The Starry Times: Virgo and the New Moon

Hey everyone, sorry I am a bit late with the new moon blog – have been so busy with massaging, consultations and also renovating my campervan for summer!

I also like to tune into the vibes and feel what is the energy rather than make intellectual predictions.

So we are in the peak of virgo season, the virgo new moon which was yesterday was deep, introspective, rich, wholesome and emotional. Virgo’s essence has to do with purity, cleanliness, orderliness, service, health and healing – I don’t know about you, but I am feeling strong support in my planning and organising (am usually scattered and have a hard time prioritising my activities and plans) – Except for the delay in this post !

The new moon is always a good time to withdraw/detach a little from the world and go in, reflect upon, and integrate the month’s experiences. It is a good time for completion and letting go, not the best time to start new things. To start things, it’s better to wait till the moon moves away from the deep dark and begins to wax, i.e now πŸ™‚

The moon was in its peak darkness in the nakshatra (star) of Hasta, right in the middle of virgo. Hasta means ‘hand’ and is ruled by the moon itself, so the new moon would have felt more heavy and earthy. Hasta is a practical and creative sign, known for being handy, creative, emotional, sometimes manipulative and fickle and nurturing.

The moon/mercury undercurrent invites us to pay attention to what we pay attention to. Is the mind just wandering around entertaining any thought and emotion that crosses the mental landscape, or are you able to harness the mind and direct it’s focus? Are you really depressed or did you just let your thoughts run undisciplined for a little while and then it ruined your day?
There is so much to say about mindset – it really is about how we choose to direct our mind energy – this is where our power is.

I think many people have been letting go of things/ideas/people/personalities in one way or another at this time, and with the focus in virgo at the moment, the inner desire for purity and healing is being stimulated, as we shed what is no longer right for us. The Saturn/Ketu conjunction is still affecting us and while many situations have untangled themselves, now we are working out how all the restructuring is going to take tangible form in our lives. As well Pluto is in Sagittarius, working deeply on the collective psyche, dredging up karmic traces and residues of our ancestors, recalibrating what and how we express our faith in the formless, and exploring the relationship between the creator and what is created.

Mercury has just moved into libra and forms what is called ‘parivartana yoga’ (for afew days) – with venus: Venus is in mercury’s sign and mercury is in venus’s sign. So this creates a Yoga – a union between the two planetary energies. Mercury and venus are friendly toward eachother however venus is troubled in virgo as its universalising and compassionate energies conflict with the intellectual/sometimes critical vibration of virgo, which is by essence more analytical and rational. However this exchange further enhances creative writing and any kind of creative/artistic pursuits – there is always a link between artists who struggle in their personal relationships, and the art they produce – relationships, or a lack of, is often excellent fodder for art!

On the 4th of October Venus will move into her own sign of Libra, where she is much happier and can finally relax after all the stress over the last few months. Libra and Taurus can breathe some relief too! Relationships will feel more supported and issues resolve, moving into a new place.

It is also currently Navaratrai – A Vedic celebration/worship of the goddess – the nine nights of the goddess is celebrated twice a year. She manifests in different forms of Durga; Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali. Personally I am still learning and feeling into the energies, so will take time to digest and share my own experiences.

However during the nine days, I like to light a candle in the morning and night, place flowers on my altar, offer fruit, burn incense and chant/recite mantras, such as the Gayatri mantra, and mantras honouring the goddess – Separately, I also like to honour and thank the body, which is a gift from the mother earth. I dry brush my skin, and massage the body with raw sesame oil with essential oils and practice gratitude for the abundance and beauty that is in my life.

These things we can do any day, to bring the simple yet sacred into our lives.

I like to think of Navaratri as a time when the forces of Shakti are stronger, and we can connect and tune into them on a subtle level. It brings peace of mind and an attunement to the subtle cosmic vibrations which are all around us. Most important especially in our modern, busy world.
I suggest following Yogini Shambhavi on FB for detailed writing and info on these 9 nights :
You can also find more info here :

Much love to you all, and stay tuned/follow for the next blog on full moon in a couple of weeks – Libra Season is coming up!

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The Starry Times : September Equinox, Sun in Virgo

Art by Amy Judd

Happy equinox everyone!

Here in the south we are in spring! Over in the north you are moving into autumn!

The Sun is in Virgo, no matter where you are!

Today the night and day will be almost the same length – around 12 hours each, but this of course largely depends on your geographic location. Equinox is when earth’s equator lines up with the centre of the sun, giving us equal days and nights on both hemispheres

The spring equinox for those in the southern hemisphere means that we will move toward summer solstice around Dec 21, the longest day of the year.

How does it feel ?
Ahh, that fresh sense of change – somewhere the autumn leaves are falling, in another place plants are springing to life, flowers blossom and a sweetness tinges the air. Maybe woodsmoke begins to scent the air, and a coolness begins, or maybe the cool nights have ended and you can take the top blanket off. The feeling of change is a welcome reminder of the cyclical order of life, not just seasonally, but on all levels.

The sun is now in virgo, along with venus and mercury.
It is officially Virgo season!

Who/what is Virgo?

Virgo is a moveable earth sign, and connects to Vishnu, the sustainer and preserver of the universe. Virgo is the 6th and halfway point of the zodiac.

She is the maiden, the virgin. She is clean, tidy, health conscious, routine and service oriented, organised, practical and hard working. She notices the missing parts which prevent seamless movement and perfection, she notices what is not working because deep down she is keeping the universe functioning. She improves, plans, structures and organises – she represents The Cosmic Order of Things.

Virgo can worry too much and this affects digestion, specifically the stomach and intestines – when things don’t go to plan, she can fret or become over controlling or critical, afraid that the entire loom of the universe is about to fall apart. While virgo is busy overseeing that everything is in its correct place and everyone is performing their job properly, she needs to remember to β€œlet go and let god”. This is the magic of pisces, it’s opposite sign. Pisces facilitates flow; magic and infinite beauty to emerge from the depths of the cosmic ocean, allowing the hidden undercurrents to move through the core of its’ being – virgo has an inherent issue with the letting go – it’s too attached to the loom.

The lesson here is about TRUST and FAITH. (No, you don’t have to become a religious zealot) – Do your work with passion, dedication and Love – but LET GO of the outcome. Trust in the great mystery that pervades all things. Disentangle your thoughts and attachments to specifics and details. By all means see them, honour them, but don’t worry, nothing is in control!

You can plan everything to high heaven, but if it happens or not, it’s ultimately not up to you, so do your best, and let go. You can relax, knowing that even if the loom falls apart, there is a perfect plan unfolding; there are dormant seeds gestating, and a silent overtone which pervades all things. Trust yourself and trust the process of life; witness the unknown becoming known.

With all the intensity, breakdowns and breakthroughs, transformations, trials and tribulations that have occurred over this year , may this equinox be a warm reminder of the power of letting go – with the firm and unwavering faith in the inherent wisdom of Life – and the cyclical nature of birth, death & renewal.

Be well beautiful people of the world!
Much love,
Darinka x

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The Starry Times : Full Moon Aquarius – Purva Bhadrapada 14.9.19

Note: I use the sidereal calendar, which is based on the actual position of the planets against the starry backdrop. A zodiac sign = 30˚ (degrees). A constellation/nakshatra = 13˚20′ (13 degrees & 20 mins) Purva Bhadrapada is one of the 27 constellations that lie wihtin the zodiac. They are the secret keys to the stars.

Purva Bhadrapada is a conundrum, one that is connected to the dark heart of reality, yet one who aspires earnestly toward the light – sometimes caught somewhere in between the two, it can produce the best and worst of human beings.

This star has several symbols. One is two faces, the other is the end of a funeral cot. Its deity is Aja-Ekapada – the one footed goat. People under its influence often have two distinct aspects to their personality, it can also mean seeing two sides of an issue. The end of a funeral cot symbolises the ending of a way of life, and a journey to another place. The mortality of our physical self is highlighted here, as we start to move away from what is temporary to what is eternal – symbolised by the movement toward the final sign of pisces.

Aja – Ekapada is connected to Rudra – the fierce and crying form of Shiva. Goats are solitary, silent or unborn, in the personality there can be a struggle with feelings of inferiority or feeling unattractive, regardless of looks – especially in the Aquarius part there can be an unconscious wrestling with past karmic residue as the poisons and ugliness seek transformation.

Purva Bhadrapada spans the end of Aquarius, to the early part of pisces. It is the first part of the constellation of Pegasus – where we are learning to fly and trust the divine plan. It is strongly humanitarian in tone. This star is ruled by Jupiter. It is fierce and destructive, but as we know, in the ashes of destruction lie the seeds of creation. The shakti/power of this star is to raise a person spiritually.

This full moon is reflecting the solar vibration of Leo – where the sun is currently; how we use our power for the benefit of humanity.

Aquarius is a sign ruled by Saturn. Purva Bhadrapada is ruled by Jupiter. We are at the brink of a big change – for over 5 months Saturn has been retrograde and travelling in a super close conjunction with ketu, the south node of the moon – in the sign of Sagittarius, a sign also ruled by Jupiter. Meanwhile Jupiter has also been retrograde (now direct) in the sign of scorpio. Deep realisations, changes and hidden secrets have come to light. Personally however, many people have been faced with the consequences of their past actions, as well as past life situations that are in need of resolution.

Even situations that you thought were resolved, similar patterns have spiralled up for greater healing, compassion and transformation. Whatever is not dealt with at the root will come up in another form whether through illness, loss or some other issue. Jupiter is transiting the last part of Scorpio, dredging up all sorts of hidden things that have the opportunity to be embraced, honoured and purged.

This moon is highlights the need for humanity to raise its spiritual vibration and to come together as a human family, not as a human race – we are not competing against each other. The time of divide and conquer can lay to rest now, we are evolving into our divine selves. The endless cycle of problems on our planet are all human problems.

Essentially when we forget our spiritual roots and our divine heritage, our spirit and soul begin to wither away, like a tree with malnourished roots. Maybe it can be alive, but will it thrive and produce the best fruit it can? As the earth changes, we are being forced to reach higher and realise our greater purpose for our lives.

Saturn is teaching its final lessons of this season for now, the portal will close soon, so take the plunge and dive deep, sever the attachment to the traumas of the past and move forward. Saturn/Ketu invites you to let go and be humble. This full moon is illuminating the wisdom of letting go.

β€œNature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms.”

Lao Tzu

Happy full moon everyone and feel free to get in touch if you want to talk about/gain clarity about what is happening for you in your life at the moment and you feel like you need some clarity.
Remember to charge your crystals!

With Love,
Darinka X

Art by (cam!)

The Starry Times : Organised Love – Venus in Virgo


Hey everyone – I’ve been a little slow on writing as i have been away in Stradbroke island completing my Ka Huna 6 training! A magical and transformative experience. Outside of astro blogging and consults I work doing bodywork and massage, helping and supporting people through their journey in life.
Full moon is tomorrow, I will be posting a shorter piece soon, so stay tuned!

Venus is tired after a long time being troubled in Leo. She has been combust, (burnt by the sun) aggravated by mars, and now has entered its sign of debilitation, Virgo.
Venus stays in the sign of the virgin until 5th of October, when she moves into her own sign of Libra.

I am using the sidereal calendar, in case you are confused πŸ˜‰

I think one of the reasons venus is said to be weaker in virgo, is due, in part, to the vibration of flow, joy and love, which is often conflicts with the fastidious and critical vibration of virgo, a sign ruled by the intellectual mercury.
Virgo is organised, loves a plan, creates routines and structures, organising things into a coherent order. Everything has its place with virgo!

Venus is how we love, our sense of devotion, softness, trust, surrender, beauty, she connects us to what we value, what we find beautiful, attractive and endearing. Venus is the pure feminine force of the universe. She is exalted in pisces. In pisces, venus can express its nature to the fullest – it can be devoted, altruistic, forgiving, generous, loving, compassionate – in virgo it struggles to surrender because there are so many tasks, it can be too focussed on the flaws and not enough on the joy – it can become critical, nit-picky, pointing out trivialities, which saps the joy out of life.

Relationships may be going through a hard time, breaks and changes may be likely.

When Venus moves into virgo, too much head stuff takes us away from being in the heart – the domain of relationship and love. Love requires sacrifice, compromise and flexibility. In virgo, romance can become too organised, planned and regimented. It can become a chore, work takes over, or there can be a love of routine. Sometimes it can seem that the fun and spontaneity disappears. Logic takes over and flow is disrupted. Overall, venus finds it difficult to relax in virgo. True love is in the space of acceptance. Virgo struggles to relax, as it’s nature is to try and fix things!

Before we try and fix our relationship with others, it can be a good time to focus on how we relate to ourselves. We can always practice compassion to ourselves, for the shortcomings, mistakes and flaws that stand out. Relax a little more. Check out where you might be holding tension in the body, relax you jaw, open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out and stretch… drop your shoulders, roll them back… breathe !

“The longest journey is from the head to the heart”

Mercury will also be in virgo and will be travelling with Venus for most of the month.
Creatively, it is a great time for writers, and to nut out some solid creative plans and visions. It is also good to take on practical creative tasks that need planning and organisation. Much can be accomplished. The writing style may express a poetic touch. Whatever has been gestating over the year can now take some solid roots as the pathways are becoming more clear and the dust settles.

On the upside, venus is supported by its friend, mercury, although they will be at war for a couple of days. Venus in virgo works when you can look at your beloved as more important than you – in a way that honours your needs and boundaries too. To be of service to your beloved, not as a slave, but out of devotion and a connection to something greater than both of you.

Planning and organising is way to show love, to make sure everyone is included and that things are accounted for, and things happen. Just make sure that the controlling energy doesn’t sap the joy of being spontaneous and true to the moment- Allow enough flexibility to let things unfold naturally with time.

β€œLife is what happens when everyone else is busy making plans”

On the 18th, Saturn finally begins to make slow motion forward, and will break away from the tight grip of ketu which has dominated the astrological weather for most of the year – The sun will also move into virgo.

More soon , stay tuned x

I have been studying astrology for over a decade and vedic astrology for the past five years – if you would like a consultation to help clarify issues in your life feel free to get in touch, or make a booking through my website.
I also specialise in relationships astrology.

Much Love,
Darinka X

The Starry Times : September 2019 Pt.2

There are many changes over September, with venus, mercury & mars combust, the new moon joining the leo scene, the planets are making the shift into virgo, venus is struggling in debilitation and saturn finally goes direct!

The new moon is in Leo on the 30th of this month – making a total of FIVE planets in the solar sign. Bright, warm and expansive, Leo’s really just want to play, to love and make everyone feel special. However it can be fierce and destructive when working through its lower elements – love of power, arrogance and narcissism can be seen in this sign.

The new moon pulses through the star Magha, (0- 13Β°20′ Leo). Magha is ruled by the occult-ish ketu, which is still in a tight embrace with saturn in Saggitarius. This is highlighting the failing of governments and world leaders, as well as reminding us of our own powers – rooted in awareness and compassion. We are seeing tensions rise across the world at the moment. Ketu is connects us to the past, and with Jupiter (ruling sagg) in Scorpio, many secrets from high places are being revealed. In your own life, you may be ‘cleaning out your closet’ – so to speak, as saturn/ketu encourages letting go of what is unnecessary.

Magha means mighty, great – it confers an element of nobility, status, and past life connections to the ancestors. The combination of ketu/sun can promote aversion to authority, or the desire to challenge existing structures. The moon will be exactly conjunct mercury and close to mars; this moon is extra powerful, emotional, thinking, combative and explosive, so take care.

Globally this heat is intense and powerful, we will be seeing more erruptions and fires over the coming weeks.

Mars will be combust (exactly conjunct the sun) on the 1st, indicating some weakness in mars’s ability to act. This could make some people feel a lack of confidence and direction but it will pass. The warrior planet in the sign of the sun brings out the loyal, helpful and generous nature of Leo. It is a confidant and vital time for Scorpio and Aries.
On the 26th, Mars will move into Virgo which will bring out the practical and organisational side of Mars. Although Mars and mercury are not friends, he can do quite well in the sign of service; mars like to be put to work, to be of service and to have a task on hand. This is a good time to develop/fine tune a routine and self care practice!

Mercury in Leo – 27/8 – 11/9
Mercury is happy in the sign of the sun. Let your mind to tune into the fire of creative intelligence and allow inspiration to flow through.
Take care around the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September when mercury moves over mars, as they are not friendly and these days can promote combativeness and arguments.
On the 4th, mercury will be in deep combustion with the sun – it can go either way depending on circumstances, but generally planets are considered weak when ‘burnt’ by the sun – however it can also indicate genius and brilliant thinking.
On the 11th, Mercury moves into its own sign of Virgo, a great time to plan, focus and organise your plans and projects. It will conjunct venus on the 12th and these two planets will be travelling close together for most of the month – Venus will enhance the creative intelligence and can be a great time for writers, artists, and poets.

Venus, who governs our romantic, altruistic, creative, musical and vehicular affairs has been sojourning through Leo since the 17th of august. Relationships have been unravelling and becoming unsettled as Venus moved past the sun and then was in an exact conjunction with mars on the 24th – lots of passion and also combat, if there have been ongoing issues.
Venus moves into its debilitation sign, virgo on the 10th of September. It’s said that Venus doesn’t do well in the sign of service because most people think that relationships are about taking rather than giving – or sometimes there is too much conflict and too much ‘work’ that gets in the way of just being and enjoying with your beloved.

In my opinion, relationships are sacred ground to grow and evolve together. Choose each other on a daily basis, treat the other person as though they are more important than you. No one is perfect but if two people deeply love and are committed to their individual evolution then you have a great relationship – It can take any form, you don’t need to have a relationship according to societies’ standard.

Mostly your partner will get things ‘wrong’, which is a great way to learn what your needs are, let go of excessive demands and expectations, learn how to communicate effectively and generally evolve into being a better human being, in a loving and inter-dependant relationship with another beautiful human.

However this could be a time where some people decide to separate – or take space. Mercury will join venus for most of the month, so it is a very creative time where the mind can be influenced by venus’s soft vibration, and the energy of virgo can promote positive long term organisation and planning for the next few months. It can also be a time to work on creative projects, perfect a skill or take on a new hobby.

The Sun will stay in its own sign until it moves into Virgo on the 18th of September – the same day that saturn goes direct!

Surya is happy and strong in it’s own sign, and will be with mars for most of September. The star that will be highlighted this month is Purva Phalguni. Leo moons are advised to keep their tempers cool and calm over the month. Purva Phalguni is ruled by venus, with two hot planets in a water element star, it furthers the passionate combat that relationships experience, and with venus in virgo, it is another indication that breaks and separations may be on the table. Otherwise a great time to forge ahead and follow your heart, transform elements of your personality and work on your inner self – follow your passion and expand your creative vision.

Saturn goes direct on the 18th, marking the end of a long 5 month retrograde. It will be still for some days before slowly moving forward. Astronomically this means it wont appear as bright in the sky. Capricorn and Aquarius sun, moon and ascendants will feel this shift most strongly.

Plans that have been stagnating or slow to develop will begin to roll forward, there will be less delays and blocks. All the hard work over the year will begin to show its fruits. Saturn is the lord of time, so don’t expect results overnight. However Saturn is still being troubled by ketu and the dance around responsibility and how able we are to respond to the demands of life are highlighted –

Please see my other blogs about saturn and ketu for more information. Mostly we are seeing the upheavals within governments and the structures of society, as people are standing up to tackle the ongoing environmental and social issues.

There will be a Full Moon on the 14th In Aquarius – Stay tuned for a separate article about this.

So that’s my interpretation for the changes ahead over the month – if you would like a consultation, take advantage of my LEOLOVER offer – 15% off selected chart consults.

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Thanks for reading!
Love, Darinka

(Art by Maria Medem)

The Starry Times : September 2019 Pt.1

Things are burning.

Universal forces always seek to balance – That is the nature of things.
As we move into the month of September – we have 4 planets in Leo, Saturn and Ketu in Saggitarius. In total, 6 key astrological points in 2 fire signs.

Things are burning.
On multiple levels.
As Greta Thunburg says – our house is on fire.

All kinds of destruction contain seeds for a new beginning – but depending on who is leading the experience, are we destined to just repeat and recycle our experiences?
It is my understanding that in order to truly create the deep change we wish to see in the world around us, it is the individual consciousness that needs to change.

Every time I see greed, I also recognise my own greed. When I experience harshness, I too have this quality within. When I see any form of negativity, and equally so – positivity, I also recognise all these qualities in my own being. So when I want to take a step to move forward to change the ugliness in the world, how can I take even one step when I am still under the influence of these things within my own being?

What can I do here and now? How do my daily choices and habits which sustain my existence, affect the greater world around me? If we were all to look within and transform the poison within ourselves, our world will transform exponentially.

Every government, organisation, family – is made of of individuals. Either we follow blindly with trends and other forces, following tv programs, media, allowing other people’s ideas and thoughts to influence us, or we take responsibility for who, what and how we are. When the individual commits to their inner transformation, the world will really see change.

This is our birthright. The definition of responsibility needs to be taken out from the dark. It is simply the ability to respond. The reality is that we are responding to life in every moment, it’s just that we are largely unaware of these responses.

Being response – able, is never about taking on the burdens of the world, taking blame, or feeling guilt. It is simply about deciding that you are willing to respond to a situation. This simple shift gives you the freedom to act, or not to act. Responsibility is first, a state of being. Doing comes after.

To be responsible means to not react unconsciously to what is happening, but respond consciously with awareness. Taking responsibility gives you freedom, because you create options, and when this is done willingly, your inner life transforms. Then the outer begins to change.

Astrology places much importance on the moon and how it affects our mind and emotions. We are always responding to the moon, just most people are not aware of the movement of the internal tides. Humanity has become victim to their own minds; emotions and thoughts, when in fact, we are mostly reacting with an undisciplined and unconscious mind rather than responding consciously to what is happening.

To learn more, I suggest poking your nose into the book β€œInner Engineering” by Sadhguru. Beautiful, practical and deeply sagacious advice, with profound tools to awaken your inner self.

September will be a hot spring for the southern hemisphere, the heat is relative to the level of disharmony on the planet – it is worthwhile to consider how the emotional vibrations of 7 billion + people, have a profound effect on the planet itself – can we control the weather?

Emotion is an extremely powerful force.

Many people are angry. This is much injustice in the world. This is one way of understanding Fire. Fire is Agni – a primordial, principle element, a force, a principle, a reality, a truth, deeper than the fire you see from flames.
The Shakti of Agni is the power of transformation. Without fire we would not have the function of digestion, nor would we have the power of sight, to discern darkness and light, and everything in between. We would not have heat to generate warmth and nurturing.

Events that occur in nature which display the powerful destructive forces of our mother earth are incredibly humbling as they remind us of the profundity of our vulnerability in the universe.

These are my thoughts on the current climate – For my interpretation on how the planets are likely to behave over the month, please see the next article, Part 2.
Love, Darinka

(Art by Ken Price)

The Starry Times – Light of the Sun

Hey Everyone!

Can you feel it?

Mars has moved out of a couple of months of low energy and is now happy in the Sun’s sign of Leo . The Sun is also moving into it’s own sign on the 18th (in the southern hemisphere). Venus, our favourite planet of love, taste, refinement, art and devotion will move into the solar sign on the 16th , and by the 27th Mercury will join the Leo party!

Hooray for Leo season!

Leo energy is bright, warm and loving. Naturally, the solar system revolves around it’s vibrant magnetism so Leo people can reflect this in their natures, often coming across as proud, self important and arrogant. However it rarely means harm; at it’s core, Leo wants to shine upon everyone, illuminating the inherent beauty of the soul and spirit. Light has no shadow and so it does not discriminate between what is beautiful or ugly – that is a human trait!

The element of Fire is honoured as Agni in India – one of the five primordial elements of the universe. Agni is more than fire and heat, which we are accustomed to on the material plane – Agni gives us the power and capacity to discern, to digest experiences, including food; to see truth from falsehood, nourishment from poison. The Sun governs the right eye, the moon, the left eye. Moon is not fire, yet the moon only ever reflects the light of the Sun. Afflictions or weakness to either of the two lights in a chart can often reflect in poor or weak eyesight, eye related troubles or even trouble in any kind of discernment and discrimination in life.

Since time immemorial human beings have worshipped the Sun –

If the Sun never rose, we would have no Life – no heat, no warmth, nothing to nourish and sustain the existence of life as we know it – our dependancy on the Sun – first and foremost as the light of life, the light of the soul is rarely honoured, like many other natural processes and phenomena – despite the fact that our lives depend on them.

Indigenous cultures are not primitive in their rituals, in fact their ways are deeply humble and reverent of all natural processes, reflecting an inherently deep and profound connection between themselves and nature.

Worshipping the sun as god does not imply blind faith. By connecting to the source of life – The Sun, one lives in sacred communion, walking gently on the earth, with gratitude for the powers and great mystery that has brought all of what we know into existence.

So if you are feeling the winter blues, go soak in the morning and late afternoon sun to receive maximum benefit of the life supporting rays. You can practice yoga, specifically the Surya Namaskar and you can also chant the Gayatri mantra, to connect and honour the Sun during this Leo Season.

Yoga and Mantras are scientific in nature, yet wholly experiential to the facts and forces of what constitutes the universe and our lives on earth.

Surya Namaskar – means salutation to the sun – The 12 postures in the sequence correlate to the 12 Adityas – the 12 faces of the sun, which are also the 12 Zodiac signs.

Each posture has a mantra, saluting an aspect of the Sun – an aspect of universal soul. An aspect of creation, an aspect of who you are. Practicing this sequence (along with all other aspects of Yoga have huge benefits for the body/mind/spirit.

Your Sun sign (and specific degree) relates to the qualities your soul is expressing in this particular lifetime. The Sun connects you to your I Am presence – the core of your being in this lifetime. Still a fragment of the whole – we are all individual/universal souls in the great cosmic ocean of creation.

The Gayatri Mantra is :

Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat

General meaning: We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, the creator, whose effulgence (divine light) illumines all realms (physical, mental and spiritual). May this divine light illumine our intellect.

Word meaning: Om: The primeval sound; Bhur: the physical body/physical realm; Bhuvah: the life force/the mental realm Suvah: the soul/spiritual realm; Tat: That (God); Savitur: the Sun, Creator (source of all life); Vareñyam: adore; Bhargo: effulgence (divine light); Devasya: supreme Lord; Dhīmahi: meditate; Dhiyo: the intellect; Yo: May this light; Nah: our; Prachodayāt: illumine/inspire.

Here is a detailed video explaining how to chant the mantra correctly :

Enjoy the shift into Leo and let us honour the light of life and the source of knowledge, consciousness and the warmth that fills life with beauty and joy!

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With love,
Darinka x

The Starry Times – Mars in Ashlesha

Hey, Hej, Namaste …

Last few days have been volatile – two mass shootings in one day in the USA. We can blame all sorts of things, essentially it is the misuse of power.

Currently Mars, planet of action, war and aggression is traversing the last part of Cancer – in the star Ashlesha – a volatile and poisonous star, when the energy is misused. Ashlesha is connected to the serpents – their venom and their wisdom. Snakes are semi-divine beings with links to esoteric occult knowledge. They are feared and worshipped but mostly, people are wary of them. Ashlesha people are perceptive, psychic and intuitive. They can have ‘snake eyes’, especially when this star is rising, Ashlesha can coil and entwine themselves around their objects of desire, to benefit or to detriment.

Mars is in its weakest spot here – here we can see the highest acts of cowardice, when the energy of mars gets grossly misused; these energies are only reflecting the events on earth. A weak mars can produce a humble nature when the poisons are transformed into medicine, and used to heal rather than hurt, otherwise destructive tendencies take precedence and we have to deal with the damage. Conversely, a Mars that is too strong can cause just as much damage.

Mars is in gandanta now till 12th August. Gandanta means knot, drowning, – Mars is a fire planet in a water sign in troubled waters … Mars is crossing from Cancer to Leo – Water to Fire = Steam, volatility, transformation, blurred, knotty and confused action. Aries and Scorpio people in particular are advised to not take rash action and slow down when the heat feels like its rising.

In our personal lives, mars dominated people may find their patience wearing thin. Relationships are mostly ruined by too much ego. It’s called β€œKuja Dosha” – Kuja being another name for Mars – Dosha meaning affliction. Usually a poorly placed or stressed Mars will reflect in some kind of inner conflict in the person, which will spill into their relationships. In reality it’s two egos battling to have power over another in some way shape or form.

If this is one of the roots of all relationship issues, it is also the source of healing. When hearts are in harmony, each person does not mind yielding to the other, leaning back and behave as though your partner more important than you. This obviously does not mean become a doormat, but when both partners relate to each other with such devotion, you can have a beautiful experience. Let it be an act of love and devotion rather than a forced surrender.

Of course life is not so simple, but I have found that simple and consistent shifts in habits and perspectives leads to a greater shift in one’s overall approach to life with the healing of past traumas occurring quite naturally with ease and grace.

With Mars moving through gandanta – this difficult portion of the sky, we would do well to consider how we manage and deal with anger and frustrations, how did our parents express their anger? Maybe a fresh understanding of our past can help deal with our frustrations now. With so much violence in the world rooted in a misuse of power and anger, let us do what we can and bring the light of awareness into our own selves, identifying all the sources of misplaced aggression, with a compassionate gaze, and transform anger to its rightful place – an emotion to catalyse effective change rather than hurt self and others.

Stay chill, breathe and nothing is under control πŸ˜‰

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The Starry Times : August 2019

Monica Ramos

I think a few crowns fell when I made the announcement that the sun is still in the middle of cancer and will not be moving into Leo till the 18th. Its true, grab a telescope or check out any star app, you will see the actual real-time position of the planets for yourself!

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This month brings many changes and a general relief form the last few months of emotional stress and tension. Mercury & Jupiter move our of retrograde, Mars and Sun move into Leo and today begins with a new moon in Cancer, in one of the most nourishing nakshatras (star, mansion) Pushya.

(A nakshatra = lunar mansion which is a 1/27th division of the zodiac – a more specific way of understanding the zodiac signs, which are a 1/12th division of the sky.)

The star Pushya is emphasised this month, the theme is nurturing, nourishment, family, caring, healing & gentleness. This star carries a lovely and soft vibration, one of its main symbols is the cow, specifically the cow’s udder. The cow is known to nourish not just its own young but those of others; these combined symbols indicate its ability to give freely and unselfishly on all planes of existence. This connects us to the mother goddess principle.

β€œOne can only give if one can produce; this star relates to all kinds of productive forces operating within the universe – Prash Trivedi”

Moon is happy in its own sign, so this new moon invites us to the soft, tender and gentle parts of our nature – there is too much harshness in the world already, our vulnerabilities are constantly overlooked and ignored, mostly from ourselves to ourselves.
Pushya invites us to rest and surrender as though we were an infant being cocooned in our mothers arms. Even if we were/are without mothers, we can connect to to universal mother goddess frequency which always exists, and as a primary force of nature, is always available to tune into. There is no place for any kind of vulgar, savage, brutal or animalistic behaviour with this star.
Pushya is ruled by Saturn which gives a sober yet responsible nature to this star, acting out of a sense of duty and service to fellow humanity rather than for selfish reasons.

Mercury has stationed today and slowly moves forward over the next few days. The planet of communication has dipped briefly back into Gemini before moving forward and continuing its travels through Cancer and the rest of the Zodiac. The next retrograde will be in November.
Communications should flow a little easier, better time for making travel plans.

Mars is currently in the later degrees of Cancer, in the star Ashlesha which is a star connected to the nagas; the serpent energy and occult wisdom. Snakes carry their poison outside of their bodies and it can be used for healing or inflicting pain. Mercury’s rulership of the star conflicts with mars and Scorpio/Aries ruled folk will feel the frustrations and blocks more than the other signs.
Mars can bring out the more negative side of Ashlesha which can be vicious and passive aggressive with a poisonous sting, or it can bring out deep insight and wisdom which can be used to cut through illusions, bringing clarity and healing to difficult situations.
With the moon ruling Cancer, emotions will fluctuate (as moon moves so quickly) – so Scorpio and Aries (sun, moon asc etc) would be wise to not jump to decisions too quickly, better to wait till mars moves into Leo where mars will feel more stable and energised to make positive actions. Mars moves into Leo on 9th August.

Mars will also be in gandanta point between 7th-12th, so this could be a particularly frustating and emotional time. Gandanta means drowning, or spiritual knot, indicating karmic and knotty issues which can feel difficult to resolves. Again, Scorpios and Aries are advised to wait before jumping too fast. Think less, feel more!

Rahu & Ketu
Kaal = Time and Sarpa = snake – this is when all the planets are hemmed in between Rahu and Ketu. It can block how the planets express themselves and create unexpected events to occur. Moon breaks the chain for two weeks on the 13th and then moves back in, but then Saturn finally begins to move away from the clutches of Ketu so the confusion will be much easier to manage and situations will resolve. I do not know so much about Kal Sarpa personally, so I will observe it over the next few months. My teacher Komilla Sutton has made a couple of excellent videos which explain this Yoga in greater detail :

Jupiter is still retrograde in Scorpio and is also slowing down to being stationary on the 11th of August, and will then move forward (yippee!) after a long four month backward trawl, which has brought up all sorts of things related to our beliefs, values and philosophy about how we relate to ourselves and the greater world and universe around us. Relationships will change, especially with men – (Jupiter rules husbands). Scorpio relates to secrets and hidden things and over this year (with Saturn in Sagittarius, many deep secrets have come to light especially around corruption within the church. Whatever has been

Saturn is retrograde until 18th September, but has broken its tight conjunction with Ketu , so the sense of giving up everything or not wanting to deal with responsibilities has eased somewhat, by October many major projects and visions will begin to take shape and form, and the restructuring of our lives that has been taking place over much of this year will begin to produce fruit. With Saturn, it is good to not expect things too fast or too soon, Saturn doesn’t like to be rushed.

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The Starry Times – Leo season offer

I hate to break it to you Leo Lovers …

But the Sun is still only at 8 degrees Cancer – It wont be moving to Leo for at least another 3 weeks.
I know, you * are * special, bright and beautiful,
But your season is not quite upon us just yet!

I’m not trying to be a party pooper here… or to be the annoying astro geek that has to lick the tip of my finger to see which direction the wind is blowing … but …
Yes, but… grab a telescope, head to any observatory, or check out the real time planetary positions of any star app and you will see for yourself.

Yup. 8 degrees Cancer.
Leo season begins on 18 August this year.

How is this possible?

Many astrology enthusiasts are familiar with western sun sign astrology.

The shortest explanation (for the purpose of this article) is that Indian and western astrology are cousins. The roots of astrology (Astro = stars, logos = knowledge) – come from Babylonia, Persia and India… over the last few millennia the Greeks and Romans brought much wisdom and knowledge from these parts of the world – which is why there are so many parallels across the greek and vedic myths. The roman and greeks adapted many vedic stories to their pantheon.

Much of our western culture has strong indo – european roots worthy of exploring!

Back to Leo and Cancer.

There is a misalignment between the two calendars – the western calendar is about 23-24 degrees (almost a whole sign) off the sidereal calendar. This means the western calendar does not reflect the actual position of the current planets against the starry backdrop, but reflects how we saw the skies 2000 years ago. The precession of the equinox which means our view of the sky shifts about 1 degree every 72 years. Not much, but it adds up.

So if you were born between mid July and mid august, I’m sorry to break it to you, but your Sun planet is most likely still in Cancer – Leo season is mid August to mid September.

Why does western astrology work then?

We are all the planets and all the signs, our life is a reflection of the starry heavens.
Simple techniques such as aspects, house rulership are used, and that personality is more determined by ascendant and moon sign and ruling planets in signs, than the relative position of the Sun. This is why you can read a western style chart and it will feel pretty true.

There are many ways to interpret personal astrology for personality analysis. While helpful, it is only a superficial way of using astrology. The scope and depth is vast.. The greeks and romans lost about 60-70% of the predictive, symbolic knowledge & richness that India still uses in full measure today.
However, for accurate, precise predictions and forecasts the sidereal calendar is the calendar to use.

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