The Starry Times : Full Moon Pisces – Water Under the Bridge

  • Full Moon in Pisces, UttaraBhadrapada nakshatra
  • Jupiter is transiting through the last degrees of Libra. Enters Scorpio on the 12th of October.
  • We have just passed Equinox on Sept 21/22
  • Saturn is out of it’s long Retrograde, moving forward in Sagittarius

What a whirlwind over the last few months !
We have moved through the most difficult part of the year, through all the volatile and transformative conjunctions, retrogrades and eclipses, and now can enjoy a relatively smooth period of sailing and integration for a while now. As we have just passed the 3rd quarter of the solar year on the 21/22 of Sept, the spring equinox heralds new growth and outward expansion as the days grow longer here in the southern hemisphere, and as the days get darker in the north, the autumn equinox invites introspection, withdrawal and contemplation.

Jupiter, Venus, Love and Healing

Venus and Jupiter have been enjoying a warm dance together in Libra, since Venus moved into its own sign in early September. Venus will make an unusually long transit, retrograding for some time through Libra until early Jan where it will move forward into Scorpio and join Jupiter again.
At the moment it is an expansive and healing time for all relationships and business situations. Venus and Jupiter together can promote excess in pleasures, so moderation needs to be exercised, but in general, good will and positive feelings are strong now. The wisdom and divine benediction of Jupiter has been guiding the desirous and passionate Venus, gently promoting healing through the Art of Relationship on all levels; compromise, understanding, forgiveness and diplomacy toward All our Relations.

While it is a wonderful time for creating balance in our lives, it can also be a good time to think deeper to our greater relationship with ourselves, our deeper inner self of which the external world is a reflection. What is out of harmony externally is a metaphorical mirror of what needs reconciliation, acceptance and understanding within our own natures.
Delve deep into your true nature and find a place of peace and stillness within; consequentially this will radiate out and your relationships with others will change. Change can also mean recognising what needs to fall – break off stagnant connections.

I have felt it to be a deep time of healing & integration on many levels, post the last few months, and this combination of Jupiter and Venus is a very feel-good vibration. Jupiter governs the sweet taste, Venus, the sour. Often we learn more from the sour experiences of life than the sweet and when genuine sweetness is lacking in our lives we go for superficial sweetness via taste, fleeting pleasures and temporary sensations. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so there can be an addiction to following only the good things in life, which is a lopsided and inherently imbalanced experience. This conjunction reminds us to go deeper into our hearts and recognise the fundamental sweetness, goodness and innocence of our true natures, as human beings and as a human family.

Full Moon Vibrations

Chandra (Moon) has just moved into the nakshatra (star) of Uttarabhadrapada, located from 3’20-16’40 degrees of Pisces – The abode of the Andromeda Star System.


This full moon illuminates and expresses the combined energy of Jupiter and Saturn. The overtone vibration is Jupiter since moon is in Pisces, and the undercurrent is governed by Saturn (U.B’s planetary ruler is Saturn).

This planetary combination further expresses the positive effects of diplomacy, compromise and harmony in relationships, due to Jupiter in Libra channeling the vibration of Pisces, as well as fostering a grounded and philosophical approach to working with upsets and challenges, due to Saturn’s forward motion now in Sagittarius.
Saturn is the planet to examine closer, to understand the deeper significance of this full moon. Saturn is currently moving through the Star of Mula, located in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) – which is connected to Nirriti, a destructive and calamitous deity associated with ‘the breaking apart of things’ – indicating destruction and transformation. Mula is also associated with getting to the roots of things – and is ruled by the detached and spiritualising energy of Ketu, the south node of the moon. What is being broken apart or destroyed is directly related to past karmas that have ripened and are ready to be experienced in the now.

This combination of energies point strongly to a time of understanding, healing and the integration of root patterns that have blocked you from moving forward in the past. The breakups, challenges, tribulations and torments all have a deep purpose of shaking and loosening you from what is limiting your true self. We somehow willingly enter into material bondage by identifying strongly with our senses and perceptions.There is nothing wrong with being in the material world, but our chronic attachment and identification with it creates deep sorrow, as the nature of life is constant change. The greater we are shaken, rattled and rolled, the greater the inner desire is for transformation. At every junction we are invited to let go even more.

Tonight, you could meditate on the changes that have occurred for you over the last few months; this moon is a soft, yet firm landing, a place to breathe deeply and give thanks for all that Is, and is to come.

Thanks for reading, happy full moon!
Hari Om X

Presently I take time to make these blog posts as I like to sit and feel and experience the energies rather than just write the information down from a book. Life is always happening, karma is always playing out – when you see the subtlety of energies working with or against each other, when you experience these forces inside yourself – that is the real learning. Sources of knowledge and wisdom serve to clarify and understand the personal experience.

If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you personally, I offer consultations in person or over skype. I have been studying Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life.

Life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe, self and others.  X

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