Ka Huna Bodywork | Vedic Astrology

Helping you, help yourself

Assisting you to restore and maintain an optimum way of living, in harmony with your highest self, and the greater universe.

Ka Huna is a uniquely transformative massage experience, integrating breath, movement and flow into a dynamic, nurturing and powerful form of bodywork which helps to shift stagnant energy, uplift the spirit and calm the mind. Also known as the rolls-royce of massage, this divine form of bodywork originates from the shamanic traditions of Hawai’i. One of the most beautiful and nurturing experiences out there – Ka Huna is not just any massage – Try it and see!

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Vedic Astrology is a powerful tool of self awareness that can pinpoint the exact issues you are dealing with. Discover your innate purpose and power, in the present. Gain an understanding of your true nature, a deep affirmation of your reality and who you are. Discover and unravel the story of your soul.

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