5 Ways to work with Saturn …. and improve your Karma

“Lord Brahma (The Creator) has written ‘Prarabdha’ – The Destiny (in the form of garlands of alphabets) on the forehead of each newborn which can be deciphered only by the learned astrologer (or seer)”
In this context, Bala Bhadra (15th century persian astrologer) quotes of a verse of VarahaMihira (ancient indian astrologer) :
“Whatever auspiciousness (subha) and inauspiciousness (asubha) was earned in previous births due to one’s various deeds (Karma) will be known through the science of astrology just as a lamp throws light on the articles of darkness.

Commenting on this verse, Bala Bhadra says that :

‘Auspicious and inauspicious placements of various planets in the birth chart merely indicate the good and bad gathered due to the deeds of past birth. The planetary placements on their own do not produce any effect. 

The planets are merely indicator (Suchaka) and not producers (Janaka) of any effect. 

Thus, the planets reflect the effects of our present Karma. They simply act as a medium like a mirror. 

Source: Jyotish : Parashar Code of Prediction

Given the global climate right now, and the particular arrangement of planets in the two signs ruled by Saturn, with Saturn in his last year of being at home in Capricorn, I felt it was timely to write about The Lord of Karma and Time.

His name in Sanskrit is Shani, which means slow, limp or lame. He is the significator of old age, death, wasting diseases, particularly vata imbalances, success, long term goals, longevity, duty, responsibility, discomfort, pain, solitude, sense of touch & vayu tattva (air element). Saturn represents authorities, dark blue or black colour, uniforms, the working class, democracy, obligations, fathers, the western direction, poverty, fear & anxiety. 

He is however, the ultimate yogi who, according to his role in the planetary cabinet, is responsible for delivering to us the fruits of our karmas, in the time they are due to fruit,

Why do we want to focus on the things we want to avoid?
Perhaps we would all prefer a beautiful lie than the ugly truth ? 

If we look around at modern society today – how much energy is spent avoiding discomfort and pain? To soften the harsh blows of life, to not have an uncomfortable conversation, to have food out of season, to have what we want, when we want it, and as much as we want it? At what cost? 

Our buildings are made cheaply, and so structures fall more easily. We avoid being limited and continue to push past natures laws, as though we are somehow beyond them.  

It is as though the comforts of the western pathos hinge upon the destruction and exploitation of the natural world and other less materially affluent societies. 

When we avoid limitations, or refuse to accept them, when we are too easy on ourselves, when we accumulate too much materially – sooner or later the forces of Saturn come along in various ways in order to strip us of these attachments. 

Shani is often depicted riding a vulture, who’s function is to focus on the dead, or barely living, to strip away what is preventing the ultimate transformation, the passage of (ego) death – the confines of materiality. 

Life is a loom of infinite karma, with events interconnected and woven through space & time in the most intricate and infinite tapestry, with all actions having consequences of positive or negative fruits. All actions must be reflected – This is Newton’s law of causation, or more specifically, the Law of Karma.

Saturn exalts in Libra, sign of the scales, where he becomes the judge and democrat; whatever is served must return to sender. It is this main premise of Samkhya philosophy which teaches us, when the time is ripe for us to experience what is due, we must, and there is no avoiding that. 

So here  are 5 ways to work with Saturn (Reality) and improve your life
Remember, when you are tough on yourself, life is infinitely easier on you.

1. Limit meat, alcohol, dry, old & stale foods

Why do we limit meat alcohol and certain foods? They are tamasic (dense) and rajasic (passionate) in nature which aggravate and enhance ‘negativity’ by bringing out our lower natures. It is especially important to avoid these foods and substances on Saturday (Saturn’s day) Fasting on Saturday is a way to offset our karma by choosing to limit ourselves. When we sacrifice something we want or desire, this action ‘makes sacred’ – Saturn doesn’t have to do it for you.

2. Serve, honour and respect your parents, elderly people and grandparents.

Saturn represents elderly, older people in society, as well as our parents and grandparents. By the fact of our birth, we have a karmic ‘debt’ to our parents. We are obligated to take care of them as they once did for us when we were small. 

If we cannot be with family for whatever reason, there are many ways to serve, honour and give back to the elder folk, or disadvantaged of society. Transcending likes and dislikes, takes you to another dimension of being, where personal preferences take a back seat to the priority of accepting our obligations & karmic responsibilities.

3. Live Simply

Limit yourself before Life has to limit you. This follows on from point #1. The first limb of Yoga is Yama, Saturn’s half brother. Yama is also Pluto. Yama is about restraint, the discipline we apply to ourselves in daily life. When you live a naturally simple life, in thought, action and deed, the obstacles, limitations and delays in life have a much lesser impact. You have much less to loose. 

4. Avoid wearing dark/black colours as your main outfit
Dark blue and black are Saturn’s colours – why do we wish to increase difficulties in our life?  Black absorbs, so be mindful when you wear this powerful colour.  Often people who are strongly influenced by Saturn have a downward gaze, tend to be tall, thin, and perhaps a little gaunt.

They may choose older clothes that tend to be black or dark blue. This reflects the vibration of Shani – a yogi may choose older clothes because he is unattached to the material world. To increase wealth, always keep your clothes well  ironed, cleaned, fresh, and bright!

5. Donate, work, fast and meditate on Saturdays

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, the last day of the solar week, the west direction (where sun sets). Saturn exalts in Libra (west), the sign where Sun debilitates (sets). Saturn debiliates in Aries (East) the sign where the Sun Exalts.

Saturn humbles us by reducing the importance the ego has in our lives. This is why his greatest teaching come in painful lessons – painful for the ego, not the soul. Service, karma yoga, and conscious limitation are all part of Saturn’s medicine.

Discipline, duty, humility, forgiveness and a compassionate heart are part of his gifts.

Remember, Calm is your Superpower 🙏
How does this resonate for you? How is your relationship to Saturn?
Would love to hear your experiences!

Love, Darinka

March Starry Times – A time of Chaos, Conflict and Change

1 Maha Shivratri
3 New Moon Aquarius – Shatabhishak 
6 Mercury moves to Aquarius
8/9/10 Emotional Care Days – Moon Rahu Taurus
15 Sun Moves to Pisces
18 Full Moon Virgo Uttara phalguni  
22/23/24 Emotional Care Days – Moon Ketu in Scorpio
Nodes preparing to move signs

Gears start to slowly change in March as the Sun moves away from the restrictive grips of Saturn and into Jupiter’s sign Pisces.
February ends with a difficult planetary pattern, where all planets are in two signs. 
Mars moves into exhalation in Capricorn on the 26th, conjoining Pluto
Venus follows suit on the 28th. 
All planets are then in Capricorn and Aquarius. 

This is unique pattern called ‘Yuga Yoga’ – it is concentrated and powerful. 

These two signs are ruled by Saturn.
Reality is impossible to ignore. 

They then split again into 3 signs forming a pattern called “Shula Yoga’ which means Shiva’s trident (trishul), until March 15th. It is piercing and sharp, causing pain and difficult situations. 

This is all intensified because these celestial patterns are within the Kaal Sarpa Yoga- where all planets are caught in between Rahu and Ketu – The karmic serpent of time.
Shula yoga forms again at the end of March : 27th – 1 April

Complicated is somewhat of an understatement. 

* 1 March – Maha Shivratri *
A significant event, celebrated across in India, Maha Shivratri means the great night of Shiva. Although there are 12 Shivratris, this Maha (great) Shiv (Shiva) Ratri (night) falls on the last tithi (lunar phase) of the waning lunar fortnight. This day is said to be the unification, or convergence of the two universal forces- Shiva and Shakti – The marriage of Shiva. Unmarried women fast on this day to gain a good partner, and married partners fast to maintain peace and tranquility.

It is a powerful point in space time, to focus on overcoming darkness and ignorance in the world. You can find more information online, or head to your local Hindu Temple and partake in the rituals there. At the least, you could fast on this day, sometimes people even stay up all night to benefit from the powerful cosmic energies at this time. 

Back to the planets…

Mars and Venus are still in the tight conjunction / war -like situation until March 13th – This is not a positive situation as we have the clash of water and fire, creating problems in relationships of all kinds. As Mars Venus move into Capricorn, they meet with Pluto- Yama, lord of death and destiny. This is explosive and intense.

We are seeing this manifesting as Russia started war on Ukraine on the 23rd, just as the Kaal Sarp Yoga formed again, Mars and Venus were in exact conjunction and moon was debilitated in Scorpio.

Venus is also to do with finances – the stock markets have suffered.
As Mars moves closer to Saturn, the pressure increases,  situations in governments, organisations and between leaders will intensify, especially around the 5th and 6th of April. Saturn and Mars are not friendly planets, and this is not a peaceful time.

Lets us hope that the current political climate does not escalate further.

Nothing is retrograde and we are not in eclipse season, which means the positive as well as negative events can follow through with speed and gusto.

It is a very powerful time for Aries and Scorpio moon & rising folk, because ruling planet Mars is exalted, but there are nagging frustrations. Use this energy to get the stuff done and tie up loose ends. There is energy, courage, fortitude and stamina to move ahead, however it is aggressive and possibly too strong, so be mindful of power struggles in your own lives, and unnecessary conflict.

Venus struggles, Libra and Taurus ruled folk may be feeling unusually tired, burdened and burnt out – don’t push it right now. Your time will come when Venus moves away from all the conflict and transits its exaltation sign of Pisces on 28th April. Finances and the stock markets should stabilise somewhat after mid April as well.

Capricorn rising and Moon people need to be extra careful this month. If you have Capricorn moon you are in the middle of Sade Sati, so it is particularly challenging and stressful for you. Remedies for Saturn are essential at this time. Accept losses and limitations and avoid sudden changes.

We are in a birthing process. For some, it may feel like the cord is wrapped around the neck – there are labour pain nows – April is a month where many knots come undone, stitches come out and a re rebirth can be experienced. April will see 3 planets + the lunar nodes changing signs, the ending of Kaal Sarpa yoga, the beginning of Vedic new Year when Sun moves to Aries

We are at a hihgly significant point in time. 

3 New Moon in Aquarius – Shatabhishak

This month’s new moon falls in the futuristic and humanitarian sign Aquarius. The sign of the water bearer is ruled by Saturn and the north lunar node Rahu. It is airy, intelligent and aloof. Saturn is our duties, responsibilities and karma, Rahu is future oriented, leading us on our desires, passions but also obsessions.

Shatabhishak means a hundred healers or a hundred demons, there is a light and dark quality to this star, as it is ruled by Rahu – Agent of Shadows. It is a transpersonal star, tangled in a web of enlightenment and confusion. Shatabhishak can be deep thinkers with  profound knowledge of healing and medicine.

Rahu and Saturn at times seem to work in opposite ways, and yet Rahu (north node) is said to be quite similar to Saturn. This is the classic Anxious- Avoidant dance, two polarities of the coin of Fear. Managing the mind’s tendency of grasping and aversion is a quintessential tenet of Buddhist/Vedic psychology. 

It is human nature, so our work is to master our nature, not be a slave to it. 

The new moon beckons the return to the inner self, as the light of the sun obscures the mind (moon). Notice what pushes and pulls you, can you practice staying steady and not yielding to the chaos and confusion?

It is time for rest, reflection and finishing off projects. Leave signing contracts, new projects and more materialistic endeavours till’ the moon begins to wax again, from the 5th of March.

This moon is supported by the expansive and benevolent Jupiter – May his protection, support and wisdom bless us and remind us of the natural abundance which surrounds us in every moment.

8/9/10 Moon Rahu in Taurus
Emotional Care days – When moon moves past the nodes, it can trigger ‘mental health issues’ our prana is more disturbed and unsettled by external events. Although moon is happy in Taurus, it is disturbed by Rahu. A time to return to your centre and pay less attention to triggers, but focus on your inner column of light, return to the regularity of the breath, keep your hands busy to distribute the restlessness. Rahu eclipses the moon (mind) so we think less clearly during these transits.

15th – Sun Moves to Pisces
Sun breaks away from the restriction of Saturn and moves into Jupiter’s sign. Although Jupiter is still in Aquarius, we can feel a greater freedom as vitality starts to return to us. Hopefully the calming and altruistic vibration of Pisces can cool down some of the flames, bringing a greater capacity for peace, understanding & compassion.

Virgo Full Moon on the 18th – Uttara phalguni
This full moon intensifies the ongoing drama that I covered above. Full moons heighten emotions, drawing waters up, flooding the brain. Depending on one’s sensitivity, this could be difficult, for others it can be powerful and transformative. Situations ripen and give fruits.

Uttara Phalguni straddles the end of Leo into the first 10 degrees of Virgo. Its deity is Aryaman, who governs leadership, nobility and the rules of society. It is ruled by the Sun, its animal is the bull. It is known as the star of patronage and it carries Chayani Shakti – The power of giving prosperity.

( Will write a separate blog for this, stay tuned )

22/23/24 Moon in Scorpio with Ketu. 
Emotional Care Days –  These days are more challenging, moon debilitates, lowering our prana, Ketu can make us feel apathetic and detached, on the 24th moon passes the tricky gandanta point (water/fire) triggering knotty and unsettled moods and situations. Often storms and big rains happen. Plan ahead and don’t believe everything you think. If you are going to act suddenly, take a breath and come back to it in a few days. Good days for spiritual activities, cleaning the house, taking a bath etc. 

Challenging times test our faith and strength. The way out is in. As much as there are wars in the world, how many ave wars at home, in your heart, with yourselves?
Unless we evolve psychologically, there is little hope but to witness continual recycling of unconscious Karma in the world. 

Mastering the Mind is the single most powerful thing you can do – to become your own friend, and by extension, align yourself with the supreme reality, with God, who dwells in the hearts of all beings. 

Remember, when there is no enemy within, there is no enemy outside.

Stay calm and grounded this month.
Reach out if you need support – it is there. 
If you would like a reading and struggling with financial constraints, please let me know. 

Darinka x

Artwork by Jada Wilson

Feb Starry Times – Saturn’s Diamonds

1 – New moon Capricorn | Sravana @ 4:46pm
4 -Merc Direct
3 , 4, 5 – Sun Saturn Conjunction | Combustion

10 – Kal Sarpa Yoga breaks for 2 weeks
12 – 13 – Sun Sandi – Sun moves to Aquarius
17 Full Moon Leo | Magha @ 3: 56 Am

24 – Kal Sarpa begin again
27 Mars moves to Capricorn
28 All planets (except nodes ) in two signs – Yuga Yoga

The theme for this month is 


Everyone’s favourite planet!
the Lord of Death, Time and Karma
The one who delivers that which we do not wish to receive,
The one who grants the greatest boons, yet, one who is a relentless taskmaster
The one who makes us face actions of the past,
The one who’s job is to humble us.

Saturn rules the knees, and bend we must, as sorrows seem to rob us of joy, there in lies the great paradox and the divine relationship between:
The capacity for sorrow and the capacity for true joy and liberation.

Whats happening ?

Jupiter is in Aquarius, Sun will join in on the 13th (currently in Capricorn)
Mercury is retrograde about to go direct in Capricorn & Saturn is combust (burnt) the sun, while chugging away at home, making sure everyone is working hard and not taking shortcuts. 

Adding to the Saturnalia, by the end of the month, Venus and Mars who travel quite close together over Feb and March, will also move into Capricorn. Most planets will be in Capricorn + Aquarius, reflecting the earth and air aspects of Saturn.

The cherry on top is the ongoing Kaal Sarpa yoga, where all planets are hemmed between the Rahu & Ketu, the lunar nodes, squeezing us even more!
It is a powerful, exciting, profitable, futuristic, stagnant, unpredictable and volatile time.

We are not yet out of the restrictive grip of Saturn, and for this month especially, there needs to be greater patience and a broader vision to deal with the limitations which may seem very binding, we are being asked to see the blessings in disguise.

New Moon is an invitation to silence, stillness and solitude, given the intensity of the astro climate, withdrawing and detaching is good medicine, continue drawing inwards and into your centre, cultivating deep listening. Remember, the greatest power you have is what you give attention to. Use your prana wisely.

Mercury finally moves direct on the 4th of Feb, (so everything is your own fault again!) Take care on the days leading up to and just after, avoid travelling then if you can. It will be easier to take decisions after this time.

Venus & Mars are travelling very closely together throughout the month and into March as well. These are relationship planets, water and fire, in Sagittarius makes for steamy, passionate, but also argumentative and volatile times especially in close dynamics. They will be in ‘planetary war’ on and off, so we need to be careful.

Egos can run high, especially with all the other challenges right now. Some relationships are likely to end, given that Venus has also moved direct, many have a greater sense of their worth and value and are ready to evolve and move on.

Sun is particularly weak and unsupported at the moment as he is very close to Saturn, leading up to the 12th/13th, when Sun moves into Aquarius. This is called Sandhi, when a planet changes sign, they are neither here nor there. There can be low vitality and tiredness, or more conflict in the workplace, or with authorities. Leo rising and moon – please take care. It’s a time when many are feeling burnt out.

There may be heart related health issues at this time for people who are prone.

Saturn is combust (burnt, too close) the Sun, he is stressed and frustrated, making adherence to rules, laws or those in power challenging … frustrations, rebellion and anger toward restrictions are increasing. This affects Capricorn and Aquarius rising and moons particularly

Greater vitality and wellbeing will be seen as Sun progresses through Aquarius, however we are still under the governance of Saturn. There may be some breakthroughs in regards to health, healing, medicine and ideas, especially as Sun moves closer to Jupiter in March.

Full Moon in Leo, ‘Magha’ on the 17th coincides with the Venus and Mars Planetary war who will be at the exact same degree in Sagittarius, in Purva Ashadha nakshatra – known for its declarations of war – This can be a very fiery and volatile energy, especially for Scorpio, Taurus , Libra and Aries moon or rising.

Full moon can intensify the situation. It is a watery and fiery energy, observe and manage impulsivity and be very mindful of sudden and snap decisions.

It is best to use this big energy creativity and collaboratively instead of getting ‘at’ each-other and fighting over petty ideologies and mind games. 

Moon in Magha connects to Ketu and is the domain of the ancestors. Ruled by the Sun, who is in the humanistic and expansive Aquarius – this is about authority, leadership, domination, power, control, but also the past, conservatism, traditionalism with futurism. Honouring the past, but not being limited by it.

Ketu is still in Scorpio for another few months, and he is still dredging up deep secrets, scandals and affairs that had been hidden for a long time. Much has been revealed and still more to come. What skeletons in your closet have you discovered?

New Moon in Sravana – The Star of Listening

Shakti is ‘Samhanana shakti‘ – The power of Connection

An art in itself, how to listen well, how to absorb what is being said, how to digest, and how to respond (if at all). There is a relationship between knowledge, listening and teaching. This star carries a moon/saturn vibration. It can feel serious or sombre, especially since the ruler, Saturn is combust and exhausted right now, but perhaps this is a sinking into the grounded presence of Reality.

Sravana is about listening to  sacred sounds, being silent and still enough to allow the gentle inner voice of spirit to emerge. It can be difficult to slow down the internal landscape long enough to allow the subtleties of life to emerge.

To be silent and still with oneself is one of the most difficult things for an individual to do. Has the imbalance in world around us evolved out of this discrepancy?

A reminder that before colonial times and before the industrial revolution, life was lived in greater accordance to natures timing and laws.

When everything is speeding up, slow down, 
Don’t follow the crowd – they are lost.
When everyone is heading toward the cliff, 
turn around, go the other way. 

The inability to deal with adversity has far reaching consequences – and the consistent avoidance of such reality only makes life seem more challenging. 

No, you might not get that job, or that dream might not come true, or that person you are pining for has gone for good, or no matter how hard you try sometimes you might not always get the kind of money you secretly long for.  And that is OK. Its ok to not have what you want, as it forces you to find contentment with what you have, and with what is. This is the big lessons of saturn, who’s sometimes crippling limitations forces us to go even deeper into the true nature of things.

Saturn is about living with and embracing limitations creatively, discovering deep peace with wanting less, living simply, enjoying solitude and connecting deeply into one’s own nature and self. That is where you touch God, the inner heart. Saturn exalts in Libra, sign of Venus, who sits in the Heart Chakra.

Sorrow is the master doorway.

May your month ahead be guided by the blessings of Vishnu, the preserver, who governs Sravana Nakshatra, that we may enjoy the fruits of the material world without being attached to them, may we gain the blessing of humility and know that really nothing is in our control, to give our sorrows to god, and to deeply trust in the great river of life, and the great mystery around.

Stay Calm, Be Well,
Love Darinka x

Do you need support, clarity, guidance?

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Mercury Retrograde : Detours Ahead & Un-pretzeling the Mind

“Instead of resisting to changes, surrender. Let life be with you, not against you. If you think ‘My life will be upside down’ don’t worry. How do you know down is not better than upside?”― Shams Of Tabriz

14 Jan – 4 Feb
Meeting with Saturn, Pluto, Combust the Sun

Esoterically, Mercury is the celestial bridge from the heavens to the mind of humans. Mercury is Buddhi – the intellectual, curious, analytical and logical aspect of the human mind. Intelligence can be seen as the ability to adapt to change.

A long sojourn through Capricorn, the intellect gets a hearty dose of re- structuring, discipline, restrictions and facing limitations creatively. Mercury will be burnt by the sun and meeting with pluto adding more intensity, confusion and twisty thinking.

An excellent time to practice managing the mind. Be aware of becoming too pessimistic. Reality may be harsh at times, but avoiding it makes its that much more heavy. We must pray for the courage and strength to overcome our difficulties, instead of trying to escape. It is not a clear time right now. We are not thinking the best. Upgrading our mindset would be good to do now. See how you may be limiting yourself with your choice of words and story making.

The paradox of feeling pain deeply, allows it to move through you, transforming your heart, mind and being. It builds resilience and mental strength. It is a lifelong inner practice. Prayer may sound cheesy and affiliated with religion, but there is a deeper space of harmony and peace within, a journey each person can only walk themselves.
Keep inquiring. Use the mind instead of letting the mind run loose.

Capricorn is a managerial sign; disciplined, with strong work ethic, respect for rules, with a penchant for the traditional. Mercury’s retrograde passes through Sravana and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra, which are ruled by the Moon and Sun respectively. Duality seems to be engulfing, as our entire lives and physiology are governed by the rising and setting of the two luminaries. All of life occurs under the domain of Light and Darkness.

Sravana means listening to the sacred sounds, to the voice of the inner guru, Uttara Ashada connects us to the glory of success following periods of hard work and limitations. With Mercury retro coinciding with Venus retrograde, it is a time where matters of self worth, value and their deep foundations are up for review. What is of great importance, is what we think about ourselves.

This inner dialogue can make or break a person. There may be all manners of difficulties happening around you, but if you believe the negativity and make it your own, then it can weaken you. This is hard part, and the great bridge to cross. Everyone has the ability to cross it. Remember if you are tired, learn to rest, please don’t quit.

Developing mental strength means learning to become your own best friend. Becoming the parent you didn’t have, being compassionate, kind and gentle with yourselves at the same time being firm, disciplined and organised.  This has effects across all domains of life (depending on which houses re being highlighted in your chart)

“ When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ” 
There is always another way to view things. Do I need to pretzel or unpretzel my mind?

Reflect, Reimagine, Reinvent … Retrograde implies the gradual slowing down and reversal of situations. It can feel immensely frustrating when things don’t appear to go the way we  want them. We doubt and question ourselves, double back, cancel at the last minute, become mentally foggy and uncertain. When communications get muddled, we feel misunderstood, or travel plans go awry (Mercury).
Retrograde motion means it is time to rethink, beliefs, attitudes, actions and assumptions. It also means slow down and consider all your options. Don’t take a decision if it all feels too much. Life is what happens when everyone else is busy making plans.

Are there choices worthwhile re-considering?
Is your current life reflecting your true values? 
This could be a time for re-negotiation of terms and conditions and mental attitudes.

Dates in particular: 13/14/15 Jan and 4/5/6 Feb when Mercury is standstill, and on Wednesday’s – Mercury’s days – These days are when we feel the effects of retrogrades the strongest, especially more so if you are Virgo or Gemini rising or Moon. It is best to avoid travel on these days if you do have to travel in this time. Otherwise just give yourself extra time and plan for delays. No biggie!

During Mercury retrograde:

Expect: Brilliant new ways of doing things, creative thinking enhanced, also mis-understandings, arguments, breakups/resolutions/reconciliations, solutions to long standing problems, or more confusion, a long awaited message appears, people from the past may return, business may slow down, situations reverse, computer/phone glitches, electrical issues, cloudy thinking, weaker health, impulsive texts, buyers remorse, vehicle repairs, obstacles/ delays in negotiations, breakthroughs.

Do : Review, reset, rethink, slow down, reconnect, expand your mind, challenge your thinking, let yourself be wrong, healthy debates, get organised, clear clutter, chant mantras. It’s ok to be a little less logical, reflect on your inner narrative and storylines. Be creative. Let your mind play on different tangents/currents/thought-streams.

Get a second medical option if feeling unsure. Back up your devices, clean out your computer. Get those things fixed on your car. Take care of your body, get a massage. Detach from the duality drama. It will never stop, so you have to.
Breathe deeply, meditate, practice asanas. Return home to your inner spring when feeling overwhelm. The tides of your breath is your truth. 

Dont: Sign contracts, avoid travelling or making sudden decisions, engage in arguments or take on too much.  Not the best time to  change business plans suddenly, speak harshly, engage in narrow in thinking, or buy a new car (venus).

Avoid making any major financial commitments/major contracts. If unsure of a certain outcome, or if waiting on something, expect clarity after 5th Feb. Especially if you are ruled by Mercury – Venus or Gemini Rising/Moon. Venus ruled folk expect clarity to return after Jan 29, when Venus moves direct.

I find Mercury retrograde a good time for artists, writers and creatives and spiritually aligned folk. Uranus squaring Capricorn (and Saturn + Mercury) can electrify the situation and inject bolts of brilliance.

Enjoy the process, stay calm and meditate.

As Dr.Svoboda often reminds us in his talks, of his Guru Vimalananda’s words:
“We must learn to live with Reality, lest reality will come to live with us!”

Be well,
Love, Darinka x

Portal : 2022

Hey Star Travellers — Welcome to 2022 !

The Gregorian new year begins without any specific astronomical relevance, and so we ‘begin’, yet are continuing the themes of 2021 (until the *true* new year in April)

In India and to followers of Sanatana Dharma, the new year is marked by the month ‘Chaitra’, which spans March-April every year. The new solar year is when the Sun moves into Aries, its exaltation sign, on April 14.

It is said in the Brahma Puranas that Lord Brahma began the creation of the universe on the Shukla Pratipada Tithi – which is the first lunar phase after the new moon in in Pisces, in the month of Chaitra.

In Vedic timekeeping, a solar year is called ‘Samvatsara’, a 60 year cycle based on the interplay of the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter, with each year carrying specific significations and meanings.

Within that 60 year cycle there are 12×5 Jupiter Yugas.⁠

We are currently in the last 4 months of one of these yugas which began in 2017. ⁠

It is interesting to note the definitions for the years in which we have been in the pandemic :⁠

2019- 20 – Vikārī  (vikāra) Sick, ill, afflicted with some disease or mental disturbance. – It also translates at repugnant or repulsive

2020 – 21 Shārvari – Sharvari means “night or twilight” or “pernicious or murderous” –  according to hindu/vedic ancestral predictions, this year is known to bring famine and trouble

2021- 22 – Plava  – Refers to the animal “pelican” or a boat – a vessel which carries us across. This year has been about carrying ourselves and others, across difficult terrain, we have certainly crossed significant thresholds.⁠

*2022 – 23* –  Shubhakruth – ‘Shubha’ means auspicious or good and ‘Shubhakruth’ means the doing of the deeds of auspiciousness or goodness. There is indication of success in undertakings

We can say that, although 2022 starts instability and uncertainty, we can expect auspiciousness, improvement and growth.

Key Events this month:

Mars crosses the 4th Dec solar eclipse degree point triggering potentially explosive and intense events on the days surrounding NYE. The planet of war, courage and willpower is strong in its own sign and powerful in Jyestha, the last part of Scorpio where deep poisons, strength and power lie.

14 – 19 Jan are powerful/intense days for Scorpio/Aries moon/asc people in particular, but will affect us all in different ways. Mars will be crossing the sensitive, knotty and karmic Gandanta region of space. Water/fire – contrast of elements, intense astral energies catalyse powerful events, transforming insights, strong emotions and actions, and courageous deeds. It can also trigger violence, power plays and accidents

16/17 Jan – Mars moves to Sagittarius, Mula nakshatra, revisiting the same place when the pandemic began 2 years ago. We have an opportunity to return to roots, to re evaluate the last two years of actions and expression of Will, to re align our selves with a greater purpose and vision.

Chandra has re-entered the serpents wheel of time for the next two weeks, creating a full Kaal Sarpa Yoga. Right now, we are caught in the middle of some very unsettling, unstable, turbulent and weird energies. ⁠

Over the course of NYD, the moon passes through its most difficult region of space, transiting through Jyestha Scorpio, crossing the vulnerable gandanta bridge.
It can be an emotionally volatile and intense, yet also spiritually uplifting time.

New Moon 2-3 Jan
18°10′ Sagittarius – Purva Ashada

Sun, Moon + retrograde Venus in Sagittarius now, make for a fiery yet inspired new moon energy. Jupiter in Aquarius is promoting new forms of healing, adaptation and changes and wisdom to deal with the uncertainties & ups and downs of the ever fluctuating Mind.

Purva ashadha is a fierce and aggressive star. Its deity is Apas, who governs all aquatic bodies and regions. It is ruled by Venus, who’s current brightness and apparent reversal is teaching us poignant lessons around love, worth and value.

It’s shakti is ‘varchograhana shakti’ – The Power of Invigoration. One of its symbols is a fan, suggesting the ability to fan away difficulties, to provide relief and support, or fan the flames of discord. Purva Asahdha translates to ‘early victory’ – giving an element of being undefeated and invincible. This obviously can have negative connotations as P.A people may not be privy to their own limitations and set themselves up for failure.

May this new moon invite us to direct our attention inwards, to observe our limitations, to cleanse and purify, to notice relationship patterns and the correlations between your self worth and what surrounds you. May the invigorating power of Purva Ashadha inspire us to continue to move forward + upward, fanning away troubles, yet not ignoring them, and move into the new year with grace, wisdom and in-sight.

Kaal Sarpa Yoga 14 Dec – 25 April

Kaal Sarpa means ‘Serpent of time. This yoga is a planetary union, a pattern in which all the visible planets fall on one side of the Rahu/Ketu axis. The moon has just formed this yoga again for the next two weeks, as it has moved back into the loop.

It often found in charts of prominent people, politicians and artists. This yoga is generally unfavourable, indicating an unstable and unpredictable times/events with the potential for both great gains and great losses.

Events occur which can be strange, unusual or freakish. There can be strong feelings of ambition, obsession or irrational fears/anxieties. Things may feel out of control. It is best to expect the unexpected, allow plenty of room for delays and sudden changes, but be mindful of taking any drastic decisions now.

Since the nodes affect us on the psychological level, we must strengthen and fortify our minds with regular practices such as mantra, asana, pranayama, meditation and other yogic disciplines. It doesn’t have to take much time of the day, but it is a direct remedy to offset the difficult effect it can have on our fluctuating minds.

Venus Retrograde in Sagittarius ’till 29 jan

Venus spends 6 weeks retrograding from early Capricorn and back into Sagittarius, spending most of her time in Sag. Venus retrogrades every 18 months. What was happening for you the last time she went retrograde in May 2020?

Venus is hidden by the Sun, symbolically in the underworld now, and will eventually emerge as the bright morning star. It is a time of evaluation, gestation and rebirth. Venus/Shukra relates to our sense of self worth and value, vehicles, relationships, spouse and female partners/friends – the feminine, watery, creative aspects in life. She is the quality of sweetness.

Met a new flame during the year? This retrograde cycle may cause you to question your choices. You may decide to fly solo now or deepen your bond. Expect changes and separations, or reconciliations of long lost friends/lovers. People from the past may re -appear.

Not the time to buy a new car. Avoid marriage or commitment bonds during this time. Re-address your relationship standards, most importantly with yourself. How you treat yourself reflects in what you allow from others.

Venus is the guru of the Asuras, and connects to the water element. In Sagittarius, there can be conflicting ideologies. Water puts out fire; Emotion and pleasure (Venus) is at odds with Jupiter’s Fire of Truth and spiritual purity. The answers may not be straightforward now, advice is to not rush, take your time, be thorough with your plans and thinking.

Mercury Retrograde 14 Jan
Mercury in Capricorn 30/12/ 21-

Mercury begins its first retrograde for this year, in Capricorn. They (Budh is genderless, but often referred to as ‘he’ ) will have a long stay in this practical, workhorse and pragmatic earth sign. What can we expect?

Mercury speeds along, coming very close to Saturn, then moves backward on the 14th,
He will be combust (burnt) by the Sun from 19th,
Conjoining Pluto again from 29th, slowing down on the 1st feb, before being stationary, moving direct on the 4th of Feb.

Expect your usual communication mishaps, crossed wires, lost messages, double emails, scattered minds, messy desks, late trains, missed planes, changed dates, keep in mind we are in kaal sarpa as well. Our minds are not clear, in capricorn, they may be a little more gloomy as the harsh reality (Saturn) of the world shines brightly, as we can see things for what they are rather than for what we want them to be. It may not be pleasent but the opportunity is to practice neither aversion or attraction.

Re assessing the mindset, thinking styles and mental magnetism is a boon during retrogrades as things tend to not work as well. We are forced to go back and re-visit things, to find the holes and errors, repair and making stronger.

With Venus still retrograde and the intense Kaal sarpa, causing us to dip in and out of strong psychological and illusory forces, draw back within, always maintain your centre, maintain a calm and steady breath, allow your mind to unfurl and move beyond its arrogances, rigidities and limitations, bend, yield, walk back some steps.
Let yourself be criticised, see things from a new angle.

All relationships are being tested now with a powerful opportunity for renewal, re birth and a re start.


There are always multiple energies happening, but these are the key themes for January.

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Have a great month!
Love, Darinka

Dec 2021 – The Grand Finale ⚡️

4th – Full Solar Eclipse/ New Moon – Scorpio
5th – Mars moves to Scorpio
9th – Venus moves to Capricorn
10th – Mercury moves to Sagittarius
14th – Mars Ketu conjunction
Kaal Sarpa begins
15/16 – Sun moves to Sag- Sankranti
19th – Venus retrograde29th Jan
Full Moon Gemini

Key Events

We end the year with some powerful celestial events – A full solar eclipse, the beginning of a 4 – month Kaal Sarpa yoga and Venus retrograding for 6 weeks in Capricorn/Sagittarius. Jupiter has moved out of debilitation in Capricorn and is now in the futuristic and humanitarian sign of Aquarius. This is a significant shift especially for Sag and Pisces folk,

We are likely to see increased optimism and faith as well as changes and expansion in areas such as networks, friendships, large organisations, foundations, social justice, technology, democracy, wealth, gains and scientific research.
Please see Jupiter in Aquarius Report for more info.

4th – Full Solar Eclipse/ New Moon – 4th

The moon passes in front of the sun an exact degree. That degree is the Rahu/Ketu Axis. From earth, it looks like the sun is being swallowed… The spiritual light is temporarily darkened, truth is shadowed, life goes quiet. The moon; the individual soul is also dark, as solar eclipses occur on new moons.

Eclipse portals are omens portending change. They can indicate upheavals, sudden revelations or profound transformation and deep inner journeys. The astral energies at this time are highly conducive for all kinds of spiritual activities. It is a time for a spiritual reset.

Ketu invites us to separate and detach from the endless play of the outside world. Stop. Be still. Often, there can be feelings of apathy, withdrawal and less desires for material activities as well as heightened intuition This is the soul’s movements toward its truth and that which is eternal.

There will be 4 planets in Scorpio on this day – Sun, Moon, Mercury and Ketu – Scorpio is a mystical, deep and intense sign energetically aligned with all things secret, hidden, occult, transformative and destructive.

The 8th sign wrestles with powerful urges and desires, grappling with its lower nature as it stands on the threshold of emergence from the cave, to the vast landscapes of faith and spiritual wisdom.

The dark moon doubly emphasises the materially negating time we are in.

  • Avoid launching or beginning anything for material gains, such as laying foundations, marriage, celebrations or major decisions. 
  • It is a time for rest, withdrawal, detachment from senses and spiritual practices. 
  • Do not eat or drink during the eclipse period as it is said that the psychic forces disturb the prana in the food. 
  • Meditate, pray, fast, clean the home, throw things away.
  • Fast from excessive speech. Practice silence
  • Connect with Ganesha, as he is the deity associated with Ketu, removing the psychological blocks impeding our minds.
  • Mantras to chant : Maha Mritunjaya, Ganesha mantras, Mantras connected to Soma/Chandra and Surya, Durga and Shiva.

The Nakshatra energy is Jyestha – ruled by Indra, lord of storms and thunder, king of the gods. Wise, powerful yet lustful, Jyestha is a powerful, fierce and cruel star with the power to rise and conquer in battle. (Arohana Shakti).

The greatest battles we fight are within, so use this time to sever the thick veils separating you from Deep Truth. Illusions are plenty, as our western world is dominated by Rāhu – always seeking the next best thing. Insatiable desire and ambition becomes one’s own self undoing.

14th – Mars rahu conjunction Scorpio, Kaal Sarpa Yoga begins
Kaal Sarpa means ‘Serpent of time. This yoga is a planetary union, a pattern in which all the visible planets fall on one side of the Rahu/Ketu axis.

It often found in charts of prominent people, politicians and artists. This yoga is generally unfavourable, indicating an unstable and unpredictable time with the potential for both great gains and great losses. Events occur which can be strange, unusual or freakish. There can be strong feelings of ambition, obsession or irrational fears/anxieties.

The nodes are the eclipse points, they are shadowy astral forces and therefore contain no substance of their own. What is created under strong, unconscious influences of Rāhu tends to dissolve or prove to be disappointing in time. The nodes are opposing forces, drawing us to objects of the senses (Rāhu) – or detaching us from people, places and things (Ketu)

This Kaal Sarap yoga begins on the 14th when Mars moves past Ketu at 6° of Scorpio, properly entering the serpent’s embrace. It will break every 2 weeks, for 2 weeks as the moon will move outside of the axis. It will fully end when Mercury moves past Rahu on the 25th of April 2022. 

– Please don’t worry though, this is just a general interpretation and some people may not notice anything. It does depend on your individual chart, as well as your commitment to your inner engineering.

Who is affected most?
> Those with planets conjunct the nodes in their chart,
> Those with many planets in rahu/ketu nakshatras
> Those running a rahu/ketu mahadasa or bhukti.

14/15/16 – Sun moves to Sagittarius – Sankranti
Take it easy over these days as the Sun will move through he Jyestha/Mula gandanta region. This part of the zodiac where there are karmic knots and snares. It can bring up issues with fathers, authority figures and bosses.
When the Sun is moving to a new sign it is considered weak, as the solar energy is low, and it is best to avoid major activities/events on these days. There could be big storms or floods, as Jyestha is connected to Rains and thunder.

19th – Venus retrograde Capricorn
Full Moon Gemini
 Venus will spend 6 weeks retrograding from early Capricorn and back into Sagittarius.
This is underlying Saturn and Jupiter energy, both of which are in signs ruled by Saturn. Venus relates to our sense of self worth and value, vehicles, relationships, spouse and female partners/friends – the women in your life.

Venus in Capricorn is more conservative with a tendency toward more traditional values, so this can be a time of maturity in relationships. Retrogrades can indicate breakups, and a re-setting of deeper values. Venus is the guru of the Asuras, and connects to the water element. It is better in Capricorn than in Sagittarius, where there can be conflicting ideologies. Water puts out fire; Emotion and pleasure (Venus) is at odds with Jupiter’s Fire of Truth and spiritual purity.

Expect people from the past to call or re-appear. It is a time to re-address your relationship standards, most importantly however, your relationship to yourself, how do you speak and treat yourself, what is your internal dialogue? This reflects in what we choose to tolerate and accept in our lives.

The Full moon will be on the same day, so expect some news.
This Poornima will fall in the early degrees of the Gemini/Sagittarius, Mula/Mrigashira Axis – This axis highlights the celestial bridge of higher wisdom and the intellectual mind. Faith/analysis, The Big Picture/The Fine Details.

Please stay tuned for a separate blog/video on these two events.
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Jupiter in Aquarius : 21 Nov – 14 April 22. New Trends, Innovation & Healing

Jupiter entered Aquarius on the 6th of April, moving up to 8 ° before retrograding on the 21st of June (the exact day cases began to rise and lockdowns began in Sydney) 

Now Jupiter has re -entered the sign of the water bearer, emerging from debilitation of Capricorn, for the next 12 years. He will stay in Aquarius until April next year, when he enters Pisces.

Aquarius is a futuristic, humanitarian, sharp and intellectual air sign, ruled by detached Saturn and eccentric Rahu. It values reason and democracy, over faith and excess emotion. Its fixed nature can make it fearful, detached, cautious and unwilling to compromise on certain issues.

Jupiter in Aquarius will manifest growth, changes and expansion in areas such as networks, friendships, large organisations, foundations, social justice, technology, democracy, wealth, gains and scientific research.

Three nakshatras span this constellation, Dhanishta ruled by Mars, Shatabhishak, ruled by Rahu and Purva BhadraPada, ruled by Jupiter. Aquarius therefore, carries the vibrations of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter. 

Rahu is what gives Aquarius its eccentricity. Rahu is future and forward oriented, he breaks rules, boundaries and traditions, going against the status quo, challenging situations and treading new paths. It is also desire, fear and obsession. Saturn and Rahu are quite similar and yet they also cause internal tension due to the contrast & confluence of their energies. Saturn is a traditionalist, Rahu doesn’t always respect, or like to conform to traditions. This can innovation, medical breakthroughs and new trends, or outcasts, criminals and vigilantes. 

Jupiter will cast a positive 90° angle from itself, supporting Libra and Gemini signs as well as an energising 180° opposition onto Leo sign.

The Leo/Aquarius axis highlights the Sun/Saturn dynamic, reflecting issues with authorities, leaders, father figures, feeling insecure and not at home within oneself. This combination can sometimes indicate a closed or fearful heart, as well as other heart/cardiac related issues.

With Saturn sitting in Capricorn, in the 12th sign from Jupiter, this can bring issues such as hospitalisations, hidden enemies & losses, victim/perpetrator dynamics, betrayal/betrayed and other subconscious, hidden 12th house themes. With Rahu travelling through Krittika can indicate surgeries.

Saturn can be too harsh and cold, blocking the heart chakra. We need to embellish the higher qualities of Saturn such as surrender, humility, patience and embracing sorrow, in order to transform insecurity, arrogance and egotism. The Sun in its higher nature can be warm, radiant, loving and nurturing.

Saturn is still holding the reins with Jupiter even though much pressure has lifted and optimism has begun to return. As Jupiter moves into the last nakshatra of Aquarius and into Pisces, faith and spiritual wisdom can begin to flow more freely.

Jupiter transiting through Dhanishta until 3 Jan 2022 is influenced by Mars. This can be positive for courage, wealth creation and material gains, music and dance, however it is a star known for relationship discord. Dhanishta is a star also connected to celibacy.

Jupiter in Shatabhishak from 3 Jan – 3 March is where radical healing may emerge. New drugs to combat the virus may become popular and alternative options to the current reality is likely to unfold. This star is ruled by Rahu itself, but Jupiter’s influence, can quell the fears and illusions, guiding people toward Dharma, truth and righteousness.

Jupiter in Purva Bhadra Pada will be easier as Jupiter rules this star. It spans early Pisces as well. Jupiter in this star will feel more at home as the optimistic and benevolent rays will be able to express clearly and brightly.

Overall it is a great time for forward movements and creating new grounds in societies and organisations. Sagittarius and Pisces ruled folk will feel the shift the most.

Radical changes can bring new growth and opportunities. A time of moving forward with your plans and goals.

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November Celestial Forecast – Relationships in Transition

31 Oct – Venus moves to Sagittarius
4 Nov – Diwali 
5 Nov –  New Moon – 8:14am Swati/Libra
16th – Sun moves into Scorpio
19th – Partial Lunar Eclipse
22nd – Jupiter enters Aquarius

November sees the following cosmic events –

Mars, Sun and Mercury continue to highlight relationship dramas and potential health issues as they clash, passing through Libra. Venus, who rules Libra has moved out of the intensity of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on the 31 Oct.

Sun debilitates in Libra, this can be a time of low vitality and health issues for some, indulgence in too much pleasure and sensory distractions. Sun in Libra, however, often loses its harsh ego edge and sense of pride so it is good for diplomacy and negotiation.

The first two weeks of November are potentially explosive as Mercury and Mars continue their volatile tango, with both planets being combust (too close/ burnt) by the Sun, Mercury and Mars combust (burnt) by the Sun, increasing impatience, restlessness, aggression and Vata imbalances.

Please take care specifically around the dates 9, 10, 11 November, as Saturn is making an exact square to the mars/mercury planetary war. These days could be quite heated.

Uranus – The great awakener sits opposite in Aries adding more electricity and fuel for the fire. It can indicate sudden shocks and unexpected events, rude awakenings and sudden realisations. It is another point to be aware of especially if you have planets in the line of fire. 

New moon in Libra – Swati – New moons are good for inner reflection and spiritual contemplation. The new moon intensifies any emotional hangups. Try not to force anything. There are difficult energies surrounding right now. New moon is a cyclical return to darkness, the delicate dance on a threshold; Libra marks the deepest point of the soul’s immersion into materialism and therefore the turning point, ascending toward spiritualism.

Saturn adds pressure to an already challenging situation due to his harsh ‘square’ 90° aspect from Capricorn

Workload increases. Busyness is overwhelming. Restructuring relationships. Some may end, or go through a trial. Arguments, a potential stalemate. Im right, you’re wrong. Stubbornness. Passive aggression, micro aggressions, the people vs the state. Leaders and those who serve. Authority and Democracy in question.

Sun/Saturn combinations often reflect lessons around ego and humility, how to harmonise these forces, understanding that true leadership is the highest form of service, leading people back to themselves, rather than controlling them, or creating dependence on a government, a kingdom or something outside the sovereign self.

Venus in Sagittarius opens up fresh ideas, point of views, movement and travel as well as surrendering of past experiences, accepting loss, welcoming rebirth, particularly as Venus travels through Mula nakshatra from 30 Oct – 14 nov.

Venus in Mula, is a time to connect with your roots. There may be undercurrents of detachment, disenchantment and dissatisfaction; what was once cherished and valued has somehow lost its shine. There may be some serious re-addressing of particular relationships in your life now. You are being tested. Venus is about worth and value – know when to leave the table when love is no longer being served. 

Sagittarius can be quite fundamentalist in its approach at times, so there may be clashes around ideologies and beliefs. Perhaps there isn’t a solution to be found but a truth to be accepted?

Jupiter finally moves out of debilitation in Capricorn and into Aquarius on the 22nd – A welcome sigh of relief, improving situations greatly for Sag + Pisces moon + rising. Travel will be on the horizon for many, and if not physically, then mentally and spiritually. 


Plan ahead –  Avoid taking on more projects, slow down, say no gracefully, prioritise rest & relaxing, ease up on yourself. Perfection is a lie. A time to yield, to be humble. A good leader is the ultimate servant, cultivating emotional intelligence and supports the team. Insecurities are loud, confidence is quiet. There may be trickery and manipulation. Be careful who you let on board, some people may try to sink the whole ship just because they can’t be captain.

Great time for focussed action, broadening horizons, perspectives and attitudes. More water, drink, bathe, cleanse. Be aware of the tendency for increased competitiveness, frustration and irritability. Especially after the new moon. Avoid spicy, pitta aggravating foods, meditate, avoid rajasic foods like excess salt, (red) meat, alcohol, stale, old and low pranic foods.

Diwali, Festival of Lights is on the 4th of November – it is about accessing our inner light, expanding our divine potential beyond petty limitations. Not everything needs a resolution, per se. Shamanic work is about sitting in the darkness and befriending pain & discomfort, in self and others.

Have a great month folks – I will make a separate post on the new moon on Instagram so make sure to tune in there for more! – @darinkamaja

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Full Moon Aries – Ashwini. Now is the Moment of Power

Hey Star Travellers,
We welcome a big, beautiful and bold full moon in fiery Aries!
It occurs in the first lunar mansion, the nakshatra Ashwini. 

Not known for subtlety, Aries breaks down walls, doesn’t often take no for an answer, has a pure heart, is fierce, warrior like, impulsive, courageous and pioneering. 
The shakti of Ashwini is Shidhra Vyapnai, the power to reach things quickly. 

This asterism is governed by the Ashwin Kumaras who are the divine physicians of the gods – this star can bring about quick realisation of healing, goals and plans.

Now is the moment of Power.

Why is this moon so potent ?

The Moon tonight will be the closest to the Earth – known as Sharad Purnima. It is the most healing and rejuvenating of lunar influences, especially since it falls in the star Ashwini.

We have stepped out of retrograde season 
Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter are all in their direct motion now. 
Situations are gathering speed, thoughts can flow freely, plans can move ahead. It is a time for healing and fresh starts.

Mars, which rules Aries is currently straddling the threshold of Virgo/Libra – conjunct the fixed star Spica – a bright, light, noble and refined energy. This is a positive and creative energy. Make the most of it.

Mars will move into the diplomatic sign of Libra, tied in a close connection with Sun ( until 9th November) indicating continued issues with authority and leadership, inflated egos, arguments and tempers. Two fire planets in an air sign together intensifies an already inflamed situation. 

The Sun is also at its lowest point of the year, as it is debilitated in Libra. One may feel low energy, tired, or struggle to assert oneself. In Libra, the Sun loses some of it’s vitality and the more subservient, or people pleasing aspects of Libra come out. It can be good however, for spiritual people as the ego is low and can move in the direction of humility and compassion. 

As the month progresses, Mars and Sun will come into opposition with rebel Uranus. This is likely to throw a few spanner in the works, electrifying, intensifying and potentially revolutionising something, or someone. 

The grahas (planets) represent people in your life – Mars is brothers, Sun is father, bosses or other leaders. Uranus is the rebel. Known as Prajapati in Jyotish, his influence is like a lightning bolt – shattering, shaking and challenging whatever is the status quo. 

Leo, Scorpio and Aries moon/rising folks will feel the energy more this month.  

The Aries Libra Axis is about self and other. It is the classic dance of the anxious – avoidant; the hyper independence of Aries does not want to lose its perceived sense of autonomy and freedom, Libra does not want to lose the connection. One wants to lean in, the other pulls away. Neither are secure in themselves and are unconsciously trying to regulate. The aim is to find cohesion without enmeshment. These issues maybe highlighted for some of you over this month.

Too much distance creates walls instead of healthy boundaries, the latter, which serve to actually maintain a relationship with the other person instead of just cutting off. 

It can be a good time to repair broken connections, or perhaps to re address your approach to how you do relating in general. It is a time for healing and rejuvenation all round.

As usual, follow whatever practices work for you, be mindful of rushing or doing too much, clean your crystals, a good time to clean the house and eat lightly.

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October Cosmic News – Major Shifts & New Beginnings 

1 Venus moves to Scorpio
6 New Moon Hasta – Shoola Yoga
8 Saturn stations
9-10-11 Planetary War Mars Sun Mercury , Venus Moon Ketu
11 Sat. Direct
18 Jupiter Direct – Sun moves to Libra
19 Merc Direct
20/21 Full Moon Aries / Ashwini – NO Retrogrades
23 Mars in Libra

Hey Cosmonauts,

We have some major planetary events this month,  the dam walls breaking – many situations will reverse. Things which were going forward may change, things which were stagnant or redundant move forward again. Major blocks and impediments are able to find a new route forward and many plans, schedules and goals which have been put on hold for the last 5 months are able to slowly begin inching forward.

Saturn has been retrograde in his own sign Cap since 23 May and will move direct on 11th of October (The exact date many restrictions are being lifted in Sydney) 

Jupiter has been retrograde since 21 June (the exact date lockdowns began in Sydney)

With such heavy oppressive energy felt amidst restructuring and new forms emerging, it certainly has been a time of getting real, getting grounded and experiencing the heavy weight of reality of which the cycles of Saturn Reflects. 

I do predict a good summer, amidst all of the changes – The dust can settle somewhat. We will still have some eclipses, but there will not be any more retrogrades for some time, meaning affairs will be able to more or less, run smoothly. Stuff moves forward.

Less delays, obstacles and setbacks. Mind will clear, the road will form. The seasons are changing, people have adjusted, for good or ill,  and with the bright full moon at the end of the month in Aries/Ashwini – It is a time for a bright new beginning.

Venus moves into Scorpio on Friday 1st Oct.
This affects libra and taurus rising/moon – Her transit through a sign ruled by Mars increases passion, desire and intensity, Here Venus is about digging into the past, into secrets. We may even see some scandals or some truths revealed. Creative pursuits may take a darker tone, exploring sexuality, esoteric, occult or tantric themes. It can be a good time for finances, business, investments and purchasing a new vehicle. 

Venus approaches Ketu for the first part of the month – I often find when a planet is moving toward Ketu, it is like it is approaching a black hole – things get sucked in, disappear, end, or dissolve. Relationships may change, end or transform. New relationships which begin may not last for a long time, or they could be from a past life, they have a markedly spiritual tone to it. Past partners may return (especially with mercury retrograde) issues with women may surface… It can be a time to heal differences, rifts and separations & spiritualise your current connection

6 October – New Moon Virgo/Hasta & Shoola Yoga
This is a very potent day, drawing toward a week of turbulent waters – When the moon is hidden by the sun, it is a good time for introspection, spiritual  and simple activities. This Virgo new moon

This new moon in Virgo kicks off Shoola Yoga, which is a particular pattern, where all visible planets are grouped in 3 separate signs. Shoola relates to Shiva’s three ‘horned’ trident. It is a planetary yoga which can cause pain, it is piercing and can be harmful, it can indicate sharp and violent events/thoughts/words and actions. In a chart it can often indicate a sudden achievement followed by a sudden fall. Be mindful of how you speak during this time, especially since mercury, mars are conjunct in virgo, a communicative sign and mars is combust the sun, which as has been mentioned, increases frustration and aggression.

This yoga occurs across the natural 6th, 8th and 10th houses – we see this impact in daily life, with colleagues, workers, rising in situations relating to family, wealth and legacies, and in the workplace, with bosses, seniors and people in authority.

The Virgo new moon falls in the nakshatra ‘Hasta’. Hasta means ‘hand’. It is ruled by the moon itself. This is an emotional and intellectual star. It is creative, nervous, crafty, light, divine, fickle, indecisive and unsettled. When feeling the intensity of an overactive mind, working with your hands in some form goes a long way to alleviate and channel mental worries, anxieties and tensions.

This moon is complicated, as it will be in conjunction with sun, combust mars conjoined enemy mercury, as well as venus close to separative ketu, a very slow (almost still) Saturn, Retrograde Jupiter in enemy sign – we can see why this could be a very difficult week for some. Planets are stressed, blocked and frustrated. Politically this can be a volatile time where certain issues reach a breaking point. Sudden, unexpected event(s) may occur. Earthquakes, eruptions and landslides are likely during this time.

8 – 9 – 10 – 11  – challenge/change days
Sun, Mars and Mercury in planetary war, Saturn stations

Mars and Sun will be exactly conjoined from the 7th – 12th but remain in a very close conjunction for the rest of October, as they begin to separate. Saturn slows to station on the 8th – this is a delicate day- potential for volatility and unpredictability.

This combination increases aggression, frustration, arguments and battles with authorities. It can be great for athletes, and high performance folk who have a mission and goal, lest anybody stand in their way. Remember, leave the battles outside of the home. Fight the battles out in the world – and choose them wisely.

These dates are sharp. Take it easy, avoid anything major, leave the situation for a break and come back to it later. Don’t react. Saturn standstill moving direct – stalemate/impasse. Tight Sun/Merc/Mars conjunction… intellectual dominance and mental aggression/superiority

When you are triggered, what is being poked? This is the work. Life is a mirror conspiracy, vedanta teaches us to be detached, not to spiritually bypass difficulties. Be in the world but not of it. Practice detachment. A dance for sure, a continual practice of neither aversion nor grasping.

Hearty doses of tolerance, compassion, patience and acceptance are the tinctures which support the mind and consciousness to adapt to the situations. Trials are meant to strengthen and awaken the soul. 

18 – Sun moves to Libra
Sun is at its weakest place in the sky now. The light of the sun, the purity of the soul gets immersed into the sheaths and layers of material reality – associations become transactions, people are commodities, valued on what they do, how they look and what benefit they have, rather than being with humans based on the common ground of ‘being’ – Libra is one of the most materialistic signs, and is also the sign of diplomacy and harmony. Many spiritual people have sun here as it weakens the ego force, which when aligned in service to humanity, can be a wonderful leader.

A true leader is in fact, a humble servant.
A time for ethical business and enterprise.


FINALLY —- Stagnancy begins to move, the chrysalis of winter begins to crack, spring blossoms emerge and bloom, the ice melts … Saturn’s heavy lessons over the last 5 months bear fruit. What has felt immovable and unending stirs. Mercury slows down to move direct on the 19th as well as Jupiter who will also be grinding to a halt, to move direct on the 18th.

It is significant to have these major players moving forward within a week, so as the energies untangle and grind forward again. Travel plans will ignite, business, relationships and major projects will improve and go forward.

Be aware of these changes, and apply the accelerator gradually.  Take it easy over these days – it is still complicated and messy, avoid moving too fast, a bit more patience as threads are unwinding.

23 – Mars moves to Libra – This will affect Scorpio and Taurus rising/moon – here the warrior moves into the sign of diplomacy, meeting with the Sun again – Mars does not always feel so effective in the sign of the scales. Libra is about negotiation, compromise and striking a balance – weighing up items, people, situation of value. Good for business, making money, relationships may suffer somewhat, as fire meets with air – situations could get passive aggressive – Politics could get wobbly over this transit.

Stay tuned for more the Full Moon Report at the end of the Month. A powerful culmination of bright, fresh Arien energy heralding the official change of seasons and embarkation into a new chapter and cycle.

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Have a great month folks. 
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{Art By Marius Roosendaal}