio (1.5 yr cycle)
  • 29th : Saturn direct (2.5 yr cycle)

Saggitarius people have been through huuuge changes and developments over the last couple of years! Saturn has just spent the last 2.5 years there, Jupiter has been happy on home turf for the last year, and Ketu has been transiting Sag for the last year and half. 

Everything related to our visions, beliefs, values, spiritual and religious attitudes, gurus, teachers, faith and sense of optimism has been tested, brought up, thrown around, questioned and re assessed. What have the lessons been for you over these cycles? I’d love to hear!

Expect your plans, projects, ideas and visions to begin moving forward again, as Jupiter’s direct motion brings much relief to plans and situations which have been on hold or sluggish since May. Now is a good time to review the last 5 months and see where you may have been living from limitations, old beliefs, and thoughts, or perhaps you may be too fundamentalist and self righteous in your views and opinions? What ways of thinking have limited your growth? Is this an opportunity to review your approach to the way you have been doing things?

Rahu and Ketu are in the final stages of their 1.5 year Gemini/Sagg transit, With Ketu, planet of separation, spirituality and moksha transiting through deep gandanta. Mula means a bunch of roots tied together, it is located at the galactic centre and is known to be one of the most potent, spiritually invigorating yet destructive nakshatras.

The ruling deity is Nirriti, a fiercer form of Kali – We must allow what is not in our absolute highest good, to be burned away. Old structures can no longer be sustained. Old patterns from the past cannot continue!
Ketu moves to Scorpio (the lunar nodes always travel retrograde) on the 23rd of Sept. It will still be in deep gandanta until the 14th of October. Ketu in Scorpio facilitates deep transformations … more in the coming Rahu/Ketu post.

Mars is currently strong at 3° Aries and has just moved retrograde on the 9th, for the next 2 months. During it’s retrograde, Mars will move across the potent Gandanta region 2 more times.

Key Dates for Mars:

4th Oct – 2nd gandanta : Mars retrogrades to Pisces
3rd Nov – Mars stations @ 21 degrees Pisces : Watch out for sparks flying during this time, and especially take care on the roads. 
16th Nov – Mars moves direct – Relief, energy begins to return, plans move forward.
20th Dec – 3rd gandanta : Mars moves into Aries. Rebirth of martian energy on Dec 25. 

Mars will then stay direct in Aries until 22nd Feb!

Gandanta is the sensitive point and junction between fire/water signs, showing a struggle the soul has to go through for its development. These sensitive degrees show unresolved karmas that are difficult to ignore, and must be experienced. How we deal with it, determines a large part of our destiny.

Mars enters deep gandanta from the 30th of September – 8th of October – The deep gandanta time can seem more stressful, emotional and challenging – all of which highlights the need to be grounded in our practice and keeping grounded with self care. It is also potent to dive deeply into our core stuff and weed out old roots. Mars is, ultimately the planet relating to our courage – You have the strength, just believe it!

Mars moving through Ashwini and Revati Nakshatras, signify great changes and transitions, as Pisces and Aries are the junction of the dream and the manifested, the unseen and seen worlds, the waters (pisces) that are about to break into new life (aries). 

Themes of beginnings and endings, with the undercurrent of healing – Mars is about our energy. How and where do we get our energy from? Deep healing and change happens when we interrupt certain patterns, modes of being, beliefs and ideas, surrendering into uncertainty, insecurity and into true freedom.

“By consciously seeking security, you are unconsciously seeking death. The only totally secure place is the grave”

Retrograde Mars in Ashwini & Revati brings up specific situations so we can raise our awareness to how we choose to use our vital energies. This can be a healing and purificatory process if we allow it.

What are our boundaries? Mars is anger, we tend to get angry when our boundaries seem to be violated, however if we haven’t made that clear to others, or if we are unclear within ourself, then this can cause problems. 

Perhaps we have not been using our energy effectively or wisely, perhaps we are too aggressive, forceful and selfish. Or maybe recently we have subjugated or given our power to another person/place/thing in some way. Whatever the situation, Mars retrograde calls for an overhaul on our personal integrity. Jupiter direct in Sagg is casting a favourable trine to Mars and Sun , highlighting the Dharma triangle – Seek the highest and best always, following dharma, means following the laws of Nature and the Universe.

It is however, also a very firey and heated time – use it to incinerate your limitations, instead of igniting a war. Ashwini is ruled by Ketu, the south node of the moon – This is a great time for inspired leadership. 

Mars moves back to Pisces/Revati, which is ruled by Mercury. This promotes a more rational and analytical side to mystical Pisces. However, Mars influenced by Mercury can use words as weapons, and express anger passive aggressively. A shadow of Pisces is to give and give and give, overcommitting oneself, due to guilt or shame around expressing one’s own needs and boundaries. 

This creates arguments and unspoken resentments!! Stay calm, become aware of your boundaries and practice healthy self- assertion. You can solve many issues and prevent many from occurring.

Mars retrograde affects mars ruled signs Scorpio and Aries ascendant and moon most strongly, as mars is ruling their chart … – For Aries, Mars retrogrades in their first house and then into pisces, in their 12th house of loss, this is indicating that Aries people are likely to feel increased energy and vitality, but also frustration as their energy may feel thwarted, tired and there may be more obstacles to overcome until we see a breakthrough toward the end of the year. Aries people are impatient and impulsive by nature, so take care with words, action and speech! 

One’s sex drive may also feel low or non-existent as life presents other priorities to be dealt with. It is best not to push your agenda too hard, take things slowly. Slowing down makes for more precise work.

Scorpio will have mars retrograding in their 6th house, and then 5th house. Mars in the house of conflict, work and service can make you re-think how you are living your routine, there could be tensions in the work place, opposition and or increased perception of obstacles, yet also ability to overcome this. Mars in the 5th can inspires creativity and creative self expression. The 5th house is also the house of children and intelligence and romance, you may find more interest/activity/focus in these areas. Allow yourself to be drawn to what you truly love, it will not lead you astray.

Remember, Mars is the planet of action, this is the time to focus your energy on what is truly important, working hard will pay off later in the year, but also take time for rest in between projects and daily tasks. Slow down, manage your time, surrender to the process and your time will be much easier!!

New Moon Virgo/Uttara Phalguni 17th/9

Uttara Phalguni is a star the spans Leo and Virgo. Uttara Phalguni is ruled by the Sun and the deity is Aryaman, meaning “The bright sun light behind God” 
Mercury is also part of this new moon lunar cycle.

This is a wonderful vibration to carry this month, as the Sun/Moon/Mercury/Virgo energy here promotes healing, especially in relationships and friendships, supporting good ideas and good thinking, health, service, friendship, helpfulness and good deeds. 

This new moon brings much relief, occurring in the very early degrees of Virgo. When planets are sitting at these sensitive junctions, having just left a sign and entering another sign, it is called Sandhi – a place in between, or out of bounds. You may feel like that internally, or some situations are not happening as you might like. Never mind, It will pas swiftly, so allow internal processing and reflection during this dark moon, do your tasks, and remember to be mindfully gentle with yourself. Call a time out if you need it. Be friendly to yourself! This moon allows us to gently let go of what is not longer serving us, and to move toward what is supportive and nourishing.

Take time to think about the blessings in your life – there are so many. This star is also called “The star of Patronage” – This lunar cycle, find ways to give back to society, your family, your ancestors, mother earth – we have so much to be thankful for!

Thanks for reading, be safe, and most importantly stay calm!

Regular practice of Yoga, Meditation, Mantra and Pranayama is one of the simplest remedies to manage our inner energy, so that we are not so perturbed by external forces. Check out my good friend @iamcristinaarango and her partner @mark.breadner on instagram for excellent teachings and practices.

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The Movement of Mars & Sun – Unravelling the Knots⚡️

Hey Cosmic Travellers,
We are beginning to enter some stormy astro weather, but positive changes ahead!
Here is the low down … 

  • 14th – 20th Mars moves through Pisces/Aries gandanta knot.
  • 17th – Sun & Mercury move to Leo, crossing through cancer/leo gandanta knot, Mars also moves to Aries.
  • 18th – Mercury combust the Sun
  • Ketu is almost out of Sagittarius, and is about to move through the sag/scorpio gandanta junction (23rd September) – the most potent of all three!! (more on this in next article)
  • 19th – New Moon Leo – Magha Nakshatra

Needless to say, the impulse of transformation is on our doorsteps whether we want it or not! The invitation is to really shed the old stories… and what do I mean by that? The victim inside that says I can’t do this because of that, or this happened and now I can’t do what I want because xyz… Life gives us our lot in life, according to the Karmas the soul is needs to experience for its growth and development, life becomes easier when we take karmic responsibility for our our situation and lives.

One of my favourite quotes is :

“The boiling water which hardens an egg, softens a potato. See, it’s not the conditions, but what you’re made of, that counts”

I am coming to the understanding that everyone is damaged in some way, we all have some kind of handicap, no matter what our situation. Its not about what happened but how we choose to deal with it.

Mars and Sun are both moving through gandanta points:

14th – 20th Mars is moving through Pisces/Aries gandanta point
16-17th, Sun moves through Cancer/Leo gandanta point. 

Gandanta means a ‘karmic, or spiritual knot’, referring to the junctions (Sandhis) between a water and fire sign. These sensitive points in the zodiac signify times of intense growth and transformation – if harnessed properly. These specific junctions represent a sort of ‘out of bounds’ – places of intense changes and turmoil, reflecting two highly contrasting elements and states, hence the steam that arises as water moves to fire. There is great spiritual potential located at these Sandhis. These karmic knots/ junctions represent the ending of one way of being and the birth into something new, but not without a struggle.

If any of your sidereal planets are within 48’ (arc minutes) between Pisces & Aries, Cancer and Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius, then this lifetime signifies some intense karmic struggle/issues you are unravelling, yet, where there is great potential of profound transformation. Gandanta signifies specific karmic issues that are ‘knotted’ – the more you try to unravel them, the tighter they become.

What I have observed over time is that we generally tend to push too hard around challenging times. When the energy is intense, when we are focussed on our goals, paying little attention to the signs around us, that is usually when we run into trouble, as we try to push our own agenda too hard.

The Sun connects us to our vitality, strength, sense of self/identity, and although the sun’s transit from Cancer to Leo is only several days, the combination of Mars and Sun (and Mercury) moving through gandanta simultaneously make this is a particularly potent time! Breakthroughs may be just on the horizon. After being in Pisces, much relief will be felt, as Aries is home for Mars, and Leo is home for the Sun.

Mars connects to the Manipura chakra – this is the seat of our courage and confidence , will power. Mars gives us the energy to accomplish the physical tasks that we need to do on the material plane. Intimately connected with action; with all Karma, Mars is what gives us the energy to act.

What has felt unclear, emotional, muddy or confusing will clear up and move; energy will be available to act. Confidence returns. 

On the 18th, Mercury combusts the Sun in Leo.
Communications and clear thinking is likely to feel challenged. Authority issues and power struggles may rise. Avoid arguing, and if something is not quite working, leave it alone for a little while. If you are struggling to make a decision, or have that conversation, let it be and come back to it in a few days.

19th of August – New Moon in Leo – Magha Nakshatra
This new moon occurs in a triple conjunction of Sun, Moon and Mercury, all within a few degrees of each other in early Leo – The star Magha – meaning Mighty and Great.

This asterism is home to the star Regulus – words such as regal, royalty and reign come to mind. This star confers authority, courage, power and strength. Magha connects us to our ancestors and forefathers. Magha is idealistic yet materialistic, usually desiring eminence in some place in life.

This asterism is ruled by Ketu, the south node of the moon. Interestingly, Mars is currently in Ashwini, (early Aries) another asterism ruled by Ketu and Ketu itself, is in Mula – the third asterism/nakshatra ruled by Ketu.

Ketu, as the tail of the celestial serpent, who’s head is Rahu, aims to sever us from materialism, but not without pain, as we are usually so attached to the things that we cling onto. With so much separative and firey energy at the moment, this time period is unsettling and purificatory.
Ketu acts like Mars, these three nakshatras which are being activated currently; Ashwini, Magha and Mula, which occur at the beginning of Aries, Leo and Sagg, respectively, show the beginning of a new phase of purification, transformation and soul growth. This is the time for shadow work. Embrace the process.

Gandanta Mars’s encourages a new cycle of soul development relating to how we use the energy available to us effectively, and unravel old patterns and deep seated karmas. The gandanta Sun is encouraging us to use our power wisely, honour our forefathers, both for the gifts and blessings in disguises. The tongue can be mightier than the sword, so watch out for Mercury’s combustion and then short gandanta transit on the 17th , you may regret words which cannot be taken back. Also be mindful of gadgets and mechanical things suddenly breaking/going wonky or just weirdly not working for a while, then working again!

What has been stuck, confusing, uncertain and unsettled will shift, prepare for the changes! The birthing of any new thing requires, patience, persistence and determination.

With much love and aloha to you, dear reader,
Darinka x

Full Moon Sravana/Capricorn – Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer


August is a month full of planetary changes … Most of the storms which began at the end of march/early April have taken their course, and we are not quite out of all storms just yet, we find ourselves in clearer spaces, picking up and working out what has and hasn’t worked, setting the tone for the path ahead.

Venus has been in an unusually long transit of her home territory of Taurus since late March of this year. 4 months!! During that time, Venus has been retrograde for 5 weeks, going from evening star to morning star. Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra, is Karaka (significator) for relationships, wealth, business, creativity, arts, spouse, partnerships, vehicles, as well as our tastes and (material) values in life.

These domains have gone through the wash over the last few months, causing us to re assess how our basic needs and desires are being met by the current life we are living. Taurus and Libra are signs connected (in part) to the good things in life – what feels good, what gives us joy and pleasure, what nourishes us and feeds us in a primarily creative manner. Venus connects to the Svadisthana chakra – the seat of our creativity and the Water Element.

Have there been relationships, or other situations in life that have not been in alignment with your truth or deeper needs? What have you discovered about your self and needs during this time? What is ready to change or already in process of changing?

This Venus cycle has brought up truth and realities that need to looked at and dealt with! After, all, it is our desires that propel us along in life, so we need to make sure we are aligned to the right ones, according to our personal dharma!

Venus has just moved into Gemini on the 2nd of August, and will stay for the whole month, completing her re-cycle/re-set. Gemini is a sign ruled by the bright and intellectual mercury and Venus usually does well in it’s friend’s sign, creating a blending of venusian (artistic) and mercurial (intellectual) qualities. This transit of venus highlights all communication fields, media and the literary arts.

Mercury has also shifted signs, moving into Cancer on the 2nd of August.

This month, frustrations may arise due to the lack of intellectual and rational clarity that Mercury tends to display in watery signs. Mercury is somewhat challenged this month, shortly after entering Cancer on the 2nd of August, it is opposed by heavy Saturn, then it will be combust the Sun, before moving through the challenging gandanta point (the junction between cancer/leo – the junction of water to fire)

Use this time to connect to your emotions, feelings, desires and emotional needs. Write it out! Poetry can be an inspirational medium. Feel your feelings, express yourself, have those tender/difficult conversations with your beloved and talk about your relationship needs/goals/wants/desires. Venus will conjunct Rahu, amplifying desires and potentially creating unnecessary fears/confusions. 

Remember fear means : 

False Expectations Appearing Real. 

Use this time to harness creative inspiration and do your thing!

3. August : Full moon w/ Saturn SRAVANA – sat/mer app, sun moon , venus moves into gemini mrigashira

This full moon illuminates Sravana Nakshatra, in the middle of Capricorn sign. This star is the star of listening, the deity is Vishnu, the cosmic preserver and it is ruled by the moon. People born under it’s vibration usually keep their feelings to themselves, are often private and quiet, reflective people who hear a different song of life.

This full moon encourages us to be still, to be silent, to do less and BE more. 

All action is based on the ability to rest. From restfulness comes movement. From primordial stillness and silence (Purusha) comes Prakriti (nature) – And the ineffable dance of creation.

We tend to forget, as we get caught up in the rahuvian realm of endless desires and wants, that our source point is pure stillness and all encompassing awareness. From a lack of centre- pointed stillness, all manner of issues arise, in a myriad of shapes and form. We forget from where we come, and what is our true natural state, beyond Mind and Body. 

To return to deep stillness is the source of the greatest nourishment, quenching all thirst in the material realms. 

I feel the meaning of this star is summed up succinctly by Elder Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr from Nauiyu (Daly River). She speaks about Dadirri, meaning “Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness. The word, concept and spiritual practice that is dadirri (da-did-ee) is from the Ngan’gikurunggurr and Ngen’giwumirri languages of the Aboriginal peoples of the Daly River region (Northern Territory, Australia)” You can read more about Dadirri here :

Stay tuned to hear about the changes ahead for Mars and Sun, both will be crossing gandanta points, and the beginning of Mars’ gandanta/retrograde cycle … Fire and water, creates a steamy second half of August!

Looking for clarity, guidance and understanding for what is happening for you in your life now? Are you curious about the karmas and shadows you are here to transform as well as your innate strengths and gifts?
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New Moon Cancer/Pushya

Hello Friday! 
A Stellar Update:

July Dates: 
17th : Moon Venus Conjunction
18th : Moon conjunct Rahu
19th : Moon conjunct Mercury
21st : New moon in Cancer, Sun + Moon opposition Saturn

Today the Moon and Venus are conjoined in Taurus, in Rohini, The Red Star – on Friday, Venus’s day. Have you noticed the morning star?

A very good day to honour Goddess and Shakti – Nature in all Her Forms. Put flowers in your house, give and receive massage, go on a date with your beloved, run a bath, nourish your senses with subtle yet calming impressions that soothe and restore.

Much pressure has lifted off now. Can you feel it? 
June was a particularly intense month with two eclipses, the final lunar eclipse being in early July. 

Saturn and Jupiter are still retrograde, yet they are strong in their own signs. Mercury has begun to move direct in his own sign, Venus is direct and in dignity, and the Sun has just moved out of airy Gemini – to Cancer, a more soothing and watery sign. 

When the Sun (or any other planet) moves from one zodiac sign to another, it is called a Sandhi, a sanskrit word which means ‘junction’. This is a place which is neither here nor there. 

There are times, like the one we are currently in, within the pandemic, which feels like a sandhi, where things are uncertain, unsettling and we are not always sure which course of action is best to take. 

The Sun will move out of sandhi in a few days, the moon will travel closer, becoming the new moon as it becomes fully obscured by the sun, and will be opposed by Saturn who is currently retrograde and sitting at around 4 degrees of Capricorn.

The Sun rules governments, authority, father, the self, courage, confidence … Saturn rules over the common people, the underdog, the working class – there is often tension between these two grahas, and in transit it can indicate feelings of insecurity, uncertainty or conflict in these areas. 

The further Sun moves away from Saturn’s degree point, confidence and assurance will return. 

With cosmic energies re aligning and re settling into more balanced directions and less intense grips, we can enjoy the gradual easing and clearing of the storms we have collectively been through over the last few months. 

This weekend, the moon traverses through Gemini, conjoining Rahu, the eclipse point, and then Mercury. 18 through to 20th can feel a little unsettled and you may feel like your emotions are gripped or hijacked, but this will pass, the moon moves fast, use it as an opportunity to see what, if any residual things are still needing to be addressed and cleared.

The New Moon occurs in the late evening of the 20th of July in Cancer sign, Pushya nakshatra, the most nourishing star of the zodiac. This new moon may feel intense and there may be restrictions and responsibilities to deal with. Saturn’s influence is strong, both by aspect and being activated through Pushya. 

Pushing through negativity will see to greater benefit and growth. This new moon encourages us to connect to what deeply nourishes and sustains us; the duty and responsibility we have to ourselves as well as to others. Self care is important, but moderation is key. Saturn rewards hard work, perhaps the ‘hard work’ needs to involve a little less harshness and judgement, and a little more tenderness and care. 

Moon is mind, so be sure to nurture yourself properly, get good sleep, avoid indulging the senses in over stimulation and keep your mind calm, focused and grounded on reality, avoid overthinking and excessive ego demands and desires. Less desires make for a simpler life, one that easily allows the divine spirit to fill your inner spaces.

Looking for clarity, guidance and understanding for what is happening for you in your life now? Are you curious about the karmas and shadows you are here to transform as well as your innate strengths and gifts?
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Eclipse Season June-July 2020

Hey Folks,

So its pretty crazy times right now.

Here is the lowdown :
> Sun + Mercury + Rahu in Gemini – Mrigashira Nakshatra
> 21st June Full solar Eclipse + New Moon + Winter/summer solstice
> Mercury, Venus, Saturn + Jupiter are ALL retrograde.
> Ketu (south node, dragon’s tail) is in the last part of its sojourn through Saggitarius, in the volatile, destructive yet spiritually transformative nakshatra Mula.

The Lunar nodes

The nodes, known as the dragon’s head/tail in Jyotish are shadow grahas, meaning they don’t have any physical mass. they are mathematical points on the ecliptic where the moon passes between the earth and sun, causing the eclipses.

Why are they important?

The nodes in the chart indicate the karmic journey of the soul, specific soul lessons which are to be developed or completed in some way. The south node, Ketu, indicates past life gifts, talents, strengths and weakness which have been inherited, as well as things we feel naturally detached from or disconnected to. 

The north node, Rahu, indicates gifts, talents and strengths the soul needs to develop. These are areas of life in which we feel drawn toward, yet perhaps feel insecure about. Rahu tends to amplify things, and can seem like that voice in the head that feels whatever we are doing is not enough. It wants more. Rahu is the head which has no body. Rahu is obsessive, compulsive and when with the moon and/or mercury can afflict the thinking and emotions, causing fear, paranoia and a host of other ‘mental issues’.

 Most mental health issues, regardless of cause, are rooted in aggravated Vata , and not enough Prana flowing through the body.

Vata disturbs all functions of the human being, disturbed data is the primary cause of anxious disorders.

Prana is calm, methodical, measured, rhythmic, routine, sated.

People who are rahuvian(rahu-dominated) are often high achievers, but usually have little mental peace and contentment. Rahu can disturb the Prana in the body which turns into displaced Vata, causing all manner of troubles in the tissues, organs and joints. 

Eclipse falling in Rahu/Ketu – Mrigashira/Mula Nakshatra Axis – Important!

It is one thing to understand the general significance of the signs, and another to know the specific degrees where celestial events occur.

This eclipse highlights the Mrigashira/Mula nakshatra Axis. This lies within the Gemini/Sagg constellations. A nakshatra translates to lunar mansion, asterism, star; a 13°20’ portion of the zodiac. There are 2.5 nakshatras within each constellation/zodiac sign. They are the secret keys to unlocking the zodiac. Each nakshatra has 4 padas (feet),  of 3°20’ within each nakshatra, correlating to the four physical elements.

Mrigashira is sanskrit for ‘a deer’s head’, it is the wandering, searching star. It is a mridu star, meaning, gentle, soft and mild. Mrigashira is ruled by mars with the overtone of mercury-ruled Gemini. Mercury/mars combination tends to promote quarrels, arguments and debates as these two planetary energies are not harmoniously attuned. Mars becomes the intellectual warrior and can use words as weapons. The dosha is Pitta, reflecting the firey nature of mars. Now, for vedic astro enthusiasts… the pada (foot) the eclipse falls within is Scorpio. So this particular moon/sun/rahu combo is bringing out the darker, heavier and more obsessive and emotional side of the nodes. Hooray for the cosmic churning!

Mula – where Ketu is located, exactly opposite Rahu. Mula means a bunch of roots tied together and its quality is an Ugra – fiercestar. The deity associated with Mula is Nirriti, the more destructive form of Kali. Mula is located at the centre of the Galaxy. Jupiter rules Sagg, Mula is ruled by Ketu. Ketu is firey, Sagg can be fundamentalist

 and the previous star is Jyestha (located in scorpio) – another star which is not known for its lightness. We are to experience the transition of Ketu from Mula to Jyestha, over these next few months, and the churning of Gantanta – the place in between fire and water signs. This is the most intense part of the zodiac. I will write about this closer to the time (so sign up to my newsletter and stay updated!)

On so many levels, everyone is being catalysed and transformed. Some in hugely profound ways, others in mild ways. The Roots of Things –  are being highlighted and whatever you are REALLY ready to get rid of, let go of, cut, burn separate, vomit, purge, whatever you are holding in — yes, you guessed it… chuck it! Use your intellect to direct your mind to higher pursuits, burn your limitations, be gentle with yourself, but ruthless in truth seeking!

Eclipses bring changes, they are good times to be still for some days, don’t plan ahead, don’t make sudden life changes and move to the other side of the country, try avoid a big dramatic showdown… wait till the water settles bait, ideally after the first week of July, and then forge ahead with your visions and plans. There is a certain kind of energetic current active at the moment and you can feel it, or are in it, which is probably why you are reading this blog. 

This is the nature of eclipse, but also specifically   

Remain Calm and practice your sadhana!!

Retrograde Planets

I have written about this retrograde period in previous articles, for more detail please refer to them. Here I will give a short overview. Retrograde means the planets appear brighter, and their significations are stronger … At the moment, and fortunately for only a week, we will have a total of 4 planets retrograde (not including the nodes). 

 Retrograde energy means we are being invited to look closely at the planet in question; what it signifies, what needs more work, re assessing, rethinking. It causes situations to magnify in either direction, depending on the specific situation. This is why individual chart readings are so helpful, rather than reading blanket overall statements. 

Venus is currently slowing down and due to go direct in Taurus, on the 25th of June. It is strong in its own sign but it has been unsettled over the last month. 

Libra moon and ascendant has been feeling this acutely. 

Relationships have been under stress, insecurity, there have been sudden changes, unexpected events,  and issues related to home, security, wealth and ones values around what nourishes and sustains.

Jupiter will re-enter sagittarius on the 30th of June, this will improve things all around as Jupiter is much happier in its own sign. Jupiter is karaka (significator) for children, especially male children, guru, teachers, learning, education, philosophy, husband/male partners. When Jupiter retrogrades, we tend to re think what our values and beliefs are, our optimism and faith in life can feel weak. 

Saturn,  The great and wonderful task master, disposer of our timely Karmas, is on his annual retrograde and the world doesn’t like it, as most people don’t want to stop doing things, they want things to run along they way they want them to and life isn’t really about that. Life is about meeting reality with equanimity, Saturn’s job is to make sure everyone faces reality and pays their debts, experiences their ripened karmas and fulfils their duties. Saturn humbles us. He likes discipline. Saturn retrograde means go over your stuff and weed out what’s not effective, clean your house, but more importantly, your psychic home – be grateful, slow down, accept delays, setbacks and transform your failures, and yes, work hard, and be DISCIPLINED! 

Be respectful toward Saturn, especially if you are in sade sati, Saturn dasha, or have major planets in Saturn-ruled signs.

This year, Saturn retrogrades in his own sign of Capricorn,the sign connected to governments, business, hierarchy, money, and the general structures of society, which have been radically shifting this year. Time will tell what will be evolving out of this. 

Mercury retrograde is familiar to most people, the trickster quicksilvery green/multi coloured planet of communication, retrogrades three times a year causing all manner of mishaps, travel cancellations, lost emails, computer crashes, wiped data, frozen screen, train delays, etc etc. Mercury governs over all these things as well as how we communicate and how we think. Some people are barely affected by it, others much more so. 

This is dependant on how mercury functions in your own chart and if you are a mercury dominant person, eg, with a plethora of gemini/virgo in your chart. In short – be mindful of how you speak!! Tell the truth and you won’t have to remember the lie. 

The other planets are also not supported right now, the sun is also challenged and eclipsed, so confidence and vitality is at a low point, it is easy to get carried away with too much woe is me, and wind up making some bad choices you may regret later. So, the best remedy during these times in particular, but for life overall, is to stay calm, keep life simple, be content with what you have, beware of excess desires, avoid putting extra pressure on yourself.

Make some donations, fast on Saturday, or on the day you were born, (or just be vegetarian on these days) avoid being around excessive, over stimulating environments, as all these things disturb the subtle pranas in the body and mind. During the eclipse time, stay indoors, clean the house, meditate, do yoga, fast, keep things light and simple, use the energy to go deep within and withdraw your attention from the outside world, connect to your inner spring of nourishment. 

All’s well.
Love Darinka x


Full Moon Sagittarius/Purva Ashadha + Lunar Eclipse – July 2020

Full moon and Lunar Eclipse occurs on Sun, 5th July
The Lunar Eclipse occurs @ 4:29am
The Full moon reaches its zenith @ 2:44pm

This Full Moon falls at 19°29 of Sagittarius, in the nakshatra (constellation, asterism) Purva Ashadha. P.A is the 20th out of the 27/28 Nakshatra Wheel. The nakshatras are the secret keys to the zodiac, which is why they are highlighted and spoken about in Vedic Astrology, during readings and planetary activity,

Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter, Purva Ashadha by Venus.

Jupiter has just retrograded back into Sagittarius and Venus has just gone direct. 

Since it is full moon, the sun sits directly opposite in Gemini, along with Rahu and the ruler of Gemini, Mercury is also retrograde. 

Sagitarus and Gemini people have really been through the mill this past month with this triple eclipse season, especially if moon, ascendant or other prominent planets are in these signs. 

This axis revolves around the higher mind/lower mind, knowledge/wisdom, the big picture/details beliefs/facts

Full moon in Purva Ashada highlights creative use of wisdom and knowledge. This star is fierce, yet also gentle in its creative sense. Venus’s rulership connects it to Jal, or the water element. Its symbol is the elephant’s tusk. The elephant stands for wisdom and a character which cannot be subdued. Purva Ashada people are often able to see both sides of a viewpoint, as the conflict between the two gurus, Jupiter and Venus can manifest as a dichotomy which can eventually lead the individual to well-rounded wisdom.

This Full moon encourages us to understand the up, down, left right, in out; all directions and all viewpoints, with equanimity and clarity. There is truth in all things. 

There is not one way is there? Many different opinions. Truth is somewhat subjective, and while we are all subject to the great forces and laws of Nature herself, our experience of those laws and limitations vary to each individual. How we choose to deal with them is what determines much of our destiny. 

Sagittarius can at times, be an extreme and fundamentalist sign, with a self righteousness to its beliefs and convictions, and can sometimes suffer from mis information, a theme which is coming up quite strongly in the news and media at this present time. What is the truth? Who really knows? Who can we truly trust? 

As much as we need facts and knowledge, we need faith in our own inner wisdom and knowing, cosmic, universal and ancestral knowledge, as well as the inherent goodness of life itself, reconnecting to what comprises all of life; the very nature and basis of our existence. 

There are far better ways to live and to do what one must do; ways that are reflective of greater harmony with universal forces. 

During unsettled times, we need greater presence of Mind – Moon is mind, so strengthening, disciplining and supporting your moon/mind is key to achieving harmony and stability in all areas of life. Disturbances in the body are rooted back to disturbance in the mind, and very often linked to the trauma of some form of improper nurturance and mothering in early life – (moon is mother). 

How our emotional needs were met in early life determines how well we can recognise, meet and express those needs for ourselves as adults. So many of us struggle in this area of life, so the first starting point is understanding the emotional self, balancing the mind by creating situations that facilitate peace and calm. A disturbed moon leads to disturbed data in the body, creating a whole host of issues.

This is why, in Vedic astrology, primary importance is placed on supporting the moon, for the moon/mind is key to overall wellbeing. You might not be rich, but a peaceful, calm mind is a great and rare blessing.

To balance and support your moon, wear white, softer tones, be aware of your environment, breathe properly; activate panic flow through deep, rhythmic breathing, avoid eating meat (and other acidic foods) as much as you can (it pollutes the vital energies and disturbs the mind on subtle levels), wind down before sleep, meditate, practice yoga, move your body, listen to calming music, get out of your home and feet onto the earth! and generally avoid putting excess pressures and stresses on yourself. 

Living a Sattvic lifestyle creates optimum co-operation within your mind, body, being and the universal forces.

Full moons, eclipses and retrogrades are challenging and unsettling times. We often feel more unsupported and as the energy rises, find that we keep trying to meet it, leading to inevitable burnout and damage to our bodies. 

Remember the tortoise and the hare. There is a reason the Turtle lives for a very, very long time. 

He does not rush. 
With Love,

Full Moon Libra/Vishakha May 2020

Welcome to the Full Moon Edition of The Starry Times.

May is full of changes as  Saturn, Jupiter and Venus go retrograde between the 11th and 15th of May. Mars has moved into eccentric Aquarius, Venus is strong in her own sign of Taurus, and the nodes are still coiling us in the serpent’s grip of time, creating much karmic uncertainty. As well, we have the eclipse season beginning in a month. 

These next few months will throw many things up in the air, however it can be an excellent time to truly delve into the heart and root of deep obstruction, weed out negativity, purify and transform your karmas. Deep social restructuring has been catalysed as Saturn and Pluto have entered Capricorn (who means business) earlier this year. I will be writing specifically about these changes, so make sure to sign up (if you haven’t already) to my blog to receive all updates on the celestial news and planetary trends. I also post regularly to Instagram (@darinkamaja) if email’s are not your thing.

7th May is said to be Buddha’s birthday. Every year it changes date due to the Lunar calendar.
It is a good day to think selflessly and look at your life with eyes of gratitude for all the blessings that is surrounding you now.

Every month is a cyclical journey of the lunar waxing and waning, of rising and falling, of illumination and darkness. 

The Lunar and Solar principles reflect the timeless dance and interaction of Purusha and Prakriti, Space and Consciousness, Shiva and Shakti.

The moon is Mind; Manas – simply put, the moon reflects our emotional tides and selves. It is the light of Awareness (Sun), which  illuminates the darkness of the mind (moon).  

The mind can be a faithful servant, or it can take over and be our master. Who is the thinker that thinks? Who is the I (eye) that sees?

How are you feeling?
Is it uncomfortable?
Do you feel agitated at the question?
Are you ready to burst into tears?
Do you feel fine?
Are you inspired? 
Do you feel nothing?

These type of questions connect us to our receptive, lunar side. When we cease to identify with the transitory thoughts and feelings which occupy our minds for most (if not all) of our lives, there is a deeper reservoir of spaciousness from which to act from. This is the art of changing destiny. 

When dealing with strong emotional issues, the way through them is always to first acknowledge and accept their reality. Seek to understand. Be compassionate to your process, be patient with yourself, honour your needs, and be deeply present to what is. Mental and emotional disturbances can be managed, remedied and healed by following simple yogic practices which calm and pacify the endless thought currents which constantly bombard the mind. Seek to master your mind and watch how your life transforms.

This full moon rises @23° in the sign of Libra in the asterism of Vishakha. (20°Libra – 3°20 Scorpio)

This star is one signifying the threshold between materialism and spiritualism; Libra, the heart of materiality and Scorpio, the mysterious depths of the cosmos. 

Vishakha’ s symbol is an arch, a doorway and a potter sitting at the potter’s wheel, patiently creating her art.

Vishakha is ruled by Jupiter, giving the energy of this star optimism, faith, wisdom and benevolence. This asterism is the only star ruled by two deities, Indra and Agni. Vishakha symbolises the desire of the soul to shed the poisons (karmas) of the past and move forward on the path of Dharma.  Agni is the god of Fire, which translates as the pure energy and spirit of fire, it is by it’s very nature volatile and spiritualising – Fire is the very embodiment of transformation and in the life, change is rarely welcomed nor is it easy. 

Indra is the King of the Devas and Lord of Storms, War and Rain, yet he suffered as a result of his unchecked and excessive desires. Indra had to perform tapasya (austerities) before gaining wisdom and respect. Excess and indulgence can lead to periods of regret and suffering, however the necessary withdrawal and reflection can lead to deep lived wisdom which is often rare in the world. 

The Jupiterian undercurrent, with a Venusian overtone shows that this months full moon is asking us to reflect upon our material and spiritual values, and to recognise they are not seperate, rather intrinsically entwined.

Jupiter and Venus are the two Gurus, who have different agendas. Finding a balance can be difficult at times, as Venus is Rajasic, Teacher of the Asuras, supporting worldly pleasure, desire and passions, while Jupiter is Sattvic, the teacher of the Devas, relating to the path of Dharmic and right living, which at times can seem elitist in its quest for purism. Venus (Shukracharya) tends to reject this purism and wants to accept everybody, seeing that all deserve to be taught, however there are those who twist the truth to manipulate, or to gain power and control, so there needs to be careful discernment of who we share to, who takes on knowledge, and the deeper motivations which drive individuals. 

Our world is in profound growing pains at the moment, we are all standing on our own thresholds of Change, reminded that change is the only constant.

Seeking to rise above asuric (lower) qualities within our own psyche is the surest path to inner balance and wellbeing and a more peaceful world. We can still be in and enjoy the material world while not negating our spiritual development and embracing The Shadow.

May this full moon illuminate the grand Archway to pass through, toward our own Higher Consciousness, clear perception, and expansive awareness. 

Looking for clarity, guidance and understanding for what is happening for you in your life now? Are you curious about the karmas and shadows you are here to transform as well as your innate strengths and gifts?
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Love, Darinka x