The Starry Times: Tension or Focused Action?

Mars and Saturn opposition

May 28 – June 3

It can seem that there is much focus on negativity in our lives; what is not working, leaving us feeling challenged by one thing or another, almost without respite.

It can feel very tiring

And overwhelming.

I am suggesting a way to look at and meet challenges without the notion of “ oh when is this going to end?” but rather with an attitude of “how best can I approach this?” When the challenges and tensions in life arise, it can throw us off centre.  We are tested in these moments. Are you a spiritual warrior in pursuit of the Truth or do you harbour a sense of entitlement and act out of Fear?

Everyone inherently has the power to create effective change in their lives. It may not be the kind of change we want or visualise, but everyone has the power to direct their mind and awareness in any direction, with focus, on anything in life. Nothing needs to have a hold over us. That is our power.

Mars represents our pure and raw energy and ego; now!

Saturn is the ultimate yogi, he is unfettered by time, as all things take their natural course, all that lives dies. Saturn represents delays, setbacks; he is the lord of time.

The lesson and gift that these planets can teach us, is beautifully illustrated by these words of wisdom from Hawaii:

Makia : Energy Flows where Attention Goes

Mana : Confidence; All Power Comes From Within

We have the power (mana) to shift our attention and focus (makia) on what we want to create in our lives. This does not mean to think we are god, rather that we align ourselves with a greater presence which is an act of surrender. Accepting that we are not in control of the weather and waves, however like a ship at sea, we can steer our direction with focussed attention.

Only we can choose to slow down in moment of heated impatience and flurry. In that moment, patience is the sword of peace that needs to be drawn. It is cool and clean and sharp. Moments that test our patience, are testing our strength and resolve that requires patience to be exercised. This is the seat of our Mana.

When these two planets come together in aspect or conjunction, it can often feel like a frustrated, lethargic, scatty, disorganised or tense time and internal energy. If the conjunction activates a key area of your chart; power issues, delays and feelings of laziness can be highlighted. However, Saturn creates structure, which when used to focus our raw energy, can be very constructive, especially when the pressure and resistance is embraced and welcomed rather than feared or ignored. 

Pressure creates resistance that ultimately gives us strength. This is why adversity exists; our spirits are in training.

It is important to understand that we are not victims to planetary movements and forces. We are affected by them, but like a ship sailing out at sea on an ineffable journey through life, learning to use the forces and take advantage of the challenges, delays as well as good luck and fortitude means that we can become masters of our nature and steer our course with ease and grace and foresight.


Be Well x


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