Jyotish : Vedic Astrology

Jyotish is a Vedanga, a limb of the Vedas – the books of knowledge from the Indian Subcontinent. A vast and profound tool of timekeeping, Jyotish means the ‘Science of Light’. Traditionally used to plan auspicious times for marriages, celebrations and other significant events of society. The study of Jyotish is immensely helpful across all domains of life, particularly in mapping one’s karmic responsibilities, debts and duties; one’s dharma as well as the timing of significant events &changes in one’s life.

A consultation is a psycho-spiritual tool; assisting and supporting you to harmonise and align your actions in life through cultivating deeper self awareness and knowledge

Through the study of the birth chart, analysing transits, annual charts and planetary periods (dashas), plus much more, deep clarity and insight can be gained into the nature of one’s mind, psychology, character, purpose and direction, as well as all areas of life, such as health, wealth, relationships, family and general life management. Read more on Jyotish HERE

All sessions are recorded

1 hr – $165 AUD
This is a standard consultation, ideal for your first time. We explore the major themes that are playing out in your life. Understand your mind, emotions, needs and thinking patterns, as well as your strengths, challenges, past lives, karmic patterns, health, wealth, work, relationships, transits, plus more.

You are also welcome to discuss a significant other, child, family member so please include their relevant birth information in your email, however, this is not a relationship reading.

45 Min – $145 AUD
We can discuss anything you wish. Focus will be on current trends, transits and key dates/times to be aware of. We will look at your planetary cycles and transits to see how they are expanding and contracting within the greater cycles of time. A good annual choice.

30 Min – $108 AUD
A mini reading for specific insight on one or two particular questions

1hr – $165
In this session, two charts are analysed and compared to each-other; the relationship potential of each individual, how the individual planets and ascendent relate, as well as the dynamics of the relationship itself.  Understand layers and hidden patterns which play out between you and your significant other.

Gain a better perspective on love languages, tastes, beliefs, attitudes, values, needs, mental/emotional blocks and strengths. What is each person’s relationship capacity and karmic patterns? How do you interact/trigger/enhance each other? You will gain a much deeper understanding of each other and of your self, and suggestions on how to navigate and work with the differences and challenges.

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