Nakshatra : Nakshatra is a sanskrit word which translates to Lunar Mansion – It can also be called an asterism, lunar constellation.

The ancient sages divided the zodiac into 27 equal segments of 13°20 (13 degrees and 20 minutes). This is the distance the Moon travels in the sky in a 24 hr space of time. There are 2 and a half nakshatras within each zodiac sign. EG: Ashwini : 0° Aries – 13°20 Aries, Bharani – 13°20 – 26°40 Aries , Krittika – 26°40 Aries – 10° Taurus. Each nakshatra is then divided into a further 4 Padas (feet), of 3°20′. The Nakshatras themselves are assigned planetary rulers, as well as the padas, which correlate to the 4 physical elements. This reflects the intricacy of how energy, and consciousness manifests in time and space, and how a zodiac sign has far greater depth and meaning to its functioning and nature.

The nakshatra your moon is placed in is given particular attention as this reveals your inner nature, the start of your dasha (planetary season/cycle), your instincts and much more.

Uchcha (Exalted Planet) : A planet situated in it’s best sign. It is positive because the sign harmonises with the natural vibration of the planet, the energies of the planet find easy and natural strength and expression.
Mercury – Virgo
Venus – Pisces
Mars – Capricorn
Jupiter – Cancer

Saturn – Libra
Rahu/Ketu – Taurus/Scorpio and/or Gemini/Sagittarius

Neecha (Debilitated Planet): A debilitated (fallen) planet is where the natural strength and vibration of the planet clashes with the sign, it struggles to express it’s energies harmoniously, may feel blocked, resulting in conflict in the area of life the planet and sign represents. However, weak planets still have strength, just as strong planets still have weakness. Debilitated planets represent karmic traces which need extra focus on to improve.

Mercury – Pisces
Mars –
Jupiter –
Saturn –

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