The Starry Times: Super Moon Eclipse

The Eclipse season of 2019 is well underway – there five this year; 3 solar and 2 lunar with the first partial solar eclipse already having occurred on the 6th of Jan. The other dates are as follows:

21st Jan – Full lunar eclipse (full moon)
3rd July – Total solar eclipse (new moon)
17th July – Partial lunar eclipse (full moon)
26th December Annual solar eclipse (new moon)

Tomorrow is a super moon and will appear a deep blood red colour as it passes fully into the earth’s umbra (the darkest part of the shadow) – which the earth casts as it travels between the sun and the moon. We wont see it in Australia as it will be occurring from about 9am, on the 21st of Jan. We are already feeling some of it’s effects this weekend and will still feel it a couple days after.

This full lunar eclipse occurs in Cancer, Pushya nakshatra. The Moon and Rahu oppose the Sun, Ketu and Mercury sitting in Capricorn. Cancer is a sign ruled by the moon, Pushya is a star governed by Saturn and its ruling deity is Bhrihaspati; Jupiter. Pushya is one of the most auspicious (favourable, promising) stars, with its main symbol being a cow’s udder. Its major theme is that of nourishment.

This full moon is watery and emotional having the potential to reveal issues around emotional toxicity, which are mostly expressions of unmet, or unacknowledged emotional needs. Our emotions are amplified during an eclipse and if we have some degree of self awareness, this is an opportunity to access a doorway into our subconscious mind.

The next few days could be a good time to get in touch with all that is toxic and unsupportive in in our lives. Does this truly nourish me? or am I just satisfying my senses and superficial wants?

Cancer is a sign that governs the lymphatic system. Water needs to flow. Tears need to shed, the body needs to move, the lymphatic system needs movement to flush toxins out of the body. Without movement, the body, mind and emotions begin to stagnate and the inner toxins can manifest as illness. Depression is a debilitating and often paralysing emotion –so, if you find you are feeling depressed over the next few days, then pull yourself out of the emotional quagmire and get moving! Your mood will shift. Exercise and movement of any form is the most under utilised anti depressant.

Saturn is channeling the eclipse energy in the sign of Sagittarius. This further emphasises the need to move and expand your horizons. You can’t solve a problem at the same level it was created. Saturn’s restrictive influence can promote the need to discipline oneself, and recognise the most precious gift of discipline: the highest form of self love and respect, discipline allows us to achieve what we truly desire – nothing comes free, we all have our work to do.

Pushya’s themes highlight nourishment – Its symbol is the cow’s udder – Our mothers, or mother figures nourish us, however too much can smother our development. Not enough nurturing can leave us with insecurities. As adults, it is our responsibility (Saturn) to explore our inner world and heal our hurts, instead of projecting onto others. Healing implies nourishment in one form or another Water will be good medicine during this time. If you can, go find a body of water and let yourself be soothed by it’s rhythm and flow.

The Cancer-Capricorn axis highlights home and career, nurturing and family vs career and work. Emotions and feelings versus discipline and duty. If you have these signs as your ascendant, sun or moon, these themes are likely to be having a major impact at the moment.

When difficult transits and celestial events occur involving the moon, our minds and emotions are more likely to get the better of us. Whatever is our current reality is magnified – so it is a great opportunity to practice observing what comes up for us; feelings, thoughts, emotions – as they are all teachers. Negative emotions will show us where/what we need to transform in ourselves. In this way the power that eclipses have to reveal secrets can cause us to dig deep and look at our own blindspots. Are you ready to face truth of the situation? or has denial created a barrier between yourself and reality?

Eclipses can be challenging energies to handle internally, as they affect the inner psyche and emotional mind. In Vedic mythology, Shiva is depicted with a crescent moon on his head, symbolising his ability to control the mind and think beyond the duality of the ego and its compulsive behaviours.

This eclipse may also stimulate an inner desire to move away from the material world, but Saturn binds us with responsibilities and karmic duties that we must fulfil. Perhaps your sense of duty to family seems to be blocking your spiritual progress? Is this reality or just an impression? Family can be one of the greatest attachments to the material world and yet our families are so much of what shapes our realities. Family life is also spiritual life, if you approach it that way. You could explore your genetic stories… What are your inherited traits? What patterns are obsolete? Which ones give you strength? Our families give us clues to who we are, where we have come from and where we need to go.

The purpose of these blogs are the help remind you of your power to transform – to help you to understand the subtleties and layers of your own mind. Mindfulness, meditation, yoga and other inward focussing practices train you to detach from your thoughts and witness them, rather than engaging and identifying with anything that pops up. Your power lies in the ability to choose the emotions you engage with. No one said it was easy – but nothing worthwhile ever is.

It is advised to not do anything major on the eclipse day. Clean the house, read, meditate, don’t overeat, or best fast if possible. May this eclipse reveal truth and wisdom to you, may your vision be clear and your heart and home, be at peace.

Much Love,

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