The Starry Times 15.4.18 – Diamond Vision

Diamond Vision

New moon Aries – 15/4
Sun Aries – 14/4
Saturn Retrograde – 18/4 – 6/9
Mercury direct – 15/4
Jupiter Retrograde until – 10/6

There is a time to move forward, and a time to pause, stop and take stock.
It is the most natural thing in the world. Yet somehow in our busy lives, it can seem like a constant go go go – then burn out. The key is to learn how to rest, not to quit. At the moment it may feel like things are not flowing as smoothly as you would like them to. Things are slowing down and could appear to stop and reverse all together.

With the two big planets, Jupiter and Saturn retrograde for a good chunk of the year, this is an invitation to take the opportunity to pause and reflect on all that we have been busy working on over the last months.
Saturn has been slowing down, currently stationary and due to go retrograde on 18 April. Jupiter is currently retrograde until July 10, channelling Saturn’s energy in Sagittarius. Mercury goes direct on the 15th of this month and the new moon ushers in a fresh solar cycle as it joins the exalted sun in the constellation of Aries.

This is an introspective yet very creative time – When in deep water, become a diver!

New moon in Aries & Exalted Sun
Sun travels through Aries April 14 – May 16

Aries is the pioneering spirit manifest as an energetic and impulsive young child or prince. This quality has a light, bright and swift vibrancy to its energy and can also be destructive through it’s self focussed and directed one-pointedness. It is great at mustering the energy to initiate projects, coming up with fresh ideas and perspectives, but usually does not stick around long to see things through to completion. (That’s ok, not everyone is meant to stay put for long periods of time 😉

This morning (those reading on the 16th) the new moon joins exalted sun. It is an auspicious day for new beginnings. If you are wishing to start something, begin it today, set your intentions, make your plans, plant your seeds! It is an excellent time to delve deeper into health related matters if that is an area of interest to you – perhaps you may want to explore or learn more about alternative methods of healing and regeneration. Listen to what your body and intuition is saying. Follow your inner voice.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – Goethe

Saturn Station & Retrograde
Saturn is due to go retrograde on April 18 to Sept 6.

Saturn is currently stationed so things may feel like they’re at a standstill at the moment. This is not the best time press ahead, wait a few more days for things to start moving again – Saturn is the taskmaster and represents the psychology/dharma of doing a good job even when no one is looking. This is not a time to take shortcuts, if you do, outside resistance and problems are more likely. Saturn is all about dealing with reality, so it’s time to pay attention. Be honest, straightforward and truthful, most of all to yourself. The pressure is to make the changes within ourselves to adapt to a new reality.
Since Saturn is transiting through Saggitarius, an expansive and philosophical constellation, all kinds of belief structures are being rattled and shaken. This can be a profound and creative time to expand your view of yourself, within the greater context of earth, the solar system and galaxy we reside in. Explore different philosophies and new ways of thinking. Challenge your most basic assumptions. Use your crystal vision. Be hard on yourself without being cruel; like a diamond, which once was a mass of carbon that underwent extreme heat and pressure to transform into the hardest substance known to humankind. The greater the pressure, the greater capacity you have for profound transformation and the development of inner strength and resilience. Be creative, surrender and evolve. Now is a great time to seek for new tools, improve your skills and develop your resources.

Mercury Direct and Jupiter Retrograde
Mercury direct in Pisces April 15
Jupiter retrograde until July 10

Mercury has just gone direct in pisces today – maybe that’s why I have finally got to writing this new piece and getting it all together! Communications and correspondences should flow smoother now, a better time for travel and making plans and … maybe it’s time to do last year’s taxes?!
Write your lists. Organise your thinking. Creative thinking, aka, daydreaming is common with the watery sign of pisces; music, poetry and mystical musings – keep visioning – the opposite of worrying – dream big, you can be realistic at the same time!
Jupiter retrograding through Libra for the next four months is bringing our awareness to all our relationships in life, particularly intimate, personal and business relationships. It is a time where things may go wonky and come undone – some unions may fall apart, some may strengthen, others may begin. Expect reversals in one way or another. Jupiter also represents guru, or teacher like figures in your life. You may be questioning your beliefs, and foundations (since Jupiter is also channelling retro Saturn’s energy) and you may also find yourself open and curious to things you were once closed or adverse to. Let the backward and reversed energies open and twist your mind… In a good way!

images (19).jpeg

Combining all this, you may find that you are clearer about what you want to do, you initiate (sun +moon in aries) and organise a plan (mercury) but due to circumstances, things may be delayed and and fully start rolling until September (retro saturn). In the meantime, you would have found a bunch of loopholes in the original plan, feel awfully confused and frustrated, but you take the time to adjust or change part, some or all of it, or even set out on something completely different, which all turns out to be just what was needed. Trust in the good things that are coming!

Have a great week folks!

I study and practice vedic astrology which is based on sidereal calculations. To explore how the planets and energies are affecting you personally, or to learn more about your inner self, you can contact me for a consultation, or I can highly recommend my teacher with 30+ years of experience : Komilla Sutton, as well as my friend Vijay Goel

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