Aquarius New Moon – Shatabhishak : A Hundred Demons or a Hundred healers?

23 Feb is New moon day
I find whenever new moon approaches, I often desire to withdraw in, to be alone, or around less people – in general the desire to be quiet and still.

Sometimes it can be hard to arrive there, life has a certain pace – wherever we are; meeting our inner needs is not always easy. The inner voice, the softer, quieter, feminine lunar voice can get drowned out quite easily.
New moons are time to reflect; the light of the sun is not illuminating our minds – we can go into the dark side of the moon. Explore, rest, and cultivate stillness.

A Hundred Demons or a Hundred healers?
Shatabhishak is the lunar mansion (Nakshatra) that is being activated. It is ruled by Rahu. This asterism is located fully within the sign of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn. The combination of these energies produce intense and contrasting vibrations which underpin this star is where much of the eccentricity of Aquarius comes out.

It is a place in the zodiac where one faces the striking duality of the human experience. People with this star activated in their chart can be visionaries, intellectuals, scientific, humanitarian, idealistic, intensely private and secretive. There can be a struggle between their light and shadows.

In one of the key stories of Indian mythology, it is said that there were 108 vices and virtues that sprung from the cosmic ocean, during the churning of the milk. One main theme this story highlights, is the eternal struggle between the devas and asuras – the demonic and godly aspects of our own nature.

Varuna is the deity of Shatabhishak. He is the lord of the rain, wind and cosmic oceans, he rules the night and is associated with herbs and medicine, giving extraordinary powers of healing and rejuvenation. Varuna has two sides to his nature, and this is reflected in the functioning of this star. It is important to use light to understand shadow. Sometimes a healing crisis is triggered within this star, which leads to a total transformation of the human being – the diseases that originate here can be difficult to diagnose, requiring ‘100 physicians’ to heal.

This is an intellectual moon.

Aquarius is not a particularly emotional sign, and with the new moon also close with retrograde mercury, it can promote rational and logical self analysis. To be able to transform the mind with reason and logic is one of the hallmarks of vedantic and vedic psychology.

In the Huna philosophy of Hawaii, the first out of seven principles is, “IKE : The world is what you think it is – Be Aware.
Mercury is retrograde right now – use this eccentricity to bend your mind and question your beliefs, attitudes and thinking process – there is always another way to see a situation!

Overall, the need is to transform our shadows with right thinking, aligning ourselves with Dharma – the universal laws of nature. In doing so we purify ourselves by taking right action, in harmony with all of life. This is Yoga.

Stay grounded this new Moon – Mars is also coming up to a volatile conjunction with Ketu, so beware of making permanent decisions based on temporary feeling! (I wrote about it in my last article, you can read it HERE

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With Love & Aloha Darinka x

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