Signs of The Times – Celestial Update for May

Hello Satr Travellers, I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front – as this is a labour of love, regularity can’t always be guaranteed, as sometimes life gets in the way. And this is the perfect learning ground for astrology. As a natural science, Astrology is empirical, meaning knowledge is based on experience, borneContinue reading “Signs of The Times – Celestial Update for May”

Under A Vedic Sky – April 2023: Turbulence, Crisis & Change – Eclipse Season Begins

Hey Star Travellers!Key Events this month: Full Moon Virgo – 6 AprilSolar Eclipse (New Moon) 20 AprilLunar Eclipse (Full Moon ) 6 MaySun moves to Aries (Gandanta)Venus moves to TaurusMercury Retrograde – AriesJupiter Combust Sun Jupiter moves to Aries (Gandanta)Jupiter Combust Sun Jupiter Rahu Conjunction Saturn in Aquarius, casting aspect on Leo, Scorpio & Aries.Continue reading “Under A Vedic Sky – April 2023: Turbulence, Crisis & Change – Eclipse Season Begins”

Under a Vedic Sky – March 2023

Howdy Cosmic Cosplayers, It is now march of 2023, and I have needed to cut back on the monthly blogs as I have been making podcasts, and creating the online vedic astrology beginners course (starting this Monday 6th / Sunday 5th for those in the northern hemisphere) .Are you keen to learn how to readContinue reading “Under a Vedic Sky – March 2023”

7 Things To Take With You Into 2023

“Seek refuge in the attitude of detachment and you will amass the wealth of spiritual awareness. The one who is motivated only by the desire for the fruits of their action, and anxious about the results, is miserable indeed.” ― Bhagavad Gita 2023 adds up to 7. So we can say that 2023 (among other things)Continue reading “7 Things To Take With You Into 2023”

Dec Celestial News – 2022 finale

Hey Cosmonauts!What a year! With the intense planetary war between Venus and Mars during Jan/Feb, where all planets were in two signs creating a very destructive Shula Yoga, triggering the war in Ukraine, all planets changing signs in April, ushering in a new ‘ Samvastara’ / Vedic New Year, we saw Jupiter move into itsContinue reading “Dec Celestial News – 2022 finale”

Under A Vedic Sky – November Celestial Report

Hello Dear Readers …Let’s look at the Key Themes for November … We are right in the middle of eclipse season. Saturn is now direct, with Jupiter soon to follow. Mars has just turned retrograde, the Sun, Venus & Mercury move to Scorpio & the month ends with a deep, introspective Scorpio New Moon. WithContinue reading “Under A Vedic Sky – November Celestial Report”

October Starry Times – A Matter of Balance : Eclipse Season Begins | Mars Retrograde + more …

Hello Dear Readers, … And happy navaratri – we are in the middle of the 9 nights of the goddess (26/27 Sept – 4/5 Oct. Also known as Durga Puja – a festival celebrating 9 different forms of Mother Goddess. Every year in the hindu lunar month Ashwini (Sept-Oct) on the first day (pratipada) ofContinue reading “October Starry Times – A Matter of Balance : Eclipse Season Begins | Mars Retrograde + more …”

September Starry Times – Mercury Retrograde, Venus Combustion

Hello Star Seekers 👋🏼 ✨ We are now in Retrograde season, Sun is bright and happy in its own sign Leo, although Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde they are in their own signs as well as Mercury. Energy is strong and supportive even though there are hiccups on the way. You may notice that certainContinue reading “September Starry Times – Mercury Retrograde, Venus Combustion”

August Starry Times – Jupiter Retrograde, Mars Rahu Volatility, Leo Season begins

Hey Star Travellers –Another month rolls on and now we enter August. What can we expect? Mars Rahu Uranus Conjunctions 1-3 AugustAugust starts with intensity, passion, volatility and fire – The heat which has been smouldering throughout July reaches its zenith on the 2nd, as Mars moves into exact conjunction with Rahu and Uranus atContinue reading “August Starry Times – Jupiter Retrograde, Mars Rahu Volatility, Leo Season begins”

July Starry Times – Planets in Strength, Volatile Mars + Retrogrades…

Hey Folks 👋🏼 Thanks for tuning in … In June, the planets are strong – many are ‘at home’ – in their own signs, or in friendly signs. Venus is in Taurus, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Pisces & Saturn in Aquarius/Capricorn. Although Mars and Venus will move they are still positive and strong whichContinue reading “July Starry Times – Planets in Strength, Volatile Mars + Retrogrades…”