The Starry Times: Blood Moon + More – Lunar Eclipse: Rhythm & Dance

The month of August brings many things to a head. Sun is transiting Cancer, meeting Rahu (north node of moon) and a retrograde Mercury. Retrograde Mars is conjoined Ketu with a full moon lunar eclipse and Saturn is still retrograde until early September.
It has been a big, big month already for many around the world – health issues, deaths, suicides, change of job/working situations, finances, relationship stresses as well as being stuck in tricky, backward and karmic situations all creating their fair share of frustrations and delays.

Life may be feeling a little less than peachy and I would say this month is one to gather your energies, go even deeper to your centre, your inner spring, your place of silence and sanctity. It is a powerful time of gestation, growth, introspection, dreaming and vision seeking. Things that feel old and lingering will have an opportunity to reveal deeper understanding and completions. Come September much will have shifted, lifted and the skies will clear.  Fresh perspectives and insights occur. Smooth Sailing over Choppy seas.

Let’s try and understand whats happening from a higher perspective and gain some insights on how to cruise through the rest of July and August.

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse 28/7

The major event happening this week is the total Lunar eclipse on the 28th July (Aust) This eclipse is happening in the sidereal sign of Capricorn and will be right in between Ketu (the south node of the moon) and Mars.
It is also the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st Century, lasting for a total of 1 hour and 43 mins.

Eclipses are generally inauspicious events. Symbolically, the dragon is swallowing the lights, eclipsing the Sun(soul) and Moon (mind) – The effects are felt mostly on a psychic and psychological level. Eclipses disturb the mind and thinking processes. This lunar eclipse is most challenged due to the hemming of natural malefic planets as well as an emotional, retrograde mercury adding confusion.

In India, full moon is known as Guru Purnima – The sun and moon are exactly opposite. The light of the Sun; soul/consciousness illuminates the darkness/ignorance of the Moon; mind. This is the essence of Jyotish – Vedic Astrology – Jyoti – Light, Jyotish : the study of Light.

It is light that teaches us. A Guru is simply someone who is a clear conduit of light, and transmits the light of self-awareness to their students. The increase of gravitational forces during full moon and eclipse times, multiplies the effects of spiritual practices. The mind is open and receptive to subtleties. This full moon is a powerful time to set intentions and focus on manifesting what you would like to create more of in your life – I would suggest cultivating clarity of mind, as the foundation to manifesting on the physical plane.

This weekend we are likely to see unusual happenings, and unfortunately all too likely to have violent overtones. People will be likely to over do things in general. Guard your mind around making permanent decisions based on temporary emotions. Shit may be going down, but you don’t have to drink to a stupor. Pain may very well be there, but you don’t have to jump to the extreme. Know there is always, always, another way, even if it is not immediately apparent. Time reveals x

Eclipses reveal secrets, Things are not what they appear. Practice your practice, set intentions, meditate and connect to your ‘inner spring’ – the silent still place of your inner self/ heart space. Disturbed and compulsive thinking eases when you are deeply watered and nourished from within.

Sun in Cancer & Mercury Retro 27//7 – 23/8

The Sun in Cancer inflames the Moon’s cool emotional processes –
Currently we have the Sun making its annual sidereal sojourn through Cancer (Insert sky view zone app pic) and mercury is about to go retrograde on the 27th of July.
Mercury retro is famed for creating delays and communication/conveyancing/travelling issues, so take extra precautions when travelling and communicating. look at things twice before signing. Thinking can become more insightful and intuitive.
While every situation needs to be approached specifically, but if you are feeling the pressure and anxiety over needing to make decisions, don’t rush in a state of emotional crisis. Right action will bear fruit later.

Mercury will retrograding at the most sensitive degrees of sidereal Cancer. These degrees are connected to deep wisdom, knowledge & insight, as well as poisons, harshness, vindictiveness and overwhelming emotion.
It is also the junction of water/fire (cancer/leo) and when planets move over these degrees, difficult, knotty situations occur that feel impossible to unravel. When they do occur, the best thing to do is slow down, take a break and/or work at approaching the situation from a different angle. Deep feelings seethe below the surface, especially if you have a lot of planets in the Cancer/Capricorn axis, you may find yourself being unusually triggered & needing to let off steam, through picking fights or making mountains out of molehills. Take care and avoid emotionally charged communications and misunderstandings.

The quality of your thoughts reflect in the quality of your actions. The way we choose to see things can make or break us. We can control our thoughts and direct our mind to choose how we respond and feel about things. Everybody has shadow. We are all a mix of sinner and saint. Instead of projecting your stuff onto other people and finding fault, use the mirrors and ride this mercury retro energy to develop more insight your own poisons and transform yourself through respect, kindness, love and acceptance.

This is how we can alter a large part our destinies and balance Karma.

“The tongue has no bones but it can break a heart”

Mars & Ketu Conjunction in Capricorn 3 May – 6 November
Mars retrograde 27/6 – 29/8
Peak Conjunction dates : 14 June, 19 July, 22 September.

Mars has been transiting through Capricorn since early May this year. This transit is extra long, taking a total of six months (usually about 2 months), due to retrograde.
This particular Mars transit is extra hot, as he joins with Ketu, the south node of the moon. Ketu is co-ruler of scorpio, along with mars, and so this combination increases scorpio/mars significations. The major themes that will be playing out will largely focus around the use and misuse of Power. Retrograde Saturn is channeling this energy in the early degrees of Sagittarius. It is not easy, but we can slow down enough to see the root of the situation.

When fire meets earth, (Mars/Ketu in Capricorn) there are earthquakes and volcanic erruptions, literally and metaphorically. The lower and more unconscious expression of these volatile energies can bring about some of the worst kinds of violence known to man. This combination can exaggerate mindless arguments, anger, flaring egos, fights, wars, fires, heat/blood related health issues, litigation and misunderstandings. On a higher level, Mars/Ketu can be a spiritual warrior, giving immense courage, willpower, logical thinking, penetrating insights & heroic acts of bravery (such as the Thai cave rescue)
While we may not be able to avert world wars, we can work at eliminating the sources of violence within ourselves, starting with the way we treat and talk to ourselves – As genuine peace and acceptance for one’s flaws and shortcomings increases, so does the tolerance and understanding to others.
Watch the news, political, work, home and family arenas to observe how things unfold.

Mars is disciplined and focussed in Capricorn, leading to tangible results. If you have been working hard on a project, the current retrograde may be stirring up frustrations and delays. Reminders that the arrow needs to be dragged back in order to launch forward. Keep aiming High.
As most Australians know, there are certain landscapes that need bushfires to spark growth. The process of destruction contain the seeds of creation.
Things may need to fall apart so that we can put them back in a better way.
The ego gets a reality check when things fall apart, because it highlights the paradox of our age, that by internal yielding we gain control, and the more we try to control the external, the more out of control and chaotic things become.
Because so many of us are living out of alignment with the natural ways of life, it feels like forces are going against us, when in actual fact, it is us who are going against the rhythm of nature.

“ When you look at life in a different perspective, you see that it is not the deer crossing the road, rather, its the road that is crossing a forest.”- Muhammed Ali

A key to working with such disruptive and volatile energies is by attuning yourself to natural rhythms. Frustrations rouse feelings of impatience. What we want constantly eludes. Yet, we can also come to the understanding that setbacks and delays are invitations to evolve and adapt. While it seems counter-intuitive, it is during the process of yielding and let-go to what is, that we create the space to change. It is the art non-doing, yet everything gets done. Develop faith and trust in yourself.

There is the moment when the dancer becomes the dance, the musician becomes the music. Two become one. Intense focus and relaxation – Opposites are harmonised; what comes, is grace, poise, beauty and harmony.

Take it easy and stay cool this month – go take a dance class! 🙂

I have been studying Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life. To me, Life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe and the self and others. I offer these posts as part of my process, sharing what I am currently learning in the world.

If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you, i offer consultations in person or over skype X

One Love
Darinka x

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