The Starry Times: Jupiter Retrograde | Aquarius/Capricorn

Hey Folks, 

Today I am channeling/feeling into the collective energy as I reflect on the chart of the moment. What follows is a synthesis of some of the current celestial trajectories. As usual, take this as you will, it is my interpretation. If it resonates, I would love to hear what your experience is. Of course this is also general, effects will vary greatly depending on the nature and functioning of Jupiter and Saturn in your own charts. 

Note this is following Vedic/Sidereal Calendar.

Jupiter Retrograde – Aquarius/Capricorn : 21 June – 18 October
Shatabhishak and Dhanishta nakshatra

Mercury Stationary going direct – 21 June
Solstice … Summer/Winter – 21 June
Sun in Gemini now for the month – 15 June – 17 July

As you can see, 21 June is a significant day of change – Solstice, Mercury Stationary moving direct and Jupiter turns retrograde.

These next few days are potent to set your vision to the stars. To manifest clearly and directly. There is a potency of energy today. Sun is at the lowest/highest – Deep Dive, or Fly High. Set your compass and face your true north. Good things await.

Avoid forcing any major decisions over the next few days, as the energies are feeling stuck, or muddled. It may feel difficult to decide one way or another. Wait a few days, and it will pass. Mercury and Jupiter both stationary means to not force anything at this moment. Once they start moving, one forward and one back, things will start to move again and the paths will continue to unfold!

Jupiter Retrograde for 5 months means we are reflecting on greater values, ideas, philosophical and spiritual beliefs and mind sets. How values shape beliefs, what beliefs affect actions, how one’s thinking limits or expands. Keep asking questions and challenge your thinking. Be willing to change your mind, to not know. This retrograde is likely to bring re arrangement, delays and obstacles in areas such as finances, organisations, business structures, husbands/male partners – there may be endings/new beginnings. It may not be the situation or people themselves, but the way you view them.

Challenges/changes with authority, teachers, guides and mentors. There may be a need to take a stand for one self, be mindful of shady activities. Sagg and Pisces folk need to be mindful of their health and finances during this retrograde. Take care signing contracts, buying property, risky investments or starting new ventures during this time. Some health issues may arise, overindulgence in anything may prove to have some undesirable consequences. 

Expect things to slow down more over the next few months – Re-assess, re-do, a situation may reverse, expectations can lead to disappointment. Strive for clarity and integrity in your thinking process and self expression. Aquarius is a humanitarian, collective oriented sign, impersonal, often subdued in its emotional expression, eccentric and revolutionary in its thinking style. Often, what is created in Aquarius is directed to the benefit of others in some way.

Jupiter in Aquarius is currently expressed through Saturn in Capricorn, (who has also just turned retrograde). Jupiter is still feeling restricted by Saturn. Remember, Jupiter doesn’t like to be reigned in, he wants to expand infinitely and exponentially. Saturn asks us to be disciplined, focussed and humble. Limit yourself, be creative about that. Bend, so life doesn’t force it upon you.

Jupiter is casting his beneficial and uplifting gaze to the 7th sign from itself – Leo, as well as a trine 120° aspect to Libra and Gemini – The other two air signs. Leo is connected to the natural 5th house – Collectively we are experiencing expansion and growth in creative ventures, play and self expression. Intelligence and new ideas are highlighted. Stepping up in personal power, shining like the Sun. Time to learn new things. Jupiter’s supportive gaze on Libra and Gemini helps heal/improve/grow relationships and friendships. Growth in business and communications/media can be seen.

Jupiter Stationary Retrograde in Shatabhishak 21 June -21 July – Healing, witnessing the self, Acknowledging the shadow and gifts, transforming the mind. Brilliant new ideas and inspiration, visionary thinking, collaborative gains, collective vision. Bringing disparity into unity. Idealism meeting reality – How can we make this work? 

Gains, opportunity, sudden change of luck. Leadership is indicated. Time to reflect on your relationship to Power – A stable cure to a long term problem, (Vaccine uptake is on the rise) issue or condition – emotional, practical or mental. Diagnoses of health conditions, difficult or hard to cure illness. Jupiter connects to the liver and fat distribution in the body,. Healing of deep set emotional issues, and/or the revealing of them. A great time for psychotherapy and psychological therapy.

When Jupiter moves back into Dhanistha, on the 21st of July it is time to reflect on what has been initiated or created since early March this year. Dhanistha is connected to prosperity, beauty and tangible wealth. What has filled you up or consumed you in this time? What are your sources of wealth? What is wealth to you? What are the different types of wealth? What are you abundant in? Expand your definition of wealth beyond finance. Explore the relationship between value and wealth. Be aware of all of your assets, move beyond comparison and polish the jewel that you are. Heartfelt gratitude for what IS, magnetises you.

Much progress can be made over the next 5 months – with the combination of Jupiter retrograding in Saturn’s sign, who is also retrograde, as well as Jupiter’s retrogression into Capricorn, sign of debilitation, it really is a time to make solid, tangible and practical steps toward your goals/projects/ideas. Plan, draw, brainstorm, take your time! Saturn is a slow planet and so, what gets created under Saturn’s influence tends to last. This can be positive or negative, so make you are involving yourself in things you wish to continue see growing and evolving over time. Re-assessing and refining your trajectory is key right now. 

Enjoy the transition and the night of Solstice, on the 21st – the longest night of the year. This is a turning point, what has been obscuring in darkness may begin the annual return to the light and ever expanding awareness, like the brilliance of the Sun rising over the eastern shore. 

For those in the north – the gradual descent into the dark womb begins, summer solstice, the pause in between the ebb and flow and the long, midsummer balm. 

Enjoy  🌞

With Love,

{Art By MorySetta}

The Starry Times: June Cosmo News

Hey Star Travellers,
Welcome to June !

We start this month in between eclipses, a retrograde Mercury and Saturn, Mars moving into debilitation in Cancer, a creative and communicative Venus in Gemini and Jupiter slowing down, moving retrograde.

Key Dates :

10 June –  Solar Eclipse/New Moon Taurus/Mrigashira
3 June – 21 July – Mars in Cancer 
30 May – 23 June  Mercury Retrograde/Combust
4 June – 17th  Mercury Combust the Sun
16 June – Sun moves to Gemini
21 June – Jupiter Retrograde / Equinox
25 June – Full Moon Sagittarius/Mula

What does it all mean ?

As always, please take this as a general overview of the cosmic climate, according to my own interpretation. Jyotish is a science of observation. It is a lived experience. Trial and error, observe and reflect. And like all experiences it is unique to the individual.Transits affect individuals very differently depending on the arrangement in your own chart (which is a symbolic reflection of your karmic soul story in this time and space). 

Keen to understand how the planets, transits and energies are affecting you personally? Book in for a consultation here : 

As Sage Varahamihira says succinctly : “There is no better boat than a horoscope to help one cross the sea of life”

So lets get started :

This month begins in between an eclipse portal. The Scorpio full moon/ lunar eclipse on the 26th of May was a powerful opening to the deep subconscious where the collective psyche disgorged all that is hidden; revealing of secrets, misuse of power, deception and lies, which often come out in the wash.

We are seeing this manifest with the current Bill Gates scandal around his involvement with Jeffery Epstein (convicted sex offender), as well as sexual harassment allegations and mostly recently, admitting to having an affair with an employee at Microsoft in 2000. These revelations tarnish his philanthropical and altruistic image. Scandals are a classic rahu/ketu/scorpio eclipse vibe.

It has been a potent time for transformation, healing and reaching into the more hidden aspects of our personality, old traumas, pain and fear. 

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon happens on the 10th of June. 

Chandra (moon) will sit in between the Surya (sun) and Rahu – Rahu, the lunar north node and head of the serpent is said to be swallowing the lights. Sun and Moon reflect the Atman (Soul/Spirit) and Jiva Atman, (individualised self) the Soul/Mind – Rahu’s influence disturbs our pranic channels. This is why it is said to avoid looking directly at the eclipse, those who are sensitive can over stimulate their nervous systems, creating subtle disturbances. Especially the Lunar Eclipse.

Eclipses are seen as negative omens especially for material things.
The creative, life giving forces of the Sun and Moon get swallowed and distorted by Rahu, twisting and darkening the light. This is why it is said to avoid making hasty decisions, sign contracts, make life changing choices during eclipse times – often what seems shiny and glimmering can dissolve into dust, after the eclipse period is over. This goes for new jobs, relationships or buying a new house. Disappointments can reign high. 

It is however an excellent time for deep inner work. Tantrics use eclipse times for meditation, and other spiritual practices as the veils are thin. Stay indoors, fast, clean the house and keep life simple. 

The New Moon in Taurus falls in the lunar nakshatra Mrigashira @ 8 :53pm on the 10th. 

Sun, Rahu and Mercury are also in Taurus – This new moon is charged as it is a Solar Eclipse. Rahu is swallowing the Sun. New moons are times to withdraw your energy a little and deepen your receptivity to the subtle nuances of life. 

It is likely the events of the month will build in intensity, are reaching a head, those with busy lives feel busier, time is of the essence and of course with the retrograde energies, situations and events may feel more complicated, frustrating and slower than they ought to be. These times are good to practice our spiritual skills. Patience, foresight, tenacity, and tolerance. Don’t push your agenda too hard and be open to changing plans, you’ll be better off. 

Mrigashira is a star which manifests Prinana Shakti – The Power of Giving Fulfillment

Mrigashira is a star of searching. It is connected to Soma, the divine elixr of immortality, and ruled by the warrior mars, who has just moved into debilitation. It is a gentle star, but one fuelled by desires and possibly, unrealistic expectations. This new moon /eclipse is complicated and uncertain. Avoid extremes, spicy food, rash and aggressive behaviour/thoughts. Excessive restlessness and ‘doing’ is rooted in the inability to sit still with one’s thoughts – to just be, to sit still. The mind always needs to be occupied with one thing or another, perhaps to avoid the inherent emptiness of its own existence… Emptiness doesn’t sell, but it brings deep inner peace and contentment, which is the greatest wealth of all.

The Scorpio/ Taurus axis is also highlighting the need to connect with divine love, and avoid attempting to fulfil this deep need through uncommitted temporary sexual liaisons, unhealthy possessiveness or other imbalanced relational dynamics. Many people think changing partners solves the problem, but you may notice people often change partners to avoid changing themselves. Multiple relationships disturb the psychic energy and generate new karma which will need to dealt with. You may feel like breaking up/changing your relationship at this time. But stay still and inquire. What are you avoiding in yourself? Your partner is a divine mirror. Stop fighting and look deeper.
There may have been rupture, but the growth is in the repair.

Relationships are places to give and to serve the divine in human form, but in our western world relationships have become little more than transactions, where two people meet behind great walls, desperately hiding their fears, insecurities and vulnerability. Find a best friend who will not only trigger your healing, but stay and help you unpack.

“ Don’t wish for an easy person, wish for a person who will reflect to you all the ways you bullshit yourself”

With Venus in Gemini – The energy of Taurus is invited to communicate about stuff! – Big fan of talking about the elephant in the room. (Gemini looooves to talk)

Usually the bull can be oh so stubborn and fixed in its ways. He can’t be bothered, just plain lazy. But the essence of any great relationship is the repairs which come after the rupture. How well you can make the effort – understand the other’s point of view. Most people are not trying to hurt you – awkward dancing and stepping on toes is inevitable in relating. Find the people willing to go through the rain with you. Remember, don’t choose the Rose if you are not willing to handle the Thorns!

This new moon look beyond the surface of things. Perhaps it is time to inquire into your approach to how you relate, are your beliefs, your assumptions outdated? Is it time to upgrade your mindset and thinking? New moons is time for withdrawl and reflection. Personally, I enjoy the ingress of a dark moon. There is a subtle stillness and calm I find refreshing, mystical and potent.

Mars in Cancer – 3 June – 21 July

This transit happens once every two years.

Mars rules the signs Aries and Scorpio, so if you have moon/ascendant or significant planets in these signs you will be feeling this transit. Here the warrior Mars struggles in the waters of Cancer the Crab,. Instead of being forthright, direct and aggressive, he becomes passive aggressive, vague, sideways and feels weak. Cancer is a water sign, mars a fire planet – this combination creates steam. Expect a polarisation of specific issues.

Aries and Scorpio are advised to take a step back and not push themselves so hard. They will feel low energy and if there has been significant energy expansion over the first part of the year, burnout may be likely. Take time to rest, especially with the other cosmic events occurring. Anger issues may surface. Be clear in your action, assertive, not aggressive. It can be an opportunity to be more compassionate toward yourself and others. Cancer is a sign connected to family, mars here can indicate familial issues arising. Self confidence and self worth may feel low at this time. Keep your faith and let things move in the direction they want to go. Practice tolerance, a bit of tenderness goes a long way. 

30 May – 23 June  Mercury Retrograde/Combust

May has been a month where we started to feel shifts of energies that herald the upcoming changes this year. How you personally experience these changes will depend on where you are at in your life and awareness; how well you relate to the cyclical ups and downs of life. 

Mercury is at standstill in the early degrees of Gemini about to retrograde tomorrow, the 30th of May. Saturn has already gone retrograde and still is very still/slow at 19 degrees of Capricorn.

Retrograde is a time to re-assess. Depending on where the sign of Taurus is in your chart, your experience can feel very different. It can be that an old lover or partner returns, there may be some unfinished business, friends from the past come back into your life, it may be a time to re assess your finances, perhaps family issues are needing to be addressed. Mechanical issues may surface demanding attention. Overall it is a time to go back and think over how you have approached certain things in your life. Maybe in the past there has been some errors of judgement, decisions you made in the past need to be re addressed.

Retrograde Mercury can feel scattered. Suddenly everything piles up at once, messages get confused in different inboxes, and plans, well, they may not unfold as you would like. You feel suddenly pressured, over committed and your boundaries are tested. Appointments get cancelled, situations delayed, traffic lines are longer.

Keep in mind this Mercury retro is occurring at the same time as Saturn retro – who just shifted on the 23rd. 

It’s a time to triple check your travel plans, agreements and communications. Back things up and watch for vagueness and  and unclarity. There is a saying that says the greatest distance between two people is mis understanding. Conflict, as a natural part of life, has a marvellous function of leveraging us from our own rigidities, by inviting one to see things from a different point of view. The degree of mental flexibility you have will reflect in your ability to adapt to the hiccups that occur during the retrograde period. 

it will also promote some mishaps and misadventures in mercury related fields such as computers, phones, messaging, dealing with colleagues and business partners, organising, scheduling, delays in transportations, autocorrect disasters and emails that mysteriously disappear into cyberspace. Back up your devices, double, triple check important documents and contracts.

Use this time constructively to make sure you have all the facts before moving forward.

Typically Mercury retrogrades are times to not push any agenda too fast. Take care and consider all your options before taking action. A lack of thoroughness and attention to detail in the past months could show themselves at this time. Being too attached to outcomes often lead to disappointments…  Re-assess, re-focus, re-consider as many times as you need to and don’t be afraid to postpone a decision if you feel unsure. There is no Rush.

Take time this month and avoid over committing yourself to plans and projects. It is likely that things will reach a head and feel chaotic – practice culling what is unnecessary and streamline your processes. Business affairs are likely to be impacted, family and career, be flexible and expect the unexpected, delays and changes.

Be well, practice your practice and keep on keeping life simple.
With love,
Darinka x

The Starry Time : Total Lunar Eclipse Super Moon In Scorpio / Anuradha

Hey Star Travellers, 👋🏼
I hope this finds you well ⭐️

On the evening of Wednesday 26 may, the moon moves into the dark shadow of the Earth. Lasting just over three hours, this spectacular event is visible throughout Australia and NZ. 

During this eclipse, the moon is likely to turn red due to the light being refracted or bent, around he Earth by our atmosphere. While safe to watch, it is ill advised due to the excessive psychic disturbance it can cause in the manas, or mind.

Partial eclipse begins in Sydney East coast at 7:45pm total eclipse at 9:09pm -9:28pm, partial eclipse ends @ 10:53pm

Those who are sensitive are advised to stay indoors, fast, keep things simple and use this time to deepen their spiritual practices. What makes this moon unusual is that it occurs when the moon is near pedigree, so that it appears a little larger than usual.

While many may numb themselves with substances or being surrounded by others – those who are seeking deeper connection can take advantage of this portal for spiritual sadhana, meditation, mantra and silence are greatly amplified – all things are amplified, so use this time effectively – Even just quiet contemplation, yoga practice, breath work, or any activity that draws your sense inwards instead of outward. It is not a good time for material activities, I.E signing contracts, moving, sudden decisions – its a bit like trying to repair your ship in the middle of the storm. Wait till the tides settle. 

This full moon falls in the star Anuradha – A star linked to the quality of devotion, healing and friendship. its deity is Mitra, one of the 12 solar adityas, or ‘faces’ of the sun. Symbolised by the Lotus, Anuradha flowers after initial difficulty. Ruled by Saturn, it gives success later in life, and the strength and fortitude to overcome adversity. No mud, no lotus. Anuradha is linked to Radha and Krishna, the divine lovers/consorts – esoterically, this can be linked to the unification of opposites – however is also likely to raise issues around relationships and partnerships. 

Venus, Sun and Mercury with with Rahu in the opposite end, in Taurus – situations with your significant other, friendships, business relationships are highlighted. Remember a discussion is meant to be about finding out what is right, an argument is about who is right.

Chandra (moon) is fallen/debilitated in Scorpio, and will be close to Ketu (south node of the moon), which is in Jyestha, the next star – a star connected to combat, leadership and authority – This moon can bring up past issues surrounding trauma, abuse, sexuality, power and secrets. Jyestha is the home of Antares, the star of war. Scorpio is known for its obsession and hypersensitivity, the debilitated moon can bring out these qualities in greater force. 

Eclipses reveal and conceal. Ketu acts like mars, so this can be a particularly violent moon,  but it can be like using the sword to cut through your own bullshit and sever the stories, ghosts and attachments. Ketu in scorpio is dredging up deep psychological complexes and patterns, the opportunity to delve into the deep work is ripe now. No easy feat, but such is the work which will keep knocking in many forms if not addressed. 

The axis of Taurus/Scorpio has much to do with relationships, security, possession and letting go. If you have found yourself building a home in others, perhaps it’s time to find home within. Letting go of anything deeply cherished is usually tied in with trauma at some level, as fundamentally our entire identity often revolves around the sense of me, mine and what I have (the limited self). When that is challenged in some way, it often creates wounds to the ego self.

Therefore, spiritual work is about transforming those wounds into wisdom – including the ego self in the larger framework of one’s spiritual heritage. Trauma is part of life, suffering is a divine doorway, the journey from the wound to wisdom is alchemy – Rites of Passage

Scorpio digs deep and has the capacity for profound shadow work, catalysing the inner death, “dying before death” – In many ways this is also the power of Saturn’s influence in Anuradha – the capacity to limit oneself – so Shani doesn’t have to take away from us when least expected. 

This full moon, I could suggest tapping into the heart of devotion. What does devotion mean to you? What transcends your sense of self? What is it to completely surrender to something ? Perhaps anything you completely surrender to can be a spiritual practice, weather it is your partnership, your vision, dream or family, or to God – whatever you perceive the intelligence which permeates all of Life to be – Saturn bridges the dream with reality, the weaving of fiction and fact – that wound into wisdom. Especially now as he has turned retrograde (more in the next post) it is a great time to look back over the last year and re evaluate your choices and attitudes – it is a time of karmic reckoning. What is obsolete will become painfully obvious if continued to be ignored.

Embrace the changes, the delays and the re-routing which is occurring, and a message to Scorpio – compromise with yourself, or you will be digging your own grave!! Perhaps Mitra, patron of friendship reminds us to be our own best friend, and to speak to self with utmost sweetness. Change is never easy, especially for fixed signs, so gently gently, the lotus heart is blooming.

Be still, stay calm and breathe deep,

With love,

{Art by Rick Lovell)

The Starry Times – May 2021 – Great Changes

Hey Star Travellers 👋🏼
May is a month of significant changes, with Saturn slowing down and moving retrograde, Mercury begins retrograde, a full moon lunar eclipse and nodal conjunctions causing a scene in Taurus. 

Key Dates in May
5th   Venus moves into Taurus – becomes visible again
11th  Mercury cnj Rahu in Rohini
12th New Moon 5am Aries – Krittika 
15th  Sun moves to Taurus
18th  Venus cnj Rahu in Rohini
23rd  Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (23 May – 11 Oct)
26th Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) 9:14 am Scorpio – Anuradha
27th  Mercury moves to Gemini
30th  Mercury retrogrades to Taurus (30 May – 26 June)

Mars in Gemini
Jupiter in Aquarius (Retrograde 21 June – 18 Oct )

What does this all mean?!

The Taurus / Scorpio axis is being highlighted for the collective – Taurus being a material sign connected to agriculture, security, legacy, family, wealth, sensuality, food, and speech, Scorpio being a mystical sign connected to endings, death, transformation, inheritance, secrets, occult, sexuality, letting go, and power. Issues will come to a climax by the 26th of the month, where we will have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, with Rahu, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus. 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, Scorpio, by Mars and co-ruled by Ketu.

Taurus is fixed earth, Scorpio fixed water. Both are stubborn and dislike sudden changes. Venus and Mars is always connected to relationships and partnerships, fire and water alchemy creating steam wherever they are located in your chart. Attraction and repulsion. How does it translate? Venus is sensuality, Venus is Jaal Tattva, the element of water, Mars is connected to Agni, Fire and the process of Transformation, from the gross to the subtle.
Ketu is the headless south lunar node who doesn’t care for material attachments. It indicates sudden, unexpected and fated events that are ultimately designed to awaken the sleeping soul. Scorpio is not an easy energy, the 8th sign, there is much churning and burning of karmas. It can lead one to madness, or spiritual heights.

Security is a major theme of this axis. The fixed nature of these water and earth signs mean that at least, a part of their motivation lies in the attachment to external resources for the sense of security and safety. But as most of you know, the more one tries to create security with money, stuff, houses, people, family, jobs and career, somehow, the more insecure one feels. The desire to have (taurus) is met by the fear of loss (scorpio) Not every day, but that gnawing feeling is there, lingering… like a bad smell!! 

Somehow, you can have everything you want, yet still want more. 

Once the family is settled, once the kids have flown the nest, once the house has been built, once one had been fed … then what? The bull is satisfied and resting. Now the scorpion wants to burrow, it wants to enter the cave, the dark, hidden recesses of the psyche, the taboo, the obscure, the occult. It wants to know the mysteries of life. This process can also be reversed… once the knowledge of the secrets of life have been understood and integrated, then it is time to apply it practically (taurus) to the material world, to improve and better our lives and our karma. 

Venus moves into Taurus
Venus finally moves away from the blinding light of the Sun and into her softer, home territory of Taurus, the bull. After being hidden for so long, she now emerges as the evening star, symbolising her rebirth and ascension to her throne. Venus connects us to all that is emotional, sensitive, receptive, creative, pro – creative and generative. It can be a good time for reconciliations, partnerships and healing, as well as connecting to the Venusian realms. Honouring Shakti in all her myriad forms. Alternatively, a new car may be in order (Venus connects to Vehicles)

On the 18th of May, Venus meets with Rahu. This can amplify desires, sensuality, food, pleasure, arts and creativity. It can cause fear and uncertainty, especially if Venus ruled your moon or ascendant. Take care over thees days and avoid overindulgence – you may regret it later.

New Moon Aries/Krittika – 12 May @ 5am AEST
This new moon highlights the Libra Aries axis, completing the lessons of the last month – Aries is about self, libra about others. Libra desire to partner and compromise and do business, Aries is a natural leader and loner, thinking about its own needs first. Krittika has the power to burn and purify. It is about cutting through illusions, separating truth and falsity. This new moon is good for completions and recognising what needs to be cut out of your life. It may not be pretty, but neither is surgery. Usually you feel better afterwards though! Be mindful however, to not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Some things just need more time and patience, (and a bit of love)
A good time for fire ceremonies and intentional transformations.

Mercury Retrograde: 30 May – 26 June
Mercury will be playing his/her/their (Mercury is a eunuch) tricks. After briefly dipping into Gemini on the 27th, Marc will retrograde in Taurus disrupting the usual; plans, travels, emails, messages, trains, schedules, thinking, planning and organising. In general I find, the more attached to plans happening, the greater the disruption. People from the past may return.

Mercury is how we think about things. Disorganised thinking leads to more chaos, but for creative minds it is always fun to see things from another perspective. Be curious. Let things go, slow down, don’t rush. All in good (god’s) time. Whenever you feel absolute on a subject, know you are probably missing the elephant in the room. A good time to meet the elephant, have those conversations, write music, poetry and expressions of the heart (Taurus) and plan for some inevitable delays (and cups of tea) Good to not plan any major travels a few days before and around the 30th and 23rd June (Mercury Stations and then moves either retro or direct, so that is when maximum effects are felt) When the retrograde is in swing, it is usually ok.

On the 11th of May, Mercury will meet with Rahu. This is good for creative and visionary thinking, but in usual effect of Rahu, can promote obsessiveness, extravagant thinking and paranoia. It is however a good time to solve problems and find fresh solutions to an old problem.

Saturn Retrograde: 23 May – 11 Oct
Saturn, ye olde taskmaster has little to no sense of humour, can be far too conservative, unwilling to take risks and manifests as everyone’s internal Eeyore. But, we cannot blame him, for Saturn is the Lord of Time, the lord of Karma, reflecting the consequences of our actions, most of which we have conveniently forgotten. “You never know the impact of your actions until the same is done to you” That is how karma works – Having said that, fear of the devil is useless here, vedic thinking is that we are the makers of our lives, and all beings must suffer/enjoy the fruits of their Karma. This is a time to reflect on your choices since October last year, unfinished business will re appear.

Retrogrades are times to reflect, rethink, re asses, rehash and re-do what was not done well during the direct period. Saturn is about taking responsibility, showing up and being accountable for our lives. If you don’t like what is in it, or who is around you, look at your inner self. Retrogrades invite us to look within and to stop placing the blame on someone or something else. 

A bad attitude is like a flat tyre – you can’t go anywhere until you change it!! 

Like it or not, change comes upon all, and the resistance to it determines much of one’s suffering. Expect delays, curve balls, frustrations, change of job, or changes within the workplace, issues around authority, government and management. There is big shifts of power happening now, especially as Pluto has moved retrograde in early Capricorn. Humility is of the essence.

Both Saturn and Rahu and in Nakshatras (Lunar Constellations) ruled by the moon – Sravana and Rohini, respectively. There is a strong emotional undercurrent playing out, possibly creating hidden fears and worries. 

The focus will be on Taurus, issues highlighted have been mentioned earlier. With the influence of Rahu, insecurity may dominate, Rahu is a psychological point and can bring up fears and unconscious behaviours. There may be family issues, situations at work and job, career changes, conflict with authority, issues around self worth, how much you value yourself and your time, energy and services. Food and diet may become important as health issues may surface. The Lunar nodes reveal and conceal things. Expect some changes, revelations and revealing of things once hidden.

Since Rahu is playing with us, it is a good idea to connect and appease this energy. Connecting with more intense deities such as Durga, Narasimha and and the Nagas are good for helping to balance the Sarpa (serpent) energy. If you are in India, going to temples of these deities, or  you can chant associated mantras to calm the mind. Shiva Mantras are also very good to deal with sarpa energy. (Shiva is always depicted with a snake around his neck, symbolising the control he has over the lower nature) My personal favourite is the Mahamrityunjaya mantra. I find chanting this draws strength, prana and courage into my solar plexus. 

Since Rahu is in Taurus, and many planets will be activating this sign, we could connect with Venus through Goddess Laksmi, Parvati and Goddess Annapoorna

Saturn will be moving retrograde, and if you are in Sade Sati, ruled by Saturn, afflicted, or in Saturn Dasa it is very important to observe fasts and remain vegetarian especially on Saturdays (saturn’s day) Saturn creates limitations by catalysing blocks, delays and setbacks. When we willingly limit ourselves, Saturn does’t have to do it for us! 

Simple life = Happy life.

Many people will be facing issues around food, security and wealth. This is evident in countries which are being most afflicted by Covid. Food shortages are likely during this time. Rohini, while being the favourite place of the moon is related to sudden calamities and events, especially when triggered by difficult transits. The eclipses usually lead to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Stay tuned and stay Safe. Avoid planning anything significant around eclipse times.

On a personal level, in regards to wealth, remember if you want Goddess Laxmi (wealth) to enter your home, clear out your closet! Clean your home. Throw away useless things, let old and worn out things (especially clothes with holes) go. Donate clothes that are still good but are no longer fresh, or use old clothes for rags or other purposes. Keep your clothing and living space neat and clean (holes are energy leakage).
Don’t hoard or hold onto things. Live an uncluttered life. 

Having a wealth mindset does not mean money. Less is More. Less desires mean the mind is not clouded by fantasy and can appreciate what is already here. When you desire less, happiness and wealth increases. Lasting wealth is knowing that what is here is already enough. This is also true for relationships. Who focuses too much on what isn’t working, or what is wrong with their partner only to create more conflict and sabotage a beautiful connection?

True wealth is peace of mind. Many people can’t sleep at night because their soul is not at peace. There are too many skeletons in the closet. Cultivate a simple life, positive relationships and take responsibility for your actions. Never treat people poorly, no matter how they have treated you. Being respectful and kind is about how YOU choose to show up in the world. Not about others. 
One day you realise, there are no others. 

Have a great month everyone, stay tuned for the new/full moon posts on Instagram and Facebook, focus on simplicity, letting go, connecting to your inner spring, gratitude and cultivating humility. Calm is your Super Power x

I will be coming to Sydney from the last week of May for three weeks (yes, during this retrograde time) I am available for in-person consultations and bodywork sessions. Send me an email if you would like to book in (contact form on the bottom of my home page) Booking schedule will be up soon!

With Love,
Darinka xx

{ART: @morysetta}

Full Moon Swati | Libra – SuperMoon Magic

Hey Travellers,

Its been a little while since I have written ..
Today I am reminded of one of my favourite Sufi quotes: 

A traveller walk into an old Sufi’s house, and is shocked to find the place empty.
The traveller is shocked and asks, “where are your all your things?”
“Where are yours? The Sufi replies.
“But I am only a traveller, says the young man
“So am I” The sufi replies …

We have 80 or so years? Maybe less, maybe more? Isn’t it just a blink of an eye?
Shouldn’t we try to live in harmony, with ease, grace and beauty?
Meeting challenges with poise and strength, cultivating our mind-garden, soul-garden and body-mind with awareness, care and firm resolve. 

The key to living a good life, in my view, is to practice living simply, below one’s means, staying clear of any kind of excess, limiting one’s desires, and directing the life force; Prana – consciously, with awareness, refining and purifying the senses, and slowly, slowly, changing the very nature of reality. The truth is that by wanting nothing, you have everything

This to me, is the mark of a good magician, a traveller, in this dimension 😉

This full moon is pretty special, as it’s closer to earth than the usual moons. It will appear bigger in the sky. Nope, won’t be pink, it was named a pink supermoon because of a certain pink wildflower Phlox subulata which blooms in early springtime, in USA. Other names for this moon are Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, or Fish Moon, from various Native American Tribes. In India, this moon is celebrated as the birthday of Hanuman, the devoted monkey God-Warrior, divine servant of Rama – This time is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti. Hanuman is worshipped, and honoured by many, and especially if you are going through a challenging sade-sati, have a weak sun or mars, or struggle with confidence.

In Vedic cosmology, The moon is Jiva Atman, it represents the individual spark, the mind. Atman is the soul – the spirit, the light unending – here, the mind is being illuminated by the soul, there is communication, there is light on the shadow, the mind can receive inspiration and upliftment from source. Full moons are auspicious times. How do you choose to be intoxicated? Moon is Soma – it can lead to ecstasy and spiritual bliss, or addiction to substance. Spirits, or spirituality – Same, same, but – Different.

This full moon occurs on the 27th April @ 13:32 (Southern Hemisphere) and falls in the star Swati ruled by the eclipse point Rahu – It is in Libra, ruled by Venus. Moon will be squared by Saturn, this can give a sombre, heavier tone, it will be opposed by Mercury, Venus and Uranus and will receive a (wide) 120° supportive aspect from Jupiter. It is a busy full moon. Expect lots of activity, instability, electricity, movement and travel. Swati’s Shakti, or power is to move travel or scatter like the wind. The ruling deity is Vayu, lord of wind. Swati people love the freedom to move as they please, they have an ability to scatter, minds as well as negativity. Use with awareness. But, like wind, it cannot be contained. Our breath, as the wind, when disturbed or shallow, will directly affect the flow of prana in the body, limiting energy and manifesting as disturbed Vata in the body, which, when left unbalanced for too long leads to a host of corresponding health issues. Swati is the abode of Saraswati, the goddess of learning. People with this star prominent have a deep love of learning throughout their lives.

There is a Venus/Rahu combination here which can make people who have this star prominent in their charts diplomatic, smooth talkers, manipulative, yet creative, independent and highly intelligent. This star is symbolised by a sword, its other symbol is coral. It is independent and self going. It likes to stand alone, but can be affected by others and it’s environment. The sword cuts through illusions, only to find more halls of mirrors.

Rahu, insatiable desires, Venus, pleasure and luxury. 
Once these distractions are mastered, Swati people can use their sword to cut to the truth, separating fiction from fact.

Hari Om.

Venus is currently in the process of emerging from a long combustion with the Sun. She is in Aries She is Jaal Tattva – Water. When close to Sun, or in fire signs, she doesn’t function so well, all that heat literally dries her up. Libra and Taurus ruled folk have likely been feeling Venus’s combustion the most, fortunately there is relief, and what has been sticky, stuck, boggy, confusing, prickly or frustrating, is giving way to fresh starts and a new beginnings. Venus begins to be visible again in the evening sky.

When the moon is full, the waters rise. Tides are higher, the waves are heavier, Water rises in plants and can be harvested and the fluids in our bodies are no different – they rise.  Sensitive folk may feel it strongly.

Fortunately spiritual practices and Kriya yoga leads the way for individuals reclaim their power and not only self-regulate, but expand their consciousness and achieve self mastery.

It is a good time to reach a climax in something, realise a goal, strike, take action, step forward, cleanse crystals and healing tools and moon bathe. Meditation is always favoured – consciously adjusting the chemicals in your brain. Many tools out there – Check out : Mark Breadner and Cristina Arango – Good places to start.

Currently, all the planets are in direct motion – Pluto does move retrograde on the 28th of April, however for the next month, we still have strong supportive energy to forge ahead with our plans. Saturn begins slowing down over May, and Jupiter as well, so start preparing for the annual retrogrades, which begin toward end of May for about 5 months, when we will need to slow down and perhaps rehash over what we have accomplished so far over the year. Delays will be coming, but not yet!

Have a good time, make good choices, chew your food slowly and practice your practice✌🏼

Love, Darinka 🧡

{Photo By : Suppi-lu-liuma }

The Starry Times – April 2021

Hey Folks  👋🏼

Cat got your tongue? Unusually emotional? Feeling dreamy? 
Lost for words, or feeling super inspired & feeling creative juices flowing? Feeling the good vibes?

Whats Happening this month?

Sun, Venus and Mercury in Pisces. (Sign of Jupiter) 
Jupiter has just shifted into Aquarius.
Saturn in Sravana
Rahu in Rohini
Gandanta – Untying/Tightening Knots

Sun is inspired and mystical, Venus is exalted, feeling loving and compassionate, yet combust and Mercury is debilitated. Some say a debilitated planet with an exalted planet, cancels the debilitation…however I still notice when Mercury is travelling through less conducive waters (mercury is communication, expression, intellect ) It feels a little like a mercury retrograde. 

Thinking can get fuzzy, Sharp logic becomes diffuse. Fabulous for creative minds (they can usually be found swingin’ on obtuse angles by default) However for those who rely heavily on logic, order, systems and plans… well, Tricky Loki (another form of mercury) is playing with ya’ll reminding that life is what happens when everyone else is making plans. 

Pisces/Virgo Axis. What was ordered descends to chaos, and what is chaotic could use some order ie: neatly stacked piles of books on the floor, instead of just books on the floor. Or clothes, or barbie dolls or Lego. Whatever’s your thing.

Mercury represents our electronic devices, schedules, transport, logistics, thinking processes.. the words that may easily slip off the tongue may still be boarding at the station. Plan ahead, clean out your downloads folder and empty your trash (at the least), prioritise, and prioritise REST. Saturn in Capricorn is pumping the grind, workaholics may be burying their emotions.

A short note on Saturn – He will be in the middle of Capricorn this year traversing through the lunar constellation (Nakshatra) Sravana: Sravana is the star of listening, sacred sound and deep silence. 

This is *the* year to tune in, slow down and enter silence.

One definition for this star is “One who has heard and learned” – this year is a year of healing and rebirth – of listening to sacred silence beyond all the noise. Words are just play, a re -imagining of Maya – one cannot describe the infinite, words cannot define what is indefinable. It is only in deep silence that truth can be known. That is the unique journey for all of us. This is how the ancient Rishis and Rishikas divined the Vedas, through direct perception, unfettered by the mind and its dances. Consciousness was also at an all time high back in the day. ~15,000 (or more) years ago.  

This year has a particularly emotional undercurrent, as Saturn, a cold and dry planet moves through Sravana, a star ruled by the moon. Rahu, the psychological player is spending considerable time in the star Rohini, another star ruled by the moon. These two planets are not emotionally conducive, They are better suited to harsher, realistic and practical expressions in the world, and do not usually bode well with the softer, gentler lunar vibrations. The effect is one of generalised anxiety and other psycho – emotional ups and downs. Or, there may be deep emotions being suppressed by constant busyness – Self-Check.

Depending on your ascending (rising) sign & moon, there will be specific areas of life in which these themes will be highlighted. 

Jupiter has moved to Aquarius. Jupiter will stay in the sign of the water bearer now until October, where it will dip back into Capricorn for two months, before moving forward and onwards. Aquarius is a happier place for Guru, as he was debilitated in Capricorn and not feeling strong. Although jupiter will still be feeling the restrictions of Saturn, optimism is returning. The star is Dhanistha, ruled by mars, is connected to wealth, fame and prosperity. Jupiter can bring a positive change and a re-assessment of our sense of value. Jupiter can bring out the positive side of this star which is generating abundance on all planes.

Gandanta : Untying the Knots 10th – 17th of April.
Venus, Mercury, Moon and Sun will all be passing through the sensitive gandanta degrees 28° Pisces to 1° Aries. The lunar constellations are Revati/Ashwini.

10 April Venus, 11/12 April (new) Moon, 13 April Sun, 16/17th Mercury.

Pisces is a mutable (moveable) water sign, emotional knots that may needs untying, in regards to : Relationships, spouse, vehicles, luxury, wealth (venus) emotions, feelings, mother, mental health (moon) authority, power, father, self esteem (sun) and communication, ideas, business, intellect (mercury) 

When a planet moves from a water to a fire sign, this is a great contrast in elements, water to fire creates steam, and unsettles the factors indicated by the planet – and the area of life which that planet rules your chart. Say you have moon in Libra, Venus transits are going to affect your mood, as well as potentially disrupting relationships. If your relationships are generally sound, then it may relate to some of the other factors which Venus represents. Emotionally sensitive people feel the lunar transits more strongly, people in trade, logistics, accounting, administration etc, tend to notice mercury transits more etc. The planets are always moving and doing something, it is about being aware of and managing your inner reality. 

There is big transformation happening, bringing many things to an end, which began a year ago, as Sun will move into Aries, heralding the Astrological New Year a bright new beginning. 
The New moon occurs in Revati, the last Nakshatra. The Sun and Moon, the two lights in the sky, conjoin, the Atman and Jiva Atman, our Soul and Individual Spark.. It is time for a rebirth. A Reset, and a new cycle of growth, healing and evolution.

A Final Note on Astrology and charts :

Your birth chart reflects a culmination of all karmas – accumulated actions from previous lifetimes; the current life reflects the fruits of previous actions. Your ‘persona’ – personality is an organic, evolving matrix of energy, which dissipates at death. What remains is the impressions over the lifetime, stored in the deep, deep subconscious, called Citta. Unresolved and ‘unfinished business’ then manifests in another matrix of energy, and a new birth unfolds, at the specific time and place when the energies align to match the frequency which is ready to take physical form.  

You are not your personality. And you do not have to be under the whims of the motion of the planets. Never use astrology to avoid responsibility for your mind, emotions and actions. Remember, the planets are Grahas – they grasp and seize us, and the degree of Yoga (Union) an individual has over their inner nature, determines how deeply affected you are.

Astrology is meant to be a guide and tool. When we are seized, it shows the degree we are affected by external phenomena. This is why it is said, those who look outside dream, those who look within, awaken

Love, light and a bit of mischief,

Darinka xx

The Starry Times – Venus & The Mirror Conspiracy

Currently Venus is in her sign of exaltation Pisces (meaning great strength, content) – however she is still in the shadow of the Sun, as Venus has traversed the underworld, and come to the other side, having shifted from morning to evening star. She is still feeling burnt out, tired, perhaps depressed, facing the reality of unrealistic expectations, relationship fallouts. 

With Mars still in Taurus and still the the shadow of Rahu – the eclipse, all relationships – and our attitude to relating, is likely going through a great change. 

Vehicle issues may be be arising, finances may be troubled right now. The desire to spend is strong. (Venus loves luxury) – Beware, buyer’s remorse! Venus is the main Karaka (significator) for spouse, or a female partner. She represents the gentle, loving and tender side of our natures, (venus connects to Jal -Water). Her quality and state in the chart reflects one’s tastes, values and love language – how one prefers to give and receive affection, touch and the experience of pleasure.

When are we not in relationship? When studying charts, the qualities and nature of your partner can be seen too, as they are an intimate reflection of you – all that is hidden, beautiful and not …

The gift of the ‘other’ is a divine looking glass where we can see all that is hidden within the Self. For the Dharma warrior, conflict is welcomed, opposition is met with curiosity. When triggered, especially in romantic situations when emotions are involved and vulnerability lies raw and bare like an exposed wound toward the harsh midday sun – the other either becomes evil incarnate, or a divine messenger – Don’t shoot. 

The reality of ‘other’ in some way shape or form, exists. And it is through the other that we can know ourself. Of course, there may come a point in a soul’s path, which entails solitude, a need to withdraw and disengage … but only for so long. It is in the intricate dance of relationship that great transformation has the opportunity to unfold. 

“if you are irritated by every rub, how can you ever be polished?” – Rumi

Jai Māyā Devi – The Great Mirror Conspiracy – The triggers!

Māyā makes us question what is perceived … Māyā means, ‘that which appears to be’ And what appears to be one thing, may not be that at all.  

And so, what is real? 
And, what is unreal?

This has been at the core of human questioning and spiritual seeking ..It is succinctly addressed in the Pavamana mantra:

Om Asatoma Sad-Gamaya
Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya
Mrytyor-Maa Amritam Gamaya
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Lead me from the (asat) untruth to the (sad) Truth.
Lead me from (tamas – ignorance) darkness to (jyotir-knowledge) light.
Lead me from (cycle of birth/rebirth) death to (self-realisation) immortality
Om Peace Peace Peace.

While the translation is rough, and sanskrit words contain layers and depth of meaning not limited to a one word translation, the essence of this mantra addresses the very question of what truth is, and the quest to know this truth, beyond the play of duality.

There is a hunger in the human soul to be free
It is our very essence
Spirit has no limit
No boundaries
Spirit is constantly pushing beyond, yearning to break free. 

The deep inner knowing within knows its limitless reality, and seeks to breaks these bonds, to break the limitations, the bondage to the material world. When this desire is not made conscious it can manifest as addiction, a pathology. Desire twists and the need to push limits occurs only on the physical – compulsive actions.

Do your choices take you toward greater freedom – Sattva, Vidya?
Or further into ignorance – Tamas?

True freedom ultimately lies beyond the senses, when the individual turns their attention away from the grasping at the external perception; returning home to centre. 

Humans long for freedom. This is our nature. It is this hunger, this thirst, this longing within, which this mantra (and many others) speaks to.

Sacred relationships break down illusions, temper the spirit and open the heart. Humility is a rare quality, but essential. In charts when you see the Mars afflicting the 7th house for example, often it can be seen that there is little peace in relationships. Mars is the warrior, and in the 7th, (or aspecting), the field of relating, becomes a battlefield. Someone wants to be right, another refuses to yield – Ego stands for “Edging God Out “ 

“An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind”Gandhi

Relationships offer the opportunity to witness and examine what is dysfunctional within, and find new approaches to old patterns. You cannot change another, but you can change how you respond to them. To learn what is real, or unreal, truth and projection. It is a gift to find two individuals who can fearlessly hold up the divine mirror to each other, with compassion –  ‘Marriage’ is unification (Yoga) of two energies, two souls helping each other grow spiritually, willingly holding the mirror, knowing their journey is separate, but also together. This was the higher purpose of marriage in ancient India. Today, it can be explored in conscious relationships.

Relating is an art, but not everyone is an artist. To love another human being is truly a work of art. It is a dance with the life force flowing in another. Love is a skill.

Fortunately, like any skill, it can be learned and improved upon. 
Practice makes perfect 🙂 

With love,

{ Art By Stephen Mackey }

The Starry Times : New Moon Aquarius Dreams + Reality

This New moon falls @ 28° degrees Aquarius on the 13th of March in the Lunar Constellation PurvaBhadrapada.

Purva Bhadra spans 20° Aquarius – 3°20’ Pisces. It is ruled by Jupiter.
This new moon carries the vibration of Jupiter/Saturn.
Its symbol is a sword.
The shakti/power of this star is to raise a person spiritually.
It’s yoni animal is the Lion. This means instinctually it can be fierce and destructive, but as we know, in the ashes of destruction lie the seeds of creation. 

Purva Bhadrapada is a conundrum, one that is connected to the dark heart of reality, yet one who aspires earnestly toward the light – sometimes caught somewhere in between the two, it can produce the best and worst of human beings. There is good fortune associated with this star, as its higher motivation is connected to spirituality, having reached a place of inner equilibrium and calm. It’s desires can be directed toward the good of humanity.

This star has several symbols. One is two faces, the other is the end of a funeral cot. People under its influence often have two distinct aspects to their personality, it can also mean seeing two sides of an issue. Often it can point to deception. It also symbolises the ending of one way of life, and a journey to another place. The sword cuts through the duality of situations. New Beginnings are on the horizon. 

Jupiter rules this star, and is currently channeling this energy in Capricorn. While most of us think of the generally positive aspect of Jupiter – it’s shadow side lies in not knowing when to stop, blowing things out of proportion, lack of boundaries and a happy go-lucky nature which tends to prefer a good time over a long time, therefore running away when things get heated and someone needs to take responsibility. Jupiter is usually no where to be found. 

Now that Jupiter is in Capricorn and under the rule of Karma Keeper Saturn, Jupiter has to face reality. He feels restricted and uncomfortable. Debilitated in the sign of the goat, Jupiter tends to expresses itself with a materialistic outlook on life, potential disrespect toward elders, male partners or an exploitative outlook on business and wealth creation. Morality and ethics are questionable during Jupiter’s transit through Capricorn, and these issue may need to be addressed. 

Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius. Both signs struggle with over expansion and not having a sense of limits. Saturn’s master lesson this year is in the power of Silence and Deep Listening, as he travels through the constellation Sravana. 

The new moon is also very close to Neptune, who relates to all that is slippery, deceptive and unclear. Boundaries are thin, confusion may reign, what was once hidden may become obvious, secrets may be revealed. The key theme overall is Reality vs. Deception. We are seeing some of this energy manifesting within the royal family at present.

Devotion to a higher cause and the relinquishing of personal satisfaction is a good use of this energy. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign after all. Victims may receive the recognition they deserve. A good time for connecting to subtle dimensions, creativity, writing and spiritual practices.

We are all limited by the veils of perception. Actions which purify our senses lead us on the path to becoming a clear and crystalline mirror so that the Supreme reality can express itself without hinderance through the Human Cosmic Being. 

This is Yoga.

Happy Maha Shivratri and have a peaceful New Moon.
Book in for a consultation to explore your inner cosmology and greater purpose – bookings can be made here.

With love,

{Art By : WAONE }

The Starry Times : New Moon in Capricorn – Dhanistha

Hey Star Travellers … !

What a congregation in Capricorn! This is one of the most exceptionally unusual astronomical/ astrological events to occur in human history!
For those just tuning in – I am speaking from a sidereal/vedic perspective.
Yes, the signs are different. 

This new moon will occur @ 29° Capricorn in the wee hours of the 12th of Feb – 1:12pm AEST to be exact, in the nakshatra is Dhanishta. 

Firstly, for those wondering : what is a nakshatra?

A nakshatra is a lunar mansion, an asterism, a space of 13°20’ of the sky in which the moon travels every day. (27.5 days to make a full cycle) The nakshatras are the secret keys to the zodiac, revealing deeper nuances and undercurrents to the overtone of a 30° zodiac sign.

Dhanistha is known as “the star of symphony” a star symbolised by Shiva’s Damaru – the drum.  This star is ruled by Mars. Shiva reminds us of the cyclic nature of creation, sustaining and destruction …

The Damaru has two sides, symbolising the two hemispheres of our mind, and more importantly the duality of existence – the integration of opposites. This star is also sometimes symbolised by a bamboo flute. Both instruments are hollow. Are you filled with the voice of spirit, or is there a obscuring of the subtle from too much mental activity?

Am I this body? This mind? These thoughts? It is “I” who acts, or is my idea about who “I” am, somehow limited and obscured? What is beyond the “I?”

Karma is created through identification to self, and our actions, possessing them in some way, owning them. Freedom comes with the relinquishment of effort – surrender, into grace; the knowing that what is to be, will be, in time. Action is of course taken, but with awareness of the inherent spaciousness within.

This new moon encourages receptivity, sacred sound, music, dance – tuning in to the cosmic rhythm – who has experienced that sweet spot when completely absorbed in playing music, listening or dancing ?

At the moment, it is a highly imbalanced energy. There is an intense Kal Sarpa yoga occurring now until March 20- where all the planets are hemmed in between the lunar nodes, 2 weeks on and two weeks off, due to the moon’s cycle, and we also have a Mercury Retrograde until Feb 20th. Jupiter is debilitated, planets are combust (too close to each other) Venus, planet of relationships, compromise and partnership is feeling squashed and burnt … all this is happening in Capricorn.

Capricorn shows the journey after human has wrestled with and integrated its animal instincts self, in Sagittarius. The soul is now in a process of refinement, receptivity and service. 

It is by far, *the* most intense week of the year. At least it is happening now!

What is being broken down and restructured is absolutely necessary. 

“let go or be dragged”  – seems to be quite the theme. However for some signs, this can be an extremely productive time, with powerful breakthroughs, insights, revelations. The word apocalypse is really about revealing, uncovering – ‘to take something off’
Saturn grinds us hard and slow, he is unrelenting – this is the essence of discipline, dedication and meditation. The one who succeeds is the one who keeps going despite the challenges. But, for all you capricorns out there, your work ethic is incredible, but please, learn to rest – not to burn out then throw in the towel!   

The other Nakshatra highly active right now is Sravana falling right in the middle of Capricorn, in the degrees. It is the star of Listening, symbolised by the ear. It precedes Dhanishta. Listening – It is not always what is said, but how it is received. A doubting mind will feel unclear. A fearful mind can only be suspicious, a defensive mind is likely to perceive criticism. 

It is equally important to speak in a manner which is clear, direct and unambiguous, and to be open to receiving what may simultaneously be unclear, indirect and very ambiguous! This is highlighted specifically at the moment, during this Mercury retrograde cycle.

Since we are coloured by our senses, the way in which we perceive things, can make or break a situation. When defensiveness is used as a primary response, it does little to foster understanding or peace. Unless there is immediate danger or threat, anger/defensiveness can arouse feelings of hostility and seeds of conflict. Just as any filter will distort an image – the image of what is believed to be seen is coloured by the various filters which occupy the mind. The mind does not reflect the truth of the situation, unless one has done extensive purification through various yogic and meditative techniques. Essentially this is Maya- the world of illusion- What Maya really means, is that which appears to be – The world of appearances – It is within our own minds. 

In a sense, humanity is in a kind of collective delusion – wholly important and integral to creation – the Cosmic Dance (Lila) – Hence it is said, that Maya and Lila interact together, the great dance within the world of appearances. 

Jung says succinctly – “Those who looks outside dream, those who look within awaken” 

All mind play is endless looping of illusion, with limited truth, relative to a current experience. The greater one ascends on the spiral, the less the fetterings of the external world affect one’s inner equilibrium Subjective truth yields toward wider vistas and higher perspectives, until the individual ‘I’ looses it’s hold and unlimited vision unfolds. 

The ‘doing’ ceases, the being arises, that which needs to get done, gets done, but with the presence of being – a state of effortless and calm, amidst the storm.

So! This New Moon, be still, be silent, be receptive … Listen! Let yourself become hollow, focus on emptiness, then you can be filled. Be still & allow the answers to arise, like the proverbial lake and its muddy waters. Emotions are water – when they are turbulent, the mind is not clear. Separate yourself from the mind play, focus on silence. No need to focus on thoughts. Keep moving toward spaciousness. Surrender pride, ego, arrogance, self righteousness, ideas, beliefs – surrender it to Agni, the sacred fire – connect to what is eternal, beyond the mind play. 
Mercury Retrograde – let your thinking become undone, eschewed, skewed, see through another lens, twist your mind – is what you think really true? Could it be another way? Let go of what’s not working. In india, long train delays are the norm. Time for a Chai. 
Low energy from all the planetary combustion, Jupiter debilitated, Uranus squaring Saturn … Issues with Authority? Who are you trying to control or change? Can’t be done, let it go, let it be, another route will become obvious, in time. In the meantime, look up – Sky meditation, widen the mind, breathe deep, life is long and it is short, where are your priorities? 

Capricorn – don’t work yourself to burn out – are you working for the sake of work, or working to have a life? Remember to enjoy the quiet moments and let yourself rest from time to time.


That’s it for this edition, thank you for reading, i hope this was helpful!
Individual Vedic Astrology counselling/consultations available, and for those in the northern rivers, Ka Huna bodywork sessions for grounding, integration and transformation. Bookings via my website or 0404 446 124

Stay Calm!
With Love,

Darinka x

The Starry Times : Full Moon Cancer/Pushya

Hey Star Travellers –

Whats Happening Up There? 

> Full Moon in Cancer 28-29 Jan
Planetary Gathering in Capricorn – Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Pluto 
7 Planets on 10, 11 Feb – Expect some kind of degree of chaos!!
Mercury Retrograding into Capricorn – 31 Jan – 21 Feb
Kal Sarpa Yoga – Every 2 weeks until 20 March

The current planetary party happening in Capricorn is overwhelming for many to say the least. Not just such an imbalance of energy, but such a highly concentrated one at that!

Who here has been super busy? I know i have, and happy for it, it requires organistion, logistics and focus! Seems like there is no respite. Not to mention the Kal Sarpa yoga where all planets are hemmed between the lunar nodes, with moon breaking the serpent’s grip every two weeks. We are caught in a karmic cycle of time, where events are out of our control, unexpected, strange, unusual, catalytic. This is further emphasised with Pluto hovering at 0 degrees of Capricorn, holding solid ground as fundamental aspects of society and our individual lives are being forced to change, evolve and adapt. 

Uranus, the great awakener, known as Prajapati – the creator of living beings – is now direct after being retrograde since 15 August. Now slowly moving forward currently at 12 degrees of Aries, there is an insatiable force to move forward and be unrestricted, especially for those who have key points in Aries (moon, ascendant, sun) – The great initiator – this is a time of breaking out of bondage and pushing boundaries, but with a harsh square of Saturn and Pluto, efforts somehow feel frustrated and thwarted. Nevertheless, the dynamic tension will manifest – either in brilliance, or brilliant displays of arrogance and disproportionate displays of power.

Pluto, we must remember, is none other than Yama – Lord of Death, brother of Shani, Saturn, Cronos, (Lord of Time) – For those who are familiar with the Path of Yoga – Yama means ‘ The Restrainer – the first step, relating to ethics, morals and values; how we choose to live our lives, and to what standard – not just on a superficial level, but the deepest substratum of our inner beings, what truly motivates us the take action in the world. 

It is this basic behaviour which ultimately is seen as fruits in the world. Every thing humanity has created began first as an idea or a thought. When ideas are aligned for the betterment and upliftment of society, while being in harmony with Nature, all prosper- when action stems from greed, scarcity, fear and lack, foundations crumble.

This is essentially what is being seen at the moment, as the western world is burgeoning at it’s seams, encumbered by its own unending desires, projections and illusions – The current Kal Sarpa yoga ensnares, enshrining us in a karmic loop of self deception. 

Yama (Pluto) restrains, Saturn makes us work through the karmic backlog, setting down foundations, dealing with duties, Jupiter is feeling oppressed and less like his optimistic self, moving fast toward Aquarius, until he goes retrograde on 21 June. Sun is humbled and dealing with the limitations, wanting to shine, but feeling pressured, Venus is troubled in Capricorn as she feels stifled and burdened with responsibilities, currently conjunct Pluto, expect some power struggles in relationships – where is the sweetness?! Mercury will be retrograding, messing up plans and systems, devices and transportation …. Then Moon will join the party (New Moon 11 Feb)

Full Moon in Cancer / Pushya 28-29 Jan

Currently, this cancer moon is opposite Sun, Saturn, Venus, Pluto and Jupiter in capricorn – It is a big moon, with so much energy aspecting it, but one that falls in a most auspicious star – Pushya – 3°20 – 16°40 Cancer. This star’s symbols include, a circle, an arrow or a cow’s udder. Is the the star of nourishment. With such a huge imbalance in Capricorn, the sign of the hardworking goat – ask yourself, are you actually living? Do we not work some, and enjoy life some? Capricorn is notorious for being a workaholic, or deriving it’s sense of value from how much it can achieve; how high it can climb, always looking for the next summit, often forsaking comfort and pleasure and it’s own wellbeing.

Society’s capitalistic imbalance has its priorities in the wrong place, displacing humanity in a lopsided reality. While we all have a duty to the society we are born in, to the greater collective, to the earth we walk on, to our ancestors, and to our families, as individuals, we really need very little, and it is natural to want to sit back and enjoy the fruits of one’s labours.

All these themes are highlighted in the Cancer- Capricorn axis – we work to provide for family, community. True abundance is in recognising that what we have, truly is enough. Including who YOU are. 

This full moon, focus on what is truly nourishing to your spirit, what is calming, supportive and uplifting? Rewrite your inner narratives, calm the monkey mind. This is the best foundation to give to society, from a place of calm (cancer) and stability (capricorn). 

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Love, Darinka