Full Moon Sravana/Capricorn – Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer

Ahoy! August is a month full of planetary changes … Most of the storms which began at the end of march/early April have taken their course, and we are not quite out of all storms just yet, we find ourselves in clearer spaces, picking up and working out what has and hasn’t worked, setting theContinue reading “Full Moon Sravana/Capricorn – Venus in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer”

New Moon Cancer/Pushya

Hello Friday! A Stellar Update: July Dates: 17th : Moon Venus Conjunction18th : Moon conjunct Rahu19th : Moon conjunct Mercury21st : New moon in Cancer, Sun + Moon opposition Saturn Today the Moon and Venus are conjoined in Taurus, in Rohini, The Red Star – on Friday, Venus’s day. Have you noticed the morning star? A veryContinue reading “New Moon Cancer/Pushya”

Eclipse Season June-July 2020

Hey Folks, So its pretty crazy times right now. Here is the lowdown :> Sun + Mercury + Rahu in Gemini – Mrigashira Nakshatra> 21st June Full solar Eclipse + New Moon + Winter/summer solstice> Mercury, Venus, Saturn + Jupiter are ALL retrograde.> Ketu (south node, dragon’s tail) is in the last part of itsContinue reading “Eclipse Season June-July 2020”

Full Moon Sagittarius/Purva Ashadha + Lunar Eclipse – July 2020

Full moon and Lunar Eclipse occurs on Sun, 5th JulyThe Lunar Eclipse occurs @ 4:29amThe Full moon reaches its zenith @ 2:44pm This Full Moon falls at 19°29 of Sagittarius, in the nakshatra (constellation, asterism) Purva Ashadha. P.A is the 20th out of the 27/28 Nakshatra Wheel. The nakshatras are the secret keys to theContinue reading “Full Moon Sagittarius/Purva Ashadha + Lunar Eclipse – July 2020”

Full Moon Libra/Vishakha May 2020

Welcome to the Full Moon Edition of The Starry Times.May is full of changes as  Saturn, Jupiter and Venus go retrograde between the 11th and 15th of May. Mars has moved into eccentric Aquarius, Venus is strong in her own sign of Taurus, and the nodes are still coiling us in the serpent’s grip ofContinue reading “Full Moon Libra/Vishakha May 2020”

Venus Retrograde In Taurus May 2020

Venus Retrograde 13 May 2020 – 25 June Venus is a prime indicator of finances, and governs over the things we value as well as our tastes.  As a significator for relationship and spouse, Venus shows what we are attracted to, what we find beautiful, our creative gifts, what we appreciate and like. Venus indicatesContinue reading “Venus Retrograde In Taurus May 2020”

Retrograde Season 2020

Understanding is the Heart of Compassion and the Essence of Peace.When are we not in relationship?I live in a relational world. Mitakuye Oyasin – I  Honour All my Relations Some thoughts to ponder : What is the true nature of relationship ? How do I relate to the world?How do I relate to my Self? IKE –Continue reading “Retrograde Season 2020”

New Moon Aries/Ashwini

This new moon signifies furthering of health and healing, a new cycle begins, there is fresh inspiration and much energy available. Despite difficulties and restrictions, there is underlying strength to the current situation. Ashwini is the star of health, healing and medicine. The Ashvins (or Ashwini Kumaras) are depicted as horse-headed brothers; Nasatya (elder ashvin)Continue reading “New Moon Aries/Ashwini”

Sun in Aries – Healing, Vitality & Strength

Sun in Aries through the signsApril 14 – May 15 Hey Everyone, Hope you are finding enjoyment in isolation, it can be a healing and insightful time if embraced and accepted deeply. We are in powerful times, with a great opportunities available. Today I thought I would do something different, and create my first “Planet’sContinue reading “Sun in Aries – Healing, Vitality & Strength”

Full Moon in Virgo – Chitra. The Creative Jewel

Aloha Everyone Today the Full Moon falls at 25 degrees of Virgo, in the lunar mansion of Chitra. (Grab your star app and see for yourself!) I use the hindu/sidereal calendar which is different from the western calendar by around 24 degrees. The hindu system is the same as western, however with far greater accuracy,Continue reading “Full Moon in Virgo – Chitra. The Creative Jewel”