The Starry Times: Full Moon – Keep ya cool!


Full Moon Today!
2&3 April – Mars + Saturn cnj in Saggitarius
Mercury currently debilitated & retrograde in Pisces until 15 April
Jupiter retrograde in Libra until July 10
March 26 – April 20 Venus in Aries
April 14 – Sun In Aries

Keep ya cool this week kids!

Watch the news, accidents are more likely – sudden freak situations. Please take care on the road. Anything that involves machinery or sharp tools – including the tongue. Watch your words. I just grated my finger quite nicely the other day – the thoughts behind my actions were not focussed, centred or mindful & I was rushing – Ouch! A painful reminder to Be Here Now.

If you have mars/saturn/sagg prominent in your chart, you may feel the intensity and pressure more acutely. Mars ruled signs will feel delays and frustrations, things going slightly or not so slightly awry. Mars wants to assert its will and that is not always possible, without resistance(saturn). As the Dalai Lama so wisely states that “sometimes not getting what you want can be a wonderful stroke of luck”. When things don’t go the way you want them to, perhaps its just because it’s not meant to. Take a step back from trying to control everything & observe any expectation to outcomes. See how it feels to just accept the situation as it is, and move forward from that place of stillness.

When the energy is heated, the tendency is to act first and think later. Impulsivity has a definite and important purpose as a fundamental expression of spirit, however, combining this with a retrograde mercury + jupiter, full moon as well as venus in aries (another fire sign) … it’s all on! This is a time where emotions, feelings, desires are more likely to get too out of hand, too quickly. Outside forces may be appear to thwart your forward motions.

Fire needs to be contained and managed to deliver the right amount of heat, warmth, inspiration & vitality. The spirit of fire can be fierce & destructive, but also deeply nourishing and constructive when harnessed effectively. Often accidents happen in our personal lives because there is the sense that if ‘I am not doing everything, it will all fall apart’ – however the reverse is true, get the inside right and things around you will fall into place. This is a slow and gradual process that requires much patience and trust. Perhaps there really are no accidents – if one was to replay the stream of thoughts behind our actions, the seemingly random events and accidents would not seem so random or accidental. This is a time where the control factor in ourselves will be highlighted. Take the opportunity to Let Go…

It’s not really possible to control anything outside of ourselves, but, it is possible to control the attitude and approach one may take to oneself and to life’s challenges. As the saying goes… see below;)

Bad attitude flat tyre

With mercury currently debilitated & retrograde until mid April, communications are likely to be the grounds upon which many disagreements and misunderstandings will occur. Workplace, relationships, home, family etc will be the arenas where the dramas unfold. Take a moment to really consider what the other person is saying. Practice the pause, and check in with your foundational assumptions. Are you jumping to conclusions? Ask, “how can I make this work?” rather than decide something is wrong immediately on impulse. Do you need to adjust your opinions? Identify your judgements, prejudices and privileges – (Tim Minchin) Check in with your own fallacies. Before you assume, ask. It will save a lot of trouble later.

Recommended reading : The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

I am experiencing the mercury retrograde as a creative opportunity to double back on myself and check in with my thinking. Muddled/confused communications can allow for an opportunity to see things from a fresh perspective. Detach from the drama and learn something new.

“Do not worry If things are turning upside down, how do you know the side you are used to is better than the one to come?” – Rumi

Venus in aries is channeling jupiter’s current retrograde motion through the sign of partnership par excellence, (libra). Use impulsivity constructively and get yourself out of relationship ruts. All kinds of relationships as well as business partnerships. Try something new, be spontaneous, childlike and open. Explore and experiment – but take care, as some things are not meant to last, so enjoy the ride and wait till venus moves into taurus later in april, to see what stays. Will write more on Sun’s movement into Aries and the fresh solar cycle in my next post.

The full moon in Virgo promotes analytical and practical thinking – some flashes of clarity amidst confusions and delays.

It’s important to recognise that nothing exists outside of you. Take the orange metaphor, when you squeeze it, orange juice comes out, as you would expect. In the same way, when you are being squeezed by circumstance, what comes out is what is inside. There is no use feeling guilty or bad especially if it is something unpleasant or nasty. Life manages to find the most opportunistic moments to humble us and, if you’re not pushing your agenda too strongly, you can learn the lesson and move on, albeit, with a tail between your legs…

Allow yourself to be the fool.. as the fool is always in a perpetual state of learning. Ask questions, be curious, be innocent yet aware. Many folks on the new age/spiritual/metaphysical/ paths find something that resonates and then stick to that methodology and system, discarding or discrediting other philosophies/styles of thinking. It is quite a shame to see this, since all things connect. Often there is a belief of an arrival at some ultimate truth … and really it is just a plateau on one side of the multi-faceted crystal mountain we are all climbing.

Self development and everything related to that is more about developing a harmonious relationship with self and the world around us, understanding personal + collective ecology, based on experiencing reality as it is, ideally with equanimity. This is an ongoing, constantly evolving personal process which is unique to you as an individual and yet intrinsically interwoven to each other’s basic human nature.
There are endless processes and methods that exist to assist people, so stay focussed, ask for help when you need it, learn to rest, not to quit and don’t worry too much if things are going a little haywire. The aim is not perfection, but harmony, balance & peace of mind.

The ebb and flow, to and from equilibrium is what makes the endless, ineffable dance of life, one in which every soul moves to, in their own beautiful ways.

Stay chill this week people 😉 x

I study and practice vedic astrology which uses sidereal measurements. It is the same as western astrology in many ways but with some very specific differences. To explore how these energies and planets are affecting you personally, or to learn more about your self, you can contact me for a consultation, or I can highly recommend my teacher with over 40 years of experience : Komilla Sutton, as well as my friend Vijay Goel.

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