Beauty and Acceptance

What is Beauty?

Beauty naturally arises when certain elements are in harmony; harmonious relationships between things.
Beauty is a natural by-product of harmonious arrangement. To be beautiful beyond superficiality, is perhaps when one’s thoughts and impulses are in harmony with the greater cosmic pulse – which is received through the heart. An open heart is needed, one free of personal agenda.

Many of the principles of music theory can be applied to self, others and the relationships we have.
When a note, a chord or scale is not in harmony with the greater context of a song, we do not need to discard the entire song.
Re-arrangement, from a musical perspective implies the creative processes of intuition and inspiration of balancing and restructuring; harmonising seemingly incompatible elements.
We simply need to add or subtract certain elements to the composition.

The uni – verse
Is one song.
Perhaps we are simultaneously, the composer, the conductor, and the composition.

Harmony is the goal
Beauty is the expression.


On Acceptance:

The thing about acceptance is this:
I reckon we all know our flaws, but it can be very hard to accept them, or even to realise that we are not accepting them, especially if some are a little obscure.
Say, for example, someone comes along and seems rude – perhaps their manner of speaking causes feathers to ruffle –
I immediately think to myself, how do I do that?
The basic understanding is that on a fundamental level, my reaction has nothing to do with them.
I will look at that person and breathe into the agitation/frustration/annoyance etc, smile, and say to myself “It’s ok”
Because, who is making it not ok?
So then, why can’t I be ok with it?
Well, I can!
If I choose to.
Being somewhat of a stubborn creature, when I want to do something, I will find a way. There is little that I can’t do, when I engage all of my being.
So I say to myself,
“How can I ?”

-I want to find a way, i believe i cantherefore i shall

So, this person is doing this thing, I don’t like it and its annoying.
I realise that I too, can also be like that – and i’m ok about that.
I observe the other/situation without judgement, but with curiosity and compassion, feeling the effect on me, applying the same balm of curiousness and compassion and then resolving to adapt and change my behaviour, gently (if necessary).
All the while, i’ll breathe and smile internally at the situation, seeing the beautiful, gorgeous imperfectly perfect humanity in both parties – Let Them Be Them.
Then, I can work at applying that to the aspects of myself that I may be struggling with.

The point is, that i have found the annoyances and frustrations dissipate quite remarkably as i learn to genuinely accept people as they are.

(This process I have shared is certainly not within any context that involves abuse in any form. In walking away from a destructive situation one can still apply these principles/ideas, while maintaining full personal dignity and integrity )

Mahalo x

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