Full Moon Ashlesha/Cancer

This full moon shines bright in the later part of Cancer – in the asterism called Ashlesha – this star is connected to the nagas, the serpents which entwine, and constrict. It is also intimately connected to the kundalini shakti. This star is also known as the ‘clinging’ star.

Cancer is home for the moon, so it has an innate comfortability here, yet Ashlesha can be complicated. It is ruled by mercury, so we have the moon/mercury dynamic which tends to lean toward analysis of emotions.

Nagas are feared for their mysterious and unpredictable natures , yet they are ancient carriers of wisdom and knowledge. Snakes keep their poison externally – it can be used to heal or hurt, and at least one time in their lives, Ashlesha people have been at that junction.

People who have Ashlesha prominent in their charts can sometimes appear to have snake eyes; they are natural counsellors, healers, mystics or mediums, with the power to see beyond appearances and into the truth of a matter.

This moon receives an aspect from Saturn, although wide, it can create a coolness and sense of emotional pressure.

Generally full moons affect the mind and emotions; with the vibration of this star, be mindful of the tendency to indulge in things/people/substances that take you away from your centre and inner light. Stay centered, meditate, still and quiet the mind, keep things simple.

You can ask yourself, is this experience expanding me or contracting me? Be aware of any mental/emotional confusion, making decisions based on temporary feelings. If it is possible, wait a day or two and then make a move.

Enjoy this powerful moon, cling to what is good, true and beautiful within yourself and the world and may the powers of the cosmic serpent enlighten you!

With love, Darinka x

Earthship 2020 – Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today, To get through this thing called ‘life’

– Prince

It feels a little like this at the moment – Australia is burning, there are other fires and climate emergencies occurring, global tensions are rising; the state of world affairs are catalysing greater apathy and unrest, as humanity is waking up and asking deeper questions

Saturn and Pluto are currently conjunct in Sagittarius hovering at 28 degrees.
What does this mean?

The essence of this conjunction may appear to be one of retribution – especially if we look at the current state of world affairs. However this is a limited way to relate to the universe especially if we consider the possibility that our experience of life is really one of sacred relationship to reality, that the energy and frequency of our thoughts, words and actions carry resonance and all actions have repercussions and consequences. All actions cause ripples in space time – all that is sent out must be received back.

Personally I interpret this time as a deep cleansing, purification and transformation on the deepest cellular levels. We are in a time of reckoning, as erroneous ways of living are bursting at the seams. It is becoming painfully obvious that the way humanity has been living is so far out of sync with natural law.

We are in a time period which reflects a world in great flux. Humanity is waking up. There is enlightenment and total ignorance simultaneously. The earth is shaking, flooding and burning. Are we being punished? Is there really god? Are we creators? What is our greater purpose? Why are we here?

What is Pluto & Saturn?

Pluto is known as Yama in hinduism. He is Hades – the god of the underworld in greek mythology. Yama is also known as Dharmaraja, ‘ The lord of the application of the law, or ‘the king of righteousness’, representing the eternal law which the universe resides.
You see, in nature, there is no judgement of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ – These are human values. There is simply cause and effect. Action begets reaction, and more actions. This is Karma. There is no blame, only the ability to respond to life as it arises.

As the structures (saturn) of society are shaking at the foundations, Yama (pluto) is the force of reckoning which no one can avoid. Saturn makes us take karmic responsibility; to face the karmas we need to deal with in this lifetime. Pluto’s effect is where anything that is obsolete is burned away.

In vedic cosmology, Yama was the first mortal who died and departed to the planetary abodes. He is the god of death and rules over the kingdom of the dead where the ancestors dwell and is the king of ghosts. In yogic tradition, Yama is also the first limb of the 8th fold path of Yoga set by Sage Patanjali. Yama also represents certain yogic practices which are essentially about personal conduct; learning how to behave. In this way, Yama is an agent of Lord Shiva, showing that the path of self control and dharmic awareness leads us from untruth to truth and ultimately freedom.

For most of last year there has been a profound breaking down of old structures on multi levels and dimensions, as saturn and ketu had been in a tight embrace for most of the year. With all the activity in Sagittarius, overall there have been radical changes and shifts in global ideologies, beliefs and higher/spiritual values.

Saturn brought to the surface past secrets and unaccounted karma, which has had the chance to be faced and dealt with. We have been confronted with our own limitations. On a personal level, there has been a strong push for letting go, severing old ties, deep energetic clearing and a return to simplicity and humility. Saturn’s influence reminds us that no one can escape karmic responsibility, we all have a role to play, duties to fulfil and karma to experience. Life may give you a cactus, but you don’t have to sit on it – this is why spiritual practices exist!

Humanity is at the stage moving into and discovering its inherent divinity, yet, is still attached to the animal aspects of its nature – this is represented by Sagittarius, which is half man and half animal. The arrow symbolises forward movement toward unity. The theme of the spiritual warrior has been very strong over the last couple years as Sagittarius has been tenanted by Saturn, then ketu, now Jupiter as well as the other personal planets making their sojourn through this powerful fire sign of the centaur.

In some ways we could say that there is an aspect of Pralaya occurring now, especially since ketu has entered Sagittarius in march 2019. Sagittarius is the sign of the spiritual warrior seeking the deepest roots of reality. Pralaya is a cosmic stage of dissolution. It is often brought upon via Ketu – the south node of the moon. Dissolution brings balance to a societies’ excesses.

Now, as Saturn moves into his own sign of Capricorn on the 24th of Jan, restructuring will continue to happen in a new way. Capricorn is a sign connected to governments, establishments, the state, civilisation. It is a materialistic sign, earthy, yet cardinal, so it is always active, working away at one thing or another

With Saturn travelling through its home territory for the next 2.5 years, we can expect major re-structuring in global politics and governments. How it will unfold is to be seen. Things will get interesting from May 2020 as three major planets go retrograde. Pluto will also be retrograde. (I will write on this in a future post). On a personal level, and depending on where Capricorn falls in your chart, you can expect advancement, changes and/or greater responsibility in some area of your life.

It is a crucial time on the planet as the forces within our own natures which may destroy us are strong, and yet the spiritual light is burning so very bright as well. Pluto and Saturn are two planets which do not let anyone escape what needs to be faced. There is no coming to consciousness without pain and in the middle of it all, is great confusion, with sudden bursts of clarity along the way. Evolution is a non linear path, and has no time frame. All things evolve in their own time. (Saturn).

Saturn brings a stark reality check, – and when he moves into his other sign, Aquarius, may the re-structuring transform into crystal visions – things don’t have to be the way they are now, our divine heritage is limitless, and we really can imagine a higher octave of reality, and life – for all!

May we accept the necessary crisis as agents of change, accepting the cyclical nature of reality.

In Death, we come to know the true meaning of Life!

Thanks for reading everyone, this is my take on the current cosmological weather and its reflection on earthly events. I am offering consultations and readings if you would like to know more about how the planets are affecting you personally. Many thanks to my teacher Komilla Sutton for all her knowledge, support and teachings!

Love, Darinka x

Full Solar Eclipse Dec. 2019

Wow its almost the end of 2019 …

Time flies huh?

It’s certainly been a huge year, big shifts, lots of stuff churning and moving and being pulled out of everyone in different ways, to different degrees.
As our earth moves, floods, burns and erupts, we are seeing the shifts unfolding in a powerful and very, very real way.

In my view, humanity is in a spiritual drought- the roots of all societies dysfunction can be traced back to a fundamental disconnection with spiritual reality. Society has sold its soul and now we are paying the price.

This might sound so doom and gloom, but it isn’t really. True love is fierce. A mother who loves you will let you make your own choices and get hurt even though it hurts her, because she knows that is the only way you will really learn; when lessons are embodied and felt. There is no other way – In this sense, our mother earth is showing us that the way we have been living isn’t working anymore – it never did.

So humanity is being forced to change. This is process we are in. It is completely a -moral; outside of judgement. We can either be dragged, or accept change with grace, accepting the invitation to surrender and let go, to willingly step into the fire of purification and allow the false selves to fall away.

Frustration and crisis is not designed to punish someone with illness and ‘bad luck’ – but to propel the person to discover the roots of the cause of the unhappiness – to seek the deeper spiritual undercurrents of which life manifests from.

Full Solar Eclipse Dec 2019 – Sagittarius
There is a full solar eclipse happening on the 25/26th of December. It is a new moon day, where the sun and moon make an exact conjunction with one of the nodes. The dark disc of the new moon fully covers the sun.

This eclipse will be visible in parts of Saudia Arabia, South India and some of South East Asia including Indonesia. This eclipse falls in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter in the lunar mansion Mula, ruled by Ketu. Both are in Sagittarius.

Eclipses are potent, transformative and leveraging. These energies manifest on a psychological and subtle level – Often, earthquakes or natural disasters occur before and after eclipses (literally & figuratively). If you have been waiting for an answer, one may become clear during this time, or life will show you the harsh reality and you will be given a very clear choice. Don’t believe any negative things your mind may be throwing around – any unsettled feelings are an indicator to slow down, pull back and retreat till the moon passes out of the grip of the nodes.

Eclipses can reveal things that have been obscured; shadows may be strong but light dispels darkness instantaneously. The opportunity is available to go deep within, sever old ties, on all levels. Seeds of creation lie dormant in the ashes of destruction – such is the endless cyclical nature of Shakti – of mother nature.

The lunar mansion (nakshatra) is Mula (0 degrees- 13’20 min Sag)
Mula means Root, or a bundle of roots tied together. It is connected to the Muladhara (base) chakra. The deity is Nirriti, goddess of destruction, calamity & transformation. Kali/Nirriti energy is about severing us from our false selves – the egos that sprout from our head thinking it is in control of everything! This is one of the symbolisms of the necklace of heads around Kali – It is a deeply spiritual star located at the centre of the galaxy. People who have a prominent Mula can be wise, profound & destructive, searching for the roots of all things. Mula is ruled by Ketu – the south node of the moon.

Ketu’s vibration represents Pralaya – the cosmic forces responsible for the dissolution of a world age – especially after prolonged times of civilisation’s excess (rahu) – As the earth changes it is important to know that cycles of destruction -creation are cyclical and timely – and there is a greater order unfolding beyond daily realities. Pluto is the other planet connected to dissolution – Saturn is approaching conjunction. As structures fall away, humanity’s stark fragility stands out in the face of our fierce yet loving mother.

Jupiter is most troubled at the moment as it is hemmed at 11 degrees of Sag in between the sun and Ketu. Purification by fire is the major theme at the moment – we are certainly seeing this at the moment in Australia and out of control bushfires ravage the continent. Jupiter represents our faith – is the mind open or is it fundamentalist about certain things? What are your beliefs about things? Do they serve the highest good or keep you limited? Is it time to broaden and expand your spiritual vision? These themes have been thrown up in the air over the last few years, with Saturn restructuring institutions, and the internal faith structures that may have originally kept people in a certain mode of being – Now Jupiter will be in Sag for the next year, may the restructuring be grounded & integrated, with clear distinctions between truth and falsehood.

Jupiter represents husbands and male figures including teachers, gurus and male children. There may be issues in these areas. Allow the eclipse to pass and then make your decisions. Also avoid signing or starting any new things during this eclipse time… wait some days before acting.

People who have Sagittarius moon sun or ascendant will be feeling this energy acutely. Please, take it super easy and avoid putting any extra pressure on yourselves. This time leading up to the eclipse can feel very unsettled, confusing and stressful, so be mindful over the holiday period and allow yourself to rest, no need to plan for the long term right in this moment, wait till after the 27th/28th, as things will settle down somewhat.

Mars will also move into its own sign scorpio on the 26th, so there will be more energy available, especially for Aries and Scorpio rising and moon people.

Eclipses are inauspicious for starting things like businesses, buying a home or a car, signing contracts etc – It is however a good time for spiritual things – meditate, do your practice, small rituals, embrace aloneness, simplify your life, give things away, clean out the house, attend to ordinary matters – this is the best way to deal with these energies. It’s no point feeling fear, just about using the energy wisely and avoiding creating unnecessary complications for ourselves.

In Australia there is a practice used to curb and manage bushfires – backburning. Before disaster strikes we could all do a little back burn in our lives and willingly prepare for bigger events – preventing out of control situations. With simple life management we need not have such calamitous events, globally or personally.

This eclipse is a profound portal – ketu connects us to past life things, on a personal level, it’s a fantastic time to sever and leverage yourself once and for all from all old patterns. Let it go, burn it, bury it, put it to sea, whatever ritual suits you.

Know that sometimes situations arise and come up during these times, and there can be a tendency to make drastic changes – it is much better to wait till the dust settles before making final choices or acting on impulse, precisely because the nodes and eclipse affect our mind and reasoning. After a while watching and observing these cosmic patterns, it becomes much easier to deal with tricky situations.

With Love,
Stay Safe & Happy Silly Season!
Darinka x

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New Moon, Venus transits + more

Hi guys –

Sorry to confuse everyone again… grab your star app and see for yourselves – the moon is smack bang in the middle of scorpio – except its invisible … Western astrology says Sag, however as I have been saying in my posts, the tropical zodiac is hypothetical, and not based on the position of planets against the zodiac. For more, and detailed info for astro nerds/astronomers and scientists alike, you can check out this article here :


New Moon in Scorpio

New moons are generally not best times for starting or launching things, despite it being said to be the opposite in western – much of the original ancient, pagan knowledge has been forgotten. Better to wait a day or two to start, launch, sign a contract or make important financial

Today is deep, introspective and slow. It is a good day to allow yourself to feel, but not react. To sit with and accept, to meditate, do general household things, and don’t think too much. The mind may be swirling and circulating with thoughts – unresolved things may feel like they need answers or resolution but its not worth pushing anything now. Wait a couple days before acting.

The moon is in the nakshatra (star) Anuradha. This is the star of devotion.This is a beautiful energy amidst the turbulence and general chaos of scorpio. Anuradha reflects the transformative and regenerative powers of scorpio, when we lay still, and not sting ourselves. The symbol for this star is the lotus. No mud no lotus. A universal symbol for the beauty that arises after difficulty. Patience and compassion is needed.

What else is going on?

Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Ketu and Pluto are all in Sagittarius at the moment.

If you have Sagittarius Sun, Moon or ascendant, you will be feeling all the focus on your sign quite intensely – also if you have mars or your chart ruler in Sagittarius. Saturn and Ketu have finally separated, so there is much relief from the challenges of the past year.

The combination of all these energies is still quite complex and unsettling, breaks and changes are continuing, however with Jupiter’s blessings, overall, things are likely to work out.

Jupiter has hit home ground for the next 12 months,
Venus will be staying until 16th of December,
Saturn moves into his own sign of Capricorn at the end of January next year.
Ketu will be staying put, in Sag till September next year,
Pluto will be retrograding next year, so will be staying in Sag for a while longer as well.

I have already written about Jupiter in Sag. You can read about it here : https://darinkamaja.com/2019/11/12/the-starry-times-jupiter-in-sagittarius/

Venus is currently going through major changes and transformation. If you have ascendant or moon in Taurus or Libra, you will be feeling the effect of Venus’ transit. Venus is relationships as well, so there may be some breaks and changes in that area. Of course not every relationship is going to suffer at this time, only if there have already been issues, then this month might see some situations reach a point where decisions have to be made.

Specific dates to watch for venus:

29 Nov – Moon conjunct Venus and Ketu
3 Dec – Venus Ketu conjunction @ 15 degrees Sag.
11 Dec – Venus Saturn conjunction @ 24 degrees Sag

Venus can struggle with the austerities that Ketu and Saturn tend to impose. Both those planets are to do with simplicity, letting go, detachments, withdrawal etc. Venus like to play, to love, to be warm and fuzzy and enjoy the pleasures and comforts of the material world. Saturn can be cold and harsh, restricting Venus’ natural expressions, Ketu tends to disassociate and detach us from things, so with venus that can be relationships, material things, business, pleasure etc. If your moon is ruled by venus, you feel depressed for no reason, or a bit sad, full of doubt, uncertain, insecure. If your ascendant is ruled by venus, you will be feeling this physically, perhaps feeling tired or lethargic, unmotivated.

Remember that this transit will pass and you can use it as an opportunity to see if you have placed too much of your self worth in other people, or if you tend to reject and ignore your spiritual reality, or place too much importance on material things. Having that balance is important to keep things in perspective, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying the material world and its fruits, its when we identify with it and place our self worth and value on the external things that we tend to feel these challenging transits more acutely, as they act to shake us up from comfortable ruts.

Ketu influencing venus may create some dissatisfaction, on the other hand it can be a good time to spiritualise your relationship. On Friday (venus’s) day you could do date night, venus connects to women and the feminine side of life, so you could offer support to your female friends, or even just do something nourishing for yourself, like take a bath, get a massage, receive, restore and rest.

Saturn’s influence may expose you to the reality of your partner, its up to you if you can accept their human-ness and flaws (Saturn likes to judge). This is the same for how your relate to yourself.

Toxic thinking needs to be stopped firstly to ourself!

Venus also signifies business so these effects may be felt in that arena too It depends on which houses venus is ruling, plus aspects. These are just general indications.

So this is my little interpretation of some of the transits this month – if you would like to know more, please get in touch, I offer consultations in person or on skype, and ka huna bodywork if you are needing to shift some energy and receive some beautiful aloha.

Thanks for reading,
Love Darinka.

The Starry Times : Full moon Aries/Bharani

There is much happening at the moment, I have just written a piece on Jupiter as he has just shifted into his own sign now properly, and will stay in Sag for the next year. You can read about it is my previous post here

Full moon is now in Aries, the first fire sign. It is @ 22 degrees in the star Bharani –
Bharani’s symbol is the Yoni, the planetary ruler is venus. Venus is located currently in Scorpio, a sign ruled by mars.

Mars (who rules aries and scorpio) is in Libra at the moment, forming a parivartana yoga (where two planets are exchanging signs) – so we have mars in the sign of libra, and venus in the sign of mars.
Mars in Libra tends to make aries + scorpio indecisive, so if you have aries/scorpio rising, sun or moon, allow yourself to mull over choices without needing to jump into any decision making. After the full moon, emotions won’t be so high and thinking can be clearer.

This combination tends to highlight intensity, passion, sexuality, creativity and transformation – all symbolic of the energy from this mars/venus energy at the moment.
Retrograde mercury is also opposing this full moon, and given the current state of affairs (especially along the east coast of Australia – peoples minds thoughts and emotions are feeling pretty wild and high right now.

For those who are not so affected, it can also be a highly creative, energetic and inspiring time; Bharani stimulates the second chakra and the need to expresses oneself perhaps, even in a cathartic and powerful way.

Fire is symbolic of wisdom and spirituality, and there is rarely any growth without pain, if all is well, why seek for anything than the status quo?

Things are burning up, physically and metaphorically.
The planets are reflecting the intensity of fire and the destructive form of Agni – It is a time to let things go to the fires of purification. Our mother is calling out to us.

Please stay tuned for my Jupiter in Sag through the signs post in a few days.

Much Love, be well, stay safe …
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Darinka x

The Starry Times : Jupiter in Sagittarius

Hey Folks, welcome to another episode of the starry times. I’ll be talking about Jupiter today as a major planet who has just shifted signs.

Jupiter is the planet that connects us to our spiritual values & beliefs. As ruler of the natural 9th house, Jupiter promotes higher learning, philosophical thinking, higher knowledge and religious ideals.

– A little side note on religion here and I mean no offence when I say, religion is something that has been created to make sense of reality – spirituality is about experiencing reality as it is, without creating a story or dogma to coerce or manipulate people through fear into certain ways/rituals/behaviour. While it may appear that the external rituals in India and other spiritually connected cultures are attached to dogma – the outer form is only a medium to the inner – Vedic sciences are universal technologies for self-realisation, to discover the truth of who we are, why we are here and to realise our divine heritage.

Jupiter has just entered home ground. If you can remember back on the 15th of April this year, Notre Dame went up in flames. Jupiter had just entered Sag, before it began its 5 month retrograde.

The world was in shock
The media flocked
Millions of dollars poured in
Everything became political
and the hypocrisy of the rich was exposed for all to see.

Now, Jupiter is in the same volatile position of the zodiac and we are have catastrophic fires here in Australia.

Sagittarius is a firey, expansive and relates to the masculine, outgoing and upward moving aspect and nature of Jupiter – the fire of spiritual truth and reality. In its highest expression, Jupiter in Sag can inspire divine thinking, aligned to dharma, following universal truth, rather than limited personal beliefs. It balances the mundane with the sacred, living in the world, guided by right thinking and ideas which promote harmony across all class, creed , race and religion – Sag can be both, the most non-judgemental and open minded, or the most limited and fundamentalist.

There are 3 nakshatras which span through Sagg – 0-13’20 is Mula, ruled by Ketu. 13’20 – 26’40 – Purva Ashadha, ruled by Venus and lastly, Uttara Ashada, ruled by the Sun which spans from 26’40 min of sagg to 10 degrees of Capricorn.

If your sun moon or ascendant falls in any of these stars, you will be having a positive, transformative and expansive time in your life now, with new opportunities and potential to expand your horizons and heal the past few years of tumultuous changes.

Jupiter is currently in Mula and has already been an intense experience as Mula is a fierce and destructive, yet highly spiritualising star. Ruled by ketu and associated with Nirriti, a destructive and darker form of Kali – During this transition, we are likely to see more fundamentalist related effects of the darker side of an unevolved sag/jupiter – Otherwise it can be a great time to continue to cut negative and limiting beliefs/attitudes that are holding you back.

Saturn has spent the last 2 years in Sag, breaking down many limitations and exposing greater corruption around the world, as well as ketu who has been severing our attachments to false beliefs, ways of being, delusions, dogma, attitudes and habits, so sag has really been in the washing machine with deep changes occurring. On top of all of that, Pluto has also been in Sag for quite a number of years, and with Saturn about to make a major conjunction in January this year, we will continue to see people reaching their limits with the erosion of democracy and the amount of control certain power structures have been creating in world politics.

As power structures are shaken and things seem to fall apart, as things burn and ash remains, it is stark reminder of the inherent fragility and ultimate dependancy we have on our Mother – and we have not been respectful of her at all.

In my opinion, we are in a deep, spiritual drought – and we need to decolonise our minds, to reconnect to our greater purpose on earth, for our lives, with each other and within the cosmos.

Jupiter in sag is a time where folks may be questioning many things about life they have taken for granted/not thought about much. With great chaos comes great change, and sag is not a mild sign, it can be quite fierce in its functioning.

Fortunately Jupiter can inspire those willing, to seek guidance, wisdom and universal knowledge, to explore who they are and kindle the desire for self-realisation. When we can embrace the necessity for breakdowns and lean into breakthrough, Jupiter can bring great healing and awareness of the confusions and chaos that many have been experiencing the last few years.
The invitation is to connect to our higher selves – Humanity has a vast cosmic heritage and we are beginning to wake up.

Please stay tuned for my Jupiter in Sag through the signs post in a few days.

Much Love, be well, stay safe x

I offer consultations in person, on skype or pre recorded if you are keen to understand how the planets and stars are affecting you personally – all info on my website.

Darinka x

The Starry Times – Mercury Retrograde -November 2019

Haiii Everyone!

We have arrived at the last mercury retrograde for 2019 – The first was in march, the second was in july.

It will run from 1st November to 21st November.

With all retrogrades, the planets’ orbits are such that create the illusion that they are moving backwards; the energies become stronger, we feel the effects more acutely on earth and in our daily lives.

One of the higher functions of disruption, chaos, delays and general annoyances, is to wake us from slumber. Too much ease breeds complacency and sloth. If there is no resistance to work against, what is the impetus for growth? We might all just turn into amoebic puddles and float in space.

While this might seem like a welcome choice to contrast the chaos of the current paradigm, it alas, cannot happen, and so, we are forced, like it or lump it, to adjust our selves to an ever changing and somewhat unpredictable Flow. of. Life.

Although the pursuit of happiness seems to form a large undercurrent to the motivation of many folks these days, in vedic/eastern thought – this is not the primary goal. We are here to discover our true selves – Humanity as a whole , as a collective human family on different stages on the path of self- realisation. Happiness is just a byproduct of living in truth and harmony with the world around us, reflecting a state of inner balance which comes from realising the truth of who we are.

This mercury retrograde is happening across the scorpio libra divide. In the sky, the houses and signs do not have lines, and the nakshatras, (the 27 lunar mansions) often cross between signs. The nakshatras are the ‘secret’ key of the zodiac, being smaller constellations/specific stars.

Vishākhā is one such nakshatra, which is the 16th lunar mansion, starting at 20 degrees of libra and crossing into 3 degrees and 20 mins of scorpio.

This is a unique and powerful star, it is ruled by the benevolent and wise jupiter and among its many attached significations, it is the only star with two ruling deites, Indra and Agni. The symbol for this star is a gateway, an archway – it is a goal oriented star which has much to do with marriage and triumph. It can also be selfish, indulging one’s desires in questionable ways, and having to deal with a trail of destruction behind; overindulgence needs to be kept in check, with spiritual/higher awareness.

Vishākhā’s Shakti (Power) is – Vyapani Shakti
The power to achieve many and various fruits in life.

Indra and Agni rule rain and heat, respectively, and with this stars ruling planets Jupiter, currently traversing through gandanta (karmic knot/drowning) of scorpio, in Jyestha, (please see my article about it Here ) – another star ruled by Indra, we can expect some big waters/ flooding and/or fires coming over the next weeks.

Let us hope that the drought affected regions can receive some welcome relief and that the destructive form of Agni can be pacified and placated …

Mercury will mostly be in libra and will mostly be in the star of Vishaka, with a brief dip into the previous star, Swati (please see my blog on swati and libra season Here). Venus’s rulership over libra will highlight communications/conveyances specifically in relationships and business. Personally, I would avoid signing any new contracts or starting new things/relationships if you can, until after Jupiter has moved out of gandanta on the 10th of November – otherwise things could get tricky.

Mercury retrograde typically promotes mishaps and misadventures in fields such as communications, organising, scheduling, delays in transportations, autocorrect disasters and emails that mysteriously disappear into cyberspace. Back up your devices, double check contracts before signing.Its a time to triple check your schedules. Watch for vague and unclear boundaries. There is a saying that says the greatest distance between two people is mis understanding. Conflict, as a natural part of life, has a marvellous function of leveraging us from our own rigidities, by inviting us to see things from a different point of view. The degree of mental flexibility you have will reflect in your ability to adapt to the hiccups that occur during the retrograde period.

Use this time constructively to make sure you have all the facts before moving forward.

Mercury retrogrades are times to not push any agenda too fast. Take care and consider all your options before taking action. A lack of thoroughness and attention to detail could show at this time. Remember, rejection is a redirection. Being too attached to outcomes often lead to disappointments… Re-assess, re-focus, re-consider; themes that come more into play in retrograde times.

Take it easy folks, aside from a couple of eclipses, and the usual life ups and downs, we have a pretty cruisey next 6 months, with the next mercury retrograde happening from 17th Feb – 10th March. We have four planets retrograde next year with things changing again early May 2020 – Stay tuned for regular updates, please follow my blog to have it delivered right to your inbox and connect with me on Instagram too — would love to hear from you, feedback, questions, insights!

I offer consultations (in Sydney, worldwide), if you are interested to see how the planets and cosmic energies are affecting you personally and I practice Ka Huna bodywork, if you are local to Sydney . Check out my links on my website for more info.

Aloha and Namaste
Darinka x

The Starry Times – Libra Season, New Moon & The Dance of Venus

Art by Hilda Palafox

Hey Everyone,
We are well into libra season! Many planets are going through transitions and changes right now, and you may be feeling yourself pulled, pushed, perhaps some ill health, or new opportunities, or being faced with letting things go… changes are afoot!

New Moon in Libra – Swati Nakshatra

New moons are times for introspection, meditation, slow ritual and deep dreaming. Not the best time to start something, wait a couple of days …. This new moon in libra is highlights our relationships and needs. The moon falls in the middle of Libra, in a star called Swati. This star is about the independence and freedom that we desire, and the desire security in relationships.

Swati is in libra ruled by venus, but is a star ruled by the ambitious rahu – the north node of the moon.

Swati is also connected to wealth – largely though the ambitions of rahu and the desire for pleasure through venus – This part of libra desires a good and comfortable life with a good serving of Luxe.

The Venus/Rahu overtone and undercurrent promotes desire, ambition, restlessness and procrastination (one of swati’s biggest flaws) – The deity associated with swati is Vayu – the god of wind/breath/spirit/oxygen – The deep key here is the power of breath control and the yogic technology of pranayama.

The shakti, or power of of swati is to scatter away things – including negativity. Scattering can be useful to discard what is not necessary, but it can also indicate a scattering of thoughts and ideas, finding it difficult to stay on one thing, without always changing, or never making a decision because it can see all possible angles and feels overwhelmed with choices!

Have you found it difficult to focus or concentrate today?

Sun in Libra till 17th/11

Am I balanced or am I striving for balance?
This is the question.

We are halfway through the solar cycle, which begins with Aries. Now we are directly opposite. The sun is said to be at its ‘weakest’ in Libra. Does this mean all those who are born with their sun in libra constellation are weak individuals?

No – just like not all those who have sun in Aries are particularly stronger –

The major theme of the aries/libra axis is self and other; how can I balance my own needs (aries) with the needs of others? (libra)

People with a lot of aries / mars type energy in their chart may not consider other peoples needs/ feelings when taking action – the sun in aries can, at times exemplify egoistic drives and selfish motivation. On the other hand, libra can forget about itself and lose its identity (aries) by being too busy trying to meet everyone’s needs, making sure there is harmony between people … Hence the question am I balanced or am I striving for balance?

Libra can often feel that its sense of self is sliding around, like a see-saw, trying to get things ‘just right’ – trying to make everyone happy, trying to get the work/life balance, trying to …trying to …

With libran energy, the self/ego/I is not so dominant, the venusian pleasure principle is strong, there is a love of diplomacy, congeniality, compromise, smoothing rough edges and generally being a good host who will be attentive to your needs and will (try) to meet them.

This is why many librans end up staying in difficult relationships – they are often the ones making the sacrifices, the compromises, pushing the self away for the sake of relationship.

Because the ego doesn’t feel the need to assert itself so strongly in libra, it can also allow for spirituality to flourish. Humility is key and compassionate compromise is key to this lesson. Saturn reaches maximum strength here and this shows us that through healthy and loving compromise in relationships, but primarily in our relationship to ourself and to life, we can manage to keep the balance and the peace – most of the time, allowing for a deeper connection to life to unfold.

Aries is more likely to lose patience and will be reluctant to compromise if it means compromising Itself – Aries tends to be more selfish in its approach, following a more direct(mars) approach.
Libra is ruled by venus; it aims to please, to create beauty and to avoid conflict.

There is a profound strength in the ability to compromise and put oneself second, just as being able to assert oneself and have clear and healthy boundaries is also essential – It needs to be balanced –

The key is how you deal with, and manage these forces within yourself, as my teacher Komilla Sutton always says.

This last month venus has been happy in her own sign, promoting understanding, compromise, conflict resolutions and perhaps new business connections. The Art of Negotiation may very well be perfected under the venus/libra combination – it likes to weigh up things of value, the true meaning of the scales. Libra tends to see all sides of an issue and then ponder on the fence – Evolved librans can make a fair decision and not fall into the trap of procrastination.

Venus moves into Scorpio 28/10

As venus moves signs, relationships and desires move. Venus is now transitioning to scorpio, and as the planet that rules Libra, venus’s movements will reflect and express the libran energy through the changing hues and tones of the zodiac, bringing out all qualities.

Venus connects us to our tastes, how and what we love, value and appreciate. We are also connected to art, creativity, the creative process, sexuality, procreation and the vital fluids in our body, through venus. Venus is the karaka (significator) of spouse and relationships, and the female/feminine side of life.

With venus in scorpio, we can expect stronger desires, perhaps new, yet intense relationships, or some greater intensity in existing relationships; changes are afoot … Venus amplifies the desires of scorpio, so there could be an interest in sex, drugs, rock and roll, if that is what you are inclined towards, or you could find yourself drawn to the higher vibrations of scorpio which include yogic, tantric and powerful somatic based techniques and technologies designed to transform and awaken the inner being.

Scorpio is a sign which is on the threshold, struggling with its material attachments on one hand, yet aspiring for spiritual truths on the other. This is indicated by the dual rulership of mars/ketu. Essentially, scorpio’s themes revolve around that of letting go – consciously letting go and detaching from what is no longer serving means we are using our awareness to facilitate necessary change – otherwise change is perceived as chaos.

With Jupiter dancing through the end and most challenging part of scorpio, and mercury set to retrograde in a few days, expect some upheavals, changes and turbulence while the waters get a little choppy – Also, whenever planets go through Jyestha, particularly the gandanta point– expect big rain and lots of water!

Please see my previous post on Jupiter in scorpio/ gandanta here : https://darinkamaja.com/2019/10/10/the-starry-times-jupiter-gandanta-jyestha-devi/

So folks, this is my take on the libran/venusian vibration and tonight’s new moon – hope you enjoyed the read, please stay tuned as I’m writing about Mercury retrograde which starts at the end of the week plus other news too.

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The Starry Times – Full Moon Pisces – Revati

Happy Full Moon day –
Pisces sign, Revati nakshatra – 16’40 – 30’00 mins.
The threshold of new beginnings.

This full moon is interesting, as the moon is crossing from pisces to aries, in the sensitive junction from water to fire which always creates some kind of churning, particularly on the emotional level. So this full moon is a blend of Revati/Ashwini, however the exact opposition occurs in Revati.

What are you willing to shed and let go of, what are you willing to consider and look at from a fresh perspective? How can things be done differently? There are no limits, so be free – the nature of life is limitless, even though with live with perceived limitations, these are rooted in subjective perception. Perception does not equal truth, only a part of it.

Revati is that threshold of the unconscious about to be born into the world. It is still in the dream world, in the womb, floating in a sea of pure potential, unlimited and unbounded. Ashwini manifests the Aries impulse in its purity, the spring of inspired energy seeking to expand and explore.

Revati is ruled by mercury, the intellectual aspect of the mind, in the sign of pisces, ruled by jupiter, the philosophical, wise and intuitive aspect of our mind.
Jupiter is the overtone energy for revati, mercury is the subtle undercurrent. The pisces /revati dilemma is often caught between the potential of something verses the reality of it. The conflict here is about reason/intuition, faith/fear, control/curiosity.

The moon will not be full in this particular star until 20th Jan 2021. Thats a long time!
What can we learn from this full moon?

In order to understand pisces we also need to understand its opposite which is virgo, ruled by mercury. Virgo likes to analyse and bring things to a coherent and orderly system, pisces is often scattered and diffuse. Virgo can be reluctant to trust because it feels if it lets go, everything will fall apart..

Pisces understands that it is the spirit that moves through things that ultimately has the final say.

Virgo can get overwhelmed with details, fastidiously correcting grammatical errors, pisces prefers to let go and connect to the essence of things, but can sometimes become overwhelmed with potential and possibility. One struggles with too many self imposed limitations, and the other struggles with not enough distinction between itself and the other.
Virgo is a wonderful vibration which keeps things organised and running efficiently, it just needs to be aware of the tendency to get stuck on details, just as pisces can get too lost in everything else and lose its sense of self.

This full moon may be highlighting these inherent internal struggles between faith and fear, trust vs control, holding on and letting go. With sun and mars in virgo, opposing full moon in pisces, we are invited to see where we focus too much on trivialities and miss the expansive beauty of the collective whole, where we miss the forest for the trees, where we get stuck trying to get control on all things in our lives, ultimately, in an attempt to feel secure.

Sadhguru points out that the only truly secure place is our grave, and the desire for security is an unconscious movement toward death; the only certain thing in life.
To be insecure is to be alive, to embrace the unknown in each moment, in every situation, in every person that comes into your life with the open, curious, non judgemental and ever youthful attitude of mercury.

By connecting to things with curiosity instead of control, we can tap into the higher octave of mercury – the higher aspect of our intelligence which is profoundly inquisitive and intuitive by nature, open to all things without evaluating and judging.

These themes operate on all levels, subtle as well as gross, in the mind and emotions and thoughts, which in turn affect the way we operate and take action in the world. Being aware of these forces within us, helps us to notice how we play out these patterns in our relationships with others.

With venus and mercury currently in libra, sign of relationships par excellence, take this opportunity to see where a critical and fault finding nature has been ruining the ability to become emotionally close to your beloveds. Are you focussing on trivialities and petty things? How about just not even needing to go into it because you can see the big picture.

Or if you are an artist, or creator, are you being too hard on yourself and your work in this way, have too high standards, being a bit of a perfectionist?

Sometimes when I get caught up in small minded things, I ask myself (when I remember) : Is what I want to say going to enhance the beauty of this moment and improve on this moment, or am I just stirring shit? Do I really need to say “xyz” – or is it likely to cause a conflict? “Am I projecting an unmet need here – how can I communicate in an inclusive and loving way – making it about me, not them ?” – Sometimes it is hard to know how people are going to react to what you share, but being considerate and speaking from your reality and truth, without projecting can go a long way.

This of course starts with our own internal dialogue and narrative.

“All problems are interpersonal relationship problems” – The courage to be disliked

What is the story we tell ourselves and does it ultimately serve our highest self?
Allow mercury to play with you, and encourage seeing and accepting things from multiple perspectives – There are no limits, so be free!

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The Starry Times – Jupiter Gandanta – Jyestha Devi

Jupiter in Scorpio – Jyestha Nakshatra – Gandanta

Jupiter is now traversing deeply spiritual waters of the zodiac. The junction between scorpio and sagg stirs up deep psychological mirrors; situation that we may rather avoid, however with Jupiter there, the great benefic, we have the opportunity to truly explore and gather new resources / fine tune existing ones to heal, move, grow, evolve and ascend through limitations.

Those who were born in 1987 may be having a particularly transformative year as Saturn was located in this part of the zodiac and especially now as Jupiter is making its final sojourn through the final part of scorpio, for at least another 12 years.

Jupiter is acting as a liberator, exposing those who are willing, to radical psychological transformation and deep healing of karmic blocks.

These transformations apply to all, and in different forms depending on where scorpio lies in your chart. Even if there are no planets in a house, that area of life is being affected, so wherever you feel that push, tug and pull, lean into it and explore what can be unravelled. Jupiter is always offering an expansive and higher perspective, where ever he is. Jupiter is Guru, the benefactor, the mentor, the guide. We all have this voice internally. Listen.

The last 13 degrees of scorpio is a constellation known as Jyestha. This star is ruled by mercury, in a sign ruled by mars.
The mercury/mars combination means the intellect can be used as a weapon, mostly to oneself, and also to others. It is a sharp and incisive energy which has the potential to see into the dark heart of reality. It is a powerful energy which needs plenty of compassion and wisdom to balance.

Traditionally in India, Jyestha Devi was sometimes seen as Alaxmi, goddess of bad luck – but we have to look deeper than this surface image and interpretation.

What causes “bad luck” ? While there is a certain amount of the unknown that we live with, destiny, or fate if you like, most of the time we create our own “bad luck” – The results of our own actions that we have to contend with.

Scorpio can be notoriously self destructive and vindictive, when operating through its lower dimensions, and this part of the zodiac is where the poisonous sting resides. It is also the area that holds deep wisdom and the essence of “elder” – Jyestha is seen as the eldest of the 27 sisters.

The trick with Jyestha is to count your blessings and practice gratitude, as the tendency is to focus too much on negative things; losing perspective. Be aware of the dangers of chronic complaining and moaning, mis management of the intellect and a lack of appreciation/gratitude for the inherent goodness in the world (and in our lives), despite the issues we face collectively.

This is what often attracts / generates bad luck, rather than being born with an “unlucky” gene. It comes back down to mindset.

My teacher Komilla says – “Jyestha needs to be careful not to become architects of their own misfortune”

Jupiter will be stirring things up until he moves into his own sign of Sagittarius in November. As Jupiter traverses the deepest part of scorpio, expect some inner churning, especially if you have planets placed in those degrees. This junction of water/fire , in between scorpio and sagg is the most potent and intense gandanta (spiritual knot) of the zodiac. The other two are pisces/aries, and cancer/leo.

There are always opportunities for evolution and growth – when we embrace the cyclical nature of things and the impermanence of life, transformation is not such a wild card. Otherwise life is perceived as chaos.

Once upon a time, when I was 13, I was about to leave home – I received some wise words which said : “You can choose to let your experiences crush you or strengthen you – life can be wonderful and I hope you discover that soon”

Well, I have found this to be so very true, and I wish the same for you x

In this article, I just focused on Jupiter today, there is a lot more happening, and lots of supportive, strong and creative energies too so stay tuned for more inspo and info!

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