Jyotish Consultations

A consultation is a psycho-spiritual tool; facilitating shifts within one’s self understanding. Through the study of the birth charts, analysing transits, annual charts and planetary periods (dasas), plus more, a wealth of information can be gleamed that shines a powerful light of clarity into the nature of one’s mind, psychology, character, purpose and direction, as well as insight into all areas of life, such as wealth, relationships, health and general life management.

I like to use the term “Soul Cartography”, as we each come into this life with specific issues to deal with. Each of us are born due to unfinished, unresolved karmas. These karmas play out through the various domains of life experience. There are certain fixed experiences which are beyond our control, such as the place we are born, our parents, family, race, etc. We all have certain strengths and weaknesses, blessings and ‘curses’ to work with in our lifetime. A consultation helps you to understand key strengths and challenges and provides suggestions to create greater balance, harmony and acceptance in your life.

My Offerings are for those individuals who are ready and willing to take Karmic responsibility for their lives, who wish to move beyond their limitations and gain a deep affirmation and clarity over themselves and their path in Life. Effectiveness in the world is greatly improved when we have a map – it is good to have some idea of where we are headed!

  • Many times we find ourselves at a junction in life, a crisis, confusion looms large over our minds, and we might be feeling lost
  • Or it could be that you are about to embark on a new chapter in your life and are looking to understand the nature of the changes that are unfolding, and which direction to take and when.
  • Perhaps relationships have been repeatedly unsatisfactory and you find yourself questioning why you are attracting the same kind of partners in your life?
  • If you are beginning a new relationship or are looking to marry, or to conceive, a consultation is an invaluable tool which can help you to plan ahead and be aware of potential challenges/stormy weather and compatibility factors.

How to book a Consultation:

  • Step 1 : Choose an option below
  • Step 2 : Follow through to checkout
  • Step 3 : Send an email to: darinkamaja33@gmail.com with your exact time, place and date of birth, as well as what you would like to discuss/cover/explore during your consultation. Please include your preferred time/date for our meeting.
  • Step 4 : I will send a confirmation email, with a Zoom link and we can arrange a suitable time to meet. (or in person, depending on location)
  • See you soon!
90 Mins – Soul Cartography
A$ 180

In Depth, Full Life, Any questions.

We explore the major themes that are playing out, your mind, emotions and thinking patterns, as well as your strengths, challenges, karmic patterns and your key questions or concerns – health, work, relationships, etc.

You are also welcome to discuss a significant other, child, family member so please include their relevant birth information in your email, however, this is not a relationship reading.

You will receive a recording of the session.

60 Mins – Soul Cartography
A$ 140

In Depth – Shorter, Any questions

We can look at any issue you have in your life, and explore your nature, mind and personality, karmic issues, home, family, work etc.

You will get an update on the the upcoming trends are for the year ahead, and beyond. We will look at your planetary cycles and transits to see how they are expanding and contracting within the greater cycles of your life.

You will receive a recording of the session.

60 Mins – Stellar Update

(Returning clients only)
Clarity on specific issues, upcoming trends and updates for the year ahead. We will look at your planetary cycles and transits to see how they are expanding and contracting.

Useful for any kind of general questions and forecasting!

A recording will be sent to you after your session

75 Mins – Relationship Astrology

Here, I am analysing two charts. (Must have consent of second party)

Ideal to understand layers and dynamics between you and your partner, love languages and love styles, tastes, beliefs and attitudes. We can look at how each individual expresses themselves, their emotional needs, mental rapport and each individuals planetary time cycles.

You will gain a much deeper understanding of each other and of your self, and suggestions on how to navigate differences and work with challenges.

What is each person’s relationship capacity and karma?

Both people can be present.

Screen shots available, if requested, recording sent to you after your session

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