Under a Vedic Sky – March 2023

Howdy Cosmic Cosplayers,

It is now march of 2023, and I have needed to cut back on the monthly blogs as I have been making podcasts, and creating the online vedic astrology beginners course (starting this Monday 6th / Sunday 5th for those in the northern hemisphere) .Are you keen to learn how to read your chart and track the planets for yourself? Deepen not just your knowledge of astrology but of yourself, your nature, emotions, as well as those of your family and partner, and learn how to optimise the energies of the planets to create greater peace, clarity and harmony in your life?

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In other news, The Starry Times blog has evolved and is now ‘Under A Vedic Sky’, which refers to the podcast, course and blog!

We have had a sweet run for the past few weeks as no planets are retrograde, and although there have been some minor disturbances, we have had the blessings of an unafflicted Jupiter) the great Guru in the sky) in his own sign of Pisces, as well as Saturn at home in Aquarius. 

Right now, Jupiter and Venus are in an exact conjunction (pictured) and this is a once in a 12 year occurrence that these two planets conjoin in Pisces. Although Jupiter and Venus are the great benefics, they are not friendly to each other, which may surprise you- the reason for this lies in their underlying mode of operation. 

Jupiter is the planet of Dharma and thus is the guru to the gods – the devas. This is a metaphor for the parts of our nature which is divine, pure, godly & altruistic. It promotes the qualities of goodness and righteousness, known as Sattva

Venus (shukra) is the guru to the asuras, the demons – a metaphor for the rajasic and tamasic parts of our nature which is based more on sensory addiction and pleasure seeking. The latter is what keeps beings trapped in bondage until they begin to evolve to higher states of consciousness.

This is the real reason why Jupiter and Venus are not friendly together and often when you see this in a synastry chart (the overlay of two individual charts together) there can be a significant difference in core values and approaches to life.

However, since this conjunction is occurring in Pisces, which is the best sign for Venus and one of the best signs for Jupiter – it can be handled in a relatively easy way.

It is an opportunity to reflect on our Dharma – living in accordance to the laws of nature – when we step out of that, it becomes A-Dharma, and this is what sets in motion cycles of negative karmas which accumulate. Venus has an important role in educating the most difficult of minds, it is truly after we have exhausted all our desires and distractions that the real soul transformation occurs.  

A practice I like to play with is to observe what I am pulled toward and what pushes me away. Attraction + Repulsion. I use curiosity to explore strong feelings which arise within me and practice equanimity in response to what is happening, so I can cultivate calmness in future situations. A little bit and often is the key – when you are standing in line, in traffic, with family or with a challenging colleague, friend or partner. 

Saturn is still restricting us, and many have felt low vitality, lethargy, increased laziness and tiredness since mid Jan – The Sun, the planet which reflects our vitality, immunity, wellbeing and soul energy was in Capricorn, now in Aquarius, both signs under the governance of Lord Saturn the Taskmaster – who is incredibly slow and deliberate in his manner. Sun and Saturn are bitter enemies (Saturn is the rejected son of the Sun)

Fortunately, after the 15th we will finally have some respite as the Sun will move away from the grip of Saturn and begin to regain its light & energy as it moves into the compassionate and altruistic sign of Pisces, joining great friend Jupiter for 30 days.

There will be some turbulence over 10-15 particularly 11-13 as both Venus and Mars are changing signs, which makes them weak as they don new celestial clothes. Venus gets bit tricky as she passes through he karmic Pisces-Aries gandanta zone triggering relationship insecurity, instability and possible distance. Venus’s reminds us, among many things, about our self worth and value and to remain true to you. Libra (ruled by venus) has a marked tendency for co-dependency, as its nature is more about connection and social grace rather than individualism (as highlighted by its opposite sign Aries) Since mars exalts in libra’s 4th house, it indicates the courage necessary to develop so that it can know itself independent of the Group Think – The Tribe, and thus, not lose itself in excessive social distractions. 

The Full Moon on the 7th falls in the playful and creative sign of Leo – in the nakshatra Purva Phalguni – This star connects us to play, art, creativity, theatre, dance and all forms of creative expression. However we  feel Saturns limitations gazing at us from Aquarius and may have to deal with the more practical responsibilities first, before we can truly enjoy ourselves – however pleasure does hit different after a satisfying day at work, completing tasks and getting on top of things that need to get done.

Heads up: We will be heading into eclipse season in April – 20/21. is the Solar eclipse in sidereal Aries, and April sees changes unfold, as Jupiter will be moving through the karmic gandanta zone (pay attention Saggi folks), and mercury retrogrades also on the 21st so there is (a little) turbulence ahead.

This is the time to really make forward motion on plans, projects and completing loose ends that have been lying around for a while – fill in the details and minimise the list. Count your blessings, there are always so many around.

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Have a great month ahead! Consultations are available if you are looking for guidance, clarity and directions.
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7 Things To Take With You Into 2023

“Seek refuge in the attitude of detachment and you will amass the wealth of spiritual awareness. The one who is motivated only by the desire for the fruits of their action, and anxious about the results, is miserable indeed.”

― Bhagavad Gita

2023 adds up to 7. So we can say that 2023 (among other things) is a 7 year and thus comes under the domain of Ketu – the south lunar node.

Vedic Astrology and Numerology are siblings, as numbers are vibrations. All numbers add up to 1- 9 which correlate to the 9 planets – 7 (visible) planets, the 2 (non physical planets)- thus having a direct impact on our lives. In Vedic Numerology, the number 7 vibrates to Ketu – a non physical planet, known as the south node of the moon.

7 is a very mystical number, we have the 7 seas, the 7 sisters (Pleadies) 7 visible planets, 7 main energy centres in the body (chakras) etc.

What is the energy of Ketu?

Ketu is the headless serpent, he is an asura, a demon. He is hot, dry, fiery and sharp.
Ketu is a harsh and severe planet as its function is to seperate us from material entrapments. This can bring apathy, disillusionment and disappointments, but when we align with spiritual vison and intelligence one can recognise the necessity of certain experiences as fodder for one’s spiritual growth and development.

Number 7 Year will see shifts in spiritual landscapes and attitudes to relationships and business. Libra is most affected this year as Ketu it is still transiting through the sign of Relationship until October.

One of the other key defining features of 2023 is Saturn’s move transition Aquarius on Jan 18, where he will stay for the next 2 years. This transit sees significant developments in tech, medicine and health/healing – changes in society that will have lasting impacts for the next 30 years.

Right now, Saturn has been dishing out the harsh reality in Capricorn since Jan 2020, and I don’t need to go into those details – While Aquarius is still ruled by Saturn, here the more humanitarian and democratic aspect of Shani can emerge, in part due to the fact that the sign of the water bearer is co-ruled by Rahu who is a known troublemaker, but also breakthrough / rebel extraordinaire…

2023 Starts with a Retrograde Mars & Mercury until Jan 13 & 16, respectively.
Saturn Moves to Aquarius Jan 18. We then can enjoy have a relatively chill few months (exalted Venus in Feb!) until some trouble starts brewing in April as Jupiter crosses Gandanta Pisces to Aries. In July, Venus will go retrograde crossing the Cancer-Leo gandata zone 3 times!

This could be a time of relationship trouble or health issies for Libra and Taurus folks. There will be continued financial instability this year, as both money planets Jupiter and Venus will be quite unsettled. And, of course we will experience our annual Jupiter and Saturn Retrogrades as well as 2x Eclipse seasons – the first being in April/May and the second in October.

7 Things to take into 2023

  • Dharma
    Dharma means to live in accordance to the laws of nature. As we are an ever evolving matrix of 4 physical elements in the 5th element of Space, to live in harmony with these elements ensures harmony within ones inner and outer worlds. Dharma also mean ‘right living’ – when you continually align yourself with the universe, you can surrender in knowing that you are part of a great river that moves you and moves through you. Nothing is truly in your control – become free of attachment to outcome and rewards of actions. Dharma supports and uplifts, especially those who have fallen – Living a Dharmic Life is Key to mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing
  • Intentional Living
    One could just see where things go – and one can also be intentional about the direction one wishes to go. While you cannot always control the forces which exist in life and there is always the unexpected to deal with, being intentional with your life also means setting boundaries and limits, most importantly with oneself – habits and lifestyle etc. It also means cultivating a degree of clarity around how one wishes to show up in the world, and what one is willing to accept. What do you see for yourself over this year? 5 years and so on? What kind of relationships do you want in your life? Remember you are a reflection of the 5 closest people in your life – choose your company wisely.
  • Curiosity
    I would say curiosity is one of my favourite things – somehow as people get older there can be a sense of ‘been there and done that’ – we lose the natural curiosity and playfulness of children and risk crystallising into set patterns of behaviour – Curiosity means putting the ego aside and discovering things, choosing to see things from a fresh perspective. Get curious about yourself, about your inner world, about why you do why you do things. Being curios about others is a gateway into deep intimacy and authentic connections. The world is an endless place of exploration, curiosity will take you places!
  • Communication
    We’re done with not communicating our feelings, letting people tip toe around us, subtly controlling the atmosphere because we are too afraid/unwilling to express our truth. We are done trying to guess, mind-read and premeditate someone else’s feeling and needs. In 2023, we are communicating with clarity & compassion. We are asking questions, we are being curious about another, while being assertive yet kind & we are not enabling unhealthy patterns. in 2023, we are Talking about Stuff, getting real, getting intimate and discovering how right communication bridges the great divide into authentic connection and communion.
  • Understanding
    It is said that understanding is the heart of Love. In order to truly love someone, we need to understand them, their particular way of being in the world. If we cannot understand them, or don’t try to, how can we develop true intimacy? Another human being is an entire universe, it takes time to work together and find a rhythm. To understand someone does not mean to make excuses for bad behaviour, no, it means to looks deeply into the heart and soul of another and recognise the similarities you share at the core of your beings. The more you understand people, the more you can love without an agenda, widening the heart space of appreciation and being-ness.
  • Gratitude
    How many things in your life do you take for granted? The ability to wake up and jump out of bed, the dexterity of your hands, the love and affection of those close to you, Family, friends, the bed you sleep in, the roof above you, the safe return home after being out in the world … there are countless things to be thankful for. Practicing Gratitude especially during the peak of challenges, ensures that positive blessings continue to magnetise toward you.
  • Movement
    Movement and exercise is one of the most under-utilised anti depressants. This is one reason why massages are so popular. Movement is life, it is Prakriti, Nature and Creation. Movement exists in all manifested material life, without movement we are in deep sleep, just as Vishnu lays horizontally, before the universe manifested. Moon is mind, emotions, hormones, feelings- it debilitates (becomes weak) in Scorpio – a fixed water sign. What happens when water stops moving? It stagnates. The Body Keeps Score; it holds memories, both of our own lives and that of our ancestors (Genetics/Karma).

    In order to keep our minds, hearts and spirit clear and fresh, movement is essential. Make it part of your daily ritual.

Would love to know your thoughts. What else would you add to this list?
Happy New Years
Love, Darinka

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Dec Celestial News – 2022 finale

Hey Cosmonauts!
What a year!

With the intense planetary war between Venus and Mars during Jan/Feb, where all planets were in two signs creating a very destructive Shula Yoga, triggering the war in Ukraine, all planets changing signs in April, ushering in a new ‘ Samvastara’ / Vedic New Year, we saw Jupiter move into its own sign of Pisces, the Lunar nodes shifting into Aries and Libra . Then we had the first Eclipse season, moving into retrograde season where Saturn retrograded back into Capricorn triggering a reversals and delays, particularly within organisations, families and government bodies.

Jupiter has been retrograde for the past 5 months and has just moved direct, so with the two great heavyweights now able to move forward in their own signs, we can take solid charge of our long term plans and move forward again, slowly and deliberately. Jupiter’s forward motion ensures good luck, blessings and opportunities.

Most recently we have experienced Venus’ descent into the underworld from Mid September as she has transitioned from morning to evening star, and being hidden (and burnt) by the sun, where she has lost much of her power, and with this, a revolution begins in Iran, specifically around women’s rights – which is a key Venusian theme.

Then we moved into the second eclipse season, which has just ended – Eclipses always reveal corruption at the most basic level, but also brings many hidden things (particularly within the psyche) to light especially if one is on the path of self development and growth.

Key Events for December:
> Mars retrograde
> Jupiter now direct
> Saturn direct
> Full Moon Taurus
> New Moon Sagittarus
> Sagittarius Season begins.
> Mercury retrograde 31 Dec

Mars is the only planet which is currently retrograde. It rules Scorpio and Aries, and can throw ones plans around. Mars reflects our desires and energy, so it is a time for reflection on issues such as anger, assertion and willpower – Mars is stronger when retrograde and his energy inverts, causing us to look within. It can be a very constructive time when we can harness the energy of the warrior and achieve great things. Mars will turn direct on the 13th of January.

Right now Venus is moving through the difficult gandanta zone between scorpio and Sagittarius, finalising the huge journey she has been on since mid sept. As she moves into Sag and away from the Sun, Venus regains her power and be restored to her former glory.

The past is not over for some relationships and a new beginning can unfold.

Sagittarius Season Begins

Between the 14th and the 17th, the sun will be changing signs, passing through the difficult gandanta zone -This junction between Scorpio and Sagittarius is the most intense and potent as this is aligned with the centre of the galaxy – a large black hole – planets passing through here move from the tamasic underworld of Scorpio, into the Sattivc and forward moving Sagittarius, where the cosmic person is transitioning from its animalistic instincts to human.

There can be a big churning of karmas here reflecting in different ways in peoples lives, depending on what is happening.

However, it is fortunately only a short transit, and the planets are largely unafflicted in Sag, with Jupiter shining brightly in Pisces, bestowing many blessings and support.

In general, when one is living in alignment with their soul, with nature, with the universe, then disruptions are like a gentle breeze on a vast lake… the greater the depth of a soul, the less the winds of Maya disturb.

Full Moon Taurus
Rohini – Rohana Shakti – The Power of Creation.

Moon is exalted in Taurus, so this reflects a certain degree of contentment, however it is joined by a retrograde Mars, charging and inflaming the situation. Rohini is a star connected to Prajapati, the lord of creation, it links us to wealth, abundance and material prosperity, but it also indicates a certain degree of jealousy and possessiveness. Moon/Mars contacts are passionate, which can go either way. It is a highly creative star – but we need to watch the retrograde Mars as this could create some explosive situations.

This is a good time to think about ones energy, assertiveness, expression of self, do you hold back to keep the peace or can you clearly and calmly ask for what you need, or sort it out for yourself without drawing another into your storm?

Moon and Mars can create a lot of drama, so try not to get involved. It can be difficult to stay calm – but it is your superpower!

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury will retrograde on the 31st of Dec- 19th Jan. It will very, very briefly kiss Capricorn before moving back into Sagittarius. It isnt the best place for Mercury as this can create big thinking and scatterd action. Not the time to plan for travels, or if you are (because its holiday sesason) please avoid travelling right on the days it stations and moved retro/direct – these dates are :

30/31/1 Dec/Jan & 18/19/20 Jan – Also, avoid travel on the Wed during the transit as this is Mercurys day and its energies are much stronger then! We get to look forward to some news report about lost luggage or stranded passengers on these days, but otherwise, plan ahead, give yourself heaps of time and don’t fit too many things in, and you’ll be right!

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Have a great month folks – Jan heralds BIG changes as Mars and Mercury will move direct on Jan 13 and 19th, respectively and Saturn, everyones favourite planet will move out of Capricorn and into the more democratic sign of Aquarius on Jan 18 …

Darinka x

Under A Vedic Sky – November Celestial Report

Hello Dear Readers …
Let’s look at the Key Themes for November …

We are right in the middle of eclipse season. Saturn is now direct, with Jupiter soon to follow. Mars has just turned retrograde, the Sun, Venus & Mercury move to Scorpio & the month ends with a deep, introspective Scorpio New Moon.

With many planets crossing Ketu (the south lunar node) the theme right now is about releasing, transforming and spiritualising. Situations at the moment highlight the need for deep change – be it a partnership, business, way of life – etc. The past is over, things cannot go back to the way they were.

Eclipse Season – The Aries/Libra polarity & dynamic is one of self/other – co-operation/competition – me/you – independence/dependance – mars/venus – passion / devotion .

As I have mentioned in previous posts, eclipse season is a time of illusions, heightens desires, unusual events, strange occurrences, snakes, shadowy behaviours, confused thinking, unexplained anxiety etc… it is a time to be very careful in mundane affairs and not to trust anything blindly as truths are often obscured right now. 

Libran folk are in the the thick of it with the partial solar eclipse having just occurred in the star Swati on the 25th of Oct. Big revelations and insights for some. Swati is wholly within Libra, ruled by Rahu who is currently in Aries

The Sun meets with Ketu exact between the 4-8th of Nov – crisis gives way to revelations, scandals are exposed further – we have already seen news such as the Star casino losing its Licence, issues within Brazilian elections, Kanye’s anti-semitic comments inciting a huge professional backlash, not to mention the Iranian Revolution. 

Leaders have little power now as corruption continues to be exposed and revealed. Ketu has no mercy and will cut, reject and separate. Expect to see significant changes in politics over the next 6 months, especially once Saturn moves to Aquarius in January.  The Sun will stay in Libra until the 17th- Take care between 15 -18 as the Sun changes clothes – there is very low energy to do mundane activities. Scorpio Season begins …

Full Moon Eclipse 8th Nov – 10:02 pm – Bharani ARIES – The power to take things away (Apabharani shakti)

This full moon ushers in new Beginnings – Yama is the ruling deity of this fierce and destructive yet highly creative star is the one who judges our karmas in between worlds after the soul has left the body – This star has strong connotations with death and rebirth, being ruled by Venus it is intimately connected to the current affairs in Iran – on a personal level we can look to see which areas of our life are being rebirthed.

This Eclipse is revealing and concealing – be super mindful about starting new relationships, offers, buying homes or making large financial commitments.

Aries Moon and Rising folk – there is great changes ahead for you – good or bad – handle the energy wisely.

Venus Combustion – Sept 10 – Nov 21st
Venus cnj Ketu Exact – 3/4/5 Nov

Divine Feminine Rising – We are witnessing the ongoing Iranian Protests – Venus’s journey through the underworld has coincided with the brutal killing of Mahsa Amisi, triggering a huge feminine revolution – in a region where women are among the most oppressed in the world.

Venus has been combust Surya for some time now (which I have covered in the last couple of blogs) adding to the general feeling of low energy and vitality at present. She has been going through a radical transformation and rebirth, which has been affecting partnerships, values and sense of worth & finances. The Past is over now and a new beginning can unfold. 

Venus reflects our attitudes to love, relationships and money – but on a deeper level she reflects our sense of Tastes, Values  & Refinement on the most subtle levels.

On  personal level, there is a great change occurring within partnerships and relationships. Many are waking up to reality, not always comfortable with what is being seen. Rejection, disillusionment, detachment and endings are a common manifestation of Ketu/Venus combinations. Wait till after the peak conjunction has passed and Venus moves to Scorpio on the 12/13th to make any decisions.

Mars Now Retrograde – Oct. 31st – Jan 13

Mars begins his bi-annual retrograde at the end of the month. Heads up for Aries and Scorpio moon and risings – expect some reversals, frustrations, confusion in direction, possible health issues and thwarted plans. Mars has an unusual retrograde as he is currently at 1 degree of Gemini moving back to Taurus where he will stay for quite a while. This is called Ati Vakri, a more unsettled transit due to the conflict of elements. Expect the unexpected and most importantly stay calm – Practicing the Pause is a wonderful thing.

In Taurus, Mars retrograde highlights conflicts and issues around money & wealth, food & land security, resources, family & comforts.

Mars retrograde can intensify already frustrating situations so we all need to take care and avoid taking rash thoughtless decisions. This energy can trigger sudden and violent actions & impatience. In his highest expression Mars is the Sacred Warrior of Light who fights for Dharma, to protect and to right wrongs where there has been transgressions of the Sacred Balance

Jupiter Direct – A Return of Faith

Jupiter Direct in Pisces can now give his blessings and abundance! 

Jupiter will cast his 3rd aspect on Scorpio and Cancer folk as well as his 7th aspect on Virgo. This is a time where long term plans in regards to partnerships (marriage) Learning, Education, Teachers/gurus etc can move forward. Jupiter is the good luck aspect in our lives – in Pisces, Jupiter here can assist us to find the right wisdom to make the right choices in alignment with the Laws of Nature and our own Dharma. 
This transit will open up more opportunities, abundance and blessings.

New Moon 24th Nov 9:57am – Anuradha SCORPIO – The gives the power of worship (Radhana shakti).

A deep and volatile new moon, Mars will be retrograde and aspecting 4 planets in Scorpio – However Jupiter is casting a supportive trine from Pisces ensuring that we can act with wisdom and allow ourselves to permeate the great celestial ocean, to deep dive into our psyche and find the hidden pearls – when in deep water, become a diver! Moon will pass through gandanta on the 25th where we have the opportunity to let things go – an emotionally unsettled time for sensitive folks, be aware to not plan too much around this time. 

October Starry Times – A Matter of Balance : Eclipse Season Begins | Mars Retrograde + more …

Hello Dear Readers,

… And happy navaratri – we are in the middle of the 9 nights of the goddess (26/27 Sept – 4/5 Oct. Also known as Durga Puja – a festival celebrating 9 different forms of Mother Goddess. Every year in the hindu lunar month Ashwini (Sept-Oct) on the first day (pratipada) of the bright lunar fortnight, Sharada Navaratri is celebrated. There are 4 in a year, however the ones in spring and autumn are most commonly celebrated.

Each night celebrates a different avatar of Durga. The 9 nights culminate on Vijayadashami or Dusshera, the 10th night, which honours Durga’s victory over the buffalo demon Mahishasura.

These nine nights are time to fast, meditate, cleanse and pray, to connect with Devi, to reflect on the power of Shakti, the divine feminine, as all that is manifest in this known world. The goddess as creator and destroyer, as a lover and a mother – in all her forms the great Mahadevi takes part in all aspects of our lives.

Durga slaying Mahishasura

October sees some significant turning points, the most notable being: 

Mercury, planet of intelligence and communication ends its third retrograde for the year, Saturn, planet of karma and discipline, moves direct, ending his annual retrograde which began on — and Mars, planet of courage and competition begins his retrograde, an event which occurs once every 2 years.

Venus, planet of love, relationships and finances is combust and debilitated and will stay very close to the Sun in an unusually long tango until 21st of November.
Right now she is debilitated which is what is contributing to the general unsteadiness in the worlds financial markets right now. On top of that,  Jupiter who is also connected to wealth, is currently retrograde in its own sign, so, whiles strong, is not giving its full support. 

Oct. 3 – Mercury Direct 

Mercury moves direct on the 3rd. So, everything is your own fault again!  Avoid planning travels on that day, or some kind of event, it could be challenging or difficult with delays, obstacles etc. Mercury will speed up and resume its normal direction after the 5th. After then Mercury can shine in his brilliance – exalted mercury is good for business, planning, intelligent thinking and communication. A good time to have an important meeting or conversation at work or with your partner.

Oct. 10th – Full Moon Pisces – Revati 7:55am
Kshiradyapani shakti – The power of nourishment

This full moon is in the soft and watery sign of pisces. Jupiter, its ruler is also in Pisces, at home giving great strength, but it is retrograde, (until Nov 23), so there is some underlying insecurity. Mercury opposite in Virgo, exalted but also with Venus who is debilitated & combust. Dramas in relationships may be heightened, excess water (pisces, moon, venus – as we are seeing with the floods in Florida and a 3rd La Niña in the pacific) – may trigger irrationalism and big feels, personally. Overall it is positive, good for self care, nourishing self, others, your relationships.

Revati is a soft and gentle star ruled by mercury. It falls wholly in pisces, sign of Jupiter, who is currently at home in Pisces but retrograde. Mercury sits opposite, exalted in its own sign Virgo. This moon is well supported despite the retrograde Jupiter. Revati is governed by Pushan, a deity connected to cows and land animals. He protects and guides, he is wealthy and kind. This day favours journeys as Pushan offers protection for travellers, from getting lost, or help in recovering lost items. a good day for marriage and all kinds of ceremonies. 

A good time for smart investments but do be careful. Warren Buffet – one of the world’s richest businesses men has this combination (deb venus and exalted merc) in his 10th house – he is quite simple in the way he spends his wealth. For him, debilitated Venus shows up as not making unnecessary purchases and spending on practical things. For example, he still lives in the same house he bought, some 30 years ago.

Venus Combust & Debilitated

Geocentric orbit of Venus around earth every 8 years

Venus is in transition right now as she is she is burnt by the Sun. This is called Combustion. She is also debilitated in Virgo, where her soft, gentle and compassionate energies find it difficult to express under the intellectual and mercurial earth sign, who demands the who whys and wherefore’s of romance.

Practicalities of life dominate, relating becomes a chore,  the mind cannot understand the mysteries of the heart, the chaos of love and the sweet surrender of devotion. In Virgo, Venus falls into situations which enhance criticism, nitpicking and an intellectual approach to matters of the heart. 

When Venus flies too close to the sun she becomes combust – this year it began mid September. Every 1.8 years, Venus moves from being the morning to evening star, which is part of her greater ‘synodic cycle’ – 584 days. She is Morning star for 263 days before she disappears (in a long combustion with the Sun) for about 50 days, before emerging as the Evening star – for another 263 days, where she dips below the horizon, emerging 8 days later as the morning star again. 

Right now she is moving from morning to evening star and is invisible for 50 days of the whole process.  On the 19th, Venus moves to her own sign of Libra, which should improve some siutations.

What this means on a personal level is that Venus is going through a major rebirth. If you are a Taurus or Libra rising or Moon then this is a significant transition for you – Any relationships that are rocky and troublesome may breakup, others may delve into the necessary work as each individual has the opportunity to transform themselves and elevate their relating. Combust venus can also lead one to making the wrong choices with partnerships. Singles may meet a significant person (also due to eclipse season in Libra/Aries).

Venus is value and worth, so this relates to self worth and the way one may feel about themselves /what they accept in a partner. Venus is the key planet to study for the financial markets, as well as Jupiter and Mercury – with 2 out of 3 of these planets being challenged at present, this reflects with the markets as well. But like all cycles, it is temporary, so avoid making drastic decisions now. 

Oct. 18th – Sun moves to Libra, Debilitated

Surya will make his annual transit to Libra, its weakest transit. Leo’s rising and moon may feel this for the month. Usually it can affect health. Sun is vitality and immunity, when weak and challenged, especially during the eclipse time, it can trigger health issues – this may be a build up of taking the body for granted and then it has enough – be sure to maintain a routine and if possible, follow the principles of Ayurveda. Relationships are highlighted, as we will have Venus in Libra too.

Oct. 23 – Saturn’s Turning Point – Direct

Ye olde Saturn, the taskmaster and lord of Justice, Time and Karma – has been retrograde since the 5th of June. This month he is slowing down to move direct on the 23rd. This means if you are Capricorn/Aqaurius dominant, or running a Saturn MD (mahadasa) you may feel extra sluggish, slow, tired, drained or confused. Rest assured, Saturn will be moving forward again and things can resume their usual pace, but it can’t be rushed. Saturn’s name in sanskrit is Shani – meaning the slow one. 

Saturn is currently hovering at 24° of Capricorn. When Saturn touches us, he is releasing old karma, this may come in the form of a difficult person or situation or something unavoidable that must be dealt with, a time to step up and assume responsibility.

Do you have any planets sidereally @ 24 ° of Capricorn? What is currently going on in your life ?

Oct 25th – Eclipse Season begins – Partial Solar eclipse in Libra 

Another round of the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu creating their Māyā play with us, with our mind and soul, the sun and moon. This month Sun and Venus approach Ketu. Ketu is the principle of rejection, moksha, spirituality, liberation and detachment. Currently in Libra, these themes are likely playing out in various ways specifically within relationships. Spiritualising or rejecting / detaching from them. Some significant partnerships may be dissolving now as deceit, or lies may be starting to come to light.

As Venus approaches Ketu, you can expect some past partners to rock up, even past life partners – this isn’t always a good thing! But then again, it might be.

Rahu and Ketu conceal and reveal. It is always important to be aware of eclipse season and the new people that may come into your life – especially if it feels magical, incredible, otherworldly – be aware, strong karmic forces are usually at work, which, after the eclipse period, start to come undone as reality kicks in. Or you may find yourself stuck in something that is less than desirable and difficult to get out of.

A solar eclipse is during new moon, a lunar eclipse is during full moon. From the 11th (just after the full moon) we begin the 2 week shadow period before the eclipse. Keep in mind this time period between 11 Oct – 22nd of Nov is the eclipse window – In general, avoid buying a new car, starting new relationships, signing contracts, or making big financial decisions. If it is possible, wait. Especially on and around the eclipse days : 25th Oct and 8th Nov, plan to lay low, meditate, take day off, clean, potter, stay inside, fast, withdraw. Good time for all spiritual actives, not do good for material things. 

Oct 25th – New Moon – 9:49pm – Libra – Swati 
Pradhvamsa shakti – The power to scatter like the wind

Lord Vayu, deity of Swati Nakshatra

New moon Libra.
Solar Eclipse.
Sun debilitated. Venus Combust

Is there a “need” to be surrounded by people, friends, groups … Can you be alone and be happy? Or does the discomfort of loneliness creep in and become unbearable? Libra is the sign of partnership but part of the lesson is about having the courage to be alone and not depend on the company of others to alleviate the inability to be with oneself. Being with others out of joy and the spirit of giving rather than lack makes all the difference. 

Swati nakshatra is ruled by Lord Vayu – god of air, wind, prana. Its power is to scatter like the wind, and gives the freedom to travel on the winds in all the worlds. Swati can be scattered, diffuse and restless, which can be destructive as well. Ruled by Rahu who is in Aries, this new moon is likely to highlight the disparity between self and others, me and you, my needs and your needs.

The mind gets confused. What if relationships are not just about fulfilling needs? What if its ok to love someone and they don’t always ‘get’ you? What if hyper~individuality is a trauma response? What if there *is* healthy dependence? Is it possible to experience devotion without feeling suffocated? and, lastly is the feeling of suffocation really a sign that something is wrong with your relationship? There is always more to know about oneself.

Libra is also connected to business. When Surya is fallen here, one may engage with others only if it is profitable in some way- if the other can benefit them.

Is this love or a transaction? Things to think about during Libra Season. 

Oct. 31st – Jan 13 –  Mars Retrograde in Taurus

Mars, the warrior planet is up to some shenanigans for a while – entering its bi-annual retrograde at the end of the month. Heads up for Aries and Scorpio moon and risings – expect some reversals, frustrations, confusion in direction, possible health issues and thwarted plans. 

Mars is anger, aggression and ego, you may find your shadow side rear an ugly head or two at this time, if your relationship to mars isn’t healthy. A time to Pull your head in, practice humility, courageousness and co-operation over competition. Anger usually Aries when something appears to block our path – always opportunities to notice one’s reactions and find a more constructive pathway.

Taurus is about money, security, land, food, wealth, resources, family, speech, comforts and luxuries. We will be seeing issues arise in regards to these issues, particularly around food security, as wild weathers impact agriculture – will agribiz ever decide to support local, community based farms instead of toxic farming practices? Mars is having a very long transit in Taurus.

Usually Mars travels a sign in about 8-10 weeks. This time, Mars has been in taurus since 21 August, will dip into Gemini 16 Oct – 11 Nov, then retrograde into Taurus, staying there until 13th of March 2023!! A very long time. A very significant time for Taurus Rising and Moon signs. Take care of sudden accidents, burns and careless mistakes.

Globally we may see tensions rise as Saturn moves toward Aquarius, the reactions between those in power and those oppressed but hat power will increase, for example as we are seeing in Iran. There is a necessary anger which is needed to mobilise and fight for Dharma, for righteousness, just as Goddess Durga slayed the demon Mahishasura, symbol of ignorance, greed and selfishness.

Have a good month and remember, calm is your superpower!
Love, Darinka


September Starry Times – Mercury Retrograde, Venus Combustion

Hello Star Seekers 👋🏼 ✨

We are now in Retrograde season, Sun is bright and happy in its own sign Leo, although Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde they are in their own signs as well as Mercury. Energy is strong and supportive even though there are hiccups on the way. You may notice that certain elements of your life, are in place. There may be a feeling of being at ‘home’ in certain areas of your life. Mercury is slowing down to go retrograde Mars has begun its long stay in the earthy and resource focused sign of Taurus and the moon will reach purnima on the 10th in Aquarius, and a new moon in Virgo on the 26th

Well, as you might know by now, retrograde energies are when a planet appears brighter in they sky, their motion, (as viewed from our perspective on earth) is backward, unusual or erratic. Depending on the planet and its significations, a number of frustrating or unpredictable situations may arise!

September sees 3 planets retrograde.
For writing purposes, I use the abbreviation of rx to refer to retrograde. Rx planets affect how the Pancha mahabhutas – The 5 Great Elements work through us. The elements are not in their usual state and thus we may not be thinking/acting clearly and find ourselves in trouble by committing to something that may not have our full consideration. This is why, for example, during Jupiter retrograde, it is not good to get married, as we would want consistency, stability and trust in our partnerships. 

Saturn is rx in its own sign of Capricorn. Saturn rules the Vayu Tattva which is the Air element. It casts its drishti , (aspect, gaze) upon the 3rd, 7th and 10th signs from itself. This means that Pisces, Cancer and Libra feel Saturn’s influence. Saturn’s impact is generally limiting, constricting, causing delays and obstacles.

When retrograde, there can be too many commitments which suddenly pile up, too much work and not enough rest, one’s responsibilities feel burdensome, pressures, limitations and delays which may seem overwhelming – on the positive side saturn rx gives us the opportunity to re structure our lifestyles so we can live in greater harmony instead of always forcing the ego’s desires onto things, by being forced to surrender and let go a little bit, we develop greater patience, which is one of Saturn’s major lessons.

Jupiter governs Akash Tattva which is the space element. He is currently rx in its own sign Pisces. Jupiter casts his drishti upon the 5th, 7th and 9th signs from itself. This means Guru blesses Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. Jupiter’s impact is expansive, optimistic, ‘feel good factor’, providing opportunities and growth.

When retrograde, there can be a sense of over- expansiveness, unwise investments, over-optimism, taking the wrong advice, having unrealistic and ungrounded actions which lack form and structure. One can get stuck in over promising and under delivering. Jupiter can lack boundaries as it seeks the ultimate truths of things. Jupiter also relates to male partners, teachers, mentors and gurus – there may be issues with your relationships with these people in your life.

Mercury governs the Privthi Tattva, which is the earth element. Mercury will be retrograde & exalted, in Virgo. Mercury will only aspect its opposite sign, in this case Pisces. Mercury’s impact is liminal, ‘he’ is a eunuch, seen as somewhat genderless and thus takes on the qualities of where he is placed. Mercury governs our intellect, rational thinking, details, organisation, planning, routines, business, adaptability, transport, computers, electronics and the nervous system

When retrograde, many of our practical aspects of life get muddled. You may feel more forgetful, absentminded, scattered or confused, things get lost, lost things get found. Electronic devices randomly stop working. Crashes, glitches, lost passwords. Situations arise which can de-stabilise our foundations. We may be feeling unsupported and need to take care during these times as the energies are not stable, we are more likely to make mistakes and take bad judgements. 

Check your own charts and see if your rising or moon are ruled by these planets – or are there are a number of planets in any of these signs ruled by these planets?

What is currently happening in your own life?
Have you noticed particular changes/reversals around retrograde times?

Mercury is slowing down now, having entered its ‘retroshade’ – period before it goes rx on the 10th of Sept for 3 weeks until the 2nd of October.  October is an interesting month as we will see the ending of Saturn’s rx for the year, but the start of Mars biennial (every 2 years) rx – this year, in the sign of Taurus. 

Rx times are excelled for revision, reflection, reviewing, cleaning, clearing, taking old projects off the shelf and finishing old tasks. Back up your devices and take care of your electronics (esp with mercury). Often people from the past return in some way – you may hear from an old friend, or an ex lover re appears, or you might find your mind wandering to the good old days’ and feeling nostalgic.

3 Rx planets in Sept means we need to take extra care and tread carefully. 

Things are unlikely to go exactly as you want, so plan ahead for delays, setbacks, cancellations and obstacles. In particular around the days 9-10-11 Sept and 1,2,3 of October. Try not to force your agenda. If you must do something, give yourself plenty of space and time and avoid putting all the burdens and pressures on yourself.

This can be a time of burnout and over commitment. It is best to avoid beginning any new projects, signing contract or making major purchases/investments until the retrograde planet has moved forward and is at its usual speed. 

Venus has just transitioned from Cancer to Leo, passing through the knotty gandanta zone – this may have stirred up emotional turbulence and insecurity for some. However in Leo, Venus can shine bright and celebrate. It is generally a good transit as Venus can be very creative, playful and light. A good time for romance, self care and group/community activities.

Venus Combustion ~ Descent into the underworld
On the 14th of Sept Venus begins to approach 10° of the Sun, transitioning from morning star to evening star, symbolically making her descent into ‘the underworld’. This was always seen as a very important transit by many cultures around the world in particular the Maya who p[laced great importance on the cycles of Venus.

The whole journey lasts from 14 Sept – 3 Dec with the peak conjunction occurring 21 – 25th October. This is known as combustion where the energy of the planet is absorbed by the Sun.

Venus signifies finances, relationships and spouse/partner. Sun/Venus combinations can be challenging for relationships – Sun is Fire, Venus is Water – Venus dries up, so we must watch our affairs especially in love, this could be a time of separations or affairs Health and financial issues could peak at this time too especially if you are Libra or Taurus Rising or Moon. It is important to watch excessive indulgences, desires & addictions at this time, risky financial investments and unwise relationship entanglements.

Chanting 108x on the Mala on Friday can help pacify the negative effects of this transit.

Shukra Beej Mantra “द्रांद्रींद्रौंसःशुक्रायनमः / oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ”

 Shukra – Guru of the Asuras

The Full Moon will fall on the 10th of Sept in Aquarius in the nakshatra Purva Bhadra Pada, the star of personal transformation, on the same day that mercury stations to go retrograde – it will be a challenging day so plan ahead to keep it simple with little plans as possible – defiantly avoid travelling on this day and the days surrounding if you can. 

The New Moon will fall on the 26th of Sept in Virgo in the nakshatra Uttara Phalguni – the star of patronage and marriage. It is a complicated moon as it joins debilitated and combust Venus, and a retrograde Mercury. These are a complex mix of very ungrounded energies so plan ahead as well for these days and avoid any important events. Best for deep meditation, retreat, silence and solitude – quiet time, candles, ghee lamps etc!

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Have a great month folks and thanks for reading !
x ~ dm ❣️

August Starry Times – Jupiter Retrograde, Mars Rahu Volatility, Leo Season begins

Hey Star Travellers –
Another month rolls on and now we enter August. What can we expect?

Mars Rahu Uranus Conjunctions 1-3 August
August starts with intensity, passion, volatility and fire – The heat which has been smouldering throughout July reaches its zenith on the 2nd, as Mars moves into exact conjunction with Rahu and Uranus at 24° Aries in the star Bharani. 

If you have planets within 13°20’ – 26°40 of Aries, then this has been a significant time of changes and potential upheavals for you. Uranus, the great awakener and  revolutionary moved into this section of Aries on 17 Feb 2021, with Rahu joining in on the 14th of June 2022. 

Some people may have barely noticed this, while others may be feeling it acutely. This will be if you have major planets such as moon, mars, sun or Saturn here, or your chart ruler.

Bharani links to the power of creation, its symbol is a Yoni, it is ruled by Venus and its ruling deity is Yama – It is a very hot star due to the Mars/Venus vibration. This star carries the energy and power to cleanse and remove impurities. It is known as Krura, a fierce and severe star, with a primary motivation towards Artha-  creation of wealth and prosperity.

Rahu & Mars  create ‘Angarak Yoga’ – which is commonly associated with extreme events, weather patterns, increased violence and aggression. Mars casts its 4th aspect on Cancer affecting peace in the home and heart, the 7th house of relationships and the 8th house of unexpected change, trauma and crisis. This combination lasts until 10th August, when mars finally moves into Taurus. Added to this is a square aspect from retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, adding greater pressure to an already tense situation.

Mars and Rahu is not a favourable conjunction in vedic astrology, simply because Rahu is desire, illusions, shadows, taboo, smoke, chaos, fantasy and restlessness, and mars is all that is fierce, fiery and passionate – these two together, in Aries, home territory of Mars, can be highly destructive, violent, sexual, volatile, unpredictable and explosive – increasing the potential for risky & impulsive behaviour, leading to regrets later. 

Vedantic and Yogic thought teaches us that excess desires leads to sorrow and further bondage on the wheel of samsara; the seeker should always question oneself, the source of desire, following the threads of the eternal I, the one who is the questioner … It is not that we should ignore our desires, but to really understand their presence in our lives to avoid being dictated by the lower mind.

Please take care this week, on the roads, at home and with your loved ones. Avoid risky and impulsive behaviour, curb your tongue and leave arguments at the door. Mars is ego, if you must engage in a debate, work to find what is right rather then who is right. Triggers are likely to be pushed this week! A wonderful time for critical self analysis.

Venus moves to Cancer – 6-7th August

A short transit where Venus moves into the gentle and nurturing sign of Cancer. Venus and Moon are friendly with each other – after the intensity of Mars aspecting Cancer, some gentleness and understanding will be much appreciated. A good time for romance and dates, some may feel the desire for family stimulated during this transit.

We are about a month and a half away from Venus’ descent into the underworld where she will move from morning star to evening star. As Venus approaches 10° of the Sun she enters combustion where she is no longer visible and becomes burnt. This is an important transit affecting Taurus and Libra folk the most (Sept 14- Dec 1) – Issues with jealousy, relationships, finances, self worth and values arise – Any planet passing through the Sun has the opportunity to transform in the spiritual fire – More on this in the next blog.

12 – Full Moon Capricorn @– 11:36am – Dhanistha 

A sombre full moon where our responsibilities, duties and realities may seem all too in- your -face.
Not to fear.

This full moon falls in Capricorn, conjunct a retrograde Saturn, opposite Sun in Cancer, with Venus in early degrees. Saturn is facing us with timely karmic situations to deal with, delays and setbacks. Things don’t need to follow your plan, let go of the reins a little?

Moon and Saturn in Dhanistha invites a realistic view of your life, resources and wealth – aspecting Venus can indicate strain or tension in relationships, but perhaps a more grounded view on why you are together – what is your greater purpose? Venus is also our self worth – we accept the love we think we deserve… something to ponder.

Dhanistha is the star of rhythm, the symbols are a flute and shiva’s drum, the Damaru, connected the creation and regulation of the Universe – a reminder to empty ourselves to be filled with the songs of great spirit, after all, we are only here for some years and go back to the stars – with what? How much closer can we get to the Supreme Reality/Great Spirit/God?

Dhanistha is ruled by the 8 Vasus – elemental forces of Nature : Sun, Moon, Earth, Fire, Pole Star, Air, Sky and Space, it is a powerful star connected to spiritual wealth and abundance, but often denotes struggles with marriages and relationships. 

17th – Sun moves to Leo – Leo Season begins!

The sun moves into its own sign for the next 30 days – a positive and uplifting time to shine, celebrate, and express yourselves creatively. Ego and use of personal power can be observed – A good leader is one who knows how to inspire and connect with the people. Check where Leo is in your chart to see how the Sun will impact you. 

27th – New Moon Leo – Magha.

The new moon of august falls in in the heart of Leo in the star Magha – It is ruled by Ketu, the south node. It is a fierce and cruel star. Many spiritual people have Magha activated in their charts as it represents large hearted and generous traits. Magha means mighty or great, and indicates courage, nobility and royalty.

Magha is ruled by the Pitris who are said to be the ancestral spirits who were the progenitors of the human race – This new moon is a time for withdrawal, refection and contemplation on those who have lived and are now in the spirit worlds. It is a time for withdrawing into the self and perhaps creating a little ceremony for those who have passed on. 

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Art By : Ravi Zupa

July Starry Times – Planets in Strength, Volatile Mars + Retrogrades…

Hey Folks 👋🏼 Thanks for tuning in …

In June, the planets are strong – many are ‘at home’ – in their own signs, or in friendly signs. Venus is in Taurus, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Pisces & Saturn in Aquarius/Capricorn. Although Mars and Venus will move they are still positive and strong which continues for the next couple of months- it is a very powerful time, for good and bad – so, use the energy wisely to move forward and accomplish your goals and visions.

Mars has now entered home territory, having crossed the challenging gandanta bridge from Pisces (where we saw on monday morning of the 27th June, climate protestors locked themselves to their cars causing significant traffic jams and delays for the Sydney harbour tunnel – a typical gandanta like effect)

Mars can now express its strength and courage in full, with all its fire, aggression and impatience as well. As June progresses we will see mars join with Rahu, and Uranus, who’s energies are unpredictable, expansive, unusual, and volatile… as the moon will trigger the conjunction around the 21st-22nd of July, there needs to be extra care taken – it is likely war situations in the world, such as in Russia will reach some kind of crisis during this time. Rahu always expands and inflates whatever it is with – most signs will struggle with this energy, but some will be able to benefit off the positive side to this conjunction. Mars meets with Rahu exactly on 1 August.

All these planets together, however has the potential to be very dangerous. Take care x

Be mindful on the roads especially if you are ruled by Mars, or are accident prone – leave the bike at home, don’t take risks around that time. Head injuries may be more likely now too, as Aries rules the head in the kaal purush – the cosmic person.

Mid July we will have a Full moon in late Sagittarius, in Uttara Ashadha. The shakti for this moon is “ The power is to grant an unchallengeable victory (Apradhrisya Shakti)”

Chandra (moon) will be debilitated in scorpio from 10-12th, passing through scorpio-sag gandanta zone, so these days take emotional care –  Budha (mercury) will be combust the Sun for around two weeks from the 8th of July, Shukra (venus) moves to gemini on the 13th & Surya (sun) moves to cancer on 16-17th

There will be more communications in relationships, perhaps new ones form, or old ones need re addressing – the mercury combustion could trigger confusion or too many word salads, so practice listening with the desire to understand your person, and seek harmony, connection and repair, rather than reacting with defensiveness or criticism. Mercury relates to business, communication as well as trickery and manipulation. Be mindful who you take on, or are working with, make sure all the details are covered. Combust Mercury can also leave you feeling burnt out and exhausted, esp. Gemini and Virgo.

With the high volatility indicated by malefic planets in Aries, June could be an explosive month, however if channeled properly, great success and achievements can be made. One trick is to stop finding fault with others or things in the world – In buddhism, anger is understood to be a deep seed residing within all of us, which gets triggered by an external agency. Part of the journey from animal to human to divine is not needing to act on impulse, choosing consciously to absolve oneself of the seeds which cause disruption in your own life – this is the art, and science of changing ones destiny and healing our karma. 

Saturn is Retrograde until the 23rd of October. Shani is the judge, the taskmaster and the Lord of Karma. Even the gods are not free of the consequences of their actions. Retrograde in sanskrit is ‘Vakri’ which means twisted or crooked. It allows us to see things from a fresh perspective but it can also allow for shady or dishonest methods and means. It can also indicate health troubles.

Saturn, as the taskmaster and planet of karma, intensifies pressure, so it may feel like you would be taking on too much, but it is a good time for working hard on your projects. The will be karma to deal with. If something has been put off, you may not be able to ignore it now. Often, Saturn ruled people can be workaholics, not knowing when to stop, or creating too much identity around their work. This can sap the joy out of life. Balance needs to be made. Saturn rules Vayu – the windy element, when he is imbalanced it leads to vata derangement and a whole host of windy/vata related disorders. 

“When you are tough on yourself, life is infinitely easier on you”

Jupiter Retrograde for 5 months from 29 July – 23 Nov.
Jupiter retrogrades for 120 days is stationary 5 days before and after.

It is a time to think big and outside of the box. Challenge yourself and question what you have learnt, perhaps you have acted unreasonably in the past, now is the time to review the basis of your choices. Jupiter becomes stronger when retrograde. 

Jupiter represents all the good things such as joy, optimism, faith, supportive people, good luck, blessings, wealth, finances, sacred speech, youth, education, wisdom, knowledge, good vibes and positive thinking. There can be too much of a good thing as well, be mindful of excess and over indulgence, and avoiding the more serious issues of life which may tend to be ignored.Jupiter has its dose of self righteousness and zealousness – when it acts on faith and belief, it can be unshakeable – which, while wonderful, can have disastrous consequences, as we see in cases of any forms of extremism.

Jupiter governs the Akash tattva (element) which corresponds to the sense of hearing and the karakta (mouth – speech) An afflicted Jupiter can indicate hearing issues/inability to listen or issues with managing space – literally and metaphorically 

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, if your moon or rising is here, be extra mindful of your health and finances during this retrograde, as well as making sudden financial changes, buying property & risky investments. 

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June Starry Times – Retrograde Season Begins!

Hey Psychonauts,

How is it June already? 
Tempus fugit … in every sense!

We end the month of May with a New moon in Taurus.
Mercury moves direct on the 3rd and Saturn begins retrograding on the 5th.
There will be a second Scorpio Full Moon on the 14th, Gemini Season begins as Sun moves into the sign of the twins on the 15th and Venus will move into Taurus on the 18th. The month ends with a Mars moving through pisces/aries gandanta 25th-28th and a Gemini new moon on the 29th.

The journey of the moon from full to new is about introspection, not starting new things, spiritual activities, meditation, cleaning, culling and simplifying life. It is about resting, silence, ending, gestating and cultivating stillness even in motion. Moon is comfortable and supported in Taurus, in its favourite star, Rohini. 

Every month we can have a spiritual reset. The day before new moon, the new moon day itself (amavasya) and the day after are inauspicious for beginning anything, the moon is weak and without strength. 

Rohini connects to Prajapati, lord of creation. This star is about creativity, growth, fertility, plants and water. The mind is nourished and supported. Be mindful of excess expansion and too many desires for luxuries which can lead us toward Moha (delusion). This moon is joined by mercury so it can be a little complicated as the mind and intellect struggle to work things out, this as we know, only muddies the water… try stay calm and aim for connection and compassionate communication.

The first week of June can be expected to be slow as we approach the annual retrograde of Saturn, the great taskmaster and lord of karma and time. Added to that is a retrograde Mercury is moving direct on the 3rd.

With two planets changing directions, expect plans to change/revert and a new perspective to dawn. 

Mercury has been retrograding in Taurus since May 10. It has been an unusually long time for mercury to be in one sign – there has been a certain re assessment of people, projects and plans pertaining to values, resources, wealth and speech. Venus, who rules Taurus, has also been going through some major transitions. This has made us question our worth and those of others in our lives.

Relationships of all manners have been through some kind of re assessment.

Currently Mercury is combust the Sun–  meaning it is burnt/fried/too close … This further confuses our thinking, it can also indicate burnout and exhaustion from taking on too many projects.  As Mercury moves direct and further away from the Sun after the 3rd, expect clarity in thought and communications to return. Certain projects that had stalled will begin to move forward again.

Gemini and Virgo rising and moon folk will feel this shift strongly. As always, don’t rush and take your time.

Saturn Retrogrades on 5th June, for 140 days. It is our annual invitation to remember that nothing is truly in our control, we all must suffer or enjoy the consequences of our karmas (the good and the bad). 

Saturn is a planet of Tamas – You may feel more tired, low energy, exhausted or lazy. Retrograde brings delays, frustrations and reversals into our life. Retrogrades tend to create doubt and uncertainty, which is why it is recommended not to make drastic decisions during this time.  

It is a time to review, reflect, re assess, re do, revisit, rethink, the structures in place in your life. If Saturn is transiting through your 4th house, you may be changing homes or living space, if its in your 10th house, there may be significant developments at work. Saturn moving through your 11th house will weed out bad friendships and bring older, more mature or stable people into your life.

We need to work a bit harder during this time to see results. Don’t be discouraged by doubt. Avoid taking on too many new projects, over committing. Work hard, but pace yourself. Work out, lift weights, get your body moving. Saturn can be very lazy when afflicted. Avoid planning important things on Saturday! Fast from tamasic foods like meats, alchohol etc, do your work on Saturday and enjoy Sunday 🙂

It is a unique transit as Saturn is currently hovering at 1 degree Aquarius. 1-0, 30 and 29 dregrees of a sign are critical degrees known as Sandhi in sanskrit. Planets are neither here or there, creating unsettled, insecure foundations and situations. 

Whatever big project you want to plow ahead with, take your time, and more! Especially if you have major planets like moon or rising in Capricorn or Aquarius or if Saturn is your atmakaraka, or if you are running a Saturn mahadasa.

Sag moon folks have 6 months left of their Sade Sati, Capricorn moon are halfway, Aquarius moon are in the middle and Pisces moon folk are beginning. This is a significant time of personal responsibility and growth which can bring significant changes and developments over a period of 7.5 years. It is often accompanied with depression, difficult karmic situations, but also of success, growth and maturity. 

I am writing a separate blog on Saturn in Aquarius :

  • When he fully moves there in Jan 2023, the following 2.5 years will see some countries attaining peace and stability, some form of treaties may be signed, significant new developments in technology, such as AI in medicine, transplants and bionic limbs will be released.
  • Certain world leaders will become a favourite of the people. There will still be some tensions and strife, however there will be a general consensus toward creating peace. Especially as we have Jupiter at home in compassionate Pisces.. We have already seen a positive shift in government in Australia (of course, the left and the right wing belong to the same bird) – But there will be a returning of democracy and ‘for the people’ attitude for the next few years – at least!

The next Full Moon will occur on 14th June, in Scorpio @ 9:52pm AEST– this time in Jyestha nakshatra, ‘The Elder Star’ 

Jyestha is opposite to Rohini, the favourite star and place of fortune and abundance. Jyestha is connected to Alaxmi, the goddess of misfortune.. It provides clues into Scorpios dark side, where they can be the architects of their own misery (in my teacher Komilla Sutton’s words) It is however, a very powerful star, forming a pair with Mula, the first nakshatra of Sagittarius. It also contains gandanta point. This is one of the most potent areas of the zodiac. 

As the moon passes through here, the invitation is to shed, and continue the cycle of rebirth/renewal which has been so poignant and potent over the last couple of months. Jyestha Gandanta can dredge up deep and obsessive feelings/emotions, Guru Purnima is a fantastic time to offer this this to the fire, purge, let go, surrender & sacrifice. Mars is in Pisces with Jupiter, so it can be a very good time to start/continue any psychotherapeutic healing therapies/arts. The light of wisdom and knowledge is the most profound wealth of all.

Scorpio moon is supported by a friendly 120° aspect from Jupiter in Pisces, so make the most of it. Continually offer the poisons and toxins of the soul at the altar of compassion, forgiveness and grace. 

Mars Gandanta Transit: 25, 26, 27, 28 June

This will impact Scorpio and Aries Rising and Moon the strongest. Mars can be troublesome in Pisces; a fiery, warrior planet in a water sign can create deep feelings and explosive anger. It can manifest as some outside person, perhaps brothers, siblings or co-workers who stir the pot to get a reaction.

When Mars transits through gandanta this can increase anger, frustration, ego battles and confusion in one’s direction. Don’ t rush or make sudden decisions around this time. It can be a heated time and some clashes/conflict is likely to be seen – There is also danger of flooding and storms.

A good time to practice the pause, and cultivate healthier reactions and loving kindness. 

Coming in late July is Jupiter Retrograde … Stay tuned.
Have a great month folks!

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Art by Brian. K. Vaughan

May Starry Times – Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde & More

Hey Star Travellers,
This month is comparatively lighter than the year so far – we have many planets in strength, and although Mercury will retrograde on the 10th of May, there is a sense of optimism and faith which has felt absent for quite a while. 

Venus and Mars move signs, we are in-between eclipses, therefore we are still in eclipse season, with the last lunar eclipse in Scorpio happening on the 16th. 
However, despite the ups and downs we have the strength to deal with it.

Key Dates :

May 10 – Mercury Retrograde
May 16 – Lunar Eclipse
May 17 – Mars Moves to Pisces
May 15 – Sun Sandhi/moving to Taurus
May 23 – Venus moves to Aries/Gandanta transit
June 3 – Mercury direct
June 5 – Saturn Retrograde

May 10 sees the second Mercury retrograde for 2022. It finishes on June 3rd. It is in the sign of Taurus. In January it was in Capricorn, in September it will be in Virgo. 

Since Mercury or Budha in sanskrit, governs the earth element, this year highlights our relationship to this element even more. 

Ruled by friendly Venus who is currently exalted, this retrograde shouldn’t ruffle too many feathers. It may highlight where we are stuck or stubborn in our thought process. Taurus likes to get comfortable. An opportunity to rethink and re assess situations pertaining to our families; how we relate/communicate with them, our resources; how we use/abuse them and the food/media etc we consume.

Venus is about values, self worth & finance so this retrograde can trigger issues around these matters for healing and resolution. 

Take care on the days 9th, & 11th as Mercury is standstill, expect extra delays. Mercury goes direct on June 3rd, 2 days before Saturn turns retrograde on June 5th Again take care in early June as there will be more delays and setbacks/sudden reversals. 

Avoid any unnecessary travel. Be prepared for the unexpected. Not a great day to have meeting. Always be mindful of Wednesdays during the retrograde period as this is when Mercurys energies are the strongest. 

Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Scorpio – Vishakha – 16 May 2:14pm

The last eclipse in Scorpio for 18 years. We are still unravelling secrets, and unresolved issues. Scorpio is debilitation sign for the Moon. Emotions run deep, risking stagnancy. It opposes a retrograde Mercury.  Taurus/Scorpio are fixed signs highlighting resources, wealth, money, having things and letting go. This is a turning point, and the last bits of poisons are invited to clear.

Mind and intellect are not thinking clearly – avoid major decisions these days. 

Sun will also be in Sandhi, changing signs on the 15th and therefore not strong.
Give yourself space in these moments, not rush to conclusions. Pain may feel more visceral and failures more obvious – sit deeply with your feelings and connect to them rather than run away. 

Eclipses are cause by Rahu and Ketu, and although the nodes have moves into Aries and Libra, Ketu is in Vishakha (Libra side), with only a few degrees from the moon who is in the Scoprio Vishakha) – This lunar mansion is a gateway, one symbol is a potters wheel – so what are we shaping? Clay can be remoulded and so can belief patterns – in fact the entire human organism is just a collection of karmic patterns, some are stronger than others. Many frequencies can be altered, with time, patience and faith. 

Go easy during this time – all will be well

Venus Exalted in Pisces, Jupiter @ Home 

Venus is in her happy place in Pisces, along with Jupiter who is at home for the next year. Faith and optimism has returned Jupiter moves away from two years being in Saturn ruled signs. Sometimes life can take us to places where we feel completely hopeless, it is the light that comes on in the middle of the darkness which takes us out of the depths of despair. 

This quality is represented by Jupiter; the guides, mentors, teachers and gurus in our lives, those who illuminate our minds and allow us to see past our own limitations. This is why knowledge and wisdom is the greatest wealth, and why Jupiter exalts in the sign of Cancer, the place of the mind. 

Venus reflects our tastes and values and relationships, and by extension our sense of self worth. She is the pleasure principle and desires. Too much in either direction reflects and unhealthy Venus – in her highest functioning she is selfless, devoted and compassionate – altruistic, non judgemental and accepting. Many people with Pisces placements struggle with boundaries (Jupiter rules Space), asserting many boundaries which turn into walls. 

How can you keep your connection to God/Self/Supreme reality, without getting caught up in emotional dramas and what you are getting/not getting from others? 

Shifting the narrative to giving and staying connected to god prevents draining of vital life energies, and the loss of self. 

Venus will pass through gandanta as she moves from Pisces into fiery Aries 23-24 – a rebirth of self some for some – Relationships in general are highlighted this year as Ketu moves through Libra, there may be significant endings/new beginnings happening … 

Well, that’s it for now, have a great month folks!
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