Moon, Mind and Mystery – 11/11/18


Hello beautiful people of the world.

I thought to write a brief stellar update, to give you all a heads up on the moon’s sojourn over this week, as it could be challenging for some people this week, especially emotionally.

Has anyone been feeling a little down, or blue recently? No particular reason?
I know I have, and it is easy to attribute it to many things that are happening, both on a personal small scale, as well as to the greater world around us.

The moon is currently transiting through sidereal Sagittarius, conjoining saturn.
Saturn often feels like that heavy weight bringing us down or can feel like a lot of pressure is on us. That is the quality of saturn; and when these kind of transits affect the moon – which is our mind and emotions, we can feel tired, lazy, lethargic, sad, depressed and unmotivated. Fortunately, with lunar transits, these feelings only last a couple of days.

On Tuesday 13th, moon will meet with ketu, the south lunar node. Ketu is a fiery, separative energy, as well as spiritualising force. Symbolically kept is a dragon with no head. It’s function is to remind us of our past so we can learn from it, and also creates a distance, separation and dissatisfaction from material things, so that we may remember that reality is not just a 3-dimensional experience. The separations can be sometimes unpleasant, but we can use this energy to see what we are holding onto, and cut ourselves from limited thinking.

On Friday the 16th, moon makes an exact conjunction with mars. This creates steam as moon is water and mars is fire. If you have a hot temper then perhaps, sparks will fly – these energies are incompatible. Time to check in with anger management techniques. Let off steam by being physical and channel the energy productively – don’t direct it at your loved one. (Remember, venus, planet of relationships, is still retrograde)
However, this conjunction will occur in sidereal Aquarius, which is connected to engineering and genius (among many other things) and mars can sharpen the mind, so it can also be a good time to take decisive action on some issue or situation.

All these transits will have a very different effect on the individual due to the respective placements and relationships to the planets, signs and their energies in your chart and inner psychological terrain.

By next week, most stresses will have passed, so try not to take anything too seriously this week, and if something isn’t quite working, let it be for a few days. Do something creative instead. Life isnt always meant to be lived in the mind – let the element of water flow through you.
The planets are always moving and always doing something – as is life, the only constant is change.

Our mind (moon) is our instrument of perception.
When the moon is challenged, things can feel emotionally difficult. We don’t really know why. Knowing that these are often transits causing energetic fluctuations in our bio-chemistry, helps us to be kinder with ourselves, and tune into the finer forces; the undercurrents and overtones of nature, which includes the great cosmos around us.

I say it, cos I need to do much more of it – yoga, meditation and mantra, all that jazz – tools of balance and compassion.
Do it! – it works! 🙂

Have a great week,
Love, Darinka



Reflections on Relationship – Venus Retrograde


What is relationship?

When are we not in relationship to something?
Our partner, family members, pets, community, our living earth, the cosmos, and our own selves – the way we experience the world teaches us about who we at the deepest levels.

When reading charts, we look at the planet Venus, the 7th house and its ruler, and aspects etc, to understand the nature and quality of relationships in a person’s life. At the most basic level, the 7th is the house of relationship & others – representing everyone that is opposite to the self, which is represented by the 1st house.
The 7th is the reflection of the 1st. Our relationships with the external world and others symbolically reflect and serve as a barometer to our relationship with ourselves.

Some people believe they are to find and meet their soul mate, twin flame, partner in crime. Others find constant problems in relationship, in one way or another, due to various unresolved karmic factors. Not everyone is meant to be involved in personal relationship. Their ‘fortunes’ lie elsewhere. It is difficult for the western mind to come to terms with this, since culture, media and movies sell the ideas of romance and love in a superficial sense, making those who may be in fact, better off on their own, feel as though there is something inherently lacking with their lives.

Relationships are complex, or simple, if we learn to simplify ourselves. Analysing the strength of the 7th house, and its ruler as well as the planet Venus helps us to understand the psychological and energetic strengths and weaknesses that can catalyse dysfunction.
Conflict is always a part of life, but with detachment and self-awareness, there is more internal space, as the knee-jerk reactions subside and clear out of our psyches. Naturally inner peace radiates out toward all our relations.

“If there is no enemy within, there is no enemy without”

In the deepest sense, one can walk through life and see every interaction as a teaching – every feeling and emotion that is conjured through an interaction with another is an indication of what is happening within oneself – As the great Ramana Maharishi says when one of his disciples asks how we should treat others, he replies:

“There are no others”

And this is a powerful notion – when we can take a step back when riled, when we can breathe through the triggers, when we can pause before reaction, when we can see past our own needs and look at the greater play occurring, then the need to be right, the fear of being wrong, the blame, finger pointing and chaos can lessen and diminish. Relationships give one of the greatest and most potent opportunities for growth. Changes certainly don’t happen overnight, they occur gradually, with time, patience, tears, compassion, forgiveness, solitude, meditation, contemplation, therapy, friends and, practice, practice practice. – This is the idea, with our lifetimes to put into practice.

Everyone seems to be looking for the right person, but no – one wants to be the right person.

So, what does Venus mean?

Shukra is the sanskrit name for Venus. This word translates as “white, clear, bright and lucid” Shukra governs the water element in our body, (along with moon) – the ‘essences’ of the body (sperm and ovum) as well as the liquid and mucous membranes. Venus is related to the Kapha dosha of Ayurveda. A well placed Venus shows itself in well nourished hair, bright eyes, soft skin and a calm, nurturing and compassionate nature.
Venus also represents how we love, what we value, our style & tastes. It relates to our relationship to the feminine, to the receptive aspect of ourselves. Venus connects us to pleasures, luxuries, comforts, artistic abilities & procreative capacity.

A weak or challenged Venus is in fact, good for spiritual pursuits, since it can deny materialistic pleasure and comforts, therefore waking us up from the illusions of the material world. For a soul who’s desire is to rise upward on the spiritual path, relationships are one of the bindings that eventually fall away at some point of an individual’s evolution.
Many great artists, scientists and spiritual leaders have transformed and expanded their capacity for devotion toward creativity, humanity & the benefit of all beings, rather than the inherently limiting forms of personal love marriage/relationship and the family unit. This is the path of Bhakti Yoga.

But I don’t want to be a monk on a mountain…

That’s ok, neither do I.

So how to reconcile these conflicts?
Libra is the sign of compromise. Most people with planets in libra, or who have a strong Venus can be masters of compromise, learning the delicate art of putting one’s needs aside for the greater purpose of the relationship. Easier said than done. Welcome to the world of soap operas.

Venus retrograde is currently occurring in her own sign of Libra. The retrograde began on the 6/10 and lasts till the 17/11 (Southern hemisphere).  A debilitated Sun will be joining her, creating combustion and potential transformations, fights and stress, especially between 26/10 and 28/10. Fragile egos may be thrown around. Relationship themes have been highlighted quite strongly over the last year as Jupiter, the great teacher of wisdom and truth has also been transiting through Libra. Jupiter has recently just moved into Scorpio. (more on Jupiter in Scorpio in the next blog )

As Venus moves through Libra themes around love, relationships, marriage and romance are highlighted. Libra is also the sign of business and contractual arrangements, so there will be some things to think about before making changes to an existing business, or starting a new one. Creativity may feel blocked or stifled, a good time to perfect and tidy up loose ends. Relationships that have been rocky may end, or existing ones can deepen as issues are brought to the surface and have an opportunity to be transformed.

Venus retrograde can help us get in touch with what we truly desire from our partnerships and relationships. What do we truly value? How do we want to love and be loved? This current backspin can bring up issues from the last time Venus was retro, around 18 months ago (mar/april ’17)

A good time for reflections on how to create more harmony and beauty in our lives through right relationship to self – and others

Enjoy the motions!

With Love,

Presently I take time to make these blog posts as I like to sit and feel and experience the energies rather than just write the information down from a book. Life is always happening, karma is always playing out – when you see the subtlety of energies working with or against each other, when you experience these forces inside yourself – that is the real learning. Sources of knowledge and wisdom serve to clarify and understand the personal experience.

If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you personally, I offer consultations in person or over skype. I have been studying Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life.

Life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe, self and others. X

The Starry Times : Full Moon Pisces – Water Under the Bridge

Full Moon Dream

  • Full Moon in Pisces, UttaraBhadrapada nakshatra
  • Jupiter is transiting through the last degrees of Libra. Enters Scorpio on the 12th of October.
  • We have just passed Equinox on Sept 21/22
  • Saturn is out of it’s long Retrograde, moving forward in Sagittarius

What a whirlwind over the last few months !
We have moved through the most difficult part of the year, through all the volatile and transformative conjunctions, retrogrades and eclipses, and now can enjoy a relatively smooth period of sailing and integration for a while now. As we have just passed the 3rd quarter of the solar year on the 21/22 of Sept, the spring equinox heralds new growth and outward expansion as the days grow longer here in the southern hemisphere, and as the days get darker in the north, the autumn equinox invites introspection, withdrawal and contemplation.

Jupiter, Venus, Love and Healing

Venus and Jupiter have been enjoying a warm dance together in Libra, since Venus moved into its own sign in early September. Venus will make an unusually long transit, retrograding for some time through Libra until early Jan where it will move forward into Scorpio and join Jupiter again.
At the moment it is an expansive and healing time for all relationships and business situations. Venus and Jupiter together can promote excess in pleasures, so moderation needs to be exercised, but in general, good will and positive feelings are strong now. The wisdom and divine benediction of Jupiter has been guiding the desirous and passionate Venus, gently promoting healing through the Art of Relationship on all levels; compromise, understanding, forgiveness and diplomacy toward All our Relations.

While it is a wonderful time for creating balance in our lives, it can also be a good time to think deeper to our greater relationship with ourselves, our deeper inner self of which the external world is a reflection. What is out of harmony externally is a metaphorical mirror of what needs reconciliation, acceptance and understanding within our own natures.
Delve deep into your true nature and find a place of peace and stillness within; consequentially this will radiate out and your relationships with others will change. Change can also mean recognising what needs to fall – break off stagnant connections.

I have felt it to be a deep time of healing & integration on many levels, post the last few months, and this combination of Jupiter and Venus is a very feel-good vibration. Jupiter governs the sweet taste, Venus, the sour. Often we learn more from the sour experiences of life than the sweet and when genuine sweetness is lacking in our lives we go for superficial sweetness via taste, fleeting pleasures and temporary sensations. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so there can be an addiction to following only the good things in life, which is a lopsided and inherently imbalanced experience. This conjunction reminds us to go deeper into our hearts and recognise the fundamental sweetness, goodness and innocence of our true natures, as human beings and as a human family.

Full Moon Vibrations

Chandra (Moon) has just moved into the nakshatra (star) of Uttarabhadrapada, located from 3’20-16’40 degrees of Pisces – The abode of the Andromeda Star System.


This full moon illuminates and expresses the combined energy of Jupiter and Saturn. The overtone vibration is Jupiter since moon is in Pisces, and the undercurrent is governed by Saturn (U.B’s planetary ruler is Saturn).

This planetary combination further expresses the positive effects of diplomacy, compromise and harmony in relationships, due to Jupiter in Libra channeling the vibration of Pisces, as well as fostering a grounded and philosophical approach to working with upsets and challenges, due to Saturn’s forward motion now in Sagittarius.
Saturn is the planet to examine closer, to understand the deeper significance of this full moon. Saturn is currently moving through the Star of Mula, located in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) – which is connected to Nirriti, a destructive and calamitous deity associated with ‘the breaking apart of things’ – indicating destruction and transformation. Mula is also associated with getting to the roots of things – and is ruled by the detached and spiritualising energy of Ketu, the south node of the moon. What is being broken apart or destroyed is directly related to past karmas that have ripened and are ready to be experienced in the now.

This combination of energies point strongly to a time of understanding, healing and the integration of root patterns that have blocked you from moving forward in the past. The breakups, challenges, tribulations and torments all have a deep purpose of shaking and loosening you from what is limiting your true self. We somehow willingly enter into material bondage by identifying strongly with our senses and perceptions.There is nothing wrong with being in the material world, but our chronic attachment and identification with it creates deep sorrow, as the nature of life is constant change. The greater we are shaken, rattled and rolled, the greater the inner desire is for transformation. At every junction we are invited to let go even more.

Tonight, you could meditate on the changes that have occurred for you over the last few months; this moon is a soft, yet firm landing, a place to breathe deeply and give thanks for all that Is, and is to come.

Thanks for reading, happy full moon!
Hari Om X

Presently I take time to make these blog posts as I like to sit and feel and experience the energies rather than just write the information down from a book. Life is always happening, karma is always playing out – when you see the subtlety of energies working with or against each other, when you experience these forces inside yourself – that is the real learning. Sources of knowledge and wisdom serve to clarify and understand the personal experience.

If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you personally, I offer consultations in person or over skype. I have been studying Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life.

Life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe, self and others.  X

Full Moon Aquarius 26.8.18


Today it is Full Moon again, this time occurring in Aquarius. This moon is bright, illuminating, healing, grounding and electric. In jyotish, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Rahu – the north node of the moon. Western astrologers always knew there was something a little extra about this eccentric sign, and assigned it to Uranus.

What can we expect?

This full moon may be a good time to reflect on your relationship to your family and roots. Can it be improved? If so, how? What can we learn from each-other, despite apparent broad differences? Are we really so different, once you get past superficialities?
Retrograde Saturn is still connecting us to complex past life karmas that are currently manifesting. Our families connect us to our genetic memories, that are passed through dna and genes – the storehouses of our karmas and generational stories – What narrative is ready to end? What needs to complete and resolve? What is the next chapter?

This Aquarius full moon brings bright illumination, giving a birds’ eye view over the last few months of retrogrades, triple eclipse and the complex yet juicy mashing of planetary forces.
It is occurring at 7 degrees of Aquarius, in the nakshatra (star) of Satabhishak. The name translates as a 100 healers and has a special connection to herbs and healing. There is always a little mystery surrounding this particular nakshatra due to its complex, illusive, yet strongly humanitarian tone. This particular star expresses the energies of saturn/rahu – it can be obsessive over its sense of duty.

People appear to go a little crazy on full moon, not because the moon has tiny beings playing with us like puppets, but because what needs to be purified in the consciousness is illuminated –
Full moon is when the light of the Sun (soul) illuminates and enlightens the ignorance/darkness the Moon; mind: emotions, thoughts feelings.
We can see our darkness and illusions for what they are; shadows — so don’t run away from them.
As human beings we all have a mix of sinner and saint, light, dark, good, bad – use this full moon to appreciate how far you have come, and humbly acknowledge the unknown ahead — choose your battles wisely.

What’s all this esoterica?

The human being is a microcosm of the macrocosm – the entire universe exists in us – we are soul, we are also mind, we are human but we are also divine. Our truth is not the comings and goings of the mind, they reflect our impressions and experiences in the world, but it is not who we are – our reality is far deeper and richer than the endless manifestations of the mind – This is why yoga and all the eastern traditions are all centred around managing, understanding and working with the mind, to provide the least obstruction for the full potential for the soul to express itself. When our inner sun and moon are in harmony, we are in alignment – things flow. When it is not in harmony, we are at war with ourselves and those around us. The elements that pulse within our bodies (fire earth air and water) are out of sync with the fifth element, our soul, leading to imbalances and potential illness in our mind, body and spirit. Indigenous healers around the world know that all illness first starts in the subtle energy bodies first, in order for it to manifest in the physical dimension.

OK, that’s too out there and esoteric, I don’t get it!

Never mind 😉

Be fabulously you, ride the Full Moon Light waves and know that you’re living in a great mystery that does not need to be solved. Enjoy the turning of the seasons, whatever hemisphere you are living on. Most importantly, go home and love your family, whoever they are to you.

Much Love,

I have been studying Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life. To me, Life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe, self and others. If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you personally, I offer consultations in person or over skype X

The Starry Times: Reflections on Retrograde


So it’s true, the word is out, mercury is out of retrograde, the eclipse season is over, a few planets are still retrograde but all will be moving direct by early September. Now is a time to breathe some sighs of relief as the breakdowns lead to breakthroughs, revealing new and forgotten patterns, tools and insights to weave yet another layer of your own personal tapestry.

Mercury went direct in Cancer on August 19th
Sun is currently strong and bright in it’s own sign of Leo.
Mars goes direct in Capricorn soon on August 27th
Saturn goes direct in Saggitarius on September 6th
(Outer planets are important but currently outside of today’s blog)

What is retrograde anyway?

Retrograde means the planets appear to move backward. It is an optical illusion caused by the movement of the orbits of planets respective to our position on Earth. They appear brighter in the sky. Their energies have a stronger magnetic and gravitational effect on us. If we think in terms of vibration, frequency and energy, cosmic forces make more sense.

From my observations and experiences over these potent few months, retrograde planets conjure opportunities to slow down and reflect upon various aspects of our lives. The eclipses served to reveal secrets and hidden agendas/elements. This combination is what many have been calling a portal – and rightly so. Mars has been super strong in Capricorn, sign of exaltation, riding Ketu, the south node of the moon opposing mercury conjunct Rahu, the north node, while Saturn has been channeling and focussing Mars’s energy in the expansive and philosophical sign of Sagittarius. With both heavyweights retrograde it has been a frustrating, potentially explosive, yet powerfully transformative few months. The Sun moved through Cancer, conjoining a retrograde mercury, eclipsed by Rahu. opposing Mars… etc etc, you get it! Without going into more astro jargon – It has all been full on time for many. When the nature of challenges are not fully understood, everything might feel like it is falling apart – the point is that it’s meant to. The more out of sync with your deeper realities + truths, the greater the challenges can seem to be. Sometimes what you are asking for is on the other side of the breakdown. These times have invited us to trust and keep things super simple as we discover deepest roots and stratums of our lives, ourselves, and of course, the world we live in. Going through a portal requires slowing down & letting go.

Retrograde implies the gradual slowing down and reversal of situations, which can come as quite a shock to some people. It can feel immensely frustrating when things don’t appear to go the way we want them. Communications get muddled or lost entirely, we feel misunderstood, or travel plans go awry, yet our thinking can become more insightful and intuitive (Mercury). Impulses, desires and energies (ego) get thwarted and fights are more likely, yet we can also yield to the delays and perform with greater diligence and focus (Mars). Delays, setbacks and complicated, karmic situations come up demanding our attention and discipline, yet we can surrender to the pressure and allow ourselves to be transformed in the process, like a diamond, basking in the satisfaction of a job well done. (Saturn) – See my post : Diamond Vision.  Perhaps our faiths, beliefs and sources of knowledge and wisdom are questioned (Jupiter).
Whatever planet is retrograding, it’s significations will be highlighted. While it won’t affect everyone in the same way, everyone is affected in some way. I have found positive solace in knowing that the backward energies that have been occurring over the last few months during winter here in Australia have been a fruitful time to go quietly within and dive deep. Personally I have felt quite peaceful, with stresses rising when I try to push an agenda too strongly, but have mostly been learning how to be of greater support those around me that have been going through it. For me the art of listening and conversation has been a hot topic.

These planetary energies have created space for the unknown, dreamtime, oceanic depths, journey into a deep forest, the waiting, gestation, ideation, meditation, stillness, accepting not knowing, resting, growing…

Reflect, Reimagine, Reinvent…

The last few months have not been the best time to begin new things. Though for some there has been no other choice. It has been a good time to get things in order, Karmic situations from the past that were left undone have come back forcing us to step back and check in with the way we have been moving forward. Is it the direction you want to go? Is this the person you want to be? Is this the state of mind you want to live with? How can you change what you want to change? What was not working becomes apparent as old situations are revisited and perhaps have required a complete overhaul. We may feel exposed as our flaws, vulnerabilities, and fragile humanity become all too obvious.

The foundation of my philosophy is that one’s emotional reactions and responses to the world are reflections of our inner relationship to self. It’s not about being bad, or subscribing to phrases such as “If you see someone is selfish, that means you are selfish”.
It’s more about looking at how we treat ourselves and aspects of ourselves. If you don’t like how someone treats you, what about how you treat yourself? As the way you treat others is a direct reflection of your relationship to yourself. What about the inner voice you ignore, dismiss and don’t listen to? If rejection is a theme in your life, how do you reject aspects of you? What if you experience abandonment, shame, judgement or hatred? What aspects of your nature do you feel ashamed about? Do you feel that if you speak your truth you will be rejected or judged? Do you hate the way your body feels, or the way you do a particular thing?

‘scuse the language, but it’s true 😉

If you constantly feel victimised by life and feel misunderstood by the people around you, then there is a good chance that there are unresolved emotional issues worthwhile exploring.
Conversely, also reflect on all the love, beauty and joy there is in your life, that comes in many forms, from friends, family, co-workers, clients, animals, children, your own heart – Focus on that. Be grateful for what you have. From there you can find the deep strength to move through and unravel habits/patterns/situations that no longer serve.

Reflect on your own attitudes you have created within yourself. What is your internal narrative? Even if it is a kernel of hatred, contempt, or a dismissive attitude, it exists in you and therefore it exists in reality. What you see outside, is actually a projection of your story. The truth is, that we all carry these emotions, states, feelings. The difference lies in how we act upon and project those impulses outwardly.

“If there is no enemy within, there is no enemy without”
The change start in you; in us.

While we may not be able to control our circumstances, our true power lies in exercising our free will where can control our thoughts, emotions and actions. The quality of our thinking reflects in the quality of our choices. The is the most basic starting point to self awareness.

I hope that the retrograde and eclipse season has shed light and revealed deeper insights, inspiring positive internal shifts, fostering a deeper awareness. I think happiness is not a place to arrive, but an internal attitude that can be cultivated, regardless of circumstances. It begins with total acceptance of self and life, warts and all.

Much Love,

I have been studying Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life. To me, Life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe, self and others. If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you personally, I offer consultations in person or over skype X

Blood Moon + More – Lunar Eclipse: Rhythm & Dance 28.7.18


The month of August brings many things to a head. Sun is transiting Cancer, meeting Rahu (north node of moon) and a retrograde Mercury. Retrograde Mars is conjoined Ketu with a full moon lunar eclipse and Saturn is still retrograde until early September.
It has been a big, big month already for many around the world – health issues, deaths, suicides, change of job/working situations, finances, relationship stresses as well as being stuck in tricky, backward and karmic situations all creating their fair share of frustrations and delays.

Life may be feeling a little less than peachy and I would say this month is one to gather your energies, go even deeper to your centre, your inner spring, your place of silence and sanctity. It is a powerful time of gestation, growth, introspection, dreaming and vision seeking. Things that feel old and lingering will have an opportunity to reveal deeper understanding and completions. Come September much will have shifted, lifted and the skies will clear.  Fresh perspectives and insights occur. Smooth Sailing over Choppy seas.

Let’s try and understand whats happening from a higher perspective and gain some insights on how to cruise through the rest of July and August.

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse 28/7


The major event happening this week is the total Lunar eclipse on the 28th July (Aust) This eclipse is happening in the sidereal sign of Capricorn and will be right in between Ketu (the south node of the moon) and Mars.
It is also the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century, lasting for a total of 1 hour and 43 mins.

Eclipses are generally inauspicious events. Symbolically, the dragon is swallowing the lights, eclipsing the Sun(soul) and Moon (mind) – The effects are felt mostly on a psychic and psychological level. Eclipses disturb the mind and thinking processes. This lunar eclipse is most challenged due to the hemming of natural malefic planets as well as an emotional, retrograde mercury adding confusion.

In India, full moon is known as Guru Purnima – The sun and moon are exactly opposite. The light of the Sun; soul/consciousness illuminates the darkness/ignorance of the Moon; mind. This is the essence of Jyotish – Vedic Astrology – Jyoti – Light, Jyotish : the study of Light.

It is light that teaches us. A Guru is simply someone who is a clear conduit of light, and transmits the light of self-awareness to their students. The increase of gravitational forces during full moon and eclipse times, multiplies the effects of spiritual practices. The mind is open and receptive to subtleties. This full moon is a powerful time to set intentions and focus on manifesting what you would like to create more of in your life – I would suggest cultivating clarity of mind, as the foundation to manifesting on the physical plane.

This weekend we are likely to see unusual happenings, and unfortunately all too likely to have violent overtones. People will be likely to over do things in general. Guard your mind around making permanent decisions based on temporary emotions. Shit may be going down, but you don’t have to drink to a stupor. Pain may very well be there, but you don’t have to jump to the extreme. Know there is always, always, another way, even if it is not immediately apparent. Time reveals x

Eclipses reveal secrets, Things are not what they appear. Practice your practice, set intentions, meditate and connect to your ‘inner spring’ – the silent still place of your inner self/ heart space. Disturbed and compulsive thinking eases when you are deeply watered and nourished from within.

Sun in Cancer & Mercury Retro 27//7 – 23/8

The Sun in Cancer inflames the Moon’s cool emotional processes –
Currently we have the Sun making its annual sidereal sojourn through Cancer (Insert sky view zone app pic) and mercury is about to go retrograde on the 27th of July.
Mercury retro is famed for creating delays and communication/conveyancing/travelling issues, so take extra precautions when travelling and communicating. look at things twice before signing. Thinking can become more insightful and intuitive.
While every situation needs to be approached specifically, but if you are feeling the pressure and anxiety over needing to make decisions, don’t rush in a state of emotional crisis. Right action will bear fruit later.

Mercury will retrograding at the most sensitive degrees of sidereal Cancer. These degrees are connected to deep wisdom, knowledge & insight, as well as poisons, harshness, vindictiveness and overwhelming emotion.
It is also the junction of water/fire (cancer/leo) and when planets move over these degrees, difficult, knotty situations occur that feel impossible to unravel. When they do occur, the best thing to do is slow down, take a break and/or work at approaching the situation from a different angle. Deep feelings seethe below the surface, especially if you have a lot of planets in the Cancer/Capricorn axis, you may find yourself being unusually triggered & needing to let off steam, through picking fights or making mountains out of molehills. Take care and avoid emotionally charged communications and misunderstandings.

The quality of your thoughts reflect in the quality of your actions. The way we choose to see things can make or break us. We can control our thoughts and direct our mind to choose how we respond and feel about things. Everybody has shadow. We are all a mix of sinner and saint. Instead of projecting your stuff onto other people and finding fault, use the mirrors and ride this mercury retro energy to develop more insight your own poisons and transform yourself through respect, kindness, love and acceptance.

This is how we can alter a large part our destinies and balance Karma.

The tongue has no bones but it can break a heart.
“The tongue has no bones but it can break a heart”

Mars & Ketu Conjunction in Capricorn 3 May – 6 November
Mars retrograde 27/6 – 29/8
Peak Conjunction dates : 14 June, 19 July, 22 September.

Mars has been transiting through Capricorn since early May this year. This transit is extra long, taking a total of six months (usually about 2 months), due to retrograde.
This particular Mars transit is extra hot, as he joins with Ketu, the south node of the moon. Ketu is co-ruler of scorpio, along with mars, and so this combination increases scorpio/mars significations. The major themes that will be playing out will largely focus around the use and misuse of Power. Retrograde Saturn is channeling this energy in the early degrees of Sagittarius. It is not easy, but we can slow down enough to see the root of the situation.

When fire meets earth, (Mars/Ketu in Capricorn) there are earthquakes and volcanic erruptions, literally and metaphorically. The lower and more unconscious expression of these volatile energies can bring about some of the worst kinds of violence known to man. This combination can exaggerate mindless arguments, anger, flaring egos, fights, wars, fires, heat/blood related health issues, litigation and misunderstandings. On a higher level, Mars/Ketu can be a spiritual warrior, giving immense courage, willpower, logical thinking, penetrating insights & heroic acts of bravery (such as the Thai cave rescue)
While we may not be able to avert world wars, we can work at eliminating the sources of violence within ourselves, starting with the way we treat and talk to ourselves – As genuine peace and acceptance for one’s flaws and shortcomings increases, so does the tolerance and understanding to others.
Watch the news, political, work, home and family arenas to observe how things unfold.

Mars is disciplined and focussed in Capricorn, leading to tangible results. If you have been working hard on a project, the current retrograde may be stirring up frustrations and delays. Reminders that the arrow needs to be dragged back in order to launch forward. Keep aiming High.
As most Australians know, there are certain landscapes that need bushfires to spark growth. The process of destruction contain the seeds of creation.
Things may need to fall apart so that we can put them back in a better way.
The ego gets a reality check when things fall apart, because it highlights the paradox of our age, that by internal yielding we gain control, and the more we try to control the external, the more out of control and chaotic things become.
Because so many of us are living out of alignment with the natural ways of life, it feels like forces are going against us, when in actual fact, it is us who are going against the rhythm of nature.

“ When you look at life in a different perspective, you see that it is not the deer crossing the road, rather, its the road that is crossing a forest.”- Muhammed Ali


A key to working with such disruptive and volatile energies is by attuning yourself to natural rhythms. Frustrations rouse feelings of impatience. What we want constantly eludes. Yet, we can also come to the understanding that setbacks and delays are invitations to evolve and adapt. While it seems counter-intuitive, it is during the process of yielding and let-go to what is, that we create the space to change. It is the art non-doing, yet everything gets done. Develop faith and trust in yourself.

There is the moment when the dancer becomes the dance, the musician becomes the music. Two become one. Intense focus and relaxation – Opposites are harmonised; what comes, is grace, poise, beauty and harmony.

Take it easy and stay cool this month – go take a dance class! 🙂

I have been studying Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life. To me, Life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe and the self and others. I offer these posts as part of my process, sharing what I am currently learning in the world.

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One Love
Darinka x

Sagittarius Full Moon 28.6.18

Full Moon Cat

This full Moon occurs @ 14:50 (sydney time) on 28th June At 12 degrees Sagittarius. Mula Nakshatra.
Today, (27 June) as the moon moves through the tail of the scorpion and crosses into Saggitarius, the mind, moods and emotions can feel unsettled. This part of the zodiac is always connected to depth and deep feeling, chaos, crisis and transformations, though they don’t always have to be earth shatteringly dramatic, sometimes it is just a small spark of realisation is all one needs to change directions.

Whatever is coming up for you today and tomorrow, try not to just react, but observe the feelings and emotions. Apply equanimity and curiosity with the spirit of understanding. Question yourself, bring awareness to compulsions, irritations and annoyances. Breathe deeply, and watch the tides of depression, anxiety or fear.

As the moon moves across into Sagittarius it will move into the lunar mansion, Mula.
Mula means root and is connected to Muladhara charka (root chakra). The deity, Nirriti, is the goddess of destruction and calamity. The destruction is of the material which blinds us to our spiritual heritage. The more we reject our true selves, the greater the destabilisations. This full moon invites us to see how we can be the architects of our own misfortunes.
Sagittarius is the sign of religion and beliefs, so maybe these are being shaken up for you, or maybe you could be experiencing fear and resistance to letting go and changes regarding your beliefs about yourself, and your basic approach and attitude to life. On the other hand, truth and revelations can illuminate and come to light at this time. Seeing into the root of a situation beyond the trappings of emotions.

All beliefs will crash somewhere. Only reality sustains itself” – Sadhguru.

This Full Moon will be conjoining Saturn, planet of reality. Some may feel a sombre and sober tone to the emotions over the next two days. Saturn is also the planet of fear, restriction, resistance, delays, responsibility, duty and service. Actually Saturn is the master teacher, who, through the setback we experience, force us to grow, to mature and to become wise. But only if we are willing to be humbled and surrender, instead of fighting and resisting what is.

The key to mastering Saturn is to willingly and bravely going through storms and accepting challenges and hardship with inner resolve and resilience. We become stronger after we realise that each challenge is an opportunity to grow and evolve.
Perhaps after a fight, an accident, a death, an explosion, there is a period of calm. Take in the light of this full moon to ground your emotional centre and see if you can create some distance between you and your thoughts and emotions. The difference between humans and animals is our ability to choose consciousness over compulsion. Be conscious of your compulsions, there is no blame on any external force, only responsibility and accountability for our actions. Don’t stay in a victim blame game. Humanity has a far greater potential and destiny!

It is said that a weak person is ruled by their stars, but a wise person rules their stars.

– Have a good week!


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