The Starry Times: Capricorn New Moon Meditations

Collage by Julia Geiser

Yesterday was officially new moon as it was fully obscured by the Sun. Apologies for the delay … time is somewhat a fickle concept… Today, a thin sliver emerges although it wont be able to be seen for a couple more days. The Moon begins its fortnightly slide back to full. Mercury is also combust the Sun in Capricorn and Ketu in is on the threshold of moving back into Sagittarius. (the lunar nodes always move backward in the zodiac – reasons which are beyond the scope of today’s post). New moons are time for inner reflection and quiet contemplations. Combustion means the planet is burnt. The significations of Moon and Mercury are challenged for the duration of their combustion.

So how does this affect us?

Moon and Mercury connect us to our emotional, feeling mind, and our thinking, rational, analytical mind. You can check in with yourself and ask how you have been thinking and feeling the last few days?

Clear? On point? Focussed? Content? Happy? Unhappy? Unsettled? Unsure? Insecure? Something else? Nothing at all? All of these feelings are reflections of our mind – Thoughts can help or hinder, emotions take us for a ride. Is it real or is it a dream? Is it yours or is it mine?

There is a lot of focus in Capricorn currently, as the Sun is in the middle of its annual sojourn through the pragmatic sign of the goat. This sign is industrious, hard working and focussed, with a touch of narrow mindedness. Mercury here, promotes mental attention to the practicalities of life. Once committed to a project, Capricorn people can be reluctant to deviate.

One myth I would like to dispel, is that we only focus on just our Sun, Moon or rising sign.

The reality is we are the entire zodiac, as it is a reflection of the entire human body and mind. We all have Capricorn somewhere in our chart, and by extension, we all can be practical, narrow minded, rigid, focussed etc, in some area of our lives. So it is good to reflect on these qualities, observe the effective and ineffective elements to our natures, so we can improve our lives.

The official new moon was yesterday (4 Feb) when Moon joined Sun in the star of Sravana – The Sun will stay here for a while longer, so this is still relevant even after the moon has passed through this star.

Sravana connects us to hearing, the ear and listening to the vibrations of our surroundings. Not just acoustically. People convey many things about themselves through the manner and way in which they communicate. If you listen, you can hear beyond the words, to the meaning. A good therapist knows how to discern what is meant despite what is being said.

So listen to the words you are speaking, to others and to yourself. Is there a gap between how you really feel and what you really want to say? Some people keep their thoughts and feelings private. Is this always of the highest benefit? Listen to others as well. See if you can discover what people are really trying to say, especially if you know someone who finds it difficult to express themselves.

Listen and silent are spelled with the same letters. Something to contemplate.

Now the moon will spend a couple of days in the star Dhanishta, joining mercury, then moving off into Aquarius. Dhanishta is a star connected to the drum, rhythm, beats, and timing. It is ruled by mars, and both these planets can be negatively affected by the fighting spirit of the red planet. This is even more so since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who is also not friendly with Mars – their energies are incompatible. Be careful to not push your agenda too much. Mercury in Dhanishta is always ready to have an intellectual battle and debate. With Moon added here, this can throw some emotionalism into the mix creating some heated arguments. Mentally, this can create emotional and mental confusion due to the mix of disruptive and generally incompatible energies. However, the Moon can give insight into the rigidity of the mind and can promote writing and intuitive thinking. Mars is also in a steamy part of the zodiac about to move into Aries. The transition from Pisces to Aries promotes instability and tension. Basically, pick your battles and keep your ego in check. Hard to do, so conflicts help us resolve these issues in ourselves.

There is always something happening in the stars, just as there is always something happening on earth. By understanding the cosmic rhythms and movements we can understand and move better in our own lives. We can pick our moments and plan our days without always guessing and hoping for the best.

Jyotish; Vedic Astrology is a science of light – with greater awareness comes a greater capacity of choice and greater freedom from ‘fate’, as we learn to direct ourselves, change our destinies and align with the greater currents of life.

Have a good week! x

I have been studying Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life. To me, Life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe, self and others. If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you personally, I offer consultations in person or over skype.

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