The Starry Times: Full Moon Taurus 23/11/18

Happy Full moon everyone.

This full moon is occurring in Taurus, sign of the bull.
For those acquainted with Vedic astrology, the nakshatra is Krittika, which means ‘cutters’ – This energy gives the ability to cut to the truth of a certain matter – It is sharp, direct and critical. It can cut to the center, dividing fact from fiction.
Krittika spans the last few degrees of Aries, and the rest is in Taurus.

What does this mean?

Moon is mind, and reflects the way we instinctually respond to life around us. Everyone has a complex inner nature, and by developing deeper awareness, we can understand the subtleties and nuances that permeate our mental and emotional spheres.

This Taurus full moon is aspected by Jupiter and a retrograding Mercury. Feelings are high, intense, powerful, conflicted and expansive. Emotions are big, yet visionary – Stay on track.
The winds are heavy here in Sydney, facilitating changes as the seasons shift and settle, and spring gives way to summer. Wildfires have engulfed much of California and the west coast of the USA… It is destructive yet intensely transformative. What is being destroyed is a clear indication of what needs to shift and move, to make way for new growth to occur. When crisis hits, our core shakes, our values are questioned – and we are forced to adapt – remember, intelligence is defined by the ability to adapt to change, as the nature of life is to always be in flux.

Jupiter is facilitating a positive transformation, as it sojourns through Scorpio over the next year. Letting go and letting god is the theme, trust the process, there is beauty in the breakdown. When shit hits the fan, this is when we are tested. Wallowing can be good for a short time, just don’t stay there. Ask for help, and recognise if your pride is preventing you from doing so.

What is unique about this full moon is the trinity of Moon, Jupiter and Mercury. Symbolically they represent the higher and lower mind, (Jupiter and Mercury respectively) and Moon, total mind. We have the opportunity to really go deep here and fly with visionary thinking. The full moon is supported by the expansive wisdom of Jupiter and the analytical perceptive awareness of Mercury.

Stay grounded by doing what works for you to remain centred and in your body. Do your practice – Yoga, meditation, gym, running, whatever works for you, but keep moving.
The winds of change are loosening weak structures in our lives, prying us from ruts, readying us for new beginnings.

Stay tuned for mercury retrograde blog and Jupiter in Scorpio 2019.

Love, Darinka X

I have been studying Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life. To me, Life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe, self and others. If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you personally, I offer consultations in person or over skype X

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