The REAL Lion’s Gate

8/8 was said to be a “Lion’s gate portal” with the fixed constellation Orion rising in the east, with the Sun in Leo

I am sorry to say, but the concept of the lions gate portal with all its magical ascension codes is another example of western pop astrology. Personally, although I indulge heavily in esoteric & mystical waters, I prefer to ground it in reality, and observable phenomena.

  • Firstly, on 8th of August, Sun + Moon were both in sidereal CANCER, not Leo
  • 8 is a powerful number but 8th of august was nothing special. In numerology, the day adds to 3. (8+8+2+0+2+1 = 21 = 3)
  • Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, located in Canis Major @ 20° Gemini. It is quite far away from the ecliptic. Although important in other contexts, it does not co-incide with Sun in Leo.

Will the real Lion’s Gate Please Stand Up?

The Sun will make it’s annual transit to the fixed star Regulus ~ 5° Leo  on August 23. Prior to that, Sun will be crossing from Cancer into the Leo, passing through the sensitive gandanta region from the 15th of August, arriving in Leo on the 18th, and conjoining the bright star Regulus on the 23rd.

This will be an unsettle time period, as any planet changing signs is insecure, leaving one place, and arriving to a new place. Gandanta makes it all the more chaotic. Given the light of what is happening globally, especially in Australia, it is very important not to feed the fear, and not let things escalate in your mind. This is a short transit, after wards we will feel stronger.

Wait, what’s Gandanta?

This is a sensitive region of space which occurs at the transition between and water and fire sign. There are 3. Pisces/Aries, Cancer/Leo, Scorpio/Sagittarius.

Gandanta is a sanskrit word meaning knotted, the end, or drowning. It indicates deep karmic situations which are difficult to unravel, like when you are trying to undo a knot and it gets tighter. Planets placed here are insecure, unsettled, fiery, emotional. 

It is the alchemical contrast of elements – Water and Fire, which create turbulence.

As planets transit this zone, we are more likely to be “triggered” by something in our lives – Karma ripe. If you were born with planets in gandanta point, it often reflects a key area in life in which you are here to learn, one which can push you toward radical growth, evolution and deep transformation.

So, what’s special about all of this ?

We have a full moon on the 22nd – so that amplifies things a little ! Especially since it will conjoin Jupiter.

This is the Leo/Aquarius axis which is a Sun/Saturn dynamic. Not wholly compatible, challenged – the king vs the common people. It represents a clash in ideaology and belief, with a retrograde Jupiter, we are seeing this manifest in the great vax or no vax division. As long as we remain in the thores of dualistic thinking, humanity will continue to ping pong it’s way through life. There is another way to view things.

If you have plants located in the Leo/Aquarius Axis, you will be experiencing this energy strongly.

Gandanta Sun will feel unsettled as he changes signs, it could be an emotional time, there may be sudden outbursts. A time to really let old emotions go now, leave the past behind, start afresh.

It is a wonderful time to heal your solar plexus – your seat of personal power, connect with Atman, the spark of divine spirit within your inner heart. Becoming aware of limitations in thought, cultivating courage, standing strong, personal freedom and sovereignty. We may see these themes manifest around us.

We are currently in Kali- Yuga, the spiritual dark ages, Integrity and honesty in the lands is hard to come by.

Displays of power and issues with authority is likely. Disgrace may happen – a fall from a high position. Corruption, ego-maniacs and narcissistic traits. What is really needed now is inspired leadership, where the ‘king’ is the ultimate servant, one who has the best interests of the people and society at heart, not the economic wallet. This could be the highest expression of a balanced Sun/Saturn vibration.

It is a time for the Dharma- warriors to rise up!

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