The Starry Times: Solstice & The Play of the Planets

Solstice – 21/22 June
Mars retrograde – 26 June
Saturn Retrograde > Utill Sept 9
Jupiter Retrograde > Untill July 10

Hey Everyone!
Enjoying the first bit of sunshine at my local cafe, after days of downpours here in sydney. Proper wintery weather!
The current matrix of planetary energies are combining to create quite a tumultuous yet potentially transformative time over the next few months.

We will experience the shortest/longest day of the year on 21/22 of June, marking the winter/summer solstice, depending on which hemisphere you are residing in.
Saturn is currently retrograding in Saggitarius, channelling the fiery energies of Mars and Ketu in Capricorn.
Mars will be retrograde for about 2 months from 26 June.
Venus and Rahu are conjoining in Cancer over the next couple of days, and Venus is channeling retrograde Jupiter in Libra.

Mars and Ketu – Focussed and selfless action

Mars and Ketu are conjunct in the earth sign of Capricorn. Mars, is currently exalted in the sign of the goat, and is the fiery planet that governs willpower, courage, action, war, aggression and assertiveness is meeting with the equally fiery yet spiritualising energy of Ketu (south node of the moon). The combination of these powerful and explosive energies has the potential to either manifest on a higher level, producing a very courageous, idealistic and selfless way of acting and behaving in the world, or leading to disruptive times ahead. Usually there is a mix of both.

Every form of destruction contains the seeds for new opportunities. Lava is creating new earth, fires clear the land for new growth. Even as the leaves are falling off in autumn, the buds that will blossom in spring are already forming. Go have a look at the trees! A healthy debate leads to fresh insights and understanding.

The combination of Fire and Earth means more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, not just with the Earth itself but across all domains of our lives. What has been seething below the surface is overdue for eruption now; the pressure needs to clear. A good storm clears atmospheric tension, bringing things back to a natural state of equilibrium. Take care of health,unexpected conditions may arise.Arguments, fights, litigations and all sorts of combative energy is in the air now. Before engaging, ask if it is worth it?


Scorpio, Aries, as well as Aquarius rising, moon and sun will feel the intesity and frustrations acutely. Anyone with key planets in Capricorn will be directly feeling the stress and tensions. Sagg rising and moon will be feeling the restrictive pressures of Saturn.

Saturn – duty, discipline and responsibility… Fun times!

Saturn is channeling the energies of Mars + Ketu, and is currently retrograding in Sagittarius until Sept 9. Many folks may be experiencing major upheavals and reversals in their life. Issues may become even more acute when Mars goes retrograde on the 26th of June.
This time is an invitation to check in with your energy. How is it being used? What are your boundaries and limits? What about the boundaries you apply to yourself, personal habits etc? See how you can apply ‘creative limitation’ to your goals. A willingness to try something in a new way is helpful, especially when things are not going the way we want them to.

Saturn is the taskmaster and agent of karmic deliverance. This is a time that can also present an opportunity to go deeply into the heart and root of any stuck or repeating patterns in your life. Fresh insights can arise if you are willing to see. There is no running away from our responsibilities, on any level. Whatever is avoided will keep coming back, knocking on the door. People/situations/lessons that were unresolved at the start of the year come back again for resolution and deeper understanding.
Just like the seasons, there is a time and place for everything to grow or to decay. The reversal of Saturns energy makes it’s energy stronger. Take the opportunity to dive into the heart of key issues and blindspots.

When the pressure is on, I find the most effective way to use this energy is to channel the restlessness into constructive activity. Yoga, gym, swimming, meditation, dancing, anything that can involve your body and breath and awareness. It is not easy, but nothing truly worthwhile is ever a walk in the park. Most of us usually resolve to drinks, drugs and parties and constant entertainments to distract from the rigours of existence. Nothing wrong with that, but the danger lies in the ease of seeding and creating a negative feedback loop, stunting soul growth.
With so much retrograde energy over the next couple of months, it may feel difficult to find the patience, discipline and motivation needed. Difficulties, delays and setbacks are actually invitations for expansion into greater aspects of ourselves, but only if there is willingness to yield to the pressures.

Jupiter – Venus, Rahu, Pleasure, Play & Illusions

Jupiter is also currently retrograding in libra, making us question our relationships, teachers, and spiritual paths. Jupiter is uncomfortable in the sign of Venus. Symbolically Jupiter is the guru of the gods and Venus (Shukra) is guru to the asuras (demons). It’s not about who is better or worse, rather, there is a conflict of values. In our daily lives it can generate a kind of inner tension of an existential nature as these themes can play out.

Venus is currently channeling Jupiter’s energy and is conjoining Rahu in Cancer for the next week. Take care with going overboard with the good things in life, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing! When Rahu is thrown into any mix, he adds a certain electric, foreign and seductive element that is difficult to resist.
Food, pleasures, entertainment, shopping, sex… maybe you feel innately pulsed to follow through with someone or something that is radical and different! Go for it if you feel you must, as it may just be what you need to get out of a rut, but be careful, as any new relationships that form in this time, if not aligned with the heart and right intention may not last for more than a few months. Beware of ‘buyer’s remorse” as well. You may be making some return trips to the store 😉 Time will tell if things are meant to be. If something is too good to be true, unfortunately, it usually is.

The positive side is that Venus in Cancer can activate a kind of ‘divine mother’ archetypal form of love that can feel very intense and passionate. There can be a self sacrificial element to this love which can activate the higher aspects of the heart centre. For artists and all creatives, this influence will stimulate creativity in all forms, so ride these waves and push your creative faculties to their limits. With the combination of all the planets, great things that challenge and inspire can come into fruition now!

People with the Cancer-Capricorn axis featuring strongly in their charts will be experiencing this rollercoaster energy the strongest. Its certainly not a time to skip self care or any personal practices that you do. Stay balanced, open your heart and express your creativity!

Solstice & the Winter Sun


“The human cycle is perfectly in tune with the cycles that happen in the solar system, because life upon this planet is just a manifestation of the energies which work upon this solar system.” -Sadhguru

Solstice is the midway point in a solar cycle. The sun appears to ‘stop’ at the zenith or nadir.
Here in the southern hemisphere the winter is a time for resting, of introspection, of meeting the darkness, as we approach the longest night in the year. In the northern hemisphere it will be the shortest night and longest day.
Winter solstice marks the point of greatest darkness as well as the return of the light. From here, the days will become progressively longer.

Our entire cosmos exists within the dance of equilibrium. When some kind of phenomena or situation goes too far one way, a crisis, a change, a reversal occurs to restore balance. This is the perpetual dance of life. The movement of to and fro, light to dark, dark to light, the in breath and out breath, from birth to death and death to birth.
To think that we exist outside of; or are impervious to natural laws, to the degree that we do with modern society is the greatest mistake, and the consequences of that mindset is blaringly obvious, with personal, social and ecological issues continuing to increase.

The secret of life is not in the control of external factors, but in the gradual inner adjustments and changes needed to travel with the least amount of obstacles.

As an example, Aikido is a martial art which illustrates this principle in action. If someone is coming at you, you adjust yourself and use the opponent’s energy against themselves. It is they who are coming at you with force and speed, so, assist them to carry on in the direction they are headed – step out of the way, let them pass. So it is with the endless circumstances of life.


Enjoy adjusting your sails over these coming months, knowing that nothing lasts forever. Once the storm clears, new landscapes/possibilities become visible.

Om Namah Sivaya!

I study and practice Vedic astrology which is based on sidereal calculations. My blogs are a way to share my experiences as I to continue learn and grow. I am not a self help guru, more like a fellow traveller sharing what I learn, practice and apply to my own life. If you like what you read and want to explore how the planets and energies are affecting you personally, or to learn more about your inner self, you can contact me for a consultation, or I can highly recommend my teacher with 30+ years of experience : Komilla Sutton, as well as my friend Vijay Goel

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