The Starry Times – Mercury Retrograde + Scorpio

Mercury retrograde creating delays again –

Well, not really, it just means that when a planet retrogrades, it appears closer, and its energy is felt more strongly – in either way, positive or negative. Delays happen all the time, and there are some occasions when it affects us more than other occasions.

The variables are the sign it is in, planets that are conjoining, and most importantly, the relationship that the planet in question has to your personal chart.
There are always multiple ways cosmic and karmic energies are playing out an interacting, and as receivers and conduits of light and energy, we have the unique ability to bring our awareness and attention to the subtleties of these energies.

This Mercury retrograde is doing its usual tricks where we tend to experience more delayed flights, public transport, excess communication, crossed wires, programs that won’t work, glitches, confusing emails, computer issues, phone calls that magically cut out in the middle of an important rant to your loved one about some minor issue. These are all manifestations of Loki, Hermes, or Heyokah, the universal trickster archetype that playfully reminds you, by disrupting our daily agendas, that we have very little control over most anything… Mercury sitting with Jupiter hopefully can remind us to be jovial about these things, and combine our detailed awareness of the mundane (Mercury) with a higher perspective and wisdom (Jupiter).

Mercury is currently hemmed between Sun and Jupiter, in the sign of Scorpio.
Most people hold negative interpretations of Scorpio, and while there is some truth to the stereotypes, there is a much deeper aspect to this sign – one of profound insight, perception, power, transformation and deep secret knowledge. The water element trinity; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces share these themes, but in different ways.

Scorpio is a complicated sign, and in Vedic astrology, it is ruled by Mars and the South Node, Ketu. Both are of the fire element. Mystically, fire and water combine to create steam; they are fundamentally incompatible energies. Steam is the product of transformation of the interaction of opposing elements.
This creates psychic tension which is then reflected in the lives of people who are strongly under the influence of Scorpio. The key is to understand the complex nature of this sign, and to work with the energy of perpetual renewal and transformation, while yielding to the breaks and changes that can be quite large at times in a person’s life. It is a challenging energy to master especially when the lower nature and ego dominate, yet once harnessed, can be a profound force for good, as the lower nature can sublimate and integrate with the higher aspect of our consciousness.

With three planets currently in this powerful sign, there are a lot of breaks, changes, insights, and positive growth all around. The effect of these transits will be stronger if you have Ascendant, sun or moon in Scorpio. The positive or negative effects of the transits will depend on how connected you are the agents of change that manifest in your personal life. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and while Sun is moving past Jupiter expands our confidence, willpower, purpose and vision. With Mercury, our thinking is big, reflective and expansive.

Some mystic pages and website refer to these kind of energies as “portals’ – It’s fancy language, and can be used, however, I personally prefer a more grounded an logical approach, which looks at this time as a good time dream and plan, to do away with limitations for a short while and go into your imagination and see what you wish to create, what direction you want to go toward. Not all that we vision and see may come to fruition, but this is a good time of personal dreaming.

Most likely, many folks may feel a pull to learn and expand their knowledge in a certain field, perhaps even the study of Astrology or other occult and mystical sciences, especially now, as Jupiter traverses the mystical sign of the scorpion until October 2019.

The shadow side of Scorpio is of course all too evident – where deception, betrayal, lies and manipulation can manifest. Mercury can manipulate words strategically for it’s own advantage. Jupiter can blow things out of proportion. We must remain vigilant and guard the mind against negativity and underhanded ways. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Ketu, and these two planets are currently transiting in Aquarius and Capricorn, respectively. Both signs are ruled by Saturn, which is currently in Sagittarius.

Saturn, planet of karma is ultimately channelling the complexity of the planets in Scorpio. When we work in ways that are not in alignment with the laws of nature, when we create negative karma through ignorance and delusions of any nature – naturally we experience the consequences of those actions. There is a saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions – intentions can be good but if our actions are not aligned with correct thinking and right action, then trouble is likely to ensue. Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change – How much and how big are the changes that are currentlly rolling around? What is the bigger picture? Scorpio teaches us about having things by asking us to let go – or be dragged.

For some, this time can be very difficult with delays, setbacks and endings feeling out of control. Some things are meant to end and by letting go, we can allow fresh opportunities and new beginnings to come our way.
Saturn finally shifted nakshatras, moving from Mula to Purva Ashadha this week and can inspire a grounded approach to creativity and even new business opportunities. Saturn’s lessons soften and we can find some creative approaches to to complexities in our lives. Nothing to be rushed, Mercury will go direct on Dec 6th – Until then enjoy the creative thinking and visioning –

As they say in Hindi : Saab Kuch Milega : Anything is possible!


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