How To Book:
Choose an option below, and make sure to fill out the form on the checkout page with all your birth details and questions, I will reply and we can work out a suitable time for in-person or Zoom 🙏

A consultation is a psycho-spiritual tool; facilitating shifts within one’s self understanding. A Vedic astrology session is often called a Vedic counselling session. A Vedic astrologer is primarily a life-counsellor providing insight and understanding across all domains of life.

Through the study of the birth charts, analysing transits, annual charts and planetary periods (dashas), plus more, deep clarity and insight can be gained into the nature of one’s mind, psychology, character, purpose and direction, as well as all areas of life, such as wealth, relationships, health and general life management.

Exploring the major themes that are playing out in your life. Understand your mind, emotions, needs and thinking patterns, as well as your strengths, challenges and karmic patterns, health, wealth, work, relationships, transits, etc.

You are also welcome to discuss a significant other, child, family member so please include their relevant birth information in your email, however, this is not a relationship reading.

1 – 1.5 hr
Session is recorded

This is for returning clients only.

We can discuss anything you wish. Focus will be on upcoming trends, as well as transits and key dates/times to be aware of. We will look at your planetary cycles and transits to see how they are expanding and contracting within the greater cycles of time. A good annual choice.

Session is recorded

Find out how to support your new baby or child in a way which acknowledges their gifts and aptitudes. How do you work together/impact each other in the family? What are their emotional needs, strengths and challenges, and what residual karmas are impacting their life? How is this likely to unfold?

Traditionally in India, names are chosen according to the sounds correlating to moon’s nakshatra – a name is like a mantra, choosing an auspicious name for your little one can create a subtle, yet positive impact on their lives.

45 min – 1hr – Session is recorded

Analysing the relationship potential of each individual, and then of the relationship itself. 

Ideal to understand layers and dynamics between you and your partner, love languages and love styles, tastes, beliefs and attitudes. How does each individual expresses themselves? What are their emotional needs? What is each person’s relationship capacity and karmic patterns? How do you interact with each other? You will gain a much deeper understanding of each other and of your self, and suggestions on how to navigate differences and work with challenges.

1 hr 15 min
Session is recorded

A detailed analysis of your Vedic Moon!
Sign, House, Nakshatra, Aspects & Transits

Learn about your characteristics, mood, emotions, temperament, feelings, instinct and needs. Gain a deeper understanding into your emotional self. Learn which colour suits your moon best, and how you can improve your moon / mind through gems, mantra and lifestyle adjustments.

This is bespoke, 10 min pre-recorded audio, which will be and sent to you as a google drive link.

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