Full Moon Aquarius 26.8.18

Today it is Full Moon again, this time occurring in Aquarius. This moon is bright, illuminating, healing, grounding and electric. In jyotish, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Rahu – the north node of the moon. Western astrologers always knew there was something a little extra about this eccentric sign, and assigned it to Uranus.

What can we expect?

This full moon may be a good time to reflect on your relationship to your family and roots. Can it be improved? If so, how? What can we learn from each-other, despite apparent broad differences? Are we really so different, once you get past superficialities?
Retrograde Saturn is still connecting us to complex past life karmas that are currently manifesting. Our families connect us to our genetic memories, that are passed through dna and genes – the storehouses of our karmas and generational stories – What narrative is ready to end? What needs to complete and resolve? What is the next chapter?

This Aquarius full moon brings bright illumination, giving a birds’ eye view over the last few months of retrogrades, triple eclipse and the complex yet juicy mashing of planetary forces.
It is occurring at 7 degrees of Aquarius, in the nakshatra (star) of Satabhishak. The name translates as a 100 healers and has a special connection to herbs and healing. There is always a little mystery surrounding this particular nakshatra due to its complex, illusive, yet strongly humanitarian tone. This particular star expresses the energies of saturn/rahu – it can be obsessive over its sense of duty.

People appear to go a little crazy on full moon, not because the moon has tiny beings playing with us like puppets, but because what needs to be purified in the consciousness is illuminated –
Full moon is when the light of the Sun (soul) illuminates and enlightens the ignorance/darkness the Moon; mind: emotions, thoughts feelings.
We can see our darkness and illusions for what they are; shadows — so don’t run away from them.
As human beings we all have a mix of sinner and saint, light, dark, good, bad – use this full moon to appreciate how far you have come, and humbly acknowledge the unknown ahead — choose your battles wisely.

What’s all this esoterica?

The human being is a microcosm of the macrocosm – the entire universe exists in us – we are soul, we are also mind, we are human but we are also divine. Our truth is not the comings and goings of the mind, they reflect our impressions and experiences in the world, but it is not who we are – our reality is far deeper and richer than the endless manifestations of the mind – This is why yoga and all the eastern traditions are all centred around managing, understanding and working with the mind, to provide the least obstruction for the full potential for the soul to express itself. When our inner sun and moon are in harmony, we are in alignment – things flow. When it is not in harmony, we are at war with ourselves and those around us. The elements that pulse within our bodies (fire earth air and water) are out of sync with the fifth element, our soul, leading to imbalances and potential illness in our mind, body and spirit. Indigenous healers around the world know that all illness first starts in the subtle energy bodies first, in order for it to manifest in the physical dimension.

OK, that’s too out there and esoteric, I don’t get it!

Never mind 😉

Be fabulously you, ride the Full Moon Light waves and know that you’re living in a great mystery that does not need to be solved. Enjoy the turning of the seasons, whatever hemisphere you are living on. Most importantly, go home and love your family, whoever they are to you.

Much Love,

I have been studying Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life. To me, Life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe, self and others. If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you personally, I offer consultations in person or over skype X

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