The Starry Times: Gemini Full Moon & Summer Solstice

Gemini Moon

Hey everyone –

Welcome to the Starry Times, The Summer Solstice edition.

On Dec 23 (AEST) we will have the full moon occur in the sign of Gemini, in the lunar mansion of Ardra.

In case ya’ll be scratching your heads thinking it is in Cancer, I use the sidereal zodiac which accurately charts planets in their correct astronomical positions. (Check any astronomical information to see for yourself, or even skyviewzone app on mobile)

It is also summer solstice now, marking the longest day in the year. In the northern hemisphere, it is the opposite, being the shortest day and marking the midpoint through winter. What has reached fulfilment in your life now? What has reached maximum brightness? Is there anything that has peaked that is ready to slowly wane? What seeds have been sown that have reached fruition now and what still needs more work? Is it time to relax a little over the holiday season and allow your efforts to organise themselves on the energetic planes? Things to contemplate as the Moon receives full illumination from the Sun – From a mystical perspective, the Sun is the source of all Light in our known reality on Earth. The light of our soul (sun) illuminates the darkness of the mind (moon)

This full moon falls in Gemini, sign of the twins and the lunar mansion Ardra whose symbol is threefold, a head, a jewel and a teardrop. Rudra is the ruling deity, and is the more destructive form of Shiva. This is an intellectual moon due to the influence of Gemini, and a turbulent star due to Rahu’s rulership of Ardra. The head symbolises the intellectual and emotional storms generated by this combination which can produce the best and worst in people –  Rahu’s rules ingenuity and original thinking; outside the box, or at the least, outside of one’s own native cultural norms. The teardrop signifies the pain of transformation and growth, which come from the subtle yet destructive element of Shiva who acts to destroy our ignorance and frees us from karmic ruts. What is changing for you now ?

A good storm clears out what is no longer beneficial in our lives. The symbol head relates to the the way intellect and reason can cast block the intuitive and receptive faculties of the higher mind. The Jewel relates to the way we have the capacity to express our true natures just as the multi-faceted diamond reflects Light in a brilliant display of jewel – like possibilities.

These descriptions are metaphors and symbols of the forces of Nature. India has 33 million gods and goddesses, because there are that many + more ways the infinite dimensions of the divine expresses itself in Nature; and Earth is where we physically experience how these energies express themselves. We are a both the history and the future, the created and that which is being created.
In a way you could see this as being similar what the Indigenous peoples of Australia call the Dreamtime. By tuning into these subtle, yet not so subtle influences, we allow more beauty, truth and love to manifest in our lives, as we align ourselves with universal laws and principles, rather than identify only with personal perspectives and limited beliefs.

This Full moon can bring us in touch with one of the major gateways to the heart – the spirit of sorrow and loss, and these themes can feature strongly in the lives of those with this star prominent in their charts.
Mercury, ruler of Gemini is currently in Scorpio, conjoining Jupiter – placed in the 6th house from Gemini, so this can promote unsettled thinking, (as 6/8 relationships between planets in charts are generally not harmonious). Yet, if you can recognise this disturbance, tune in deeper to Jupiter’s vibration of wisdom and deep thinking to any predicaments you might be feeling. Unsettled energies are testing, but do not last long. Keep things in perspective.
Rahu is still in Cancer in the early degrees, (as the nodes always travel backwards). Issues around nurturing, family, children and boundaries may come up in. Check in with your own relationship to these themes and issues.

The moon will also receive an opposing aspect of Saturn who is currently in Sagittarius, adding a serious and grounded tone to the full moon. Again watch the mind and thoughts and try to not believe everything you think! (Easier said than done).

If you like to chant mantras, the Mahamrityunjaya mantra will be good to chant at this time – helping to dispel fears and disturbances and bring peace mind.

Tryambakaṁ yajāmahe sugandhiṁ puṣṭi-vardhanam
Urvārukam-iva bandhanātmṛtyormukṣīya māmṛtāt

More info @ Wiki Info

It has been a big year, with lots to digest and assimilate. Next year has a lot in store with even deeper transformations and changes. Focus your visions, Dream Big and Stay close to the Earth

Have a great festive season folks!

With Love,

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