The Starry Times : New Moon in Capricorn – Dhanistha

Hey Star Travellers … !

What a congregation in Capricorn! This is one of the most exceptionally unusual astronomical/ astrological events to occur in human history!
For those just tuning in – I am speaking from a sidereal/vedic perspective.
Yes, the signs are different. 

This new moon will occur @ 29° Capricorn in the wee hours of the 12th of Feb – 1:12pm AEST to be exact, in the nakshatra is Dhanishta. 

Firstly, for those wondering : what is a nakshatra?

A nakshatra is a lunar mansion, an asterism, a space of 13°20’ of the sky in which the moon travels every day. (27.5 days to make a full cycle) The nakshatras are the secret keys to the zodiac, revealing deeper nuances and undercurrents to the overtone of a 30° zodiac sign.

Dhanistha is known as “the star of symphony” a star symbolised by Shiva’s Damaru – the drum.  This star is ruled by Mars. Shiva reminds us of the cyclic nature of creation, sustaining and destruction …

The Damaru has two sides, symbolising the two hemispheres of our mind, and more importantly the duality of existence – the integration of opposites. This star is also sometimes symbolised by a bamboo flute. Both instruments are hollow. Are you filled with the voice of spirit, or is there a obscuring of the subtle from too much mental activity?

Am I this body? This mind? These thoughts? It is “I” who acts, or is my idea about who “I” am, somehow limited and obscured? What is beyond the “I?”

Karma is created through identification to self, and our actions, possessing them in some way, owning them. Freedom comes with the relinquishment of effort – surrender, into grace; the knowing that what is to be, will be, in time. Action is of course taken, but with awareness of the inherent spaciousness within.

This new moon encourages receptivity, sacred sound, music, dance – tuning in to the cosmic rhythm – who has experienced that sweet spot when completely absorbed in playing music, listening or dancing ?

At the moment, it is a highly imbalanced energy. There is an intense Kal Sarpa yoga occurring now until March 20- where all the planets are hemmed in between the lunar nodes, 2 weeks on and two weeks off, due to the moon’s cycle, and we also have a Mercury Retrograde until Feb 20th. Jupiter is debilitated, planets are combust (too close to each other) Venus, planet of relationships, compromise and partnership is feeling squashed and burnt … all this is happening in Capricorn.

Capricorn shows the journey after human has wrestled with and integrated its animal instincts self, in Sagittarius. The soul is now in a process of refinement, receptivity and service. 

It is by far, *the* most intense week of the year. At least it is happening now!

What is being broken down and restructured is absolutely necessary. 

“let go or be dragged”  – seems to be quite the theme. However for some signs, this can be an extremely productive time, with powerful breakthroughs, insights, revelations. The word apocalypse is really about revealing, uncovering – ‘to take something off’
Saturn grinds us hard and slow, he is unrelenting – this is the essence of discipline, dedication and meditation. The one who succeeds is the one who keeps going despite the challenges. But, for all you capricorns out there, your work ethic is incredible, but please, learn to rest – not to burn out then throw in the towel!   

The other Nakshatra highly active right now is Sravana falling right in the middle of Capricorn, in the degrees. It is the star of Listening, symbolised by the ear. It precedes Dhanishta. Listening – It is not always what is said, but how it is received. A doubting mind will feel unclear. A fearful mind can only be suspicious, a defensive mind is likely to perceive criticism. 

It is equally important to speak in a manner which is clear, direct and unambiguous, and to be open to receiving what may simultaneously be unclear, indirect and very ambiguous! This is highlighted specifically at the moment, during this Mercury retrograde cycle.

Since we are coloured by our senses, the way in which we perceive things, can make or break a situation. When defensiveness is used as a primary response, it does little to foster understanding or peace. Unless there is immediate danger or threat, anger/defensiveness can arouse feelings of hostility and seeds of conflict. Just as any filter will distort an image – the image of what is believed to be seen is coloured by the various filters which occupy the mind. The mind does not reflect the truth of the situation, unless one has done extensive purification through various yogic and meditative techniques. Essentially this is Maya- the world of illusion- What Maya really means, is that which appears to be – The world of appearances – It is within our own minds. 

In a sense, humanity is in a kind of collective delusion – wholly important and integral to creation – the Cosmic Dance (Lila) – Hence it is said, that Maya and Lila interact together, the great dance within the world of appearances. 

Jung says succinctly – “Those who looks outside dream, those who look within awaken” 

All mind play is endless looping of illusion, with limited truth, relative to a current experience. The greater one ascends on the spiral, the less the fetterings of the external world affect one’s inner equilibrium Subjective truth yields toward wider vistas and higher perspectives, until the individual ‘I’ looses it’s hold and unlimited vision unfolds. 

The ‘doing’ ceases, the being arises, that which needs to get done, gets done, but with the presence of being – a state of effortless and calm, amidst the storm.

So! This New Moon, be still, be silent, be receptive … Listen! Let yourself become hollow, focus on emptiness, then you can be filled. Be still & allow the answers to arise, like the proverbial lake and its muddy waters. Emotions are water – when they are turbulent, the mind is not clear. Separate yourself from the mind play, focus on silence. No need to focus on thoughts. Keep moving toward spaciousness. Surrender pride, ego, arrogance, self righteousness, ideas, beliefs – surrender it to Agni, the sacred fire – connect to what is eternal, beyond the mind play. 
Mercury Retrograde – let your thinking become undone, eschewed, skewed, see through another lens, twist your mind – is what you think really true? Could it be another way? Let go of what’s not working. In india, long train delays are the norm. Time for a Chai. 
Low energy from all the planetary combustion, Jupiter debilitated, Uranus squaring Saturn … Issues with Authority? Who are you trying to control or change? Can’t be done, let it go, let it be, another route will become obvious, in time. In the meantime, look up – Sky meditation, widen the mind, breathe deep, life is long and it is short, where are your priorities? 

Capricorn – don’t work yourself to burn out – are you working for the sake of work, or working to have a life? Remember to enjoy the quiet moments and let yourself rest from time to time.


That’s it for this edition, thank you for reading, i hope this was helpful!
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Stay Calm!
With Love,

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The Starry Times : Full Moon Cancer/Pushya

Hey Star Travellers –

Whats Happening Up There? 

> Full Moon in Cancer 28-29 Jan
Planetary Gathering in Capricorn – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Pluto 
7 Planets on 10, 11 Feb – Expect some kind of degree of chaos!!
Mercury Retrograding into Capricorn – 31 Jan – 21 Feb
Kal Sarpa Yoga – Every 2 weeks until 20 March

The current planetary party happening in Capricorn is overwhelming for many to say the least. Not just such an imbalance of energy, but such a highly concentrated one at that!

Who here has been super busy? I know i have, and happy for it, it requires organistion, logistics and focus! Seems like there is no respite. Not to mention the Kal Sarpa yoga where all planets are hemmed between the lunar nodes, with moon breaking the serpent’s grip every two weeks. We are caught in a karmic cycle of time, where events are out of our control, unexpected, strange, unusual, catalytic. This is further emphasised with Pluto hovering at 0 degrees of Capricorn, holding solid ground as fundamental aspects of society and our individual lives are being forced to change, evolve and adapt. 

Uranus, the great awakener, known as Prajapati – the creator of living beings – is now direct after being retrograde since 15 August. Now slowly moving forward currently at 12 degrees of Aries, there is an insatiable force to move forward and be unrestricted, especially for those who have key points in Aries (moon, ascendant, sun) – The great initiator – this is a time of breaking out of bondage and pushing boundaries, but with a harsh square of Saturn and Pluto, efforts somehow feel frustrated and thwarted. Nevertheless, the dynamic tension will manifest – either in brilliance, or brilliant displays of arrogance and disproportionate displays of power.

Pluto, we must remember, is none other than Yama – Lord of Death, brother of Shani, Saturn, Cronos, (Lord of Time) – For those who are familiar with the Path of Yoga – Yama means ‘ The Restrainer – the first step, relating to ethics, morals and values; how we choose to live our lives, and to what standard – not just on a superficial level, but the deepest substratum of our inner beings, what truly motivates us the take action in the world. 

It is this basic behaviour which ultimately is seen as fruits in the world. Every thing humanity has created began first as an idea or a thought. When ideas are aligned for the betterment and upliftment of society, while being in harmony with Nature, all prosper- when action stems from greed, scarcity, fear and lack, foundations crumble.

This is essentially what is being seen at the moment, as the western world is burgeoning at it’s seams, encumbered by its own unending desires, projections and illusions – The current Kal Sarpa yoga ensnares, enshrining us in a karmic loop of self deception. 

Yama (Pluto) restrains, Saturn makes us work through the karmic backlog, setting down foundations, dealing with duties, Jupiter is feeling oppressed and less like his optimistic self, moving fast toward Aquarius, until he goes retrograde on 21 June. Sun is humbled and dealing with the limitations, wanting to shine, but feeling pressured, Venus is troubled in Capricorn as she feels stifled and burdened with responsibilities, currently conjunct Pluto, expect some power struggles in relationships – where is the sweetness?! Mercury will be retrograding, messing up plans and systems, devices and transportation …. Then Moon will join the party (New Moon 11 Feb)

Full Moon in Cancer / Pushya 28-29 Jan

Currently, this cancer moon is opposite Sun, Saturn, Venus, Pluto and Jupiter in capricorn – It is a big moon, with so much energy aspecting it, but one that falls in a most auspicious star – Pushya – 3°20 – 16°40 Cancer. This star’s symbols include, a circle, an arrow or a cow’s udder. Is the the star of nourishment. With such a huge imbalance in Capricorn, the sign of the hardworking goat – ask yourself, are you actually living? Do we not work some, and enjoy life some? Capricorn is notorious for being a workaholic, or deriving it’s sense of value from how much it can achieve; how high it can climb, always looking for the next summit, often forsaking comfort and pleasure and it’s own wellbeing.

Society’s capitalistic imbalance has its priorities in the wrong place, displacing humanity in a lopsided reality. While we all have a duty to the society we are born in, to the greater collective, to the earth we walk on, to our ancestors, and to our families, as individuals, we really need very little, and it is natural to want to sit back and enjoy the fruits of one’s labours.

All these themes are highlighted in the Cancer- Capricorn axis – we work to provide for family, community. True abundance is in recognising that what we have, truly is enough. Including who YOU are. 

This full moon, focus on what is truly nourishing to your spirit, what is calming, supportive and uplifting? Rewrite your inner narratives, calm the monkey mind. This is the best foundation to give to society, from a place of calm (cancer) and stability (capricorn). 

Happy Full Moon, private consultations available through my website or email me :

Love, Darinka

The Starry Times – New Moon Sagittarius – Uttara Ashadha 13 Jan

What’s Happening?
> 11th Jan – Moon conjuncts Ketu, passing through Scorpio Gandanta – knotty and emotional storms
> New Moon @ 29 degrees of Sagittarius – Uttara Ashadha (26°40’ Sag – 10° Capricorn)
> Sun + Moon in Sandhi 
> Mercury is currently passing through the Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, creating heavy and depressive thoughts
> Kal Sarpa Yoga – All planets hemmed between Rahu + Ketu until 20 March. Moon breaks the yoga every 2 weeks.

Kal Sarpa Dates:
> 11- 25 Jan
> 7 Feb – 21 Feb 
> 6 March – 20 March

Sandhi – Uttara Ashadha 
When planets are leaving one sign and about to enter another sign, it is a no-mans land, a junction, a threshold – this place is called sandhi. You may feel a little out – of bounds, or uncertain, never mind too much, fortunately it is short and swift! 

New Moon Energy :
Uttara Ashadha means ‘later success’ or ‘undefeated’ – It’s animal is the mongoose, who’s arch enemy is the snake. In the wild, the mongoose can kill the snake. The snake can represent underhanded and dubious ways – the mongoose does not stand for deception. U.A is ruled by the Sun, this shows an inherent respect for authority and tradition. This Moon invites us to be honest with ourselves, and keep things very, very simple as the Kal Sarpa yoga is wrapping us in a karmic conundrum.

New Moon  — A time of withdrawal, contemplation, finishing loose ends, preparing for a fresh cycle. There has been much growth and new terrain forged under the Sagittarian cycle – with so much focus in the only sign with a weapon over the last couple years, this new moon occurring at the very last degree heralds the constructive beginnings of a fresh cycle and modus operandi. It may feel flat and heavy to some – Capricorn is quite polar to Sag in many ways – the Saturn/Jupiter flavour is one of expansion/restriction/ responsibility/vision / pessimist/optimist — lets move to Realism and deal with what is in front of us, without masks and false positivity. This is harsher lessons of Saturn, but one who gives greatly when honoured. 

“You do not need to fall from Horse, to know the ground is hard “ evidently, however, it seems that some of us do!

Kal Sarpa Yoga 
I am currently exploring and the effects of this yoga in my own life, so I encourage you to do the same and research what is said about it. 

Kal mean Time, Sarpa means serpent – ‘The Serpent of Time”
It is a yoga (combination) in which all the planets are hemmed in between the nodes. It creates sudden and unexpected events, sudden gains and losses, mental and emotional tension, strange dreams and fated events. It is not always negative. It can increase anxiety and Vata. See below for remedies.

Everyone is affected differently depending on your age, where the nodes are in your chart, what dasha (planetary period) you are running, and how well you manage your energy in general. It can be difficult to make solid plans, you feel to suddenly change a decision, so in regard to Covid, expect the unexpected for a little while longer. Things will get much easier by March 20 when Mars breaks the Yoga and moves past Rahu @ 20°. 

Surya + Shani – (Sun + Saturn)
The Sun will feel unsettled for a little while, so if you are Leo rising or moon, take it easy and don’t pressure yourself – although Sun will be in vargottama (same sign in rashi and navamsa) for a few days, gaining  strength and stamina, however there will be a feeling of increasing pressure and possible clashes with authorities, or subordinates/employees. The Sun will conjunct Saturn on the 24th – Sun and Saturn are the archetypal father/son conflict – so there could be rising tensions related to governments, authorities and people in power vs everyone else …

Pluto, Capricorn + Power
I tend not to focus too much on politics and world events, however with so many planets hovering in Capricorn this month, it does set the tone for global affairs; in particular as Capricorn relates to the fundamental structure of society; the laws, rules and regulations that have been created, and we must abide by or work to change. 

The last time Pluto entered Capricorn, it was the 1770’s – Australia was invaded by Captain Cook – White Australia began. This land and its people experienced a different kind of pandemic – that born of hatred, violence, bigotry and racism. 250 years on, much has changed, but the seeds of trauma still exist in the spirits of our ancestors, in the energy of the land and in the fabric of our DNA.

In America, the revolutionary war began, ultimately leading to the USA’s independence from the British. 

With Jupiter, Saturn Pluto, + Mercury already in  Capricorn, Sun and Moon here creates an intense focus on this sign. The 14th and 15th will have 6 planets, then moon moves out, leaving 5 planets residing in Capricorn until Sun moves into Aquarius on the 13th of Feb. 


Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra :
Mahamrityunjaya Mantra is a verse from the Rig Veda and is considered to be the most powerful Shiva Mantra. It bestows longevity, wards off calamities and prevents untimely death. It also removes fears and heals holistically.” – Read more HERE


Calm Excess Vata : 
> Massage body with Sesame Oil, or Black Seasame Oil  
> Deep belly breathing to calm anxiety and racing thoughts
> Gentle Hatha Yoga  
> Simple Meditation – with a candle flame – ideally oil/ghee lamp – Focus on the light, let it penetrate your third eye, gaze gently at the flame and bring your mind back to it when it starts to wander.

Coming up:
Venus moves into Capricorn on the 28th Jan
Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th Jan for 3 weeks 

Stay calm and centred, keep things very simple and avoid over complicating anything, or starting anything big during this time. Simple life = Happy life

I am available for consultations from Feb.

Art by @morysetta

Lots of Love,

2020 Grand Finale – Full Moon Forecast : Gemini/Ardra

Hey Star Travellers 

Another Gregorian calendar year completed. Astronomically, this time of year bears little cosmic relevance.. however the show must go on, as they say, fireworks will be displayed, many will be joyous, others confused, some indifferent… many, sadly, will be at home … The end of another year, is it the start of a new thing, or a re-cycle of the same year? Every moment we have a choice! Your reality exists in your mind, Universe is mind; change your thinking, change your reality!

The magic key always lies in how we choose to approach/deal with a particular situation – this is where our power lies.

So! what is being stirred during this lunar cycle?

  • Full Moon in Gemini – Ardra Nakshatra – We have a mercury/rahu influence 
  • Sun + Mercury in Sagittarius
  • Mars @ home in Aries
  • Venus + Ketu in Scorpio
  • Rahu in Taurus
  • Saturn + Jupiter in Capricorn – Saturn @ home, Jupiter’s feeling a little flat right now.

Many planets have strength right now, they are ‘at home’ – mars is gaining in strength, Saturn is plodding along, and the lunar nodes are settling into calmer vibes. The ‘new normal’ has been widely accepted, with individuals and businesses adapting to the changes; embracing “creative limitation” 

Full moon times are when plans ripen, emotions heighten, waves are bigger and heavier (literally and metaphorically) – It is time for some fruit to be picked – in general, a reaping of what one has sown. Following the lunar cycles, even simply allows one to connect to the natural ebb and flow of the cosmic rhythm, hopefully by showing you that you are like a complicated plant – full of water, with more complicated emotions!  

This moon rises at 2:20pm AEST on 30 Dec. 

Gemini is an intellectual, creative and airy sign, ruled by Mercury,
Ardra spans 6°40 – 20° Gemini. It is ruled by Rahu. 
It’s shakti is “Yukta Shakti” – the Power of Effort.

This star can be fickle, destructive and stormy, but also brilliant, educated, inventive and progressive. Sometimes people with moon in this star or other rahu ruled stars have ‘mental health’ issues – it is just that the inner psychology, waters, hormones etc are more disturbed by Vata – an imbalance of Air – manifesting as restlessness, depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction – All these conditions are inherently reflections of disturbed Prana (Life-Force).
Disturbed Prana is what causes the Vata dosa to go out of balance. This is why meditation and yoga is the number one prescription – ‘Mental Hygiene’, as it works directly with balancing the psycho-spiritual flow of energy, creating lasting changes in the body and mind.

Ardra can bring strong desires, quarrels, anger, mental arrogance, yet also devotion, compassion and mental toughness – it is ruled by Rudra : The howler – A more destructive aspect of Shiva. Its animal is a dog – Rudra is also the lord of wild animals. Another symbol is a teardrop, indicating the tears that cleanse our eyes, but also the mental suffering we go through, which in time gives wisdom. Losses experienced over the year give way to new things. The fierce nature of this star enables us to us to cut and sever all old forms so we can start again, on a higher octave of the human experience!!

With Venus currently a few degrees away from an exact conjunction with ketu – relationship issues may pop up. Ketu and Venus will conjunct @ 24° Scorpio in Jyestha on 31 Dec. People from the past may come back, a relationship may end or transform, or move to a higher octave. Seeds are set for a new beginning or a fresh start, one in which greater equality, love and understanding can flourish. Ketu is a detached yet spiritualising energy, so relationships could be affected in this way. Be mindful of vehicles not working, or some strange phantom issue happening. It is a good time for divinely inspired creativity and increased interest in the occult.

Saturn is happy in Capricorn – the age of Capricorn is such that work and business have been transformed, with many realising they can work from home (Cancer, opposite to Capricorn) – Rahu in Taurus, another earth sign increases desires, yet overall the western world is moving toward a greater desire to understand they deeper reality underneath the mirage of materialism. ( Read more about the grand conjunction HERE )

Jupiter is feeling unhappy in Capricorn. His great vision feels thwarted – Sagittarians feel like their shine has been dimmed. Literally, borders are shut – (at least here in Australia) Tiredness, lethargy, and practical concerns dominate. The party is over (for now), reality has come to live with us and it is time to be realistic and practical about life. Its a good time to make slow and steady gains, but to not expect too much too soon. Hard work will pay off, give it time. The later part of 2021 will be better for jupiter folk. 

Mars has landed at home in Aries… after being in pisces and passing through gantanda; drowning a little, energy has risen, courage returns, decisive action can happen, certain plans can go ahead, for better or worse, things will get moving again – change is inevitable. Mars ruled folk will feel more confident and energetic all round, just remember to keep your ego in check!

Sun + Mercury in Sagittarius – Fire in the spirit and mind – Mercury can feel a little out of sorts in sag, big ideas, broad visions, however may not feel the support that it desires, blocked, fickle mindedness may create obstacles. Best to choose one or two things at a time and not overburden yourself, especially during this full moon where energies are rising!! Sun is confident, and clear, inspired and strong,

Remember, confidence follows clarity. When you are clear in whatever it is you are doing, your confidence will follow. Keep things simple when the mind feels troubled, watch your thoughts, pay them little attention, stay focussed on your path and take one step at a time. 

All is Well, 
Big Love … and Happy New Year!

Ps…I am presenting at The Fresh Talents of Jyotish Conference on 23rd Jan @3pm AEST. This will be my 3rd presentation, hosted by my Jyotish teacher Komilla Sutton. My topic will be on the Jupiter/Rahu conjunction … book in for the whole conference, or just parts of it … all info here : Fresh Talents of Jyotish

Darinka x

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The Starry Times: Jupiter & Saturn Conjunction 2020

Hey Star Travellers —

> Saturn is in home territory in Capricorn, society is restructuring, yet again, on a fundamental level.

> Jupiter has just moved into Capricorn, and will be approaching a grand conjunction with Saturn on the 21st of December – Winter/Summer Solstice. (No, it’s not the “Age of Aquarius” – Yes, we are experiencing a huge shift however!)

> Last, but not least, we have Pluto – Yama (Ethics) – the brother of Saturn, exiting Sagittarius and entering Capricorn on the 1st of Jan.  

These two planets haven’t been this close for 800 years. The will appear to be one bright star, a potent omen! It occurs today, the 21st of December.

The last time Jupiter and Saturn were conjoined in Capricorn was in 1961. 

This time period saw the construction of the Berlin Wall, South Africa became a republic. Yuri Gagarin was the first man in Space. John F Kennedy was inaugurated as the 35th president of the USA. The first world wildlife fund (WWF) was started by conservationists wishing to see greater public awareness over the importance of caring for the natural world.

It was a time of great changes; shifting, yet conflicting values, summed up in this paragraph :

“Every activist conflict of the ’60s can be distilled in a single image of opposing forces at a barricade: on one side, the people attempt to exercise their rights; on the other side, the government asserts its right to protect the nation. During the ’60s, these two simple objectives were not viewed as compatible concepts”

The FBI gained a stronger presence in the realms of infiltration, spying and control – very similar to what we are seeing today with the use and abuse of technology and privacy breaches – as well as the increase of governmental control and regulation. 

Will we see a revolution? Or a recycling of the same story?

Red Vs. Blue – Light Vs. Dark, Ying and Yang, Shiva Shakti, Purusha, Prakriti – The eternal dance between primordial universal forces. Consciousness is evolving and humanity is becoming more aware.

There is so much talk about this time being a great portal, and it is. Well, it can be. 
I tend to be a little less fluffy in my approach when I speak about portals, shifts and transformations, as my personal experience has shown that changes only happen to those who wish to and are ready to change. And as history shows us, times change, people don’t. So the question is, are we evolving, or just re-cycling karma? Will we choose to ascend up the spiral or are we travelling down?

Since all of existence is energy in motion, the degree to which we are conscious of these forces flowing through us, and our relationship to subtle energy, reflects the degree of change we can experience and allow. Qualities such as surrender, humility and grace arise, not out of weakness but out of great trust in flow of Life, Great Mystery, the force of Nature, Herself. 

Jupiter is the planet of Dharma and reflects that which supports, upholds & sustains that which has fallen or is falling. It is the expansive principle in life, inspires us to have faith in and live and align ourselves to the laws of nature and the universe… Jupiter’s highest expression is the keeper of sacred knowledge and bestower of wisdom and grace.

Saturn grounds us in the material world and forces us to face our responsibilities, karma and duties. He reflects qualities such as tradition, regulations, rules and governments … in nature we see Saturn as rocks and hard places, mountains and isolated places of solitude, deserted, abandoned places, places that do not give rest, but rather confer a sense of austerity, restraint – reality, in all its raw forms. 

Transformed, Saturn is the ultimate Yogi.

These two heavyweights collide, with Jupiter losing the war, reaching maximum debilitation at 5° of Capricorn – There is a potential loss of dharma – spiritual materialism could take a negative foothold – we must remember to understand the spirit within matter and loosen attachments, rather than increase bondage. 

Earth is the spiritual laboratory. 

Saturn is strong, so with this combination we can see real progressive and practical movements. Jupiter gets grounded in Capricorn and faces reality. Expansion meets contraction – Ideas face the litmus test. Castles in the sky either rise or fall. Our beliefs and values go through major tests. It is time to build, to create and to focus on practical wisdom and ethical leadership, taking responsibility and accountability in our lives and the way we live.

Pluto is Yama – Yama is the first step on the path of Yoga – 

Yama means restraint – the ethics and morals which purify and transform the mind of (wo)man. 

These Yamas are practiced in thought, speech and action.
The five main Yamas are :

1. Ahimsa – Non Violence
2. Satya – Truthfulness
3. Asteya  – Non- stealing
4. Brahmachara – Moderation of Senses
5. Aparigraha – Non – Possesiveness

Remember karma means, your life is your own making, you are not punished for your actions, you are punished by your actions. Dharma means following the laws of nature, which is also the intelligence of your body … to go against your body or the greater body of earth, negative karma (action) is generated, creating and endless feedback loop. Pluto (yama) reminds us that through controls and restraint, much progress can be accomplished. 

With this grand conjunction there is likely to be clashes and political uprisings in the world; growing pains, as the rumbling of revolution lie underneath. The real revolution however, is the evolution of the individual and their consciousness. 

Is it not individuals that make a society? As long as humanity continues to look outside itself, casting blame ‘out there’ and avoiding true self knowledge – the psychological human circus continues, as it has done, for aeons.

It is time for change – Can we step up big time?

The Starry Times: A Change Gonna Come : Full Solar Eclipse + New Moon Scorpio/Jyestha

Hey Star Travellers —

This eclipse season is potent, raw and powerful! We had a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on the 30th of November, and now we are just about to experience the new moon – full solar eclipse in Scorpio.

The Full solar eclipse/ new moon occurs in the tail of Scorpio at 3am AEST on 15 December @29° Scorpio in the nakshatra Jyestha.

  • This is gandanta point – Heavy, drowning, knotted, complicated karmic issues surface.
  • It is a new (dark) moon- feelings run deep.

Key Themes: To rise and gain success in your undertakings, path, mission. To become intimate with your mind drama and move beyond the story. To let go of old things, stories, people, situations, relationships; the dead wood, literally, and psychologically – prepare for a fresh start & new beginnings.

As the 8th sign of the zodiac, Scorpio lies on the threshold, not yet full leaving the sheaths of materialism of Libra and not quite at the spiritual faith and purity of Sagittarius.

As some of my readers may know by now, the gandanta part of Scorpio is where the stinger lies – where the collected poisons reside. It is knotty, complicated and transformative. The nakshatra activated during this cycle is Jyestha.

Jyestha connects to Authority. It means ‘elder’ ‘most senior’ – The symbol is an earring, umbrella  (symbols of status) or a circular talisman (possibly vishnu’s disc).

The ruling deity is Indra, king of the gods and lord of the skies, thunder, lightening, rains and storms. (Hello, we are having some cyclonic weather on the east coast of Australia right now!)

It’s nature is Tikshna – ‘sharp & dreadful’ It carries “Arohana Shakti” – The power to rise and overcome obstacles. Suitable for actions of destruction and success in combat/war.

Alaxmi is the goddess associated with this star. – She is the elder sister of Laxmi and is generally interpreted as a negative presence, however in modern times, we can interpret Alaxmi as reflecting the poor choices we make in life due to stinginess, greed and jealousy, vice and miserliness, or the arrogance and stupidity which often follows great wealth and success (Laxmi).

Jyestha is ruled by intellectual Mercury, who is currently combust the Sun, and also in Jyestha. It will be crossing the sensitive gandanta zone. 20th is a tricky day. Expect communication mishaps and miscommunications. Thinking may feel frazzled, emotional and intense. Don’t act on impulse. This is not a time to argue or get into a word salad – It is an excellent time for spiritual study, meditation, research and inner work. Stay detached, keep things simple, leave the important conversations for later next week.

> Sun and Ketu can indicate tiredness, low energy, confidence and lethargy. Expect the energy to pick up later in the week, when Sun moves out of the deep water and into drier lands in Sagittarius playing fields on the 16th. Sun will be in deep gandanta for several days – the soul is churning old poisons, transmuting, steam is rising … think of lava creating new ground – things may feel unstable. Remember your spiritual roots — this is what gets you across the ocean.

> Moon will be most challenged as it is dark, hidden by the sun, conjunct ketu and in its debilitation sign, in deep gandanta… some people may feel like they are drowning. Fortunately the moon moves quickly, so emotional issues will rise and fall, just as the waves do. Have you got a good surfboard? This is the time to connect to your practice, if you don’t have one – start one. Benefits are sublime.

> Venus is not far behind, in the previous star Anuradha. Relationships may feel a sense of renewal, as Anuradha is the star of devotion, but soon Venus will move close to Ketu – the energy of the eclipse. Karmic past situations/issues may arise looking for resolution. This may be a time for endings, separations or transformations – How can you spiritualise and elevate your relationship to each other? Is it time to renew your connection? Perhaps it is a time to look at your attachments and heal the co-dependency script – Falling in love is good, as you are letting your self surrender into union, but do not fall unconsciously, fall in such a way that you also Rise, becoming more of yourself … 

With 5 key astrological bodies in Scorpio, and four of them crossing the turbulent Jyestha/Mula threshold, All waters are being stirred – It is not surprising we have a week’s worth of rain coming up, here on the east coast of Oz. Let the cleansing unfold.

Humanity is awakening to their divine potential. The current global narrative is boring – we are so much more than this body and mind … turning within, is the key to smooth sailing. 

New Moon Mantra :: When in deep water, become a diver …

This new moon Scorpio eclipse takes us to unknown places and hidden recesses in our deep karmic subconscious. All eclipses reveal/conceal things. Globally we may become privy to secrets that have been hidden. Situations arise, they may seem foreign, or familiar, from the past – Issues arise again looking for resolution. Best advice is to remain calm.
But how? Always come back to your breath  – Meditate – slow down, drop in, return home to your Heart. Watch the rising and falling of your belly. Prana – the In and Out – the left and right, the moon and the sun, the soul and your mind – foster unity, presence, stillness …

No rain, no rainbow ..
Shine, You are Light !

Om Tat Sat,
Darinka x

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The Starry Times —Taurus Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse Edition

Hey Travellers –

I am writing from my van home nestled in the Byron Shire – It is small, but simple and comfortable.  I am able to focus on my writing and study, and live close to the elements! For those who are new reading this – I practice Vedic Astrology which is based on the sidereal zodiac.

We have emerged from a deep dark night of the soul / soul searching this year. All planets are now direct with certain irreversible changes set in motion, forces which are still unfolding. 

Jupiter has just moved into Capricorn, joining Saturn. Optimistic and expansive Jupiter is not comfortable in the sign of reality, limitation and restriction, however due to Saturn’s happy placement at home, this is said to cancel the debilitation – we just have to watch and take note of the overall effects. This is a time for pragmatic and grounded action.

Pluto is just about to shift into Capricorn too – The New World Order is well under way, whether we like it or not – more on this later …

Most importantly is to keep to the Light (Dharma) – and uphold a sense of universal truth and righteousness, aka – living according to the laws of nature and the universe. We do this by sharpening our intuition, learning and applying higher knowledge & purifying our senses. As we are by extension, nature and the universe, this makes sense, lest we go against ourselves … !

The Lunar Eclipse occurs @ 11 degrees in Taurus on the 30th of November @ 8:42pm (AEST) in Rohini Nakshatra. Rohini means the Red Star and it carries the vibration of ‘Rohana Shakti’ – That which increases and grows. 

This is a penumbral (partial) lunar eclipse. It is a full moon – opposite Scorpio Sun. Two weeks later, we will have the full solar eclipse in scorpio, with sun moon and ketu joining in the stinger of scorpius… Stay tuned for more info on that. … 

Eclipses are omens and signify events to occur. The lunar eclipse affects the mental/emotional self and is quite quick, where the solar eclipse and its effects tends to last longer, even months.

Eclipses are said to be inauspicious times  –  that is, for works on the material plane. It is a time to take some days to focus on spiritual things, to meditate, slow down and keep things simple. 

Cleaning the house is always a good thing to do, sort out things you don’t need and give things for donation. In vedic schools of thought it is said to avoid doing anything important during the eclipse times, especially the days leading up to and the days after – to even avoid eating and drinking, as negative astral energies can impact or “spoil” the prana of what we are consuming. 

When I was in Varanasi a couple of years ago during an eclipse, I saw sadhus meditating outside, with a cloth covering their eyes. What tends to happens, is that as the eclipses approach, astral energies rise and are disturbed, affecting the hormones and fluids in the body and brain – The lunar nodes affect us on a psychological level, churning the mind and emotions, sometimes catalysing irrational and unbalanced/extreme thinking.

This is one reason why spiritual practices are done, you learn how to regulate your own biochemistry, life-force (prana) through physical practices and kriyas. Over time, as you ground and balance your life energies, you become less affected by astral forces (as well as external phenomena). Spiritual practices done during eclipses have a much stronger effect.

This axis facilitates greater inherent stability to the nodes due to the influence of the earth and water elements – there is a depth, a grounding, a nourishing component here, however, we can also think of the more destructive aspects of these elements such as storms, raging seas, and earthquakes, or thick mud. 

The essence of the Scorpio/Taurus axis revolves around what binds us, what is being held onto, attachments, restrictions, bondage – and the suffering and transformation which occurs when we resist changes or refuse to let go. It is about having things, and surrendering to the reality of impermanence. Both signs can be stubborn and resistant to change. This may highlight what we are hesitant to change, but also what is stable and enduring. 

Depending on where this axis falls in your chart, you may find issues pertaining to resources, family, quality of speech, food, values and money, sexuality, transformations, issues around personal power may be highlighted. Fraud, deceit, manipulation, insincerity are things that can present themselves during the eclipse portal – watch the news! 

Things will be revealed or concealed – so watch out for misinformation and trickery – avoid signing contracts unless you know the situation or person at hand is trustworthy and legitimate. 

Rahu is a shadow graha, he is crooked and sly. Only Jupiter can control this energy; symbolically, wisdom and true knowledge can lead us away from the slippery mirages the nodes tend to catalyse ; Maya. Fortunately, now that Jupiter has moved into Capricorn, there is a supportive trial aspect from Jupiter to Rahu, for the next year – this should serve as some mitigating and balancing force.

Lunar eclipse in Rohini nakshatra

Rohini means red, symbolising passion and life force. It is the favourite place for the moon as it feels supported in the earthy and sensual sign of Venus. It is creative, nourishing and supportive. 

The shakti is ‘rohana shakti’ – bestowing the power of growth and creation.

Venus governs Taurus, which is currently at home in Libra. Although Libra is 6 places away from Taurus, which could promote conflicts, the overall tone, is that if healing is desired, it can happen. But, if you are looking for a fight, then for sure you will find it!!

Despite the overall auspiciousness of this lunar mansion, it is known to be connected with war and violence, due to the presence of the fixed star Alderbaran – which is the “red eye of the bull”. There is a potentially volatile undercurrent, which, if harnessed consciously, can be used to reveal the truth of, and perhaps overcome a difficult situation. 

Whatever is occurring now, for good or ill, is growing – be extra mindful of the seed thoughts you are projecting out at this time. 

Full moons always illuminate things, as moon represents the mind and sun is the soul – the moon is able to reflect the message of the soul. This is a good time to practice silence, stillness and receptivity. 

Hari Om Tat Sat 

Mercury Retrograde & New Moon

New moon time is where the light of the consciousness is temporarily hidden from the moon, which represents our manas – the total mind. People born during the waning and new moon phases, tend to internalise their emotional experiences, preferring to process quietly. They may also feel insecure/vulnerable to share or speak about their emotional reality. 

The sun represents confidence and the ‘shine’ – the light in our life , the light of the soul. When it is fully illuminating the moon, the mind receives full support and light from the soul – when the moon is hidden behind the sun, there can be a feeling of lack of support, or clarity. It takes time for new moon people to work out how they feel about a situation. Full moon types can be more expressive and spontaneous in their manners.

This new moon occurs on 16/17 October in conjunction with a few other significant astrological events. It falls in Chitra Nakshatra, at the tail end of Virgo, before shortly passing into libra sign, along with the Sun, who is debilitated in Libra. Moon will then meet with retrograde mercury on the 18th for a short dance, before moving onwards

Mercury turns retrograde for 3 weeks (22 days) on the 13/14 Oct – 4/5 Nov

Virgo is a moveable earth sign, indicating a grounded yet flexible approach to things. It is ruled by mercury, which has just turned retrograde today!

Overall, this new moon is about the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new. New moons encourage us to withdraw, go within and be still. It has been a big year for so many, huge changes, losses and transformations. We are not quite out of the mud, though smoke is clearing, we still have a bit of the way to go. The world has been irrevocably changed and we are all adjusting. 

Chitra means a pearl or a jewel. It spans 23°40’ Virgo – 6°40 Libra. The ruling deity is Tvashtar, the celestial architect. The essence of this star is about allowing yourself to be shaped by divine forces. One image of this is the stone carver … all that is not us, is chipped away until our true form emerges. This is the pearl, also a symbol for purity and knowledge.

This new moon we can meditate on what is falling away, old structures, beliefs all the false selves, the stories and wounds which keep us stuck in limitations. Are you willing to let your true self emerge?

Mercury + Mars Retrograde

On the 14th of October, Mercury will station in Libra at 17° and retrograde back to 1° Libra, meeting in a square aspect with Saturn. 

Mercury in Libra highlights all our relationships and business partnerships. Retrograde motion means it is time to rethink your beliefs and assumptions. How have you been thinking? Is it serving you? Have you made choices that are worthwhile re-considering? This could be a time for re-negotiation of terms and conditions, but be mindful of signing contracts around the 13/14 and 4/5 when mercury is standstill. We will have the usual delays, lost emails, miscommunications and mental confusion at this time, however I find it is always a good time for artists, writers and creatives, as we can think in a new way and find a fresh solution to an old problem. The Saturn square will sober up our thinking and bring a reality check. 

Mars is also currently retrograde until the 14th Nov – asking us to redefine how we use our energy, to what, or whom do we give our power away to? (this includes our thinking) – how courageous we are in overcoming our limitations, as well as how we use our individual power. Do we try to dominate and show aggression in order to achieve what we want? Have we misused our power in the past? 

For the next 22 days, while Mercury is in retrograde, I invite you to join me …

To reframe, rewire, re brand, reset and rewrite your inner narrative –
Most issues in life stem from interpersonal relationship issues – this is why, during this 3 week retrograde of mercury in Libra we have a real opportunity to look at our relationship to ourselves! No one is a bigger critic than you are to yourself, so why not try being nice?

Remember, the mind doesn’t filter what it hears, whether it is positive or negative, so say good things and watch good things grow in your mind!

Be your own best friend, lover, partner and companion, first, then share that goodness with others. 

This is a very simple process, in order to become aware of, and reframe the negative narratives we may be carrying around. Mercury rules our mind and thinking process. When we are not thinking clearly, we can make mistakes, assumptions and exaggerations. 

This 22 day journey includes the Full Moon in Aries on the 1st of November, which will be all about launching fresh visions and dreams, for a new cycle of growth, learning and development. Mercury will move direct again in Libra on the 4th/5th November.

The subsequent posts will be on instagram … follow me @darinkamaja to tune into the rest of the affirmations for the next 3 weeks!

Day 1 – I am Enough

When you believe you are enough, you are telling yourself that you really are OK – that you don’t need anything external to give you validation, or a sense of worth. You don’t need that outfit, the body change, the new car, the new thing, or the relationship to validate your sense of self, because you are enough Just As You Are. 

When you believe you are enough, you can relax into the safety of your body and breath. Breathe these three words in. Keep saying this to yourself through the day and everyday – and come home to yourself! 

You Are Enough!

Lots of Love,
Darinka ⭐️

Full Moon Pisces – Healing & Integration

Full Moon Pisces : Uttarabhadra Nakshatra
2 October
Water under the Bridge – Healing, Integration and Moving On.

Hello !

We have moved through the most difficult part of the year – Saturn has just moved direct in Capricorn, Jupiter is direct in Sagittarius, the lunar nodes are settling into more stability in Taurus and Scorpio. Mars is retrograde until mid November, Mercury will go retrograde for 3 weeks from the 14th of October, however, in contrast the the volatility over the last few months, we can enjoy a period of moving forward with long term plans, re- setting and integration now. 

Uttarabhadrapada’s deity is Ahir Budhanya – the deep sea serpent, connected to wisdom, fertility, seclusion and spirituality.

The Shakti, or power of this star is in creating, or finding a foundation – “Uttara Bhadra grants a firm foundation in life, connecting us with the wellsprings of vitality, the serpent who dwells in the middle of the sea.” – Dr. David Frawley, Fruits of Worshipping Each Nakshatra

This Pisces full moon expresses the combined energy of Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets show us the nature of our beliefs and values and how we use that to create the structures and foundations in life.

Jupiter governs Pisces, and Saturn rules U.B. Both of these planets, especially Saturn, represent the structures in our lives, and society.  This planetary combination expresses the more gentler, wiser and patient form of Saturn, who teaches through perseverance and wisdom rather than through being the harsh taskmaster.

With Jupiter and Saturn having just gone direct after being retrograde since May, this full moon points to an apex, a peak turning point in the collective journey we have been on. This may be a time of resetting and recalibrating the foundations in your life, creating new ones, or continuing on the path that was set in motion earlier this year. There is a defined sense of relief, many issues can be resolved. 

As well as Ketu’s transit through the deep waters of the scorpion tail,  this lunar month indicates a time of integration; healing and understanding of root patterns that have blocked you from moving forward in the past. Jupiter/Saturn combination in Pisces says trust in the divine plan, trust the process, trust that you are meant to be, surrender fear and trust, float in the cosmic waters.

The trials and tribulations, delays, disappointments and frustrations all have the purpose of shaking and loosening you from what is limiting your true self. We are rarely in control even when we think we are. The true self is one that is unfettered by the losses and gains of the world – it sits within the world with equanimity, neutrality and compassion, accepting the ways of the world.

Jupiter’s direct motion in his own sign Sag, supports the wisdom and growth which has come out of the breaks and changes over the year. Another way to look at breaking – is to see yourself, and your life, like clay – allowing yourself to be broken so you can be remodelled. Energy can never be destroyed, only transformed.

Tonight and tomorrow, you could meditate on the changes that have occurred for you over the last few months; give thanks for the lessons, they are blessings in disguise, even if it doesn’t look like it now. Do your practice, focus on your intention for this lunar month, stay calm, make good choices, eat nourishing foods and keep your affairs simple. Being near the water may be a good thing to do, even just having a bath.

This moon is a strong, yet gentle landing, a place to breathe deeply, surrender and give thanks for all that Is, and is to come. 

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Rahu& Ketu Taurus/Scorpio 2020- Collective Shift

Hey There Dear Reader,
We are at such a pivotal time … The lunar nodes have just changed signs, with Ketu still in deep gandanta Saturn is standstill @ 1° Capricorn, Venus is in Leo gandanta , Mars is retrograde in Aries Gandanta.
(Sidereal/Vedic Astrology)

Will Great Knots Unravel or Tighten? 

Rahu and Ketu operate primarily on a psychological level, they always move retrograde and have just moved into the Taurus/Scorpio axis. This axis will bring more stability as the nodes are comfortable with these signs. Ketu co-rules scorpio, giving the mystical quality to the scorpion, Rahu is happy indulging in the world in the earthy and sensuous Taurus. 

This next 1.5 year nodal cycle highlights themes around spirituality/materialism, increasing interest in occult, spirituality, mysticism, letting go, severing limitations and old chains, old modus operani. It is also increases the Taurus/Venus realm of desires, tastes and pleasures, creativity, ambitions, abundance and wealth/resource creation.

Ketu scorpio / Jyestha —- Right now, Ketu is sitting in deep gandanta, straddling the energetic threshold of Sagg and Scorpio. There is a feeling of a come down, as the Sagittarius vibration is sattvic (one the the three primary psychological orientations of nature), and is oriented toward purity and spirituality. Sagittarius is half man and half animal, repressing the movement of the soul from its animalistic inclinations. Scorpio is still working out its instincts. While mystical and spiritual in its own way, scorpio can take us further into the density of the material world. Scorpio is Tamas guna – expressing the state of inertia, slowness, materiality and stasis. Tamas is important as it gives stability and solidity in the world. 

Ketu’s lessons always revolve around issues and themes of detachment, disassociation, separation, spirituality, insight, the spirit world, the unseen, the hidden, the obscure, unusual, mythological and symbolic … Ketu is the wandering sadhu, the headless serpent, detached from the material world. Scorpio links us to our power (mars), the occult, sexuality, death, transformation, things which we refuse to let go of, mysticism and other’s resources such as money and wealth.

Ketu is travelling through the gandanta knot of Scorpio in Jyestha Nakshatra (16°40 – 30°00), until mid Oct. Following the uprooting of old baggage while Ketu was in Mula, there is now a great churning as we are in the peak season for deep and lasting change.

This is a once in an 18 year opportunity to truly heal and transform the deepest wounds that you carry. While you may not be responsible for what happened to you, you are responsible for your healing. 

Ketu is fiery and acts like Mars, Scorpio is water and fire, Jyestha is ruled by Mercury. What we have is a steamy, unsettling fire/water combo combined with the thinking, intellectual Mercury.

Ketu at this powerful juncture invites us to look at how we might have been creating our own “bad luck”. Jyestha is associated with Alaxmi – the goddess of misfortune. However, ‘bad luck’ usually comes through our own unwise choices. We are free to the any action we desire, however we are not free of the consequences of those actions. Such is the law of nature, the law of Karma. 

Ketu in Jyestha asks, 

  • What limitations and mental blocks am I willing to sever now?
  • How do I create my own misfortune? 
  • In what ways am I limiting myself?
  • What ways of thinking limit my growth and potential ? 
  • What is ready to be transformed, once and for all? 

Jyestha is ruled by swift mercury, who governs the central nervous system. This could be a time of purging deeper emotions/traumas and thinking patterns held in the body and nervous system. Ask for these to be released now.

It is a great time for studying spiritual things, especially astrology – the more we know ourselves, the greater clarity we have, the more co-operative we become with nature, and thus nature, co-operates with us. 

Indra is the deity associated with Jyestha. Known as the king of the gods, he becomes Zeus in greek mythology.  God of thunder, rain, rivers and waterways, Indra is know to be powerful, lustful with strong desires. He is also connected to war. 

Indra governs the senses (Indrayas)  – There can be a tendency to misuse the senses, creating negative karma for ourselves. By negative karma, I mean to say, the fruits of our actions yield undesirable outcomes which have a negative affect on our wellbeing, which we must bear – this is how we can, unwittingly create our own misfortunes. The work is about gaining clarity of perception, before acting. Alas, such is life, many learn the lessons through the school of hard knocks. If we are smart though, we can learn through others’ mistakes too.

Although desire is sometimes seen as a dirty word, It’s not at all, the key lies in witnessing how our desires are working for us? Are the desires we follow leading us to greater freedom or deeper bondage? 

Rahu in Mrigashira in Taurus – Mrigrashira symbolises a kind of divine discontent. This asterism is symbolised by the deer’s head, it is ruled by the moon and connected to Soma (another name for Moon) – A kind of divine intoxicant. The mind can feel restless, and full of desires, pulled into the world of illusions. Here, the mind is looking for the divine, but it risks getting lost in the trappings of the material world. Taurus is the sign of the bull. Earthy, materialistic and enjoying luxuries, Rahu in Taurus can amplify all kinds of desires for food, pleasures and the good things in life, depending on placement in your chart. Again, not bad, one just needs to keep a sense of proportion in check as Rahu tends to not have a sense of limits. Mrigashira means the deer’s head, hence the searching quality.

The key with this transit is to watch for “chasing of the golden deer” – lusting after things without a solid spiritual background, or just obsessing over things we want and ignoring the baggage we need to clear – embracing the past and moving on, allows us to move forward with integrity. Ketu leverages us from our limitations, hence he is karaka (signficicator) for Moksha. Be awake and alert to your inner process, your needs, nuances … your inner Magic.

This is a peak time to unravel old karmic blocks. Dig Deep. For those doing the inner work, this is a wonderful time to ‘incinerate your limitations’ – (in the words of Robert E Svoboda)

As we heal, we also allow healing for our ancestors. Our karma is our inherited genetic memory, we are here because of our ancestors – our soul stories are our karmic responsibility, and we have the ability to transform them.

A practice I find very powerful during times of purging and processing is working with Agni – the spirit of fire. During the full moon coming up on the 2nd of Octiber, write down all the limitations and stories you carry. What do you want to sever? What are you ready to drop? Be real, be honest with yourself. Write it all down, then put it in the fire. You might want to do this process several times, over a period of time. 

What is happening is the energy is being transferred from your mind to the paper and ink, the fire then transforms that energy. It works. You may want to do it several times, and observe the effects. 

Be committed to incinerating your limitations, and welcome the changes, you are in the perfect place. 

Collectively and individually, the unknown looms larger and larger. Who’s hands is our fate really in? What is going on? Who really knows? Who has the eyes to see ?

“Within infinite myths lies the eternal truth
Who sees it all?
Varuna has but a thousand eyes,
Indra has a hundred,
You and I, only two.”

Devdutt Pattanaik

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Love, Darinka