The Starry Times: Moon, Mind and Mystery – 11/11/18

Hello beautiful people of the world.

I thought to write a brief stellar update, to give you all a heads up on the moon’s sojourn over this week, as it could be challenging for some people this week, especially emotionally.

Has anyone been feeling a little down, or blue recently? No particular reason?
I know I have, and it is easy to attribute it to many things that are happening, both on a personal small scale, as well as to the greater world around us.

The moon is currently transiting through sidereal Sagittarius, conjoining saturn.
Saturn often feels like that heavy weight bringing us down or can feel like a lot of pressure is on us. That is the quality of saturn; and when these kind of transits affect the moon – which is our mind and emotions, we can feel tired, lazy, lethargic, sad, depressed and unmotivated. Fortunately, with lunar transits, these feelings only last a couple of days.

On Tuesday 13th, moon will meet with ketu, the south lunar node. Ketu is a fiery, separative energy, as well as spiritualising force. Symbolically kept is a dragon with no head. It’s function is to remind us of our past so we can learn from it, and also creates a distance, separation and dissatisfaction from material things, so that we may remember that reality is not just a 3-dimensional experience. The separations can be sometimes unpleasant, but we can use this energy to see what we are holding onto, and cut ourselves from limited thinking.

On Friday the 16th, moon makes an exact conjunction with mars. This creates steam as moon is water and mars is fire. If you have a hot temper then perhaps, sparks will fly – these energies are incompatible. Time to check in with anger management techniques. Let off steam by being physical and channel the energy productively – don’t direct it at your loved one. (Remember, venus, planet of relationships, is still retrograde)
However, this conjunction will occur in sidereal Aquarius, which is connected to engineering and genius (among many other things) and mars can sharpen the mind, so it can also be a good time to take decisive action on some issue or situation.

All these transits will have a very different effect on the individual due to the respective placements and relationships to the planets, signs and their energies in your chart and inner psychological terrain.

By next week, most stresses will have passed, so try not to take anything too seriously this week, and if something isn’t quite working, let it be for a few days. Do something creative instead. Life isnt always meant to be lived in the mind – let the element of water flow through you.
The planets are always moving and always doing something – as is life, the only constant is change.

Our mind (moon) is our instrument of perception.
When the moon is challenged, things can feel emotionally difficult. We don’t really know why. Knowing that these are often transits causing energetic fluctuations in our bio-chemistry, helps us to be kinder with ourselves, and tune into the finer forces; the undercurrents and overtones of nature, which includes the great cosmos around us.

I say it, cos I need to do much more of it – yoga, meditation and mantra, all that jazz – tools of balance and compassion.
Do it! – it works! 🙂

Have a great week,
Love, Darinka

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