The Starry Times: Faith over Fear

I am hearing of many souls passing at this time… stay centred and grounded during flux…
Solar eclipse now and still volatile planetary energies catalysing changes and shifts. Let go of what needs to pass and fall. It is the hardest to do. But it is possible. Let the changes happen, step into the unknown.

There are greater forces, undercurrents and overtones that permeate our lives, we are never really alone, nor are we always the sole captain of our ship.
Learn to ride the waves, don’t get dumped by powerful emotions… Put on your own lifejacket first before helping others, lest one get drowned trying to save others….and remember, this too shall pass.

The amount of chaos in life, personal and collective is not as a result of outside forces, but a barometer to the level of imbalance in the way we are living our lives; thoughts, values and beliefs, which largely determine the way we go about things.
Without higher guidance other than corrupt popes, priests, prophets and politicians, when atheism is rife, religion is full of dogma, and spirituality is shrugged off as pseudo- science, no wonder so many of us struggle in the world with profound mental and emotional problems, which are really wake up calls from our spirits.

Our western world is struggling in a capitalistic divide and conquer structure which alienates us from each-other…
These are for sure trying times, designed to wake and shake us up from slumber. What looks like a material crisis is really a spiritual crisis.
Stick together folks, while the layers peel back, keep the mind and the heart open x

You’re all BeautyFull
❤ One Love ❤

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Truth. Beauty. Love = Magic

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