The Starry Times: Scorpio Full Moon

Brief Stellar Update :

The moon is currently transiting in Scorpio constellation @10 degrees
(check your star app, yes it’s true).
Lunar Mansion: Anuradha – The Star of Friendship.

Is it time to Let Go?

This is one of the main themes of Scorpio.

Known for being possessive, jealous and intense, scorpio can also be among the most loyal and devoted of signs. Operating on it’s higher frequency, scorpio’s passion, insights, fixed and shrewd nature enables people under it’s influence to display deep loyalty, compassion, protection and wisdom.
Take the time this full moon to tune into what you need to let go of, or transform.

Are you being controlled by devotion or passion? Has something in been dragging on too long? Is it time to transform an old situation?
Are you devoted to your heart and truth? Are you living in alignment to your needs, or are you betraying your inner voice for the sake of another?
Ease mental tensions thru yoga,meditation and quiet introspection.
The dual nature of Scorpio is ruled by both the active and passionate energy of the planet Mars and the the mystical, spiritual and otherworldly nature of Ketu (south node), in eastern/vedic cosmology.

Mars is currently exalted in Capricorn and close to conjunction with Ketu. It’s a powerful time for Scorpio people. (not just sun sign btw) NOW is the time to muster the courage and take a leap of faith into the unknown. Make the commitment to change OR let go of what is no longer working. What is to come is far greater than what is being left behind.

Ask yourselves … Is this the life you want to lead? Is this the person you want to be? Are they the person you want to love? Is this the only way? Can there be another way? Can you be better? How?

The answer is yes, so go for it, find a way … you know what needs to be done… !

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