In 2011 I embarked on my Ka-Huna journey, completing five courses at Mette’s Institute in Queensland, Australia. I currently work at the Sydney Ka-Huna Centre in paddington three evenings a week, as well as from home.

This is an intuitive and heart centred style of bodywork that is said to be based on the practical and spiritual foundations of the Huna philosophy from Hawaii. It is wholistic form of physical therapy that serves as an intermediary between body and mind through breath, rhythm and movement. While there are some discrepancies on Huna’s true origins, this powerful and dynamic form is unique and unlike any other massage styles around, and the benefits are hard to ignore.

While the foundation of my style comes from Ka-Huna, I choose to blend and integrate specific techniques from other modalities that i have trained in. This includes: Chi Nei Tsang (chinese abdominal massage) Tibetan and Thai massage and Ayurvedic Marma therapy.

“The body is the choreographer and the therapist is the dancer.” 

 During your session you will  experience long and deep full body strokes that involve the hands and forearms, which has been described as a feeling of waves or water moving over the body. It is a dance. Both hands and arms work at the same time, creating a trance like sensation. The idea is to give the client a strong sense of being in their body, in an attempt to ease the incessant chatter of the mind. The rhythm and flow calms the nervous system, promoting deep relaxation. You will be asked to breathe into your belly, slowly and gently and will hear my breath from time to time as well. This creates a flow and connection between therapist and client. Breath is directly associated with our consciousness, by focussing on breath when there is pain and tightness, you assist in the process of release, rather than tensing up and feeling stuck or trapped.

Another main feature of this style of massage is that you (the client) lie directly on the vinyl table, covered with a sarong and a modesty towel.  In winter heaters and plenty of warm towels are used! There is always music playing; an essential part of the massage. Sometimes essential oils are used as well. Please inform me if you have allergies. I use a home made blend of organic cold pressed coconut and sesame oil.

What i offer is a safe space for you to bring whatever is going on in your life – to the table. I have many clients who have been going through major life changes, challenges, grief as well as the daily stresses. I have other clients who just need to feel heard, held and nurtured, and yet others who just need a massage to ease tired and sore muscles.

It is my aim to create a safe and nurturing space for you to let go of the mind, troubles and concerns, and connect to yourself again.

Main Benefits:

  • Heart Opening
  • Increase of Circulation & Lymphatic drainage
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Stimulates the digestive & respiratory systems
  • Nurturing, Calming and Restorative

Ka-Huna Demonstration Video :


The Kahuna understanding is that, “our space of existence is a magnitude that is our closest most loyal, most loving friend that we have”.

It is all that we can think about or wish for; all that we see with our eyes and our minds; all that we can hear, listen and react to; all that we can smell and breathe of the fragrances in life, all that we can ever eat, consume, or speak of, all our thoughts, enjoyable or not, every longing and desire, grief and sadness, all that has been listened to, and brings all of this song and motion. Where now the body will express the principle in motion; moving to every heart beat, every longing, every desire, every spark of joy and happiness; everything that it touches and feels; every where it can come from, go to, or stand upon every moment of our life.

That we are! That we are! That we are! High above and far below, in-between and all around, as far out into the vast universe and as far in as to the vast spark of our electrons. That we are! From the known to the unknown, from the unknown to the known. That we are!”

From : KahunaSource