The Starry Times: The Only Constant is Change – Equinox

Happy Equinox Folks… !
The day and night are of equal duration today. The days will become progressively shorter as we move into winter – the shifting of energies, reflecting in the changing seasons. This week in Sydney rain is forecast after several scorchers… autumn approaches, the leaves are starting to fall.
Today is a special day in the year. The moon is currently transiting in the first 13º20’ of Aries, in the lunar constellation of Ashwini. This star is represented by the Aswini Kumaras twin brothers with horse’s heads who were the divine physicians of the gods. Their shakti (power) is swiftness. They had knowledge of healing herbs and plants. People with the star strongly activated in their charts are connected to healing/herbs/medicine/therapies in some way, can overcome illness swiftly, they can be youthful, impulsive and bright people. They can also have a special affinity with horses.
This is the day to set the intentions and make the goals you have been thinking or dreaming about. Maybe you woke up with an impulse today, inspiration, focus. Or maybe you felt the burden of the day, the week ahead. Whatever you are feeling today, try and move your mind out of the hooks of daily drama, take some deep breaths into your belly,  and perhaps think about what you would like to see more of in your life, try to visualise how you see yourself in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years… Today is a great day to focus your intentions, initiate new projects or make changes. No one else can makes the changes for your life except you. Make your decisions now.
In a modern world where we live so far removed from the natural rhythm and flow of the rest of life, things can feel like they get out of hand pretty easily. Sometimes there is a sense of arrival to a place of equilibrium, only to be knocked over again by something else.
With the planets always moving and doing something; at the moment catalysing situations that seem out of our control, frustrations, setbacks and delays seem to always be lurking around the corner. Is this just life? Is it bad luck? are we being punished by god? is this karma? aliens?
Not really.
Events may seem random but this is far from reality.
In truth, we have far greater effect on the outcomes of our daily lives than we have been led to believe. As i always say, us humans are powerful receivers, generators and conductors of energy.
Everything is intrinsically interrelated and connected. In times before bright lights and neon delights, we would be immersed in the milky band of stars and galaxies, observing and experiencing the subtle yet inseparable connection between cosmic phenomena and life on earth.
Wise men/shamans/heyokahs/medicine keepers/the old people and yogis across the globe knew and understood deeply the many multilayered interplay of energies and how these affected the human mind, consciousness as well as mundane events on madre tierra.
With so much lack of connection in the human soul and spirit these days, no wonder there is so much addiction to anything and everything. It is important to cultivate an optimal way of living that is supportive to our nature and which honours our relationship & connection to the greater play of existence.
I write this in the hope it inspires some of you… I believe in the power we all have to makes changes, however small. We are all in this together.
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us” – Marianne Williamson
I study and practice Vedic Astrology which uses sidereal measurements. It is the same as western astrology in many ways but with some very specific differences. To explore how these energies and planets are affecting you personally, or to learn more about your self, you can contact me for a consultation, or I can highly recommend my teacher with over 40 years of experience : Komilla Sutton, as well as my friend Vijay Goel.

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