Repairing What Has Been Spoiled

Relationships can often weather many storms, and like a storm, tornado or hurricane we know the damage that can be caused when high winds and torrential rain sends bamboo beach side huts flying, uprooting trees and severe flooding, etc.

It can sometimes feel like this in the aftermath of a big fight with your loved one. Sometimes we reel in horror at the damage done, looking at the broken bits of a life shared, now scattered around. It seems impossible to fix. However, after the storm has passed the village people, slowly and surely collect all the debris and damage and make new structures, strengthen old ones and clear off the rest.

Although damage has been done, new things have been learnt, adaptability and resourcefulness have been increased to weather the next storm with stronger resilience.

Storms are a necessary part of life and as my favourite quote says :

“The strength of a ship is not measured by how well it sits in the harbour but how well it copes on the open seas in the middle of a storm”

And, the boat will only sink because of the water that gets in the boat, not because of all the water around it. These are poignant analogies to help navigate the sometimes difficult waters of relationships, when our personal storms seem to blind us from seeing clearly.

A good storm can be seen as a way of clearing up what is sloppy and spoiled, making way for newer and stronger bonds to grow.

This is The Art Restoring Trust.

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