Ka Huna Bodywork

* Please note, I am closed for bodywork until further notice due to the covid-19 situation. *

Ka Huna
is an intuitive and heart centred style of bodywork based on the practical and spiritual foundations of the Huna philosophy from Hawaii. It is a wholistic form of physical therapy that aims to connect body and mind through breath, flow, rhythm and movement. Dynamic and unique, Ka Huna is unlike any other massage style around.

In 2011 I embarked on my Ka-Huna journey, at Mette’s Institute in Queensland, Australia. I have completed 6 out of 7 available courses, including her flagship Leadership & Facilitation training.

I provide a safe and nurturing space for you to unwind, relax and come to a calm space in your body and mind. My treatments offer physical, spiritual and emotional care and healing. Over the years I have collected various healing tools, and these are integrated into the session.

Your treatment is a full body oil massage, involving long flowing strokes. I work slowly and deeply, with my hands, forearms and elbows, working along the pressure points, energy lines and energy centres of the body.

Moving from flow to stillness to flow, to stillness again, releasing knots and trapped energy, It is like a dance. The body is rocked, pulled, stretched and held . . .
The rhythm and flow calms the nervous system, promoting deep relaxation. Breathing in your belly allows the mind to settle and assists the energy to flow and move. Most physical pain and tension in the body is rooted back to trapped emotions. Many people experience unusual memories and emotional releases during a treatment and this is what makes this form of massage so powerful!

I also offer and integrate Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese Abdominal massage). This is a profound form of healing which works specifically into the abdomen, releasing long standing tangles, knots and tension which are often to root and underlying cause of many physical issues in the body.

“Darinka – thank you so much!!! Your massage was fantastic and cleared out whatever was ailing me. I went home feeling better already and was able to have a good nights sleep and felt fine today too”


  • Heart Opening
  • Emotionally supportive
  • Soothing – depression, anxiety and stress
  • Increase of Circulation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Balances and supports the nervous system
  • Stimulates the digestive & respiratory systems
  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports detoxification
  • Improves and sleep patterns
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Nurturing, calming and restorative

I offer an authentic and safe & nurturing space for you to bring whatever is going on in your life to the table. Whatever is happening for you, is welcome, the invitation is to let go, receive and to drop what you are carrying.

I received the most blissful and healing Ka Huna massage from Darinka. I loved every minute of it. Her technique was superb. She was able to release the muscle spasm I had in my back, which was a great relief. She also used hot stones and energy work that gave this extra special flavour to the experience. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

*Clients please note: This is a strictly therapeutic and healing form of bodywork. It is not a tantric or erotic massage in any way. Thank you for your understanding.