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What is the purpose and function of astrology in these times?

Astrology is used traditionally to predict auspicious times for key events in life. It is used to assist individuals in the path in life, to foretell auspicious and inauspicious moments, to facilitate ease and harmony, within the individual, family, community and society as well with the universe as a whole.

My personal journey with astrology has been mainly as a psychological tool which has allowed me to explore what makes me tick, and to deeply understand the nature of the energies which make up what I call ‘my personality’ – A deeply transpersonal journey, approaching one’s psychology from an elemental and spiritual structural point of view.
Dna / Karma / Genetics + Ancestry become synonymous.

The persona is always changing and always in flux.
I can express the lower aspect of my nature, or I can strive to utilise the higher aspects.
I use Jyotisha as a tool to clarify difficulties, re affirm my strengths, track planetary motion and the effect it is likely to have in my life, so I can plan ahead and be aware of possible roadblocks, potholes and bad weather, as well as the potent moments in time to strike and take action.

‘A seed planted at the right moment yields abundance and good fortune.’
You can have the most wonderful seeds, but if it is planted at the wrong time, it will not fruit.

Vedic astrology is a limb of the Vedas. In the concept of Kaal Purusha – The Cosmic Human, Jyotish relates to the eyes. With greater clarity, we can see further and further.
The vedas are a vast collection of Hymns, which were originally divined from source, citing no individual author. This is the key difference from Religion, which state its source from One Man.

The vedas address every aspect of life as we know it, from cosmology, astronomy, astrology, geometry, medicine, health, karma, music, dance, yoga and of course the greater purpose of our lives.

With self knowledge, we can know others, and to know others is to know self – Knowing self, we know the created, and knowing the created, we know the Creator.
Consciousness realises Itself.

Learning about yourself, the universe and life is pretty fun!
Welcome, and enjoy yourself!

Hari Om x

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