– Joanne, Australia:

“Once in a while we connect with someone who has a real and lasting impact on our life. Darinka Marun is this kind of person. A woman wise beyond her years, within the first few sentences she spoke I knew Darinka had lived a life touched by events that had collectively led her down a profound path – path that is now proving to inspire and awaken many.

The notion of serendipitous meetings and divine timing has always intrigued me, so when a dear friend of mine suggested that I connect with Darinka for a Vedic Astrology reading there were no questions asked – I just knew this was one meeting that was meant to happen.

I have had readings of various sorts in my time, but none like this. As she started describing me to a tee, occasionally making reference to the state of the cosmos, Darinka’s insights into who I am had me convinced that she must have spoken with my friend at great lengths about me, to the point where I asked her if she had. She knew nothing about me.

What was showing in the stars according to my birth time was eloquently and intelligently interpreted, moving seamlessly from one topic to the next. So impressed was I that I started feverishly taking down notes so as to not miss anything.

In essence my reading was less about predicting the future and more about reinforcing what I already know. The reading highlighted my true nature and instigated a reflective experience whereby I could see as plain as day where I had strayed from the path chosen for me at birth, and where I have managed to already align myself with what I know to be my calling.

Pragmatic, practical and to the point, focussing on what I needed to hear as opposed to what I wanted to hear, Darinka’s insight and consummate skill in interpreting the charts that lay before her is indeed testament to her dedication to and passion for the ancient art and science of Vedic Astrology.

Every decision we make in life takes us in one direction or another. My decision to connect with Darinka refocused me, instilled a sense of confidence in the decisions I have made thus far, helped me understand myself better and inspired me to continue living in line with what deep down I know to be my destiny in this lifetime. And for this, I am forever grateful. “

Mai, Holland:

“A friend suggested a reading with Darinka as it was quite insightful for her. I felt a bit stuck at the time so I followed up and Darinka was very engaged in finding a suitable skype date for us.

She was super professional and easygoing at the same time. She simply knew my data and it was astonishing how much her reading (me) resonated and fit.

Even though we just had just one session she verbally plucked some things out of the ether for me. That helped to put internal processes into motion… it’s baffling how much the stars can tell … . Thanks Darinka for your insights and professionalism!”