About Darinka

Darinka was born in sydney, australia. She is of mixed race descent, had a rather troublesome start to life, was orphaned by 15, and has spent the better part of the last decade with no fixed address while travelling, learning, growing, studying and living in various places around the world.

She currently resides in a small atélier in the inner west of sydney.

I am creative soul with many passions. Helping people feel good about themselves is my main priority in life.  After becoming disenchanted with western schools of philosophical  and psychological thought, i discovered astrology in my late teens and  have been studying vedic astrology for the past three + years. Vedic astrology and the life sciences is a life-long passion and study that is never ending.

Vedic astrology works with the practical application of science, spirituality, and self-knowledge. Massage and bodywork therapy works with the physical integration of the psycho-spiritual/emotional aspect of ourselves, and the release of memories stored in out bodies.

Every human being is inherently vulnerable. In the heart of vulnerability lies our true self; open and trusting. Finding the courage to accept and own one’s vulnerability is one of the first steps to living authentically. It is my desire to assist people in discovering more of who they are, why they are here and where they are going.

Thanks for swingin’ by x