Venus Retrograde In Taurus May 2020

Venus Retrograde 13 May 2020 – 25 June
Venus is a prime indicator of finances, and governs over the things we value as well as our tastes. 

As a significator for relationship and spouse, Venus shows what we are attracted to, what we find beautiful, our creative gifts, what we appreciate and like. Venus indicates the nature of our love language and one’s inner attitude to how we express affection and love. 

Venus matching is one of the four major cornerstones of smooth compatibility between couples.

This year, Venus retrograde comes along with Saturn and Jupiter retrograde on the 11th and 15th of May. It is a complicated energy, and a strong planetary signature.

All retrograde periods indicate time to ‘repair the hull’. Nothing in life is meant to stay on a forward trajectory. The very essence of life is one of birth, maintenance and destruction. Bhrama, Vishnu and Shiva are ‘gods’ who represent express these universal principles. These forces also reside within us.

Re-source yourself. Difficult times mean that we often need to re-assess our approach to a situation. Be flexible in your thinking. Retrograde means, re- think, re-pair

Stop, let plans change or be delayed. Creativity may feel stifled, plans get thwarted, designs get changed – allow for the unexpected and don’t be so attached to outcome. Scorpio, compromise with yourself or you will be digging a deeper hole!

When Venus is in retrograde there may be opportunities for relationships to strengthen, or separate. Depending on the individual karmas of the people involved, and the relationship itself, this is a time to deepen the union or re assess the vision and purpose. 

Not all relationships need to end during this time. Find the weak spots and work at strengthening the strengths of the union rather than running away. Take time out if you need. Avoid rushing any decisions. This of course, in no way means you should put up with abuse of any kind or stay in a situation that consistently undermines your wellbeing and inner peace. 

To improve your relationships, you can read the next article I have written, specifically for this period : Venus and the Art of Relationship. 

Venus will particularly affect Taurus & Libra moons and ascendants most strongly, as Venus rules these signs. Scorpio has Venus transiting through the 7th house. 

Libra may have some unexpected changes and/or reversals as Taurus is the 8th sign from Libra, (8th being connected to Scorpio and sudden events) – however this can indicate that there may be transformational experiences related to one’s creative expression, relationships, tastes and values. Venus’s transit in the 8th can indicate secret or hidden wealth/money, yours or partners. 

Taurus, will have Venus going through their first house. It can be a strengthening and empowering influence, however watch for excessive overindulgence (Taurus loves its food) – sloth and laziness. Use the retrograde time to improve your appearance, re-assess your personal values and code of conduct. Venus in the first will aspect the 7th house of relationship so it can be a time to connect with your partner and make sure you are on the same page. If you are not in relationship, use this time to strengthen your commitment to yourself and your needs. Taurus tends to sublimate their personality for their partners, so solo time may be just what the doctor ordered!

For Scorpio, Venus will be in the 7th house, directly impacting relationships of all kinds, including business. Venus here is giving great strength to Scorpios, so use the retrograde to  refine your values, tastes and standards and let yourself get creative with your business ideas, allow the retrograde time to upskill and get clear on your ideas. It can be a positive time for relationships, be clear about what you want and desire and communicate this with your partner. Avoid power struggles and celebrate the good things you share with each other. 

Do you want to improve your relationship and your understanding of your partner’s nature, way and mode of operating? Are you and your partner on a journey together and serious about creating a positive atmosphere of peace with each other? Are you curious to explore what has brought you together and what are the lessons and gifts you are sharing with each other?
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Love, Darinka x

Retrograde Season 2020

Understanding is the Heart of Compassion and the Essence of Peace.
When are we not in relationship?
I live in a relational world. 
Mitakuye Oyasin – I  Honour All my Relations

Some thoughts to ponder :

What is the true nature of relationship ? 
How do I relate to the world?
How do I relate to my Self?

IKE – I am Aware 

IKE is the first principle of Huna. Huna is the spiritual foundation of Hawaiian shamanism, and the philosophy which underpins the massage and bodywork I practice.
Pure awareness is the still lake from which we as observer, can see all that is. It is the vast and endless sky. Clarity in vision gives keen perception and in-sight, seeing from within. In – Tuition, the inner teacher, the teacher from within, the light of our own being, the light of the soul and spirit. When there is stillness, there is clarity, with clarity comes awareness. 

I am Aware.

What’s Happening now in the cosmos? 

While there are many factors occurring at the moment, this article is focussing specifically on Venus. Each article this month will focus on the themes and effects of the planet in question, not just on an abstract level, but experientially. Astrology is a science, once which depends on inner observation and reflection. It is deeply personal and universal, subjective and objective. As a language, astrology maps our consciousness and evolution through all dimensions of human experience. 

Saturn will be turning retrograde on May 11 and Jupiter on 13 May. Mars has entered Aquarius, Mercury is in Aries,

Venus has been in Taurus since 28 March is currently slowing down to move retrograde for 5 weeks on 13th May. The Sun moves into Taurus on the 15th of May, causing Venus to disappear for most of it’s retrograde. It will be combust which means, the Sun’s bright rays will drown out Venus. After the Sun’s transit, Venus will re-appear as the morning star.

Venus is having an unusually long saunter through the sign of the bull, one of it’s most comfortable places in the zodiac. Normally Venus traverses a sign anywhere between 23 days to two months however this year it stays in Taurus for 4 1/2 months.

To read more about Venus retrograde for 2020, CLICK HERE

Venus manifests through the 2nd chakra. The the tattva, (the essence of an element) is Jala; water. Venus connects us to the Creative Process in all its forms, (including art and artistic ability) as all our creative energy comes from the 2nd chakra, the primary creative centre.

While the Moon governs the flow of water. Venus shows us how we express  that flow … 
Venus governs what we value, our tastes, love languages, our inner attitude to how we like to express affection, feeling and affection. Venus compatibility is one of the four major cornerstones of smooth compatibility. When Venus in a couple’s charts are not in sync, it reflects discordant tastes and values, and depending on other factors and indicate a major incompatibility.

In vedic thought, marriage between two people was for the purpose of spiritual development, each person is helping the other in their journey; Dharma on Earth. Not everyone’s path involves romantic relationship in the current lifetime, and others have the need to delve right into the heart of relationship for their lessons. 

The idea of relationship and Venus’ role in life is not limited to who we share our bed with – we can extend this notion of relating to the world around us. “All our Relations” – In Lakota Language is Mitakuye Oyasin. It is about living lightly, with deep reverence for the existence of all life, and treating yourself, and all around you with Respect.

If your basic premise is toseek harmony above all, in all your dealings; within yourself, relationship and the way you relate to the world, then there need not be conflict that drives drama

However, if your basic premise is to be right, or to protect yourself from threat, then conflict is sure to arise, which results in chaos and destructive drama. 

To seek harmony involves a passion and desire for deep understanding. 

First you need to deeply understand yourself, your compulsions, motivations and desires. 
This requires you are able to sit and be with yourself without reaching for distraction. It means sitting, breathing and just being. Not grasping, not averting, but being. 
Breathing, sitting. No phone reaching, no-thing, no mind. Just being. 

Inner stillness is a quality which allows the tides of breathing to regulate the ebb and flow of the thought currents in the mind-space. 

All physical action (karma) is preceded by thought. 

Understanding is the foundation of compassion. Understanding supports acceptance, it fosters an atmosphere of harmonious relating.

It may be that you come to an understanding that your needs conflict with those of another, and the course of action may be to walk away. It may be that you understand your partner needs to feel heard, and that your need to be right (or something else) overshadows that, contributing to conflict. 

It may be that you understand the patterns of rejection in your story and how that might be creating a self- fulfilling prophecy of ‘not- good – enough’ syndrome, thereby sabotaging your need to feel at peace and at home within yourself. 

To understand and accept things, people, situations, does not mean you have to agree with or stay with it. It means you give yourself an opportunity for deep peace by changing the way you approach and relate to a situation. 

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

If you truly want peace, you must actively work at creating it. It is the heart of all spiritual practices – Devote yourself to this and watch your life slowly transform. 

Understanding is the Heart of Compassion and the Essence of Peace.
When are we not in relationship?

Mitakuye Oyasin – I honour All my Relations

Do you want to improve your relationship and your understanding of your partner’s nature, way and mode of operating? Are you and your partner on a journey together and serious about creating a positive atmosphere of peace with each other? Are you curious to explore what has brought you together and what are the lessons and gifts you are sharing with each other?
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New Moon Aries/Ashwini

This new moon signifies furthering of health and healing, a new cycle begins, there is fresh inspiration and much energy available. Despite difficulties and restrictions, there is underlying strength to the current situation.

Ashwini is the star of health, healing and medicine.

The Ashvins (or Ashwini Kumaras) are depicted as horse-headed brothers; Nasatya (elder ashvin) is the god of health and his younger brother, Dasra, is the god of medicine.

They are known in vedic lore, as the divine physicians to the gods, with knowledge of health, healing and herbs, who performed many medical miracles. The nature of the star is light and swift with a great need for movement and speed. Often people with prominent planets or ascendant in this star have a strong affinity with horses and equestrian activities as well as travel. 

The Sun has also just entered this star, on the 14th of April, heralding the slow cessation of the immediate covid-19 outbreak. With the moon conjoining the sun in this asterism, a new cycle begins – one of healing and rejuvenation, but what does that really mean? 

Society is made up of individual people. We are society, so when we think of the world out there, it is in essence a reflection of the world ‘in here’

Are your choices in life taking you on an upward spiral? Or, are you spinning in the same direction, rehashing the same rhetoric/story/belief/action?

Is a cycle you are in evolving or devolving?

Cycles of expansion and contraction are embedded in the natural processes of life. Human experience is no different.

True growth and evolution is outside of the comfort zone, it is uncomfortable, itchy, annoying.
What feels unpleasant can often lead to aversion and grasping – filling time, space and the mind with endless activities and distractions.


What cycle are you ready to complete?
When things are not resolved consciously by choice, fate appears to grab and shake us, as if by force. The celestial weather is calm enough at the moment to make clear decisions. What you decide over the next few days will have lasting effects. Act wisely, with foresight.

The goal of any spiritual practice, is not in how long, how many years one has spent on retreat, doing courses, classes, or how many wise and learned people one has sat with. The fruits of all practice are the measure of spiritual success.

True health and wellbeing is in direct relation to how content and peaceful you are. The sweetest fruit is the nectar of inner peace and contentment. The immune system needs deep peace to function effectively. 

How are you creating peace in your daily life? How do you pick your battles? How to you honour your needs? Are you keeping silent when things needs to be said, and starting a war within yourself? The creation of peace is a daily practice. It is not a destination, but regular maintenance, a way of life, a state of mind. Some days are harder, but balance can always be regained. 

To follow Dharma – which is the righteous path, or in Native America : ’The Good Red Road, means to walk in balance, to live in harmony with life and the universe, without separation. It means honouring the divine within all things, seeing the connection between all things. 

In Huna – It is Pono – Effectiveness is the measure of truth – Do what is effective for you. It may not be someone’s path/dharma, but it may be right for you. This requires deep listening and deep stillness. 

New moon time invites us into the deep night to seek the answers you need, by connecting to your inner spring, your source, the essence of great natural peace.

I offer astrology consultations and vedic counselling, if you are interested to get to know yourself more, understand your karma in this life, and unravel your unique soul story.

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Namaste & enjoy this new moon beauties
Darinka x

Sun in Aries – Healing, Vitality & Strength

Sun in Aries through the signs
April 14 – May 15

Hey Everyone,

Hope you are finding enjoyment in isolation, it can be a healing and insightful time if embraced and accepted deeply. We are in powerful times, with a great opportunities available.

Today I thought I would do something different, and create my first “Planet’s effect for all signs” – Today, the Sun has just moved into Aries signifying the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, and autumn in the southern. Aries is full of inspiration and initiation. Its a great time to set your intention for this Solar Year and embrace the creator you ARE!

Sun is in it’s happy place! Aries is the sign of exaltation for the sun, where it’s bright, warm, fierce and healing capacity shines without hinderance. Aries Sun gives a naturally strong immune system and robustness to the physical body, as well as an independent, direct and pioneering (albeit, sometimes impatient) spirit to the personality. Wherever Aries is in the birth chart, expect to feel revitalised and inspired!

This is a positive time of healing and fresh ideas, so ride the wave, venus is bright as the evening star, in her own sign, Taurus, Saturn is strong in his own sign of Capricorn, and Mars is exalted in Capricorn as well.

Despite the challenges we are all facing, there is underlying strength.

Stay inspired, keep your vision broad and connect to the Sun – the source of all Light, and all Life, as well as your spiritual heart, your inner light, your own Central Sun.

Remember, I am using the sidereal calendar – Vedic Astrology is based on the fixed position of the planets in the Zodiac. The difference between western and vedic is about 24 degrees. When reading the interpretations, keep in mind your Moon (mind) and Ascendant (body) sign rather than only focussing on your sun (soul) sign.

The Sun will be transiting through your 1st house of self, identity and the body– A great time to be inspired! Focus on your health and vitality, initiate new projects and start a new solar year with clear focus and intention. The sun gives positive strength and support – If you have been feeling unsettled or stuck for a while, this transit can be empowering and uplifting, allowing you to express your natural leadership skills. Saturn in the 10th house will reward hard work and you can accomplish much in this time.

The Sun will be transiting through your 12th house of dreams, pilgrimage, creativity, spirituality – A time to focus on your spiritual practice, or create one, to ‘clean out the closet’ and address any hidden subconscious issues. Be aware of your sleeping patterns and be mindful of any unexpected expenses. Venus is strong in your ascendant, so it is also a highly creative time, make sure you make the time to honour your own needs and look after yourself. The 12th house is also the house of isolation, embrace your alone-ness and seek your deeper wellspring of life energy, go within and connect to your inner light.

The Sun will be transiting through your 11th house of wealth, gains and community. New associations and connections may be coming your way – Be mindful of the company you keep, align yourself to people who follow the path of light. Gemini is adaptable and impressionable by nature. Gains are possible through new avenues. It is a good month to focus on your goals. Gains are possible. Rahu has been going through your first house for the last year, catalysing unexpected changes in how you express yourself. It has been a period of expanding your possibilities and learning many new things, especially in the realm of media and communications. You could earn through these avenues. Keep your mind focussed, stay grounded and Breathe!

The Sun will be transiting through your 10th house of work, career and one’s contribution to society – This is a good time to ask for that raise, to move forward in your work and career goals, this bright Aries Sun supports your leadership potential! With Saturn, Jupiter and Mars transiting though your 7th house of relationships and business partnerships, it can be a good time to connect with your partner or S.O, talk about commitments, changes and relationship needs, as well as connect with current or future business associates. What does the world need? What do you Love? Cancer is the sign of the home and heart – follow your heart, the world needs people who are expressing their innate gifts and talents.

The Sun will be transiting through your 9th house of good luck, higher knowledge and learning. Expect to receive positive fruits of past efforts. The sun shines brightly here, illuminating your path in the world, and inspiring you toward study, learning and expanding your philosophical, spiritual and educational horizons. A great time to take a course and indulge in learning – travel is currently off limits, but you can travel with your mind. A good time to direct your mind toward self inquiry and contemplation.

The Sun will be transiting through your 8th house of unexpected change and transformation. This can be a good time to explore transformative healing modalities, to focus on your health and to explore any subconscious/unconscious root connections to any physical issues. It is a good time to connect with counsellor or psychotherapist. The 8th house is also to do with other people’s money – on a mundane level, accounting and dealing with funds, other people’s or your spouse’s, may be highlighted over the month.

The Sun will be transiting through your 7th house of partnerships, relationships and business – It’s time to connect with your partner and make sure you are on the same page – With Venus transiting your 8th house in Taurus, this can indicate sudden and unexpected change within these areas, so make sure you make the time to communicate and be clear about your needs. Saturn will be in your fourth house of home, family and the heart – address issues now before they become too complex later.

The Sun will be transiting through your 6th house of service, health and routine work – A great time to commit to a cleanse or healing program as the Sun’s natural disinfecting qualities supports the elimination of disease and illness. A time to learn from your enemies, most importantly your own inner demons, and be a friend to yourself. Creating routines and structures help to overcome many health issues that can be avoided through right living and correct personal habits.

The Sun transiting through your 5th house of creativity, children, mental intelligence and joy supports all creative ventures, and creative use of the imagination. It is a great time to pick up the instrument you have always wanted to learn, to write that thing you wanted to write, to play games, and to enjoy yourself and your children (if you have) – Let yourself find creative expression.

The Sun is transiting through your 4th house of home, real estate, vehicles, roots, and the heart. This is a time where focus will be on these areas of life. A good time to buy a new car, property, or renovate. With Saturn, Mars and Jupiter all transiting through your 1st house, you are being highly activated at the moment – use the positive energy of the sun this month to focus on your work and projects. Keep Busy, but be aware of burnout.

The Sun is transiting through your 3rd house of siblings, communications, thinking, intellect, writing, business and personal habits. A good time to re assess how you have been living and if your actions and habits align with your deeper values and goals. Wealth (in all forms) come with focussed effort and intention, make your mind your friend. A good time to write, communicate and explore any limitations which may be interfering with your self expression and personal power – Time to burn up any negative self talk and be less judgmental.

The Sun will be transiting through your 2nd house of family, speech, resources, money and what we value. This is a good time to be aware of how you are speaking – are you in alignment? Do you feel victimised? See the bigger picture and set clear intentions for how you would like to be. The strength and fire of the sun illuminating your 2nd house can bring family issues up, a good time to find ways to cultivate peace in the home, set boundaries, and practice compassionate communication. A good time to for income and wealth, as Saturn Jupiter and Mars are currently transiting your 11th house of gains. Set your financial goals.

Thank you for reading, i hope you found it useful/insightful/relatable. Please contact me for a consultation – whats app or email !

Namaste, Stay Safe and Switched On!
Darinka x

Full Moon in Virgo – Chitra. The Creative Jewel

Aloha Everyone

Today the Full Moon falls at 25 degrees of Virgo, in the lunar mansion of Chitra. (Grab your star app and see for yourself!) I use the hindu/sidereal calendar which is different from the western calendar by around 24 degrees. The hindu system is the same as western, however with far greater accuracy, intricacy, depth and knowledge. It uses the solar and lunar zodiac, dividing space into multi -facets to divine insight and wisdom.

A zodiac sign is constellation, a cluster of stars occupying 30° of the sky. It is called ‘rashi’ in sanskrit.

A nakshatra is a smaller group of stars, an asterism, also known as a lunar mansion. It is a smaller portion of the sky occupying 13°20′. The moon travels this distance in one day. There are 27 of them. The moon makes a full cycle in 27 (and a bit) days. The nakshatras are the secret keys to the zodiac. More on this later.

Back to Now

Virgo is a zodiac sign ruled by analytical Mercury, Chitra is ruled by action oriented Mars. Chitra spans the end of Virgo and the early part of Libra. Tvashtar, the ruling deity of Chitra, (equivalent to Vulcan in roman mythology), is the divine architect, artist, handyman, builder and first creator of the universe. His name translates to the heavenly builder and maker of divine implements. He is known to have crafted weapons for the gods, such as Indra’s thunderbolt or mace.

The motivation of this star is Kama which is one’s desires and material needs and the yoni, or animal, is the female tiger – strength, passion and energy. Chitra is a powerful star connected to all things creative, bold, bright, beauty and artistic.

Mercury has just entered Pisces, sitting at almost 2 degrees, Mars (who governs Chitra) is currently strong in Capricorn, at around 11 degrees, having just left the frustrating grip of Saturn.

Mercury’s shift into its debilitation sign means creative thinking hats are raining! Its a good time for poetry, visionary ideas, dreaming, singing, making and building… Mercury can create trouble due to its rulership over media, communications and technology. The more linear minded may find words become muddled, as logic does not like chaos, yet, virgo and pisces are a polarity; out of chaos comes order, too much order leads chaos. This can never be avoided really, as this is the cycles of life. The middle way is to approach life as a conscious creative process – and enjoy yourself in the meantime.

Mars’s rulership gives courage, drive, energy and action to create and manifest in the world. There can be a fecundity of ideas and inspiration. Mercury’s overtone rulership and connection to Bhutas, the earth element meaning creativity can be directed and focussed toward practical and tangible outcomes. Mars’ highest quality is in the spirit of devotion and service to all – what skills/talents do you have that can be of benefit to someone? It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Small, simple things are just as effective.

This particular full moon is called a super moon due to its closer proximity to the earth. It means all that the moon represents will feel stronger and more in your face. Usually sensitive and emotional people feels the effects more than other.

The moon affects all waters on the earth. Physiologically, the moon governs the flow of fluids in our own body, causing an upward pull toward to brain. The word lunatic means moonstruck madness, comes from the latin word for moon : “luna”.

However, we need not be hapless victims of circumstance, our minds can become our friend.

Usually, stressful transits show to us where the weaker links are, and with enough resolution and courage, we can attend to them. People react to stress in many different ways, the key is to understand what your basic instincts are, and to strive to obtain mastery over them, for it is in times of crisis where chaos can reign strongly, and we all have the potential to become masters of our minds.

The word “Man” – comes from the sanskrit word for mind : “Manas” (Man does not mean the male body) – Humans have the ability to think and reason, and have a much more complex emotional system than other animals.
Our capacity to self reflect is what separates us on the evolutionary path, a function and ability which when refined, leads to self realisation; consciousness experiencing itself.

A profound intelligence exists in the universe, it is called many names and yet it is beyond form, name or definition All that is, all that has been created is truly incredible, when we really look at all that is around us. Take this coronavirus – it is astonishing how matter can re arrange itself to create its form, adapt, mutate and evolve, how a small thing can have such huge effects.

While science tries to keep up, there will always be fresh changes and adaptations in the material world – such is the nature of nature, the nature of divine intelligence and consciousness, Shiva and Shakti, Purusha and Prakriri, in an endless dance of opposition and harmony, creation, maintenance and destruction.

The key here is that as humans we have the ability to manipulate the material world in wonderful and not so wonderful ways, we are free to choose what we will, however, we are not free of the consequences of those choices. In Hawaii, there are 7 key principles to living life effectively and harmoniously.

The first one is IKE – I am Aware.

Your perception and your quality of awareness gives you the ability to create, being aware of yourself on all levels – most importantly your feelings and your emotions, and specifically the thought forms behind them. Being aware of the subtlety and nuances within your being allows you to have greater self mastery and a more refined creative process.

So during this moon, tune into the cosmic architect, the one who has many names and is beyond name, concept and construct. Every human being is a Creator, just look at the construction and building that occurs around the world, think of the first cubby house you built as a child.

To Create is an innate function of our beings.

Take time to really look into a flower, look into everything that exists in the material world, and instead of thinking how it all happened, and getting into the mind about it, just appreciate it’s intricacy, it’s inherent beauty, intelligence, space and magnitude of existence.

Now look at yourself in that way.

That You Are is an incredible thing, and no one can take that away from you.

Isolation can be a beautiful thing, if you allow it. You only need faith in yourself, as you are the cosmos in action, divinity manifested, that you are! You are awake, conscious, breathing, you have awareness, thoughts, emotions, reason, feeling, and so much more. You do not need to know why, only to deepen your awareness to what is. In that deepening, realisations arise, where questions and answers fall away, then there is just knowing.

Namaste 🙏
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New Moon Pisces – The Serpent of the Sea

When you cannot control what is happening outside, turn your gaze inside. These trying times are a powerful reminder for humanity to connect to their source of Power –

In Huna, Hawaiian philosophy, this is MANAAll power comes from within.

These times call for deep reservoirs of strength – how to cultivate resilience in difficult times? What can we hold onto when things that are familiar fall away?

Today is new moon dreaming, the Sun and Moon join – in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac – the cosmic waters, the womb the moment before birth – the sea of infinite potentiality and the womb of creation.

We have no light in the night sky and yet, the stars are scattered; fragments of our stellar heritage shine – In many ways we can marvel at the magnificence of creation, for no matter how advanced science can become, It can never overcome the intelligence and majesty of nature Herself.

Creation and what is created existed long before time began, spanning dimensions beyond our comprehension.

The Zodiac contains symbols, mostly of animals. Humans are connected to all creatures. There is a goanna dance, the kachina dance, a dance of the snake, the platypus; many creatures we can imitate. We can call on their energy, power and medicine, and connect to their strengths.

But what makes us humans different?
How have we evolved to master our physical environment?

Perhaps it might be worthwhile to consider that we are not to physically evolve anymore – but the learn to use our intelligence in greater ways – not to dominate and control nature, but to refine the very nature of our beings, to evolve beyond the limitations of animalistic instincts and to discover what is innately divine, not just within our own beings, but across the very fabric of reality. Our soul stories are intimately connected to the Zodiac and the movements of the planetary bodies through Space & Time.

This is the highest science, one of pure observation and direct experience.
This can be a beautiful time, if you let it…
let it in…

Breathe deeply… is that air you are breathing? Explore Prana. Follow your breath up your spine. Pause, follow the breath down the spine.. feel the breath on your upper lip, follow your eye movements, your eye lids twitching.. watch the thoughts that arise spontaneously, who is the I that thinks?

Is it hard?
Maybe … but you can challenge yourself.
Stillness … We all need to Stop.
To Rest.
Before continuing on the journey.

This new moon is in the early part of Pisces. The Star is Uttara bhadrapada
The deity is Ahir Budanya – Serpent of the deep ocean. The Shakti(power) is the bringing of the Cosmic Rain – (varshodyamana shakti)

This star has a connection to feet, and to travelling, to isolation and inner work. It is a lucky star; this dimension of pisces has a nourishing and nurturing energy. The serpent energy allows for movement and exploration into other dimensions. Often rains come during transits through this part of the zodiac … is it raining or overcast where you are? It is this week in Sydney. Let the salty waters clear your eyes too. Process and change is inevitable for growth.

This new moon, practice acceptance. Accept the cleansing process, accept the stillness, accept isolation, to sit still, really know that you are not alone – that the magnitude of your being is so very vast, you are an entire universe, you have an entire cosmology dancing in your cells! You are stardust, you are made from the same stuff as the rest of all creation. Every atom is connected to every other atom! There is no separation!

Every death is another birth, creation ebbs and flows, people are born, people die, civilisations rise and fall, there is a greater tapestry, a magic that exists. In this deep stillness we have a profound invitation to realise our deeper purpose in the infinte loom of creation.

Be humble, for you are made of the earth,
Be noble, for you are made of the stars.

With love,
Darinka x

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Mars in Capricorn

Hey Cosmic Travellers…

Today Mars has moved into his exaltation sign of Capricorn and is conjunct Pluto @ 0°25′. Mars stays in this sign until 5th of May. On the 30th, 31st of March and 1st of April, Mars conjoins Saturn, and Jupiter joins the scene

In Sydney, stage 1 lockdown has been implemented. Its affecting every aspect of life, as things grind to a halt. The roads are quiet, the beaches empty, and there is a cool change in the air as autumn slowly arrives, there is an austerity that permeates the air – This is the nature and flavour of Saturn in Capricorn.

The Mars and Pluto conjunction today is likely to create power struggles, certainly we are beginning to see the kind of powers the governments have over us … Today is a wake up call.

Generally, Mars in Capricorn is a positive and strong transit particularly for Aries and Scorpio rising and moon sign people. Mars is strong and will give a boost and focus to ones projects and plans – moving away from the dream of Sag, toward a firm, concrete and (albeit) harsher reality. There is no messing about.

On March 30th, 31st, Mars will conjunct Saturn, possibly creating more delays, frustrations or obstacles. It is likely tighter control may occur. As the virus spreads and the fear factor around it increases globally, governments are tightening their control. It is best to use this energy to slow down for the moment and take stock of what you are doing rather than push. If something isn’t flowing, let it be. This isn’t a time to force anything. We have to sit this out.

The higher element of the current energy is inviting us to sink deeper into the truth of our beings. In his highest expression, Mars is the spiritual warrior, promoting courage, bravery, steadfastness, devotion and loyalty. He is the Yogi, the one who has the courage and patience to sit with oneself. Capricorn gives discipline and austerity, not for punishment, but to focus and channel energy into single pointed concentration – a fundamental pre-requisite on the spiritual path.

Also on the 30th of March, Jupiter dips into Capricorn – which is his sign of debilitation. Markets may have yet another shake up on these days, relationships as well, – adding to the current volatility.

Jupiter will move up to 3 degrees of Capricorn before turning retrograde on the 15th of May.

Jupiter in Capricorn tries to materialise his spirituality – spiritual materialism is common when Jupiter is in Earth signs – while not inherently negative, one needs to be sure the content is accurate, sincere and effective, rather than just for the sake of selling spiritual concepts. What we are seeing in the world is money making from selling spirituality. Again – this isn’t inherently ‘bad’ – what tends to be forgotten, or ignored, is that we are living in a sea of consciousness (energy) and isolating ourselves from higher dimensions of life is the root cause of many of humanity’s issues.

Human hearts are in the right place – it is our minds that have been hijacked.
Rather than sink deeper into the material plane, and into the depths of our minds and the looping fear thoughts, we need to look higher, beyond concepts of religion, and into the very nature of our beings, our spirits and the core of who we are. Mars is the spiritual warrior – have the courage to look deeper and use the isolation and austerity to sit with yourself, meditate, be still, listen and inquire.

Who Am I ?

With Love,

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Equinox 2020

Equinox : March 20, 2020

Hey everyone!

I am now back from India, amid all the virus situation, Sydney feels like it is still January… no one is here, social isolation is a thing and hand sanitiser is everywhere!
There is always so much happening cosmically, so I decided I would write about the Equinox and Kaal Sarpa Yoga in this article. More to come!

Here in the south we are moving toward autumn! Over in the northern hemisphere you are moving into spring! On March 20/21 the night and day will be almost the same length – around 12 hours each, depending on your geographic location. The earth’s equator lines up with the centre of the sun, giving us equal days and nights on both hemispheres. Equinox’s are the marking of darkness to light and light to darkness, they remind us of the inevitable changes of the cycles and seasons, on all levels.

Kaal Sarpa Yoga

One of the key planetary signatures currently affecting us at the moment is that all the planets are hemmed in between the north and south nodes. This is called a ‘yoga’ – a union. This yoga is called Kaal Sarpa – ‘Serpent of Time’

Things begin and end quickly under this influence.

This Yoga will be broken every two weeks by the moon’s monthly cycle around the zodiac, and will finally be broken early when mercury moves into gemini.

This configuration is not so common, and when it happens it can imbalance the psyche and catalyse difficult, shadowy events that have unusual circumstances around them, Hello coronavirus, wild swings in the markets, and general public unrest. These are manifestations of these imbalanced energies. The more out of balance situations are on earth, the greater the chaos to catalyse change.

Such is the nature of life.

Rahu and Ketu are the north and south nodes of the moon – they are invisible points, marking where the eclipses take place. The nodes operate on a psychological level, they generate fear, insecurity, sudden events, calamities and general chaos. They can also trigger breakthroughs, insights, revolutions, radical thinking and radical changes for the positive. It depends on how the energy is received and used.

The axis that is being activated by the nodes is Gemini / Sagittarius. As they always move backwards through the sky (anticlockwise) – they will be shifting into Scorpio/Taurus mid September. This axis is concerned with the higher mind vs lower mind. Sag is ruled by Jupiter, Gemini, by Mercury. Jupiter and Mercury do not always see eye to eye as Jupiter is concerned with the big picture, the spirit and essence of things and Mercury attends to the details and mundane realities on the material plane; Mercury can often miss the forest, for the trees.

Jupiter, on the other hand will take a long, leisurely saunter through the forest and find endless inspiration to philosophise and ponder upon. Jupiter seems to ignore the minutiae, or to ignore or not pay much attention to certain facts.In the negative sense this can lead to a certain type of fundamentalism and righteousness, one which lectures a divine, elitist view, spiritually bypassing essentials.

By contrast, Mercury can also be just like this, but in the opposite sense. Take absolute belief in science and it’s staunch materialist perspective, for example. With Jupiter and Mercury operating through the fire/air dynamic of Gemini/Sagg, activated by Rahu and Ketu which is playing with our minds, it is essential in these times to really consider all perspectives, while accepting none – there is so much more to the world as we know it. Human beings are realising their divinity, and in the process, we are learning who we are not. As long as we stay shut off to the higher dimensions of reality, rejecting anything other than what can be measured, many of the world’s issues will continue to re-cycle and loop, over and over again.

The Nakshatra Axis is Ardra/Mula.
Nakshatras are lunar mansions, smaller asterisms within a 30 degree zodiac sign. These are the secret keys to the zodiac which provide a wellspring of deeper knowledge and insight into the functioning of the signs.

Ardra is ruled by Rahu, Mula, by Ketu.

Expect the next few months to be a potent hall of mirrors. Ardra’s symbolism is a teardrop, there is a connection to water, rain, floods and storms. The deity is Rudra (the crying form of Shiva).
Take care with your drinking water, the fish you eat, the waters in your body – it is a good time to cleanse and clear out. Move your lymphatics, have a sauna; sweat.
Be mindful of how you speak to yourself – have you heard of The Secret Messages of Water ?

Ketu in its own star will force us to confront and wrap up past situations. Its time to weed out useless roots and weeds. Seek to understand; anything avoided comes back in bigger and uglier forms. Karma is a life process which occurs for all things, like gravity. Part of life is facing things that we would rather not deal with, things which can be uncomfortable and difficult. My teacher Komilla Sutton says it is not about what is happening but how we deal with things.

Life may give us a cactus, but we don’t have to sit on it!

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is wonderful to connect to protective vibrations – (it took me a while it understand how mantras work) – So here are some resources for those who are curious, yet skeptical :

ॐ त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात्

Aum Tryambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam
Urvaarukamiva bandhanaan-mrityormuksheeya maamritaat

“We worship the three-eyed One, who is fragrant and who nourishes all.
Like the fruit falls off from the bondage of the stem, may we be liberated from death, from mortality”

Yoga International Article on Maha Mritunjaya Mantra

Dalai Lama Sings Maha Mritunjaya Mantra :

During times of uncertainty and flux we are called to access deeper reservoirs of inner strength and resilience… there is a need to connect and to become closer, to simplify life, letting go of unnecessary things, purify the mind, thoughts, and emotions, cultivate compassion, tolerance and understanding.

This is the practice and path of Yoga – to create and maintain balance, and become masters of our minds.

Namaste and breathe deeply!

If you are interested to discover yourself more, or to understand how the cosmic energies are affecting you, and how to personally improve your karma, I am available by appointment for consultations and readings.

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Darinka 🙏

Aquarius New Moon – Shatabhishak : A Hundred Demons or a Hundred healers?

23 Feb is New moon day
I find whenever new moon approaches, I often desire to withdraw in, to be alone, or around less people – in general the desire to be quiet and still.

Sometimes it can be hard to arrive there, life has a certain pace – wherever we are; meeting our inner needs is not always easy. The inner voice, the softer, quieter, feminine lunar voice can get drowned out quite easily.
New moons are time to reflect; the light of the sun is not illuminating our minds – we can go into the dark side of the moon. Explore, rest, and cultivate stillness.

A Hundred Demons or a Hundred healers?
Shatabhishak is the lunar mansion (Nakshatra) that is being activated. It is ruled by Rahu. This asterism is located fully within the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn. The combination of these energies produce intense and contrasting vibrations which underpin this star is where much of the eccentricity of Aquarius comes out.

It is a place in the zodiac where one faces the striking duality of the human experience. People with this star activated in their chart can be visionaries, intellectuals, scientific, humanitarian, idealistic, intensely private and secretive. There can be a struggle between their light and shadows.

In one of the key stories of Indian mythology, it is said that there were 108 vices and virtues that sprung from the cosmic ocean, during the churning of the milk. One main theme this story highlights, is the eternal struggle between the devas and asuras – the demonic and godly aspects of our own nature.

Varuna is the deity of Shatabhishak. He is the lord of the rain, wind and cosmic oceans, he rules the night and is associated with herbs and medicine, giving extraordinary powers of healing and rejuvenation. Varuna has two sides to his nature, and this is reflected in the functioning of this star. It is important to use light to understand shadow. Sometimes a healing crisis is triggered within this star, which leads to a total transformation of the human being – the diseases that originate here can be difficult to diagnose, requiring ‘100 physicians’ to heal.

This is an intellectual moon.

Aquarius is not a particularly emotional sign, and with the new moon also close with retrograde mercury, it can promote rational and logical self analysis. To be able to transform the mind with reason and logic is one of the hallmarks of vedantic and vedic psychology.

In the Huna philosophy of Hawaii, the first out of seven principles is, “IKE : The world is what you think it is – Be Aware.
Mercury is retrograde right now – use this eccentricity to bend your mind and question your beliefs, attitudes and thinking process – there is always another way to see a situation!

Overall, the need is to transform our shadows with right thinking, aligning ourselves with Dharma – the universal laws of nature. In doing so we purify ourselves by taking right action, in harmony with all of life. This is Yoga.

Stay grounded this new Moon – Mars is also coming up to a volatile conjunction with Ketu, so beware of making permanent decisions based on temporary feeling! (I wrote about it in my last article, you can read it HERE

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With Love & Aloha Darinka x

Mercury Retrograde + More

Namaste from the motherland!

Mother India has had her own plans for me – I came, completed my mission in Tirupati earlier this month, and then decided to go my own way… Well, I did, briefly, however due some unforeseen events, and wayward journey’s I’m now passing through Delhi, completely unplanned.. . And I am very ok with that!

One marked thing that I always notice when I come to India is the profound kindness I experience – in small things and small ways –giving up of seats at the chai stall, the conversations on the long distance train journey’s, the extra piece of fruit or food, paying for me regardless; so many things! There have been some hiccups and interesting situations, and yet the whole series of events have all worked out in their own unique way, with helping hands and beautiful smiles at every junction.

For that, I am immensely grateful!

So, What is happening in the skies at the moment?

The planets are all strong at the moment – Venus is currently exalted in Pisces, Mars is in friend’s sign, Jupiter and Saturn are in their own signs.
Things have been pretty cruisey for a while – its been good time to start new things, close old chapters, get things in order – make plans, let changes happen.
In short – make hay while the sun shines!!

It won’t be until early May that we will start to feel things slowing down and reversing, the brakes and in between that is the upcoming mercury retrograde occurring from 16/17 Feb – 15/16 March. (North + South hemisphere)

Key dates over Feb:

3 feb – 28 Feb
Venus exalted in Pisces
16/17 Feb – 15 /16 March – Mercury retrograde
23 Feb
New moon in Aquarius – Separate blog for this
18 / 19 Feb –
Moon hemmed between Ketu + Mars.
25 Feb –
Mars Ketu @ war – exact conjunction : 11 degrees Sagitarius.

Venus is happy in her exalted sign! What does it mean? The compassionate and sympathetic vibration of Pisces resonates with the planet of divine love – In the Vedas, It was shukracharya (Venus) who agreed to take on Shani (Saturn) as a student, and teach him secrets of immortality – Venus is a guru in their own right, teaching everyone without discrimination. Such is the essence of compassion and devotion.
It is a good time for Bhakti Yoga – it means creating a union (yoga) between what you do and how you do it. Are you doing something nice to get something back? Or are you doing it for the joy of doing? For the joy of giving? To create positive karma (action) in the world, do, without being attached to the outcome. This is a lovely time to tune into

16/17 Feb – 15 /16March – Mercury retrograde

Good ol’ mercury retrograde – Just when everything is flowing, suddenly there is a spanner in the works. Sure, we can blame mercurius for fiddling around, however, us humans need to be reminded that very little is in our control …
It is always advised not to make travel plans on or around these dates, and here, I have needed to due to circumstance, so I will experiment/experience how the energies unfold! Sometimes we just need to live our lives and allow our plans to reshuffle, to be late, to be left standing, to scratch our heads and revel in the divine comedy. Sure, its not always funny, and yet, things always unfold in their own time, regardless of how much we will, or wish it to happen. Yet, for some, for many, barely a glitch happens… It depends on your inner mercury.

Mercury first stations in Aquarius (sign ruled by Saturn) from the 14th until the 20th when it begins to retrograde. When planets station, they appear to standstill. Their effects tend to be stronger as they are brighter in the sky.
Saturn is strong in Capricorn at the moment, and Mercury & Saturn are friendly toward each other, overall I would expect this retrograde to not be too challenging. Saturn likes structure and order, especially now he is in Capricorn.
Aquarius is the eccentric and humanitarian side of Saturn; Mercury retrograding in this sign may lead to some fresh insights, eurekas!, aha moments and even some breakthroughs in some situation. There is always another way to look at things!
This is a good time to restructure your thinking around things.

Retrograde times are good to re assess, re-do, re-visit, re-mind – stop and perhaps re-consider?
Contemplation is always a good thing, and this world is in desperate need of people who will reflect upon themselves, their thoughts, emotions and actions, and the long term consequences.

Mercury retrograde typically indicates a time period in which mishaps and misadventures may occur more frequently, or freakishly, in fields such as communications, organising, scheduling, travels, autocorrect disasters and emails that mysteriously disappear into cyberspace. Back up your devices, double check contracts before signing. It’s a time to triple check your schedules; practice patience and flexibility.

Watch for vague and unclear boundaries. There is a saying that says the greatest distance between two people is mis-understanding. Conflict, as a natural part of life, has a marvellous function of leveraging us from our own rigidities, by inviting us to see things from a different point of view. The degree of mental flexibility you have will reflect in your ability to adapt to the hiccups that occur during the retrograde period. Remember, rejection is a redirection. Being too attached to outcomes often lead to disappointments…

Personally, I often find that Mercury retrograde increases creative thinking and writing (since I like to think and write) – it is a good time for creative people or anyone who likes to think in different, non-linear ways.

18 / 19 Feb – Moon hemmed between Ketu + Mars

This is a day which can feel emotionally charged as the moon (mind) is unsupported here, in between to volatile and firey planets, in the fire sign of Sagg, with its ruler Jupiter, also in Sag. Its all happening! Take some deep breaths and … probably just walk away.. far a way, just for a little while. Don’t get involved. However, if you have to, remember just ‘cos a fire is burning, doesn’t mean you need to fan the flames. Sometimes the harsh truth isn’t always effective in every situation. Take care of other people’s feelings today – Including your own.

25 Feb Mars Ketu @ war – exact conjunction exact 11 deg Sag.

This day, any situations that have been simmering are likely to boil over, so again, take care. Things don’t need to get heated or messy – self awareness goes a long way in conflict management. As my teacher Komilla always says, it is not what is happening, but how you choose to deal with it.

Something may need a sudden jolt to move, sometimes anger needs to be expressed to get out of a dangerous situation – however be aware of mindless anger and petty annoyances – it isn’t worth it today, the next few days, or really ever. “A moment of patience in a moment of anger can save a thousand moments of regret”.
Regardless, this day may prove to catalyse a few frustrating moments, especially if your moon or ascendant is Scorpio or Aries, so head to the ocean or stay cool however you can – we can watch the drama unfold in the political arena instead of our homes.

The key essence to this potent energetic combination is really about getting to the roots of our pain, personal and collective – The constellation of Mula is being strongly activated right now, so it really is a profound opportunity to discover the roots of things, on all levels.

Mula connects to the Muladhara Chakra – the diety, Nirriti, is the destructive form of KaliMa- who encourages us to sever all our false selves, illusions, masks, walls and pretences. This constellation is ruled by Ketu, and he is on home turf. For those who have moon or ascendant or other personal planets between 0°-13°20′ min of Sag, this can be a disorienting time, where many old habits, people, situations, emotions may be visiting. It can feel dissociative and unsettling. This time will pass, allow this process of transformation to happen, Kali’s fire of purification.

So often we suffer because we do not know how to acknowledge and express our truths. Especially the tender ones. Sometimes we feel hurt but then we end up hurting others unintentionally because we cannot bear it in ourselves anymore.

Expressing your hurt wont necessarily result in the other person receiving what you say, or giving you want you want or need, but it will free you from the weight of unexpressed emotion. We need to express our truths, especially emotional ones, even when it may not be accepted, because that is about our loyalty to ourselves first. To connect with the roots of our anger is a key of peace, because it means we are choosing not to be hurtful or shut down when we feel hurt. When triggered, there is always an opportunity to dig deep – remember, in the wise words of Ralph Blum:

“When in Deep Water, Become a Diver”

Many thanks to all my teachers, especially Komilla Sutton!

Enjoy the rest of the month, and I am open again for consultations and readings – please send me a a message via whats app, or an email!

With love,