The Starry Times: Virgo Full Moon / Autumn equinox 2019

The turning of the seasons again – though with all the ups and downs with our climate it can sometimes be hard to know where the seasons begin and end. Here we are moving from summer to autumn and those who live in the northern part of the globe will be enjoying the spring unfolding.

Sydney has seen much water and rain, strongly reflecting the influence of Jupiter transiting in the gandanta position of scorpio. Gandanta loosely translates to ‘knot’ and symbolises deep karmic undercurrents that bind and knot us in certain areas of our life. This junction is always between water and fire signs, especially right at the cusp. The one between scorpio and sagittarius is the most potent. Jupiter is a positive planet bestowing wisdom and insight into the dark heart of the scorpions tail.

This Jupiterian energy is colouring much of the emotional transformations people are currently experiencing. Of course there are multiple things happening on many levels, but i am just focussing on a couple of things at a time to avoid too much info and overload πŸ™‚

(My next piece will cover Jupiter’s journey over this sensitive junction of the zodiac)

This full moon occurs in sydney officially 21st March. It opposes the sun which is sitting @ 6 degrees of pisces in the star of uttarabhadrapada. The moon will rise @ 3 degrees virgo in the star of Uttaraphalguni

Uttaraphalguni is ruled by the Sun. It is a gentle yet firm star signifying rest and relaxation. Virgo is ruled by mercury – mercury is currently retrograde. What you see here is more thinking where there needs to be more feeling. The moon is uncomfortable in mercury signs because the watery, boundless motion of the moon needs freedom to explore and express the tides of its emotions. In virgo it can get too wrapped up in analysing its emotions, nitpicking on the details and getting far too lost in emotional reactions. The retrograde of mercury can amplify confusions and create too much mental analysis of situations. Just let it go. Things will work out. Make your plans, but be open to change. Hakuna Matata!

Water is a perfect remedy this full moon. If you are lucky to live by the ocean go and sit and watch to moonrise (esp here in sydney) – it will be a good balm to the spirit. The water is super warm atm (23 degrees – I just checked πŸ˜‰ so jump in and float! The sea is always ready to welcome us and clear our burdens.

Our emotions are the key to our evolution on earth – energy in motion; keep it moving, keep it flowing. This is why people with moon in scorpio or with lots of fixed energy in their charts, can sometimes seem like sticks in the mud – their energies get trapped, pooling in crannies of the psyche, unable to shift the stagnancy. This is what leads to aches and pains in the bodies, anything from mild headaches to phantom pains in the joints to more serious conditions.

So, this full moon and equinox, let yourself really feel, and notice if your thinking mind is trying to make an evaluation over your emotional responses. Allow yourself to observe whatever comes up, receive it with curiosity, not condemnation. Perhaps you may try to follow the threads and discover the roots of these unstable emotions.

The equinox is where the day and night are of equal length (which is actually today, the 20th march). We can harmonise our inner landscape, our inner sun and moon, the day and night, light and dark…observing and reflecting on the ever changing tides, movements and seasons of our being.

Remember that, to feel is to be human, and as we continue on the spiral paths we are on, connecting deeply to our humanity is the most direct way to express our spirituality …

Please leave any comments or questions below, and for a detailed personalised reading feel free to send me an email or make an appointment via my website.

Much Love to you all,
Darinka X

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