The Starry Times: Sagittarius Full Moon

This full Moon occurs @ 14:50 (sydney time) on 28th June At 12 degrees Sagittarius. Mula Nakshatra.
Today, (27 June) as the moon moves through the tail of the scorpion and crosses into Saggitarius, the mind, moods and emotions can feel unsettled. This part of the zodiac is always connected to depth and deep feeling, chaos, crisis and transformations, though they don’t always have to be earth shatteringly dramatic, sometimes it is just a small spark of realisation is all one needs to change directions.

Whatever is coming up for you today and tomorrow, try not to just react, but observe the feelings and emotions. Apply equanimity and curiosity with the spirit of understanding. Question yourself, bring awareness to compulsions, irritations and annoyances. Breathe deeply, and watch the tides of depression, anxiety or fear.

As the moon moves across into Sagittarius it will move into the lunar mansion, Mula.
Mula means root and is connected to Muladhara charka (root chakra). The deity, Nirriti, is the goddess of destruction and calamity. The destruction is of the material which blinds us to our spiritual heritage. The more we reject our true selves, the greater the destabilisations. This full moon invites us to see how we can be the architects of our own misfortunes.
Sagittarius is the sign of religion and beliefs, so maybe these are being shaken up for you, or maybe you could be experiencing fear and resistance to letting go and changes regarding your beliefs about yourself, and your basic approach and attitude to life. On the other hand, truth and revelations can illuminate and come to light at this time. Seeing into the root of a situation beyond the trappings of emotions.

All beliefs will crash somewhere. Only reality sustains itself” – Sadhguru.

This Full Moon will be conjoining Saturn, planet of reality. Some may feel a sombre and sober tone to the emotions over the next two days. Saturn is also the planet of fear, restriction, resistance, delays, responsibility, duty and service. Actually Saturn is the master teacher, who, through the setback we experience, force us to grow, to mature and to become wise. But only if we are willing to be humbled and surrender, instead of fighting and resisting what is.

The key to mastering Saturn is to willingly and bravely going through storms and accepting challenges and hardship with inner resolve and resilience. We become stronger after we realise that each challenge is an opportunity to grow and evolve.
Perhaps after a fight, an accident, a death, an explosion, there is a period of calm. Take in the light of this full moon to ground your emotional centre and see if you can create some distance between you and your thoughts and emotions. The difference between humans and animals is our ability to choose consciousness over compulsion. Be conscious of your compulsions, there is no blame on any external force, only responsibility and accountability for our actions. Don’t stay in a victim blame game. Humanity has a far greater potential and destiny!

It is said that a weak person is ruled by their stars, but a wise person rules their stars.

– Have a good week!


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