Sagittarius Full Moon 28.6.18

Full Moon Cat

This full Moon occurs @ 14:50 (sydney time) on 28th June At 12 degrees Sagittarius. Mula Nakshatra.
Today, (27 June) as the moon moves through the tail of the scorpion and crosses into Saggitarius, the mind, moods and emotions can feel unsettled. This part of the zodiac is always connected to depth and deep feeling, chaos, crisis and transformations, though they don’t always have to be earth shatteringly dramatic, sometimes it is just a small spark of realisation is all one needs to change directions.

Whatever is coming up for you today and tomorrow, try not to just react, but observe the feelings and emotions. Apply equanimity and curiosity with the spirit of understanding. Question yourself, bring awareness to compulsions, irritations and annoyances. Breathe deeply, and watch the tides of depression, anxiety or fear.

As the moon moves across into Sagittarius it will move into the lunar mansion, Mula.
Mula means root and is connected to Muladhara charka (root chakra). The deity, Nirriti, is the goddess of destruction and calamity. The destruction is of the material which blinds us to our spiritual heritage. The more we reject our true selves, the greater the destabilisations. This full moon invites us to see how we can be the architects of our own misfortunes.
Sagittarius is the sign of religion and beliefs, so maybe these are being shaken up for you, or maybe you could be experiencing fear and resistance to letting go and changes regarding your beliefs about yourself, and your basic approach and attitude to life. On the other hand, truth and revelations can illuminate and come to light at this time. Seeing into the root of a situation beyond the trappings of emotions.

All beliefs will crash somewhere. Only reality sustains itself” – Sadhguru.

This Full Moon will be conjoining Saturn, planet of reality. Some may feel a sombre and sober tone to the emotions over the next two days. Saturn is also the planet of fear, restriction, resistance, delays, responsibility, duty and service. Actually Saturn is the master teacher, who, through the setback we experience, force us to grow, to mature and to become wise. But only if we are willing to be humbled and surrender, instead of fighting and resisting what is.

The key to mastering Saturn is to willingly and bravely going through storms and accepting challenges and hardship with inner resolve and resilience. We become stronger after we realise that each challenge is an opportunity to grow and evolve.
Perhaps after a fight, an accident, a death, an explosion, there is a period of calm. Take in the light of this full moon to ground your emotional centre and see if you can create some distance between you and your thoughts and emotions. The difference between humans and animals is our ability to choose consciousness over compulsion. Be conscious of your compulsions, there is no blame on any external force, only responsibility and accountability for our actions. Don’t stay in a victim blame game. Humanity has a far greater potential and destiny!

It is said that a weak person is ruled by their stars, but a wise person rules their stars.

– Have a good week!


I study and practice Vedic astrology which is based on sidereal calculations. My blogs are a way to share my experiences as I to continue learn and grow. I am not a self help guru, more like a fellow traveller sharing what I learn, practice and apply to my own life. If you like what you read and want to explore how the planets and energies are affecting you personally, or to learn more about your inner self, you can contact me for a consultation, or I can highly recommend my teacher with 30+ years of experience : Komilla Sutton, as well as my friend Vijay Goel

The Starry Times 20.6.18 – Solstice & The Play of the Planets


Solstice – 21/22 June
Mars retrograde – 26 June
Saturn Retrograde > Utill Sept 9
Jupiter Retrograde > Untill July 10

Hey Everyone!
Enjoying the first bit of sunshine at my local cafe, after days of downpours here in sydney. Proper wintery weather!
The current matrix of planetary energies are combining to create quite a tumultuous yet potentially transformative time over the next few months.

We will experience the shortest/longest day of the year on 21/22 of June, marking the winter/summer solstice, depending on which hemisphere you are residing in.
Saturn is currently retrograding in Saggitarius, channelling the fiery energies of Mars and Ketu in Capricorn.
Mars will be retrograde for about 2 months from 26 June.
Venus and Rahu are conjoining in Cancer over the next couple of days, and Venus is channeling retrograde Jupiter in Libra.

Mars and Ketu – Focussed and selfless action

Mars and Ketu are conjunct in the earth sign of Capricorn. Mars, is currently exalted in the sign of the goat, and is the fiery planet that governs willpower, courage, action, war, aggression and assertiveness is meeting with the equally fiery yet spiritualising energy of Ketu (south node of the moon). The combination of these powerful and explosive energies has the potential to either manifest on a higher level, producing a very courageous, idealistic and selfless way of acting and behaving in the world, or leading to disruptive times ahead. Usually there is a mix of both.

Every form of destruction contains the seeds for new opportunities. Lava is creating new earth, fires clear the land for new growth. Even as the leaves are falling off in autumn, the buds that will blossom in spring are already forming. Go have a look at the trees! A healthy debate leads to fresh insights and understanding.

The combination of Fire and Earth means more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, not just with the Earth itself but across all domains of our lives. What has been seething below the surface is overdue for eruption now; the pressure needs to clear. A good storm clears atmospheric tension, bringing things back to a natural state of equilibrium. Take care of health,unexpected conditions may arise.Arguments, fights, litigations and all sorts of combative energy is in the air now. Before engaging, ask if it is worth it?


Scorpio, Aries, as well as Aquarius rising, moon and sun will feel the intesity and frustrations acutely. Anyone with key planets in Capricorn will be directly feeling the stress and tensions. Sagg rising and moon will be feeling the restrictive pressures of Saturn.

Saturn – duty, discipline and responsibility… Fun times!

Saturn is channeling the energies of Mars + Ketu, and is currently retrograding in Sagittarius until Sept 9. Many folks may be experiencing major upheavals and reversals in their life. Issues may become even more acute when Mars goes retrograde on the 26th of June.
This time is an invitation to check in with your energy. How is it being used? What are your boundaries and limits? What about the boundaries you apply to yourself, personal habits etc? See how you can apply ‘creative limitation’ to your goals. A willingness to try something in a new way is helpful, especially when things are not going the way we want them to.

Saturn is the taskmaster and agent of karmic deliverance. This is a time that can also present an opportunity to go deeply into the heart and root of any stuck or repeating patterns in your life. Fresh insights can arise if you are willing to see. There is no running away from our responsibilities, on any level. Whatever is avoided will keep coming back, knocking on the door. People/situations/lessons that were unresolved at the start of the year come back again for resolution and deeper understanding.
Just like the seasons, there is a time and place for everything to grow or to decay. The reversal of Saturns energy makes it’s energy stronger. Take the opportunity to dive into the heart of key issues and blindspots.

When the pressure is on, I find the most effective way to use this energy is to channel the restlessness into constructive activity. Yoga, gym, swimming, meditation, dancing, anything that can involve your body and breath and awareness. It is not easy, but nothing truly worthwhile is ever a walk in the park. Most of us usually resolve to drinks, drugs and parties and constant entertainments to distract from the rigours of existence. Nothing wrong with that, but the danger lies in the ease of seeding and creating a negative feedback loop, stunting soul growth.
With so much retrograde energy over the next couple of months, it may feel difficult to find the patience, discipline and motivation needed. Difficulties, delays and setbacks are actually invitations for expansion into greater aspects of ourselves, but only if there is willingness to yield to the pressures.

Jupiter – Venus, Rahu, Pleasure, Play & Illusions

Jupiter is also currently retrograding in libra, making us question our relationships, teachers, and spiritual paths. Jupiter is uncomfortable in the sign of Venus. Symbolically Jupiter is the guru of the gods and Venus (Shukra) is guru to the asuras (demons). It’s not about who is better or worse, rather, there is a conflict of values. In our daily lives it can generate a kind of inner tension of an existential nature as these themes can play out.

Venus is currently channeling Jupiter’s energy and is conjoining Rahu in Cancer for the next week. Take care with going overboard with the good things in life, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing! When Rahu is thrown into any mix, he adds a certain electric, foreign and seductive element that is difficult to resist.
Food, pleasures, entertainment, shopping, sex… maybe you feel innately pulsed to follow through with someone or something that is radical and different! Go for it if you feel you must, as it may just be what you need to get out of a rut, but be careful, as any new relationships that form in this time, if not aligned with the heart and right intention may not last for more than a few months. Beware of ‘buyer’s remorse” as well. You may be making some return trips to the store 😉 Time will tell if things are meant to be. If something is too good to be true, unfortunately, it usually is.

The positive side is that Venus in Cancer can activate a kind of ‘divine mother’ archetypal form of love that can feel very intense and passionate. There can be a self sacrificial element to this love which can activate the higher aspects of the heart centre. For artists and all creatives, this influence will stimulate creativity in all forms, so ride these waves and push your creative faculties to their limits. With the combination of all the planets, great things that challenge and inspire can come into fruition now!

People with the Cancer-Capricorn axis featuring strongly in their charts will be experiencing this rollercoaster energy the strongest. Its certainly not a time to skip self care or any personal practices that you do. Stay balanced, open your heart and express your creativity!

Solstice & the Winter Sun


“The human cycle is perfectly in tune with the cycles that happen in the solar system, because life upon this planet is just a manifestation of the energies which work upon this solar system.” -Sadhguru

Solstice is the midway point in a solar cycle. The sun appears to ‘stop’ at the zenith or nadir.
Here in the southern hemisphere the winter is a time for resting, of introspection, of meeting the darkness, as we approach the longest night in the year. In the northern hemisphere it will be the shortest night and longest day.
Winter solstice marks the point of greatest darkness as well as the return of the light. From here, the days will become progressively longer.

Our entire cosmos exists within the dance of equilibrium. When some kind of phenomena or situation goes too far one way, a crisis, a change, a reversal occurs to restore balance. This is the perpetual dance of life. The movement of to and fro, light to dark, dark to light, the in breath and out breath, from birth to death and death to birth.
To think that we exist outside of; or are impervious to natural laws, to the degree that we do with modern society is the greatest mistake, and the consequences of that mindset is blaringly obvious, with personal, social and ecological issues continuing to increase.

The secret of life is not in the control of external factors, but in the gradual inner adjustments and changes needed to travel with the least amount of obstacles.

As an example, Aikido is a martial art which illustrates this principle in action. If someone is coming at you, you adjust yourself and use the opponent’s energy against themselves. It is they who are coming at you with force and speed, so, assist them to carry on in the direction they are headed – step out of the way, let them pass. So it is with the endless circumstances of life.


Enjoy adjusting your sails over these coming months, knowing that nothing lasts forever. Once the storm clears, new landscapes/possibilities become visible.

Om Namah Sivaya!

I study and practice Vedic astrology which is based on sidereal calculations. My blogs are a way to share my experiences as I to continue learn and grow. I am not a self help guru, more like a fellow traveller sharing what I learn, practice and apply to my own life. If you like what you read and want to explore how the planets and energies are affecting you personally, or to learn more about your inner self, you can contact me for a consultation, or I can highly recommend my teacher with 30+ years of experience : Komilla Sutton, as well as my friend Vijay Goel

New Moon Taurus 13/6/18


New moon In Taurus 13.6.2018

Lunar Mansion Mrigashira.

What is new moon?

New moon is where the moon conjuncts the sun and is thus hidden from view. It is a time where the consciousness of the mind (moon) moves from a period of gradual darkness to greater illumination (full moon). In India, new moon day/night is called Amasvaya.

“ Amavasya is a day when one can become easily aware of, ‘What is me and what is not me,’ and from there on, the journey from untruth to truth begins” – Sadhguru

What is Nakshatra or Fixed Star?

‘Nakshatra’ is the hindu/indian name for lunar mansion, which is referring to a specific fixed star(s) that make up a constellation.

This new moon occurs in the 2nd half of the constellation of Taurus, in the nakshatra of Mrigashira, spanning half of Taurus and half of Gemini. Mrigashira translates as the deer’s head. The essence of this star is the quality of searching, highlighting an inner hunger and thirst for moksha, or self-realisation. The head of the deer symbolises the endless search on the material plane, for only after intense involvement and dissatisfaction can the upward path of spiritual development truly begin.

Mrigashira New Moon

All our sufferings begin and end with our desires. It was the desire of Ishvara(pure consciousness) to know itself, hence all of creation manifested. This is a star that highlights the desires that never end and are always just out of reach. Sadness, anger and all range of emotions spill out of the ouroboros of our desire nature. The key is not to eliminate, shun or judge desires. Paradoxically, it is in the direct experience of fulfilment and non-fulfillment of our desires that fosters the development and growth of self-realisation.

In the same way that the moon regulates all tidal waters on the earth, the moon’s gravity affects our waters including our blood. People who tend to be more mentally and emotionally unbalanced will often feel a greater psychological disturbance on new and full moon days, as the moons gravity is increasing the flow of blood to the brain. Whatever you are feeling on these particular days, will be intensified. This is one of the major reasons that physical yoga asanas(postures) and meditation practices are employed and practiced as they directly affect the chemistry in our bodies.

Currently, there are many volatile, transformative, supportive and unsupportive planetary energies coalescing and intensifying around and within, adding to any unsettled feelings you have be experiencing, which I will write more about in my next blog, coming out before solstice next week.

So, for today & tonight, take some moments to centre, go within and cultivate awareness, make some intentions, focus your thoughts, or become aware of how unfocussed they are. Nothing is inherently good or bad. Bring awareness to your desires, are they taking you forward, are you going where you want to go? Or are your desires leading you astray, causing heartache, disappointments and unhappiness? Be gentle with yourselves, listen to your inner voice, give yourself time, plant seeds, take note of what inspires you & brings you joy, as you are much greater than the limited personality and identities that surround you.

Om Namah Sivaya

Have a beautiful day x

Scorpio Full Moon 29.5.18


Brief Stellar Update :

The moon is currently transiting in Scorpio constellation @10 degrees
(check your star app, yes it’s true).
Lunar Mansion: Anuradha – The Star of Friendship.

Is it time to Let Go?

This is one of the main themes of Scorpio.

Known for being possessive, jealous and intense, scorpio can also be among the most loyal and devoted of signs. Operating on it’s higher frequency, scorpio’s passion, insights, fixed and shrewd nature enables people under it’s influence to display deep loyalty, compassion, protection and wisdom.
Take the time this full moon to tune into what you need to let go of, or transform.

Are you being controlled by devotion or passion? Has something in been dragging on too long? Is it time to transform an old situation?
Are you devoted to your heart and truth? Are you living in alignment to your needs, or are you betraying your inner voice for the sake of another?
Ease mental tensions thru yoga,meditation and quiet introspection.
The dual nature of Scorpio is ruled by both the active and passionate energy of the planet Mars and the the mystical, spiritual and otherworldly nature of Ketu (south node), in eastern/vedic cosmology.

Mars is currently exalted in Capricorn and close to conjunction with Ketu. It’s a powerful time for Scorpio people. (not just sun sign btw) NOW is the time to muster the courage and take a leap of faith into the unknown. Make the commitment to change OR let go of what is no longer working. What is to come is far greater than what is being left behind.

Ask yourselves … Is this the life you want to lead? Is this the person you want to be? Are they the person you want to love? Is this the only way? Can there be another way? Can you be better? How?

The answer is yes, so go for it, find a way … you know what needs to be done… !

Full Moon, Pluto & Crazy Wisdom : The Starry Times 30.4.18
















Mars cnj Pluto in Saggitarius > 2/5
Saturn Retrograde in Sagg > 9/9
Full Moon Libra 30/4
Sun in Aries > 15/5

In today’s blog I want to focus a little on the last (known) planet in our solar system – Pluto!  Today is also full moon in Libra, opposing an exalted Sun in Aries, while Jupiter and Saturn are currently retrograde.

The full moon in Libra will occur in the nakshatra  Swati. The shakti, or power of this star is to scatter negativity, like the wind scatters dust away. It is associated with harmony, diplomacy and individuality. The deity associated with this star is Vayu, lord of the winds. Vayu symbolically reminds us to breathe deep and create conscious connection between our psychological states and the flow of our breath or Prana – the most intimate connection we have with life. Libra full moon is met with an exalted sun in Aries, illuminating our minds, giving courage to be independent and to firmly dream up plans and goals for the next 6, 12, 24 + months. However don’t be in too much of a hurry to put those plans in action unless you are very sure , the retrograding of Jupiter and Saturn may create some unexpected delays.

Pluto deals with death, rebirth and renewal, destruction and regeneration in the most fundamental ways. The planet was ‘discovered’ in 1930, coinciding with the creation of the atomic bomb and the advent of modern nuclear energy. Robert Oppenheimer who is credited to be one of of the ‘fathers of atomic energy’ was very familiar with the vedas, as indicated by his response below, in the interview about the Trinity explosion, first broadcast as part of the television documentary The Decision to Drop the Bomb.

“We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-GitaVishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and, to impress him, takes on his multi-armed form and says, “Now I have become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.”

There is nothing light about pluto’s impact whether in the natal chart or through transits. It’s influence penetrates to the depths of one’s being. No stone is left unturned – radical changes and transformations within one’s core are experienced. Intense, fated situations occur in the outer world to radically alter your state of mind and consciousness. The more destabilising it feels, the greater the need for inner change. The intensity of pluto (or any planet) will be felt acutely especially if it is making a hard aspect to a personal planet in your chart. Currently, Mars is conjoined to Pluto, making the stress more profound, as pluto is sometimes said to act like a higher octave of mars. The tension, stress and unsettled feelings are felt primarily on a psycho-emotional level. Pluto exposes us to the dark heart of reality, inviting you to dive deep – Explore the underworld, be Persephone, surrender to the dissolutions. Discover and explore what is on the other side.


“All great changes are preceded by chaos”

Although the outer planets are traditionally not considered in the general vedic use of astrology, they were known about and recorded on ancient palm leaves in the deep south of India (known as Nadi Astrology) over 2000+ years ago. It was said that the outer planets would gain significance in this era that we are currently in. The three outer planets, uranus, neptune and pluto are named, respectively as : Prajapati, Varuna & Yama.
Their elaboration is beyond the scope of this blog, so if you are interested to know further please see this illuminating article by Dennis Harness :

The deity Yama, who is assigned to pluto is known as the ‘god of death’, although it need not be taken so literally. Yama is the half brother of Shani (Saturn), In hindu mythology. Yama is the first point on the path of yoga, representing restraint and discipline, two fundamental pre-requisites which need to be developed if we wish to achieve anything substantial and long lasting in life. When our senses are under control, it becomes much easier to manage, harmonize and balance our energies; great things are possible.

Pluto has been travelling through Sagittarius since early 2005.
Sagittarius is a mutable (changeable, erratic, unpredictable) fire sign, ruled by the expansive and wisdom bestowing planet Jupiter represented  by the symbol of half man/half horse; the centaur with a stretched bow and arrow pointing to the sky. Sagittarius is an idealist but it does not make the life smooth sailing. The path is about surrendering the lower self to the higher self. These people are freedom fighters, explorers, philosophers and teachers, but can at times, miss the details , including other people’s boundaries and feelings, when striving for their idealistic visions, dreams and aspirations.

The Sagittarian aim is for dharma, higher wisdom and right living. If one has not been living according to one’s dharma (life path in harmony with nature), then this mars/pluto conjunction will feel more acute, shaking and rattling your material attachments. Its time to take heed of your inner knowing. Have faith, trust in your process even if you can’t see the steps ahead. Often we cannot see past our blindspots and so we need trusted guides and teachers who can illuminate our shadows, point us in a more harmonious way.  With the loss of our spiritual midwives in the form of the old people,  the medicine men, women & the wisdom keepers, when our soul is going through a process of gestation and birthing itself it can feel very scary indeed. There are always guides and signs around you, so try a new approach. A true guru/teacher never tells you what to do, but will only show you, free from religious dogma or personal agendas. They point your to your inner Self. You are free to take it or leave it.
When intention is married with right action, sag people can be excellent at breaking new ground and expanding themselves through limited possibilities. This is especially the case at the moment as Saturn, planet of duty, discipline and hard work is also travelling through this sign for the next couple of years, so it’s a time when we can bring structure to, and ground the grand visions and ideals. Sagittarius is a lover of knowledge, which, when applied correctly brings true freedom in the form of wisdom thru lived experience.

I would like to share an excerpt from the book “Crazy Wisdom” – a collection of discourses between tibetan buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa and his students. I feel it summarises the spirit of the Sagittarian vibration  to continually explore and push new horizons.

“When people talk about enlightenment, they usually have the idea of someone old and wise. An enlightened person, they think, is one who has been aged by experience and has thus become wise: in fact, learned. He has collected hundreds of millions of pieces of information. This makes him old and wise, trustworthy and good – enlightened. But from the point of view of crazy wisdom, enlightenment is entirely different from this. It doesn’t particularly have anything to do with being old and wise, It is more like being young and wise, because it has tremendous openness toward exploring the experiences that go on in our lives – toward exploring them psychologically, on the relationship level, on the domestic level, on the practical level, on the philosophical level, and so forth.

There is also a quality of fearlessness in enlightenment, not regarding the world as an enemy, not feeling the world is going to attack us if we do not take care of ourselves. Instead, there is a tremendous delight in exploring the razors edge, like a child who happens to pick up a razors blade with honey on it. It stars to lick it, it encounters the sweet taste and blood dripping off its tongue at the same time. Simultaneous pain and pleasure are worth exploring from the point of view of sanity of crazy wisdom. This natural inquisitiveness is the epitome of non-caring, but at the same time caring so very much – being eager to learn and eager to explore.”

There is nothing to fear! – How you respond, affects the outcome

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is currently retrograding through Libra.
This time is about working toward harmony, peace, and equilibrium. Since Jupiter is channeling Pluto & Saturn’s energy until later this year, profound and transformational relationships are likely. Allow yourself to explore these connections, as in exploring others, is exploring yourself.  To have something you have never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. Dare to go where you haven’t before, try a new approach, push your boundaries and limitations and judgements.

“Libra represents dynamic poise and balance – being halfway through the zodiac. The balance between spirit and matter, symbolised by the Nataraja, the cosmic dance of dynamic balance.” – Bepin Behari


Jupiter will bring its wisdom and benevolence to all of our relationships and we are seeing this occur right now with the surprising yet promising bipartisanship between the leaders of North and South Korea, along with the intention to denuclearise the Korean penninsula.
This is a huge step forward to global harmony and unity. Jupiter retrograde invites us stop and think, that maybe some of your problems in life, esp those in close relationships, are your own creation. Now is a good time to ask yourself how to make necessary changes. Retrograde energy often makes us want to withdraw and be more introspective.

Saturn has recently gone retrograde in sag until september this year. Systems and structures that have been built in your life are being shaken up – assumptions and beliefs that have been taken for granted are going to be thrown into question. This is a time where you may be forced to think in brand new ways.

Saturn’s placement in a chart indicates the nature of the karmic ‘debt’ we have to ‘pay’. Our experiences in this life are as a cumulative result of our free will actions performed in past lives – all shades and hues of experiences. Our blessings and challenges all come to us in the right time. When we work against the laws of nature (Adharma) and only follow the fleeting whims, desires and emotions of the limited personality/ego then we are bound to run into trouble. It is hard to break free from this cycle when we are so attached to the “I”, our identity. It is said that our mind is an excellent servant, but a poor leader. Saturn is not just about taking responsibility for other people in our lives –  it is about taking responsibility for one’s thoughts, emotions and actions. We are free to act and think as we please, but we are not free of the consequences of those thoughts and actions. Contentment and peace of mind is a choice; a daily habit that needs regular practice to cultivate.

“The boiling water that softens a potato, hardens an egg. See, it is not the conditions, but what you are made of that counts ” – Unknown

Remember we are never punished for our actions, rather, we are punished by our actions, time is of no consequence – by extrapolating the symbolic significance of the planetary arrangement in our charts, one can gleam deep insight into the nature of karma that is being experienced in the current lifetime, and effective pathways to navigate through the matrix.

There are multiple undercurrents and overtones that form as well as permeate the energetic fabric within which we live. These cycles within cycles reflect and express the complexity of our individual process and soul’s sojourn through the earthly realm.

Om Tat Sat


The Starry Times 15.4.18 – Diamond Vision

Diamond Vision

New moon Aries – 15/4
Sun Aries – 14/4
Saturn Retrograde – 18/4 – 6/9
Mercury direct – 15/4
Jupiter Retrograde until – 10/6

There is a time to move forward, and a time to pause, stop and take stock.
It is the most natural thing in the world. Yet somehow in our busy lives, it can seem like a constant go go go – then burn out. The key is to learn how to rest, not to quit. At the moment it may feel like things are not flowing as smoothly as you would like them to. Things are slowing down and could appear to stop and reverse all together.

With the two big planets, Jupiter and Saturn retrograde for a good chunk of the year, this is an invitation to take the opportunity to pause and reflect on all that we have been busy working on over the last months.
Saturn has been slowing down, currently stationary and due to go retrograde on 18 April. Jupiter is currently retrograde until July 10, channelling Saturn’s energy in Sagittarius. Mercury goes direct on the 15th of this month and the new moon ushers in a fresh solar cycle as it joins the exalted sun in the constellation of Aries.

This is an introspective yet very creative time – When in deep water, become a diver!

New moon in Aries & Exalted Sun
Sun travels through Aries April 14 – May 16

Aries is the pioneering spirit manifest as an energetic and impulsive young child or prince. This quality has a light, bright and swift vibrancy to its energy and can also be destructive through it’s self focussed and directed one-pointedness. It is great at mustering the energy to initiate projects, coming up with fresh ideas and perspectives, but usually does not stick around long to see things through to completion. (That’s ok, not everyone is meant to stay put for long periods of time 😉

This morning (those reading on the 16th) the new moon joins exalted sun. It is an auspicious day for new beginnings. If you are wishing to start something, begin it today, set your intentions, make your plans, plant your seeds! It is an excellent time to delve deeper into health related matters if that is an area of interest to you – perhaps you may want to explore or learn more about alternative methods of healing and regeneration. Listen to what your body and intuition is saying. Follow your inner voice.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – Goethe

Saturn Station & Retrograde
Saturn is due to go retrograde on April 18 to Sept 6.

Saturn is currently stationed so things may feel like they’re at a standstill at the moment. This is not the best time press ahead, wait a few more days for things to start moving again – Saturn is the taskmaster and represents the psychology/dharma of doing a good job even when no one is looking. This is not a time to take shortcuts, if you do, outside resistance and problems are more likely. Saturn is all about dealing with reality, so it’s time to pay attention. Be honest, straightforward and truthful, most of all to yourself. The pressure is to make the changes within ourselves to adapt to a new reality.
Since Saturn is transiting through Saggitarius, an expansive and philosophical constellation, all kinds of belief structures are being rattled and shaken. This can be a profound and creative time to expand your view of yourself, within the greater context of earth, the solar system and galaxy we reside in. Explore different philosophies and new ways of thinking. Challenge your most basic assumptions. Use your crystal vision. Be hard on yourself without being cruel; like a diamond, which once was a mass of carbon that underwent extreme heat and pressure to transform into the hardest substance known to humankind. The greater the pressure, the greater capacity you have for profound transformation and the development of inner strength and resilience. Be creative, surrender and evolve. Now is a great time to seek for new tools, improve your skills and develop your resources.

Mercury Direct and Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury direct in Pisces April 15
Jupiter retrograde until July 10

Mercury has just gone direct in pisces today – maybe that’s why I have finally got to writing this new piece and getting it all together! Communications and correspondences should flow smoother now, a better time for travel and making plans and … maybe it’s time to do last year’s taxes?!
Write your lists. Organise your thinking. Creative thinking, aka, daydreaming is common with the watery sign of pisces; music, poetry and mystical musings – keep visioning – the opposite of worrying – dream big, you can be realistic at the same time!
Jupiter retrograding through Libra for the next four months is bringing our awareness to all our relationships in life, particularly intimate, personal and business relationships. It is a time where things may go wonky and come undone – some unions may fall apart, some may strengthen, others may begin. Expect reversals in one way or another. Jupiter also represents guru, or teacher like figures in your life. You may be questioning your beliefs, and foundations (since Jupiter is also channelling retro Saturn’s energy) and you may also find yourself open and curious to things you were once closed or adverse to. Let the backward and reversed energies open and twist your mind… In a good way!

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Combining all this, you may find that you are clearer about what you want to do, you initiate (sun +moon in aries) and organise a plan (mercury) but due to circumstances, things may be delayed and and fully start rolling until September (retro saturn). In the meantime, you would have found a bunch of loopholes in the original plan, feel awfully confused and frustrated, but you take the time to adjust or change part, some or all of it, or even set out on something completely different, which all turns out to be just what was needed. Trust in the good things that are coming!

Have a great week folks!

I study and practice vedic astrology which is based on sidereal calculations. To explore how the planets and energies are affecting you personally, or to learn more about your inner self, you can contact me for a consultation, or I can highly recommend my teacher with 30+ years of experience : Komilla Sutton, as well as my friend Vijay Goel

The Starry Times. 31.3.18 – Keep ya cool!


Full Moon Today!
2&3 April – Mars + Saturn cnj in Saggitarius
Mercury currently debilitated & retrograde in Pisces until 15 April
Jupiter retrograde in Libra until July 10
March 26 – April 20 Venus in Aries
April 14 – Sun In Aries

Keep ya cool this week kids!

Watch the news, accidents are more likely – sudden freak situations. Please take care on the road. Anything that involves machinery or sharp tools – including the tongue. Watch your words. I just grated my finger quite nicely the other day – the thoughts behind my actions were not focussed, centred or mindful & I was rushing – Ouch! A painful reminder to Be Here Now.

If you have mars/saturn/sagg prominent in your chart, you may feel the intensity and pressure more acutely. Mars ruled signs will feel delays and frustrations, things going slightly or not so slightly awry. Mars wants to assert its will and that is not always possible, without resistance(saturn). As the Dalai Lama so wisely states that “sometimes not getting what you want can be a wonderful stroke of luck”. When things don’t go the way you want them to, perhaps its just because it’s not meant to. Take a step back from trying to control everything & observe any expectation to outcomes. See how it feels to just accept the situation as it is, and move forward from that place of stillness.

When the energy is heated, the tendency is to act first and think later. Impulsivity has a definite and important purpose as a fundamental expression of spirit, however, combining this with a retrograde mercury + jupiter, full moon as well as venus in aries (another fire sign) … it’s all on! This is a time where emotions, feelings, desires are more likely to get too out of hand, too quickly. Outside forces may be appear to thwart your forward motions.

Fire needs to be contained and managed to deliver the right amount of heat, warmth, inspiration & vitality. The spirit of fire can be fierce & destructive, but also deeply nourishing and constructive when harnessed effectively. Often accidents happen in our personal lives because there is the sense that if ‘I am not doing everything, it will all fall apart’ – however the reverse is true, get the inside right and things around you will fall into place. This is a slow and gradual process that requires much patience and trust. Perhaps there really are no accidents – if one was to replay the stream of thoughts behind our actions, the seemingly random events and accidents would not seem so random or accidental. This is a time where the control factor in ourselves will be highlighted. Take the opportunity to Let Go…

It’s not really possible to control anything outside of ourselves, but, it is possible to control the attitude and approach one may take to oneself and to life’s challenges. As the saying goes… see below;)

Bad attitude flat tyre

With mercury currently debilitated & retrograde until mid April, communications are likely to be the grounds upon which many disagreements and misunderstandings will occur. Workplace, relationships, home, family etc will be the arenas where the dramas unfold. Take a moment to really consider what the other person is saying. Practice the pause, and check in with your foundational assumptions. Are you jumping to conclusions? Ask, “how can I make this work?” rather than decide something is wrong immediately on impulse. Do you need to adjust your opinions? Identify your judgements, prejudices and privileges – (Tim Minchin) Check in with your own fallacies. Before you assume, ask. It will save a lot of trouble later.

Recommended reading : The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

I am experiencing the mercury retrograde as a creative opportunity to double back on myself and check in with my thinking. Muddled/confused communications can allow for an opportunity to see things from a fresh perspective. Detach from the drama and learn something new.

“Do not worry If things are turning upside down, how do you know the side you are used to is better than the one to come?” – Rumi

Venus in aries is channeling jupiter’s current retrograde motion through the sign of partnership par excellence, (libra). Use impulsivity constructively and get yourself out of relationship ruts. All kinds of relationships as well as business partnerships. Try something new, be spontaneous, childlike and open. Explore and experiment – but take care, as some things are not meant to last, so enjoy the ride and wait till venus moves into taurus later in april, to see what stays. Will write more on Sun’s movement into Aries and the fresh solar cycle in my next post.

The full moon in Virgo promotes analytical and practical thinking – some flashes of clarity amidst confusions and delays.

It’s important to recognise that nothing exists outside of you. Take the orange metaphor, when you squeeze it, orange juice comes out, as you would expect. In the same way, when you are being squeezed by circumstance, what comes out is what is inside. There is no use feeling guilty or bad especially if it is something unpleasant or nasty. Life manages to find the most opportunistic moments to humble us and, if you’re not pushing your agenda too strongly, you can learn the lesson and move on, albeit, with a tail between your legs…

Allow yourself to be the fool.. as the fool is always in a perpetual state of learning. Ask questions, be curious, be innocent yet aware. Many folks on the new age/spiritual/metaphysical/ paths find something that resonates and then stick to that methodology and system, discarding or discrediting other philosophies/styles of thinking. It is quite a shame to see this, since all things connect. Often there is a belief of an arrival at some ultimate truth … and really it is just a plateau on one side of the multi-faceted crystal mountain we are all climbing.

Self development and everything related to that is more about developing a harmonious relationship with self and the world around us, understanding personal + collective ecology, based on experiencing reality as it is, ideally with equanimity. This is an ongoing, constantly evolving personal process which is unique to you as an individual and yet intrinsically interwoven to each other’s basic human nature.
There are endless processes and methods that exist to assist people, so stay focussed, ask for help when you need it, learn to rest, not to quit and don’t worry too much if things are going a little haywire. The aim is not perfection, but harmony, balance & peace of mind.

The ebb and flow, to and from equilibrium is what makes the endless, ineffable dance of life, one in which every soul moves to, in their own beautiful ways.

Stay chill this week people 😉 x

I study and practice vedic astrology which uses sidereal measurements. It is the same as western astrology in many ways but with some very specific differences. To explore how these energies and planets are affecting you personally, or to learn more about your self, you can contact me for a consultation, or I can highly recommend my teacher with over 40 years of experience : Komilla Sutton, as well as my friend Vijay Goel.