Mercury Retrograde : Adapting to Change

“Instead of resisting to changes, surrender. Let life be with you, not against you. If you think ‘My life will be upside down’ don’t worry. How do you know down is not better than upside?”

Shams Of Tabriz

This Mercury retrograde becomes more complicated than most due to the close proximity to Mars & Sun. Here we have a similar theme which was experienced in August, with the Mars/Mercury planetary war in Leo. This time it is in Virgo, a sign where Mars is uncomfortable. The Sun in close conjunction to Mars (this is called combustion)is likely to inflame already heated situations. Its a delicate month, which needs to be handled carefully. 

The planet Mercury, esoterically is the celestial bridge from the heavens to the mind of humans – Mercury is Buddhi – the intellectual, curious, analytical and logical aspect of the human mind. The evolution of our species rests in how we use our intelligence.

“ When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ” 

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change – this is the essence of mother nature, Shakti. Allow Her wisdom to move through you. Movement is life, and life is movement. The very basis of life itself is constant change.

Mercury begins its retrograde in Libra, a cardinal air sign. The disruptions will be felt quite strongly due to mercury’s relationship with thought, speech and ideas. It can affect relationships. As Merc moves back, he will conjunct the bright and auspicious star Spica, who resides in the ‘wheat ear of virgo’. Spica is said to have an energy of Jupiter-Mercury, and so this next coming week can be good for success, renown, an appreciation of art and science, but it can also indicate unjustness to the innocence and unscrupulousness.

Virgo is the sign most closely related to the feminine principle of Shakti, it is earthy, pragmatic and intelligent. When Mars occupies Virgo it’s a great time to get life organised, taking practical, grounded, logical action, applying critical thinking to the situation. Follow a routine and bring awareness to your own faults and shortcomings, instead of out in the world. Mars can bring out the critical, nit-picky, controlling and micro-managing aspects of Virgo. When in Chitra, it is stronger as it rules this star. In Hasta, Mars becomes more volatile, emotional & moody due to the moon’s rulership.

Adding Mercury into this mixture, can make the mind and speech very critical, sharp, hurtful, and fault finding. This is quickest way to sour any relationship. Love cannot thrive in such an atmosphere. Remember, if you are looking for problems, you will for sure, find them. The trick is to notice an error, but deal with it with grace, while adding to the positive elements of the situation – this automatically diminishes the negative. 

Arguments, conflicts and tension is likely. Aikido your life – if someone is running straight at you with their sword, help them on their journey – step out of the way.

The Virgo New Moon on the 6-7th is important to take care of, as Sun, Moon and Mars will be in exact combustion, close to Mercury, in the nakshatra Hasta. Hasta is ruled by the moon, so this is a particularly emotional time. The dark side of the mind can easily take over. Avoid being too puritanical and attached to perfection. It is the inner restlessness of the spirit which creates bigger issues than necessary. Cultivate faith, trust and surrender whenever you feel your mind and thoughts spiralling out of control. Come back home to the gentle tides of your breathing.

At the same time, Saturn retrograde will almost be at a standstill in Capricorn. We reach an impasse – The new moon feel is volatile and difficult is best to take it easy and not plan anything overwhelming. Spiritual activities and laying low is best. Keep it simple.

With such a strong Earth energy right now – Sun+Mars+Mercury in  mutable Virgo, Saturn+Jupiter retrograde in cardinal Capricorn, it is excellent to move ahead, get organised, clean, focussed and ready for Summer / Winter. This is about building foundations, adapting to changes & new structures, reassembling old ones and simplifying your life. Saturn and Jupiter remind us of ‘Simple Living – High Thinking” 

Virgo is balanced by Pisces – The lessons here are faith over fear, creativity to balance excess logic, and trust to ease the tight grips of control.

During this mercury retrograde:


Conflict, clashes, arguments, breakups, or resolutions, brilliant new ways of doing things, solutions to problems, or more confusion, artistic inspiration, reconciliation, a long awaited message appears, people from the past may return, business may slow down, situations reverse, computer glitches, electrical issues, spelling mistakes, business flops, health concerns, crossed wires, impulsive texts, buyers remorse. Mechanical issues, repairs, obstacles & delays in negotiations, tension, arguments/conflict, possible breakthroughs.

Do :

Review, reset, rethink, slow down, return, reconcile, reconnect, review a situation, expand your mind, challenge your thinking, let yourself be wrong, healthy debates, get organised, clear clutter, chant mantras. It’s ok to be a little less logical, reflect on your inner narrative and storylines. Be creative. Let your mind play on different tangents/currents/thought-streams. Get a second medical option if feeling unsure. Back up your devices, clean out your computer. Consider all outcomes/possibilities. Detach from the drama. It will never stop, so you have to. Breathe, meditate, do yoga, always return home to your inner sanctum. The tides of your breathing is your guru, your truth. 


Sign contracts, avoid travelling right at the beginning and end of the retrograde and on the Wednesday (Mercury’s day), make sudden decisions, engage in arguments, or online forum wars, take on too much, change business plans suddenly, speak harshly, engage in narrow in thinking. Avoid making any major financial commitments. If unsure of a certain outcome, or if waiting on something, expect solid forward movement after the 19th October.

Take it easy – as much as you can over these next three weeks!
Love, Darinka x

Full Moon Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada + Equinox – Water under the Bridge 

Ruler : Saturn 
Sign ruler : Jupiter 
Deity : Ahir Budhyana
Symbol : Serpent of the Deep Sea 
Full moon 20/21 + Equinox – 23rd.

Times change, a cycle completes, others still revolving and evolving. New beginnings, seasons are changing. The movement from dark to light in the south, the movement from light to dark in the north. Equinox is about the balance between the solar and lunar forces. This is the purpose of yoga – balancing the hemispheres, the ascending and descending channels, the masculine & feminine, Shiva and Shakti – Stillness & Movement … 

This Pisces full moon projects the potent, combined energy of Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets reflect the nature of one’s beliefs and values and how this influences how we create structures and foundations in life. Pisces full moon opposes the Sun in Virgo – Virgo is the sign most related to Shakti – the primordial feminine power which is in all manifested things. Virgo carries the seeds of enlightenment which express in the last sign of Pisces. The Pisces / Virgo axis hinges on the principles of faith over fear. With such an overwhelming fear narrative being projected into the world right now, reflecting Jupiter’s debilitation, and the subsequent seizing of control by governments, we must continue to cultivate faith on a daily basis, consciously choosing to face the deepest fears with courage, strength, aligning with Dharma – righteousness aligned with universal laws, not just man-made laws and religions. 

Jupiter governs Pisces, Saturn governs Uttara Bhadrapada. Both of these planets are currently retrograde in Capricorn. This conjunction is nearing an end, after being together for the better part of the 12 months. Jupiter will stay in Capricorn for the next 8 weeks, turning direct on the 18th of October. It is a time for constructive growth, promotion and steady gains. While there may be changes in investments, stocks and income, it is a practical time favouring material development. Make sure your actions are ethical, and aligned with the right values.  The Jupiter/ Saturn connection is about Dharma + Karma, reaping the consequences of actions sowed. When aligning with universal laws, truth, awareness, accountability, respect, love and integrity, one has little to fear. 

With a strong earth/water dominant theme right now, it is a time of building, growing, expanding, contrasting, organising, planning and re-arranging. Our goals are being re-assessed, businesses, organisations and social & family structures are changing and  adapting to the current paradigm shift. Foundations are being now. Whatever tools, bricks and mortar you have, find the best way to use it. The most content folk make the best of what they have. 

Uttara Bhadrapada’s deity is Ahir Budhanya – the serpent of the deep sea, connected to primordial wisdom, fertility, seclusion and spirituality. Ahir Budhanya is said to be one of the sons of Vishawakarma, the celestial architect, there is much symbolism here around the need for definite structure (saturn) to make practical use of space (jupiter); the dance of spirit in matter.

The Shakti, or power of this star is in creating, or finding a foundation – “Uttara Bhadrapada grants a firm foundation in life, connecting us with the wellsprings of vitality, the serpent who dwells in the middle of the sea.”Dr. David Frawley, Fruits of Worshipping Each Nakshatra

It is important to acknowledge that all which is created on a material plane occurs due to the concurrent universal energy, the energy which animates all things. Release yourself from identifying with ‘the doing’ and see the undercurrent force by which things get done. Dig deeper. Enlightenment doesn’t mean the end, but rather, the beginning of a deeply embodied and grounded, visceral human/spirit experience. Every day, even for 5 mins, make an effort to connect to the deep inner spring of the life force pulsing through you, Prana; through your breath, a candle flame and silence. 

Keep a routine, self care, nurturing, healing and wellbeing. Your Health and Time are your most precious jewels. Mind them well.

We are all walking eachother home 
Bright Blessings on this Full moon / Equinox

With love,  
Darinka xx

September Cosmic News – Planets in Strength, Changes afoot

Key Dates:

6 Sept:  
– Mars moves to Virgo
– Venus moves to Libra
7 New Moon LEO
12 Moon debilitated cnj Ketu in Scorpio
15 Jupiter moves into Capricorn
17 Sun moves into virgo
21 Full Moon – Uttara Bhadrapada + Equinox
27 Mercury Retrograde

Hello beautiful people – 

September sees planets strong in their own signs – overall, support and energy returns. Relationships improve, Mars is combust the Sun untill Nov 25, Saturn is slowing down to move direct in October, Jupiter retrogrades back into Capricorn. The month closes in with a bright full moon in Pisces on Equinox, and the final Mercury retrograde for the year begins for 3 weeks. 

Mercury is strong in its own sign, having just entered Virgo on the 27th of August. It meets with a debilitated Venus, relationships are improving, the mind is clear and can focus. Communication becomes easier. The evolution of our species rests in how we use our intelligence – Work at making your mind your friend this month.

6 Sept:
Mars moves to Virgo – 6 Sept – 22 October
Combust (too close) to the sun till Nov. 25

A major theme this month in an ongoing on/off mars/mercury war – the warrior and the communicator struggle for power. At the same time, Mars is currently invisible, being hidden by the Sun. This makes it weaker and unable to manifest its full strength. When planets are hidden they are said to be in the underworld – it is a time to work on our mars energies, usually what we see is lack of energy, anger outbursts, greater impatience, intolerance and being too stubborn.

Mars in Virgo is in an enemy sign, and is continuing this frustrating theme that we have felt through August. Virgo is the natural 6th sign, and the place of conflict, litigation, strife and debate. It is a house of intelligence too, as Mercury rules Virgo. The ability to fight a case, the strategise and plan can be seen here. The important thing is to find out what is right, rather than who is right.

Fights, arguments and clashes – The need to be right, the need to assert oneself, the need to be heard, to have a voice and to speak has become pertinent – Communication can be sharp, critical, incisive, and controlling. Virgo aims for purity and perfection, Mars can become aggressive with its agenda. Use this energy to get things organised, filed, sorted. A time for cleaning and clearing. Taking practical action & efficiency. Avoid micromanaging, controlling and overthinking a situation.

Venus moves to Libra  – 6 Sept – 3rd Oct
Venus is gaining in strength now, as shemoves into her home territory, a time of strength and refreshment for Librans and Taureans. New relationships may begin, however, Saturn is casting a challenging ‘square’ 4/10 aspect onto Libra, so as Venus moves through, she will come under his gaze. 

Saturn is about facing reality, some truths may come to the surface and a restructuring of relationships and finances may occur. A time to be realistic about relationship goals, desires, needs and wants. The 10th aspect means there may be changes around what you value in the workplace and within business relationships, new ones begin, old ones may go through a transition. Finances improve, there can be slow and steady growth at this time. 

7th Sept – New Moon  10:52 am in Leo, in the lunar mansion Purva Phalguni
This upcoming new moon invites us to take a break and a rest from the ‘work’ – somehow so many of our wounds stems from not feeling enough in some way – not enough self value, worth, money, knowledge, finances, family, happiness etc – this ‘not enough’ paves the way for neuroses and obsession, where one hungrily devours out in the world to satiate this deep inner longing. Purva Phalguni is a place in the zodiac where the soul can take a break. Reminding us that we are working to have a Life, not living to Work. And who said work has to be so “hard” – it can also be done joyfully no? Somehow the trees, they grow, the plants fruit, and flowers blossom. 

Who said it has to be hard? When you hit a wall, who says you have to ‘hit’ the wall? Maybe its there so you can rest on it!

Midday snooze …

The Sun is bright and strong in Leo, and still receiving a positive aspect from Jupiter in Aquarius – It is a powerful time for self actualisation and personal power. We are continuing to see the disparity between leaders and the people. 

P.P carries the vibration of Sun/Venus – these two share an inharmonious relationship – Venus, Planet of relationship gets burned by the Sun, who is solitary by nature – There may be some insights about your current relationship, or previous relationships that may come to light.

New moons are good for spiritual practices as the Jiva atman unites with the Atman, The individual soul spark unites with Soul – the light of consciousness. Enjoy the deep spaciousness and silence of new moon as opportunities to stay within and enter the dreaming. Meditation and spiritual practices are favoured – the veils are thinner at this time. 

Otherwise, it is a good time for enjoyment, art, pleasure, lovemaking, comfort, baths, all the yum, fun stuff.

12th Sept – Moon debilitated conjunct Ketu in Scorpio
A short, monthly transit – moon passing through its debilitation sign can mean a low couple of days, or a day where there are heavier thoughts/emotions – compounded by Ketu who is dissociative by nature- good for introspection, spiritual practice, artistic and creative endeavours. Don’t buy into negative self talk, like clouds, they come and go. Pay attention to your gift and genius x

15 Sept – Jupiter moves back into Capricorn
Jupiter re-enters its sign of debilitation, in the last stretch of his retrograde. The 0 and 29th degree of a sign is a sensitive juncture, planets here are in a place of transition and hence are unsettled, like moving house. It can magnify and derail their significations. Take care, especially of you are Sag or Pisces rising or moon.

As well as that, Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn. As a Dharma planet, morals, laws, ethics, can get stunted. Corruption in politics is a clear manifestation of the loss of Dharma, where power is mis- used for exploitation and control. We are seeing so much enforced control and yet the people are finding creative ways to stand up and defy tyranny.

Finances may go through a dip or a reversal, issues with husbands or male partners may re -surface. Situations which were occurring around April may return. Saturn applies more restrictions, discipline and patience is required.

Keep in mind that Saturn is slowing down in Capricorn, we are feeling more tired and lethargic as work load appear to feel heavier and heavier – bad habits may return – best to not overburden yourselves or place too much excess pressure on yourselves at this time. It will get heavier before it gets lighter. Stay Calm. Situations will ease up after Oct 19th, When all planets are direct.

17 Sept – Sun in Virgo
Virgo Season begins as the Sun makes his annual journey through the sign of the maiden.Increase focus on practical affairs, routine, health, healing, service, creativity, mending things, getting the home in order, tangible results in business, steady gains and growth

16-17- 18 are delicate days for the Sun as it is in Sandhi, leaving one place and arriving at a new place. Avoid any major changes around here – Leo rising may feel this the most.

Full Moon Pisces : Water under the Bridge + Mercury Retrograde in Libra/Virgo
Chandra (Moon) reaches culmination in the nakshatra (star) of Uttara Bhadrapada, located from 3’20  -16’40 mins of Pisces. U. Bhadra is governed by Saturn, Pisces by Jupiter.
Mercury has just entered its home ground of Virgo, and will zoom through this earthy and practical sign over September, briefly dipping into Libra, before retrograding for three weeks on the 27th Sept – 19 oct.

Please stay tuned for a separate blog/video on this.

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Have a great month,
Stay safe and calm,

With love, Darinka x

Venus in Virgo & The REAL Lion’s Gate

Hey Star Travellers, today im talking about Venus and her shift into Virgo over the next 4 weeks.

When Venus occupies the sign of the virgin, we find her in her ‘fall’ or, debilitated – this means it is not easy for Venus to express her sweet, unconditional devotion

Venus manifests her energy in the heart chakra – when our heart is open and happy we love openly and freely. Our capacity for love is not based on what someone can do for us, rather, it is an unconditional sweetness of emotion.

Most of modern love these days is transactional; ‘what can I get, instead of, what can I give?’ 

When Devotion is maligned, it becomes co-dependent
When Love decreases, fear-related behaviour arises,
When romance disappears, criticism is ripe

Dear Virgo,

We love you for your attention to detail, your systemisation, organisation, and service oriented approach to life. Your ability to find solutions to problems is admirable, however, leave it outside of your relationship. Love cannot thrive in a picky environment, worrying, fussing and trying to fix something which ain’t broke. Your relationships will thrive in a space of trust, teamwork, and devotion, not criticism and micro management. Focus on the love you can give, rather than the love you receive, you may be surprised at how quickly your relationships transform.

This Venus cycle can highlight the need to communicate what we need and value – remember a boundary doesn’t exist until it is spoken. Don’t expect people to read your mind. Be fearless and trust that other people want to love you the way you would like to be loved

And the ones that don’t? Let them go.

Issues are likely to be heated, as Mercury who is channeling the Virgo vibe is in close quarters to Mars in Leo. It is a volatile combination, as Jupiter is sitting opposite, fanning the flames. If certain relationships have been on the rocks I see this time period could indicate endings for some people, or a reassessment. Take care in business partnerships and your female friendship circles.

For the next month, especially if you are a Libra or Taurus dominant individual, it is time to pay attention to your health. Virgo is a sign connected with healing, service and purification. Venus rules over the kidneys, bladder, the throat, neck, semen, menstruation and the endocrine system. Keep a good routine, purify, cleanse, fast. Venus is about self worth and values. Beauty is more than skin deep, it is about creating vitality from deep within the organs & tissues of the body.

Supercharge your health – Find out your constitution and get realigned. I recommend @VitalVeda and @Gaia_Herbalist 

Avoid sudden changes to your appearance, spontaneous spending sprees, lest you suffer buyer’s remorse! Definitely not the best time to buy a new car! Relationships may go through some changes. Businesses can do well with some practical and pragmatic planning and restructuring as we are also receiving a 120 degree (trinal) aspect from our beloved Shani, Saturn, – This is a time for mature love, and realistic expectations. Saturn can help us to stabilise our expenses and manage money responsibly.

Exact aspect happens on the 23rd – The same date as the REAL Lion’s Gate. Why is this significant?? Read more about it here

Healing Virgo : Over analysis leads to paralysis. 

Balancing negative virgoan traits involves the lessons of Pisces (where venus is exalted, meaning maximum benefit) – Pisces is the mystic, the one who sees, the place of no mind, and the place of  Faith – Letting Go and letting God.

Supporting Venus

  • Om Hreem Shreem Maha Lakshmiyeh Swaha x 108
  • Bija Mantra – Om Shum Shukraya Namah & seed Mantra YAM for the heart – mantras purify & harmonise the mind and heart. 
  • Wearing white, and soft-toned clothing
  • Donating to women’s shelters/charities on fridays (Venus Day)
  • Supporting your female friends
  • Perfumes, flowers, scents – uplifting and refining the senses – avoid coarse and heavy things.
  • Connecting to goddesses such as Laksmi, Parvati, Annapoorneshwari

Stay calm and centred beautiful people.
This too shall pass.

With Love,

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Dark Moon Dreaming

This New Moon will occur on the 8th of August in Cancer / Ashlesha -The Star of Clinging. We are in a type of portal, a threshold – one where we are leaving the poisonous undercurrent of the last degrees of Cancer, and moving toward Magha, the first part of Leo, the home of kings, rulers and leaders.

This constellation is home to the Nagas (serpents)  –  seductive, wise, keepers of wisdom & poison, Cunning, slippery, clinging, squeezing, shedding – Snakes and serpents are primordial creatures, connecting us to our ancient cosmic heritage.
The snake has no eyelids, and never blinks – they have forked tongues, and forked reproductive organs and are known to copulate for days or weeks, with one or many more.

People born under this star, or with many planets in Ashlesha can be both austere, philosophical, wise, reclusive, as well as extremely selfish, immoral, licentious, deceptive and venomous. It depends on the evolution of the individual soul and how they utilise the potency of this energy.

Ashlesha people can be great healers – sexual energy transformed, integrated and elevated becomes profound healing energy. The Caduceus – Symbol of Hermes (Mercury) has been mistakenly adopted as a symbol of healthcare & medicine, especially in the U.S. The correct form is the Staff of Aesculapius – which features a single snake wrapped around a staff – This is used in the logo of the WHO.

Interestingly, the Caduceus is the Symbol of Hermes / Mercury who rules Ashlesha. While the symbol of intertwining serpents has been around for thousands of years, it carries ancient associations to thieves, liars, negotiation, business, wisdom and alchemy – Which fall under the domain of Mercury, and thus is seen in the nature and functioning of Ashlesha.

It is fascinating to see how these universal symbols play out from the energetic sources into the material world.

This new moon is an invitation to truly shed your skin now. Look deeply into your shadow – The dark side of the moon. What has been disowned that so desperately longs to be held?

The snake enters its period of hibernation, preparing to emerge as the moon traverses Gandanta overnight. ( the sensitive zone between fire and water) What makes this moon challenging is that Mercury is about to move through gandanta, so the confusion, insecurity and potential for trickery/manipulation/ mental-emotional confusion is amplified. On a practical level, beware of mercury retrograde similar type mixups, emails, texts, thoughts, thinking etc.

The Sun is also being opposed by retrograde Saturn – they are in harmonious energies, adding to the current emotional cocktail, in which we are still seeing severe restrictions imposed by governments – Saturn in Capricorn reflects the restructuring in the foundations of how we live and work in the world, due to the pandemic. There is no straight forward answer, or solution – people are doing the best they can. We need to remember that.

How to work with this moon :
If you are in a healing, self development time :

> Shadow work, bodywork, psychotherapy
> Allowing fears, paranoia and the deep unconscious to emerge.
> Holding space for the shadows. Remember, your loving awareness is the light.
> Meditation, watching your breath and thoughts as they arise
> Avoiding petty quarrels, arguments and ego-trips.
> This is a potent time for healing, rejuvenation and deep listening.

For those who are working in the spiritual realms, simplicity in thought and action leads to a smoother ride. Argument /fight waiting to happen? Just let it go. Boring! Words are ultimately empty. Silence, is often the best answer.
Save your energy for poetry, transmute it in the bedroom, or alchemise the energy in an alternative, life enhancing way. If you have Cancer/Capricorn axis highlighted in your chart, you may be feeling these recents transits strongly!

For deeper analysis and insights into what is currently happening for you, book in for a consultation. Various options available.

Otherwise, stay safe and calm.
With love, Darinka xx

August Cosmic News & Leo Season

Hey beautiful readers, and to my friends in Sydney who are in for another few weeks of lockdown. I can’t imagine what it must be like there, although I know some of you are loving it, I know others must be struggling. Sending you big love and hugs xx

This month we enter Leo Season. Things will be heating up, there will be several gandanta crossings, indicating situations and relationships in transition, with a shift into stronger, brighter territory. We are also still in the Jupiter + Saturn Retrograde Cycle. 

*Please note I am using the sidereal/vedic calendar which shifts the chart back by about 24° *

Key Dates for Australia, Southern Hemisphere

8th – New Moon @ 22° Cancer
9th – Mercury enters Leo
12th- Venus enters Virgo unti 7th Sept
18th – Sun enters Leo
22nd – Full Moon Aquarius
20 – 23 – Mars Mercury planetary war

Mercury’s Antics in August

Mercury will be combust, opposed by Saturn, move through gandanta and then meet with enemy planet mars. If you are Gemini or Virgo moon or rising, you will feel these effects more strongly. 

Communication, thinking and business affairs are highlighted this month as we begin with Mercury combustion. This happens when Mercury is within 10° of the Sun. Combustion happens often enough as Mercury is never more that 28° from the Sun, and as such, Loki, or the Crown Prince finds his words get burned from time to time. The pressure is intensified as this combination is being aspected by a retrograde Saturn, who dishing out rules (and the defence force in Sydney) in the sign of Capricorn, meaning it’s all feeling very HEAVY. Saturn rules over Iron… 

Right now, Mercury is in Cancer, They (Mercury is seen as sexless in vedic mythology) will pass through the rays of Surya, being exact on the 1st & 2nd of August which can cause a kind of brilliance; Mercury rules the mind, the analytical process, how we think and organise our thinking. In this sense, combustion can be a highly creative time.  

However, it is best to avoid getting over your head in regards to business affairs and signing contracts. Save that important discussion or meeting for a later day. Use this challenging energy to focus on your tasks, be disciplined with your mind, and you can always come back to solve the problem later. 

On the 8th, Mercury moves through gandanta zone – the knotted, karmic junction of water and fire signs, mercury’s transition, although short, is complicated, emotional and watery – it is best to not trust your thinking at this time. The situation may feel confused or unclear. If you feel the urgency, just wait a little while longer. 

Mercury will enter Leo on the 9th, with combustion clearing after the 10th. As Mercury moves through Leo, it will approach Mars, who it isn’t friendly with. This Mercury Mars conjunction in Leo can stimulate egos, fights, arguments and increase aggressiveness – expect more vaccine debate wars and increased tensions with governments. Mars is the warrior and Mercury is the messenger. You can be assertive without being aggressive. (Leo loves drama however … ; ) Take care from 20-23rd August.

New Moon Cancer – Ashlesha8th August11:50pm
Sun Moon and Mercury are opposed by Saturn. 

For the first half of August, Sun and Mercury are receiving a 7th aspect (opposition) from Saturn. This is a cool and more sober aspect – Sun and Saturn are not friendly energies, so this month continues to highlight the current control and restrictions, such as what we are seeing in Australia, in particular, Sydney.
Cancer/Capricorn is the axis of home/work – Family and career. Issues in the workplace, with bosses an colleagues are likely to continue.

Ashlesha is a complex energy, known as the ‘clinging’ star. It’s animal is the Cat and is connected to the nagas, the serpents which entwine, bind & constrict, thus linking it intimately to the kundalini shakti and the process of transformation. Cancer is home for the moon, so it has an innate comfortability here, yet Ashlesha is ruled by mercury, so we have the moon/mercury dynamic which tends to lean toward analysis of emotions, rather than the free flow feeling.

Nagas are feared for their mysterious and unpredictable natures , yet they are ancient carriers of wisdom and knowledge. Snakes keep their poison externally – it can be used to heal or hurt. The Yoni symbol for Ashlesha is the Cat, and this star connects to mysticism, manipulation, intellect, occult knowledge and wisdom but also secrecy, seduction, cunning and deceit. On a more evolved level, this energy can be used to explore greater heights in one’s passion, creativity, sexuality and healing.

With Mercury, crossing gandanta that evening, difficult emotional situations are likely to arise – especially if the snakes have been suppressed. Emotions may feel knotted, you may feel overwhelmed. If you are in a good space internally, you can use this energy for deep meditation, or creative work.

This moon highlights all that is mystical, magical yet also deceptive within ourselves. A good time to explore the shadows and create deeper intimacy with your deepest fears. Purge, cleanse, let go, accept and move into brighter spaces.

Venus enter Virgo – 12th August
Continuing on the theme of relationships, when venus enters the sign of practical, duty bound virgo, venus feels somewhat confined. Virgo is also the Rooster in Chinese astrology, and the annoying thing about rooster (no offence intended!!) is that they like to peck and pick at things. While Virgo has an excellent eye for details, it is not the best for relationships, as relationships do not thrive in a critical environment. 

Having said that, you are likely too critical and hard on yourself, always wanting to improve, which is probably why you might do that with your partners. Perfection is a myth and often a disguised attempt to channel anxiety. Slow down a little more and shift the focus from finding faults to finding gratitude. 

Self worth is another theme of Venus, as is vehicles and finance. Know your worth and walk away from anyone who refuses to see that.

Friday is Venus Day – run a bath, have a date night, bake a cake, donate to a women’s shelter, be creative, paint, draw, sing, make love, tune into the softer, yummy Venusian vibes and be a little more gentle with yourself 😉

Warren Buffet, one of the world’d richest business men has a debilitated Venus in Virgo, in the 10th house – this highlights his ability to take a practical and pragmatic approach to wealth creation and management – he still lives in the same house he bought over 30 years ago!

Sun enters Leo – Leo Season begins!18th August

The Sun will also move through gandanta – from the 16th – 18th – this is a big transition time and an emergence to a fresh beginning. Take it easy over these days, you are likely to feel more tired. From the watery undercurrent, the Sun can shine brightly again. This will be a positive and optimistic time as Jupiter is supporting the Sun with a 7th Aspect – it will feel like a big relief to move away from the heaviness of Saturn. This time will also coincide with restrictions easing in Sydney, toward to end of the month.

However, Leo is bold, bright, a little self centred, with a touch of narcissism, (like most fire placements) Leo wants to be seen, to shine, to appreciate and be appreciated. I often find Leo people radiate an impersonal kind of warmth, just as the sun shines on the whole land, without discrimination. If you have a Leo in your life, make sure they know you notice their efforts, they love to make people feel special, and like to feel special to you  – words of affirmation is a love language! 

Otherwise, in the world we are likely to see some big dramas in the news – fires or explosions cannot be ruled out … 

The Full Moon will be on the 22nd in Aquarius and with a strong Mars Mercury conjunction/planetary war, this could be heated! Stay tuned for my Full Moon Post later in the month.

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Stay safe and calm this month, fellow star travellers,
With Love,
Darinka xx

Full Moon Capricorn – Guru Purnima

Hello Star Travellers,
This full moon falls at 12:37pm at 7°17’ degrees Capricorn in the lunar mansion Uttara Ashadha.

An auspicious full moon to celebrate and respect all our teachers, guides and Guru’s. 
Guru Purnima is a festival celebrated in India during the full moon of the month June – July.

‘Gu’ – means darkness, ignorance, ‘Ru’ – means remover of.

A Guru is someone who assists us to remove the veils of ignorance which keep one bound the wheels of samsara. A Guru is a Light, showing the way. Guru is also the name for Jupiter – the planet of Dharma, representing the teachers and guides in life, those who help make our journey lighter and easier. 

This moon has a more sombre tone, as Chandra approaches the lord of Karma and Time – Beloved Shani (Saturn), who’s name means slow or lame in Sanskrit. Moon/Saturn combinations can indicate depression, or low emotional energy, however, when depression is looked at from another perspective, it can be seen as the limitless soul desperately crying to expand It’s reality beyond the current paradigm. From a spiritual lens, mental health issues are cries from a drought-ridden spiritual landscape.

Uttara Ashada is ruled by the Sun, linking the soul’s desire for liberation and re-connection to its true origins. It is also connected to unconquerable victory. A time to realise your vision and take practical and realistic steps toward your goals. All is Spirit, since all is Energy, Frequency & Vibration ~ Tesla ~

There is a challenging Saturn/Sun combination underlying the nature of this nakshatra, which can highlight continued issues with authorities, such as what are seeing politically around the world in regards to protests and enforced lockdowns, as well as possible conflicts in the workplace with bosses and colleagues. The issues of the Capricorn/Cancer polarity revolve around limitations/restrictions/changes in the work/home/ heart/ family dynamic.

Uttara Ashadha is ruled by the Sun who is currently transiting through Cancer – A reminder that true strength is found in the ability to exercise gentleness and kindness, and we work (Karma) to create a stable and comfortable physical foundation, so the soul can move on it’s journey toward liberation (Moksha) – The final victory

4 Tips for this Full Moon Guru Purnima

> Honouring your teachers, mentors, gurus and guides – Past, Present and Future – Who helped you in difficult times? 

> If you are that way inclined, gather your crystals, place on the earth overnight, or in a bowl with salt water.

> Light a candle and gently cast your gaze at the flame. Steady your breath. Even without a Guru, Agni can serve as a guide. Ask questions, be still, receive. 

> If you are struggling with feeling sad depressed or any low energy mood, stay present with the feelings and embrace them. There isn’t anything to do but accept this moment of your reality in its fullest. Being happy is not the goal, nor is avoiding sadness. Sorrow is, however the gateway to true and lasting Joy, based on reality rather than fantasy. 

I honour my teachers both in Jyotisha and bodywork – Special thanks to Komilla Sutton, Mette Sorenson, Robert Svoboda, David Frawley & Pema Chodron, to name a few who have taught and inspired me over the years.

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So much Love,

{Art by Darby Lahger}

The Starry Times – Saturn & Mars | July Cosmo News

Hey Cosmonauts,

This month’s over arching theme is one of patient expansion and contraction 

With a strong Saturn – Mars starting the month – as well as a square from Uranus in Aries – This month shows a break from establishment and the need to have courage to make the necessary changes. 

Australia is seeing more outbreaks of Covid, and restrictions have have returned. This began on Solstice,  21st of June, when Jupiter went retrograde and Mercury was stationed to go direct. The last week of June was turbulent and sticky, with much uncertainty. Now that the retrogrades have started, movement is happening again, albeit, we are experiencing the usual setback and delays which come when Saturn and Jupiter put the brakes on and roll in the other direction. 

Personally, I enjoy the retrograde times. In Australia, it gets cold, naturally, one likes to withdraw, slow down and get cosy, longer nights and shorter days make for easy contemplation. “Life is what happens when you are busy making plans” – being flexible to the unexpected is part of the art of a good traveller, whether you are venturing to a new place, or if you see your life on earth as the road – as Aghori Vimalanada says succinctly (Robert Svoboda’s Master) “When walking, it is not the road that gets tired”
Winter, retrogrades, delays, etc, all great reminders to let go of control and learn to do without doing, with ample rest inbetween.

Key Dates (Australia):

1-4 Mars Saturn Opposition Cancer Capricorn
4 – Mars Saturn Uranus Square
10th – New Moon in Gemini 11:17 am – Punarvasu Nakshatra
12 – 15 – Mars Venus conjunction
16 -22 Venus & Mars transit through Cancer Gandanta
17 – Sun in Cancer, Venus in Leo
22 – Mars in Leo
24 – Full Moon @ 12:37pm – Capricorn

Mars Saturn Uranus T- Square

Mars in Cancer – debilitated. Mars is the warrior, and he is sleeping on the battlefield.  Mars needs to be active and fight for things, using strength, courage and prowess – the cosmic essence of Agni, burns. This is in conflict with the essence of Cancer, ruled by the soft, gentle, nurturing and receptive Moon. Fire and water creates lots of fuss – if you have Aries or Scorpio Moon or Ascendant, you may be feeling this acutely, on an emotional and physical level.
Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn, opposing Mars increases lethargy and delays, and it is all too likely that you may be feeling overwhelmed with too much on your plate, or issues in the workplace, with bosses or colleagues, perhaps there have been some major changes. Uranus in Aries joins in – Known as Prajapati in Vedic Astrology, this energy is seen as disruptive, unsettling, revolutionary and electrical. There is a higher vibration to Uranus in that those receptive to the breaking down of established ruts and limitations can break through and break free, otherwise this energy, can be highly destructive and unstable. The ultimate goal being that of destroying the false self, the ego, and its attachment to Maya Devi.  

Saturn Mars Uranus – Pressure mounting -there is a need to break through an impasse – restrictions can not longer stand, someone is ready to fight, the wise one sees the enemy as a phantom projected outward, and retreats to brings wholeness and compassion. Exploring sexuality and new forms of expression, passionate chemistry, is another manifestation of this combination, but be careful,  if something begins under this influence, it may not last. Avoid passive aggressiveness and obtuse ways of expressing your needs. Be clear and direct, people are not mind-readers. I have noticed avoidant personalities often have a combination of fire planets in water signs, where there can be an inbuilt apprehension toward assertiveness, keeping things bottled up until exploding 3 months later. Try to deal with the upsets as they arise!

Uranus is light a lightning bolt – brilliant new ideas and inspirations. Saturn’s transit is beckoning us into deep listening, surrender and silence, Mars will feel stronger once in Leo, but until the 20th, bend, bend, and yield, don’t let anger and pride ruin beautiful things. Otherwise, use this energy to move, get stuff done, don’t be idle – you can accomplish a lot!
This can also relate to events in the world – earthquakes, landslides, such as what has just happened in Japan – cracks in the earth’s crust, volcanic eruptions… 

When Mars transits the sensitive gandanta (karmic knotted zone) from 18- 22 July (28°Cancer – 1° Leo) the movement of fire planet in water sign to fire planet in fire sign, much churning is likely to take place where certain issues may reach a head. Stay chill, and avoid any major decisions, wait till things cool down. Go and lift weights, or go for a run, or something else physical to channel the energy! 

Once Mars moves into Leo, you will feel the energy pick up again, it will be easier to take a stand on certain issues, less lethargy and greater ‘call to action’. Mars in Cancer also says its ok to be vulnerable, its ok to feel weak, it is ok to rest. It is ok to cry, to be sensitive and in that sensitivity to discover the deep strength that lies within.

12-15 July Venus Mars Conjunction – Cancer – Ashlesha – The Star of Embrace

This is a complicated conjunction, lots of fire water in the undertow – Mars is Fire/Agni, Venus is Water/Jaal – we have covered Mars in water sign.. Venus is creativity, semen, sensuality, relationships, vehicles, values, tastes … Mars is passion, sexuality, raw and primal desire, violence, anger… these contrasting elements and planets mean there could be fun sparks and hot fuss, pick ups, or break ups. Violent action in the home is not unlikely – speak up if you hear, see, experience anything like it. Raise your Words, not your Voice. This conjunction falls in the later part of Cancer, in the Star Ashlesha. The animal is the Cat, and this star connects to the power of entwining, serpent energy, mysticism, manipulation, seduction, intellect, occult knowledge and wisdom but also secrecy, cunning and deceit. On a more evolved level, this energy can be used to explore greater heights in one’s passions and creativity. Venus and Mars both will travel through Gandanta – Aries, Scorpio, Taurus and Libra moon and rising signs will be experiencing the ending of one way of being, a massive transformation and a bright new beginning, heralded by the movement into the solar light of the sun and Leo. 

New Moon in Gemini 10th July – Punarvasu – The Star of Renewal.

The time to withdraw into the belly of the great mother. This new moon calls us to refresh, renew and let go of what is being held on or hoarded. Punarvasu is connected to Aditi, mother goddess, and thus the cycles of birth and death and the renewal which comes from the decay of the old. Gemini blends the moon with mercury, and so this is an intellectual moon where one may be analysing and rationalising feelings, instead of just allowing them the space to exist and move. It is a good time to identify and become familiar with mental ruts and patterns, where a groove has been etched a little too deeply, preventing the cyclical nature of life to renew one’s perspective. Re-invent your relationship to the issue and therefore change the pattern. Meditate or clean the house, keep things simple over these days, bringing your energy in and let your quiet inner voice speak. They have things to say. 

Have a great month everyone – stay connected, would love to hear your thoughts and experiences xx

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It is a great time to dive into self. Self knowledge is really a great way to expand your awareness, improve your relationships, including, and most importantly to yourself, clarify your direction, choices and place in life, as well as gain deeper insights into your life. 

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The Starry Times: Jupiter Retrograde | Aquarius/Capricorn

Hey Folks, 

Today I am channeling/feeling into the collective energy as I reflect on the chart of the moment. What follows is a synthesis of some of the current celestial trajectories. As usual, take this as you will, it is my interpretation. If it resonates, I would love to hear what your experience is. Of course this is also general, effects will vary greatly depending on the nature and functioning of Jupiter and Saturn in your own charts. 

Note this is following Vedic/Sidereal Calendar.

Jupiter Retrograde – Aquarius/Capricorn : 21 June – 18 October
Shatabhishak and Dhanishta nakshatra

Mercury Stationary going direct – 21 June
Solstice … Summer/Winter – 21 June
Sun in Gemini now for the month – 15 June – 17 July

As you can see, 21 June is a significant day of change – Solstice, Mercury Stationary moving direct and Jupiter turns retrograde.

These next few days are potent to set your vision to the stars. To manifest clearly and directly. There is a potency of energy today. Sun is at the lowest/highest – Deep Dive, or Fly High. Set your compass and face your true north. Good things await.

Avoid forcing any major decisions over the next few days, as the energies are feeling stuck, or muddled. It may feel difficult to decide one way or another. Wait a few days, and it will pass. Mercury and Jupiter both stationary means to not force anything at this moment. Once they start moving, one forward and one back, things will start to move again and the paths will continue to unfold!

Jupiter Retrograde for 5 months means we are reflecting on greater values, ideas, philosophical and spiritual beliefs and mind sets. How values shape beliefs, what beliefs affect actions, how one’s thinking limits or expands. Keep asking questions and challenge your thinking. Be willing to change your mind, to not know. This retrograde is likely to bring re arrangement, delays and obstacles in areas such as finances, organisations, business structures, husbands/male partners – there may be endings/new beginnings. It may not be the situation or people themselves, but the way you view them.

Challenges/changes with authority, teachers, guides and mentors. There may be a need to take a stand for one self, be mindful of shady activities. Sagg and Pisces folk need to be mindful of their health and finances during this retrograde. Take care signing contracts, buying property, risky investments or starting new ventures during this time. Some health issues may arise, overindulgence in anything may prove to have some undesirable consequences. 

Expect things to slow down more over the next few months – Re-assess, re-do, a situation may reverse, expectations can lead to disappointment. Strive for clarity and integrity in your thinking process and self expression. Aquarius is a humanitarian, collective oriented sign, impersonal, often subdued in its emotional expression, eccentric and revolutionary in its thinking style. Often, what is created in Aquarius is directed to the benefit of others in some way.

Jupiter in Aquarius is currently expressed through Saturn in Capricorn, (who has also just turned retrograde). Jupiter is still feeling restricted by Saturn. Remember, Jupiter doesn’t like to be reigned in, he wants to expand infinitely and exponentially. Saturn asks us to be disciplined, focussed and humble. Limit yourself, be creative about that. Bend, so life doesn’t force it upon you.

Jupiter is casting his beneficial and uplifting gaze to the 7th sign from itself – Leo, as well as a trine 120° aspect to Libra and Gemini – The other two air signs. Leo is connected to the natural 5th house – Collectively we are experiencing expansion and growth in creative ventures, play and self expression. Intelligence and new ideas are highlighted. Stepping up in personal power, shining like the Sun. Time to learn new things. Jupiter’s supportive gaze on Libra and Gemini helps heal/improve/grow relationships and friendships. Growth in business and communications/media can be seen.

Jupiter Stationary Retrograde in Shatabhishak 21 June -21 July – Healing, witnessing the self, Acknowledging the shadow and gifts, transforming the mind. Brilliant new ideas and inspiration, visionary thinking, collaborative gains, collective vision. Bringing disparity into unity. Idealism meeting reality – How can we make this work? 

Gains, opportunity, sudden change of luck. Leadership is indicated. Time to reflect on your relationship to Power – A stable cure to a long term problem, (Vaccine uptake is on the rise) issue or condition – emotional, practical or mental. Diagnoses of health conditions, difficult or hard to cure illness. Jupiter connects to the liver and fat distribution in the body,. Healing of deep set emotional issues, and/or the revealing of them. A great time for psychotherapy and psychological therapy.

When Jupiter moves back into Dhanistha, on the 21st of July it is time to reflect on what has been initiated or created since early March this year. Dhanistha is connected to prosperity, beauty and tangible wealth. What has filled you up or consumed you in this time? What are your sources of wealth? What is wealth to you? What are the different types of wealth? What are you abundant in? Expand your definition of wealth beyond finance. Explore the relationship between value and wealth. Be aware of all of your assets, move beyond comparison and polish the jewel that you are. Heartfelt gratitude for what IS, magnetises you.

Much progress can be made over the next 5 months – with the combination of Jupiter retrograding in Saturn’s sign, who is also retrograde, as well as Jupiter’s retrogression into Capricorn, sign of debilitation, it really is a time to make solid, tangible and practical steps toward your goals/projects/ideas. Plan, draw, brainstorm, take your time! Saturn is a slow planet and so, what gets created under Saturn’s influence tends to last. This can be positive or negative, so make you are involving yourself in things you wish to continue see growing and evolving over time. Re-assessing and refining your trajectory is key right now. 

Enjoy the transition and the night of Solstice, on the 21st – the longest night of the year. This is a turning point, what has been obscuring in darkness may begin the annual return to the light and ever expanding awareness, like the brilliance of the Sun rising over the eastern shore. 

For those in the north – the gradual descent into the dark womb begins, summer solstice, the pause in between the ebb and flow and the long, midsummer balm. 

Enjoy  🌞

With Love,

{Art By MorySetta}

The Starry Times: June Cosmo News

Hey Star Travellers,
Welcome to June !

We start this month in between eclipses, a retrograde Mercury and Saturn, Mars moving into debilitation in Cancer, a creative and communicative Venus in Gemini and Jupiter slowing down, moving retrograde.

Key Dates :

10 June –  Solar Eclipse/New Moon Taurus/Mrigashira
3 June – 21 July – Mars in Cancer 
30 May – 23 June  Mercury Retrograde/Combust
4 June – 17th  Mercury Combust the Sun
16 June – Sun moves to Gemini
21 June – Jupiter Retrograde / Equinox
25 June – Full Moon Sagittarius/Mula

What does it all mean ?

As always, please take this as a general overview of the cosmic climate, according to my own interpretation. Jyotish is a science of observation. It is a lived experience. Trial and error, observe and reflect. And like all experiences it is unique to the individual.Transits affect individuals very differently depending on the arrangement in your own chart (which is a symbolic reflection of your karmic soul story in this time and space). 

Keen to understand how the planets, transits and energies are affecting you personally? Book in for a consultation here : 

As Sage Varahamihira says succinctly : “There is no better boat than a horoscope to help one cross the sea of life”

So lets get started :

This month begins in between an eclipse portal. The Scorpio full moon/ lunar eclipse on the 26th of May was a powerful opening to the deep subconscious where the collective psyche disgorged all that is hidden; revealing of secrets, misuse of power, deception and lies, which often come out in the wash.

We are seeing this manifest with the current Bill Gates scandal around his involvement with Jeffery Epstein (convicted sex offender), as well as sexual harassment allegations and mostly recently, admitting to having an affair with an employee at Microsoft in 2000. These revelations tarnish his philanthropical and altruistic image. Scandals are a classic rahu/ketu/scorpio eclipse vibe.

It has been a potent time for transformation, healing and reaching into the more hidden aspects of our personality, old traumas, pain and fear. 

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon happens on the 10th of June. 

Chandra (moon) will sit in between the Surya (sun) and Rahu – Rahu, the lunar north node and head of the serpent is said to be swallowing the lights. Sun and Moon reflect the Atman (Soul/Spirit) and Jiva Atman, (individualised self) the Soul/Mind – Rahu’s influence disturbs our pranic channels. This is why it is said to avoid looking directly at the eclipse, those who are sensitive can over stimulate their nervous systems, creating subtle disturbances. Especially the Lunar Eclipse.

Eclipses are seen as negative omens especially for material things.
The creative, life giving forces of the Sun and Moon get swallowed and distorted by Rahu, twisting and darkening the light. This is why it is said to avoid making hasty decisions, sign contracts, make life changing choices during eclipse times – often what seems shiny and glimmering can dissolve into dust, after the eclipse period is over. This goes for new jobs, relationships or buying a new house. Disappointments can reign high. 

It is however an excellent time for deep inner work. Tantrics use eclipse times for meditation, and other spiritual practices as the veils are thin. Stay indoors, fast, clean the house and keep life simple. 

The New Moon in Taurus falls in the lunar nakshatra Mrigashira @ 8 :53pm on the 10th. 

Sun, Rahu and Mercury are also in Taurus – This new moon is charged as it is a Solar Eclipse. Rahu is swallowing the Sun. New moons are times to withdraw your energy a little and deepen your receptivity to the subtle nuances of life. 

It is likely the events of the month will build in intensity, are reaching a head, those with busy lives feel busier, time is of the essence and of course with the retrograde energies, situations and events may feel more complicated, frustrating and slower than they ought to be. These times are good to practice our spiritual skills. Patience, foresight, tenacity, and tolerance. Don’t push your agenda too hard and be open to changing plans, you’ll be better off. 

Mrigashira is a star which manifests Prinana Shakti – The Power of Giving Fulfillment

Mrigashira is a star of searching. It is connected to Soma, the divine elixr of immortality, and ruled by the warrior mars, who has just moved into debilitation. It is a gentle star, but one fuelled by desires and possibly, unrealistic expectations. This new moon /eclipse is complicated and uncertain. Avoid extremes, spicy food, rash and aggressive behaviour/thoughts. Excessive restlessness and ‘doing’ is rooted in the inability to sit still with one’s thoughts – to just be, to sit still. The mind always needs to be occupied with one thing or another, perhaps to avoid the inherent emptiness of its own existence… Emptiness doesn’t sell, but it brings deep inner peace and contentment, which is the greatest wealth of all.

The Scorpio/ Taurus axis is also highlighting the need to connect with divine love, and avoid attempting to fulfil this deep need through uncommitted temporary sexual liaisons, unhealthy possessiveness or other imbalanced relational dynamics. Many people think changing partners solves the problem, but you may notice people often change partners to avoid changing themselves. Multiple relationships disturb the psychic energy and generate new karma which will need to dealt with. You may feel like breaking up/changing your relationship at this time. But stay still and inquire. What are you avoiding in yourself? Your partner is a divine mirror. Stop fighting and look deeper.
There may have been rupture, but the growth is in the repair.

Relationships are places to give and to serve the divine in human form, but in our western world relationships have become little more than transactions, where two people meet behind great walls, desperately hiding their fears, insecurities and vulnerability. Find a best friend who will not only trigger your healing, but stay and help you unpack.

“ Don’t wish for an easy person, wish for a person who will reflect to you all the ways you bullshit yourself”

With Venus in Gemini – The energy of Taurus is invited to communicate about stuff! – Big fan of talking about the elephant in the room. (Gemini looooves to talk)

Usually the bull can be oh so stubborn and fixed in its ways. He can’t be bothered, just plain lazy. But the essence of any great relationship is the repairs which come after the rupture. How well you can make the effort – understand the other’s point of view. Most people are not trying to hurt you – awkward dancing and stepping on toes is inevitable in relating. Find the people willing to go through the rain with you. Remember, don’t choose the Rose if you are not willing to handle the Thorns!

This new moon look beyond the surface of things. Perhaps it is time to inquire into your approach to how you relate, are your beliefs, your assumptions outdated? Is it time to upgrade your mindset and thinking? New moons is time for withdrawl and reflection. Personally, I enjoy the ingress of a dark moon. There is a subtle stillness and calm I find refreshing, mystical and potent.

Mars in Cancer – 3 June – 21 July

This transit happens once every two years.

Mars rules the signs Aries and Scorpio, so if you have moon/ascendant or significant planets in these signs you will be feeling this transit. Here the warrior Mars struggles in the waters of Cancer the Crab,. Instead of being forthright, direct and aggressive, he becomes passive aggressive, vague, sideways and feels weak. Cancer is a water sign, mars a fire planet – this combination creates steam. Expect a polarisation of specific issues.

Aries and Scorpio are advised to take a step back and not push themselves so hard. They will feel low energy and if there has been significant energy expansion over the first part of the year, burnout may be likely. Take time to rest, especially with the other cosmic events occurring. Anger issues may surface. Be clear in your action, assertive, not aggressive. It can be an opportunity to be more compassionate toward yourself and others. Cancer is a sign connected to family, mars here can indicate familial issues arising. Self confidence and self worth may feel low at this time. Keep your faith and let things move in the direction they want to go. Practice tolerance, a bit of tenderness goes a long way. 

30 May – 23 June  Mercury Retrograde/Combust

May has been a month where we started to feel shifts of energies that herald the upcoming changes this year. How you personally experience these changes will depend on where you are at in your life and awareness; how well you relate to the cyclical ups and downs of life. 

Mercury is at standstill in the early degrees of Gemini about to retrograde tomorrow, the 30th of May. Saturn has already gone retrograde and still is very still/slow at 19 degrees of Capricorn.

Retrograde is a time to re-assess. Depending on where the sign of Taurus is in your chart, your experience can feel very different. It can be that an old lover or partner returns, there may be some unfinished business, friends from the past come back into your life, it may be a time to re assess your finances, perhaps family issues are needing to be addressed. Mechanical issues may surface demanding attention. Overall it is a time to go back and think over how you have approached certain things in your life. Maybe in the past there has been some errors of judgement, decisions you made in the past need to be re addressed.

Retrograde Mercury can feel scattered. Suddenly everything piles up at once, messages get confused in different inboxes, and plans, well, they may not unfold as you would like. You feel suddenly pressured, over committed and your boundaries are tested. Appointments get cancelled, situations delayed, traffic lines are longer.

Keep in mind this Mercury retro is occurring at the same time as Saturn retro – who just shifted on the 23rd. 

It’s a time to triple check your travel plans, agreements and communications. Back things up and watch for vagueness and  and unclarity. There is a saying that says the greatest distance between two people is mis understanding. Conflict, as a natural part of life, has a marvellous function of leveraging us from our own rigidities, by inviting one to see things from a different point of view. The degree of mental flexibility you have will reflect in your ability to adapt to the hiccups that occur during the retrograde period. 

it will also promote some mishaps and misadventures in mercury related fields such as computers, phones, messaging, dealing with colleagues and business partners, organising, scheduling, delays in transportations, autocorrect disasters and emails that mysteriously disappear into cyberspace. Back up your devices, double, triple check important documents and contracts.

Use this time constructively to make sure you have all the facts before moving forward.

Typically Mercury retrogrades are times to not push any agenda too fast. Take care and consider all your options before taking action. A lack of thoroughness and attention to detail in the past months could show themselves at this time. Being too attached to outcomes often lead to disappointments…  Re-assess, re-focus, re-consider as many times as you need to and don’t be afraid to postpone a decision if you feel unsure. There is no Rush.

Take time this month and avoid over committing yourself to plans and projects. It is likely that things will reach a head and feel chaotic – practice culling what is unnecessary and streamline your processes. Business affairs are likely to be impacted, family and career, be flexible and expect the unexpected, delays and changes.

Be well, practice your practice and keep on keeping life simple.
With love,
Darinka x