The Starry Times

There is change and fire in the air as things are beginning to reform in our lives. Small cracks have been appearing, crisis and chaos seems to be the theme that has been running on and off for quite some time now, secrets have been revealed, ghosts of the past have come back to haunt us asking for completion and some of you may be observing new sprouts in your psychic sinews after the recent breakdowns. New pathways from the dust have been forming.

This is a time where the old may be falling away or you may be re – addressing many belief structures in your life. What are the foundations of your beliefs? Is it time to explore/consider new possibilities? Are your beliefs truly serving your highest potential, or are you limiting yourself? Keep questioning and investigating your basic assumptions about life. Much growth occurs out of the instability of chaos, so don’t be afraid to challenge yourself, the strength of transiting mars can assist in diving to the roots and the source of mystery, personal and collective.

With Mars joining Saturn in the philosophical, adventurous but somewhat fundamentalist sign of Sagittarius, exalted Venus travelling with Mercury through Pisces, both signs ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, higher knowledge, higher mind, religion, education etc, this is a time where some, many or all of these themes will be playing out strongly for the next month or so.

Jupiter in Libra and Venus in Pisces are in mutual reception and so many of these changes & questions will focus around the relationships in your life, as well as your values, tastes and desires. Jupiter went retrograde on march 8 and will appear to move back for the next 4 months in Libra – sign of partnership par excellence, so many of these changes, beginnings and endings will occur in our close relationships, as well as business partnerships. These areas of life have been on a forward roll since Jupiter entered Libra on 12 Sept ’17, but now the retro motion encourages a pause, to ask ourselves, is this really the direction I want to be heading with this person, these people, business etc, in my life? Is this where I wish to continue moving? Some relationships are ready to end, others are just beginning, and others have an opportunity for deep healing, understanding and transformations.

Mars and Saturn are not complementary energies and we usually feel this as frustration and delays, wanting to move forward but feeling limited by circumstance, or needing to slow down but feeling impatient and hot headed. Mars makes exact conjunction on the 1st and 2nd of April, so watch for blow outs and rash actions, as situations over this month could erupt, esp if unexpressed feelings have been seething below the surface for a while. Expressing all our human emotions is the most natural thing, so it is important to get in touch with your fire in healthy and creative ways, rather than bottling things up and exploding. Watch the news as unexpected and sudden events are more likely.

The tension this energy generates can actually be extremely constructive if channeled consciously, and much progress and work can be achieved. Move your body, cultivate discipline, have fun, dance, practice whatever is your practice and find a way to work with the tensions, frustrations and limitations, be creative and play – a sense of humour toward yourself can bring much lightness.

Crisis brings change, and us humans are notoriously reluctant to change, preferring our comfortably uncomfortable ruts… however the nature of life is constant flux, and we will find greater pressure on the immovable aspects of our personality, the more we resist the changes that need to happen within. The spirit of water can be a great teacher…

Mercury is currently debilitated in Pisces and will go retrograde between 22 March – 15 April. As Mercury is travelling with strong Venus, many of the positive attributes can come forward. You may have brilliant flashes of ideas, inspiration and intuition, you may find yourself pouring out creative works in your particular art or craft. Poetry and creative writing can be especially stimulated. The mind and heart may be dreaming big, ideals, visions and fantasies, so make sure you can ground them as well. Dreaming is a powerfully creative tool which can be utilised to assist in manifesting what we want in life but it must be grounded in reality through effective action, otherwise daydreaming can turn into spiritual bypassing and idealistic fantasy. Take care with clear communications, thinking can get muddled and unrealistic as rational Mercury can struggle in the sign of the fish.

Life is continually happening and we are always playing. Understanding how and why you do the things you do is a skill – the balancing of one’s inner energies begin to reflect in the harmonisation of external events surrounding you. The key to developing this skill lies in the reflective light of awareness & self observation with an impartial sense of compassion. It takes time, practice, patience, effort and faith in oneself; the changes are subtle however the long term effects are profound. Great things take time; a peaceful mind and heart are rich rewards.

Remember, you are not controlled by external events/planets etc, however as powerful conduits and receivers of energy we have the ability to manipulate and ride the waves in the direction we wish to go. As the familiar saying goes, you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!

I study and practice Vedic Astrology which uses sidereal measurements. It is the same as western astrology in many ways but with some very specific differences. To explore how these energies and planets are affecting you personally, or to learn more about your self, you can contact me for a consultation, or I can highly recommend my teacher with over 40 years of experience : Komilla Sutton, as well as my friend Vijay Goel.

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