The Starry Times : Fires of Purification

Barbara Olsen

The spiritual fire burns bright and strong at the moment. The Sun has moved into Aries, its strongest sign, Ketu and Saturn continue their transit in Sagittarius, Jupiter is retrograding out of the early degrees of Sag and Venus has entered its exaltation sign of Pisces.

What are we seeing?

We have just seen Notre Dame, an iconic religious structure go up in flames. Religious ideologies that do not align with universal truth are already experiencing huge transformations. Jupiter is the planet that governs all aspects of religion, beliefs and philosophies. On the highest level, Jupiter leads us to following the path of Dharma – of aligning with universal, cosmic laws. Jupiter’s current movements (retrograde, gandanta) are reflecting the deep changes that are happening within the structures of society.

Jupiter has been in the star of Mula, at just 10 mins of Sagittarius – in deep gandanta. Gandanta means ‘spiritual knot’, in which the more you try to untie or unravel, the tighter it becomes. Mula nakshatra is located at the centre of the galaxy. This star connects and encourages us to keep seeking for the roots of truth. It contains potent energies, one which can be very destructive if not harnessed properly. Jupiter will move back into scorpio where we will see further dark truths that religious establishments have been hiding from the masses.
As old, outdated religious establishments give way to the future movements and a shifting of consciousness, the spiritual fire of truth burns the dead wood away. Evolution is an inherently destructive process.
As Jupiter will be channeling the deep restructuring and spiritualising forces that Saturn and Ketu are churning up in Sagittarius for the next year, we are going to see many more issues from the past come up, asking to be dealt with. Some issues will reach a resolution, others will really shake the world. It is time to awaken.

On a personal level, many people will find that their belief structures and values will be shifting. What isn’t working will be highlighted. Issues will be difficult to be ignore. The problem with belief is that, people believe in their ideas, regardless of whether or not they are actually true. This can be very destructive, as can be clearly see over the course of history, and in the current state of global affairs. The worlds’ greatest genocides and most of our problems in life are all too often a result of erroneous beliefs. This is due to the limitation of the human mind and the inability to truly understand the broad and universal aspect of our true natures, beyond the duality of the mind. The past will be knocking our doors asking for resolution this year. Face up to your responsibilities.

With Venus now exalted in Pisces, until May 11th. May the power of universal love and compassion enter our hearts and allow us to expand into our true natures as divine beings. To deny our spirituality is to deny a part of our fundamental nature and humanity. Venus is strong, and will meet and cancel (partly) mercury’s debilitation – a wonderful time for creative thinking, and the arts in general. Writers, poets, wordsmiths and painters will feel the positive vibrations of Venus and mercury.
Take care with the details as it can also promote scattered and diffuse thinking – a little like when mercury is retrograde, but overall it shouldn’t be too troublesome. Relationships can benefit from this energy too, so take extra care and do nice things with your sweetheart, and if solo, take the time to nurture and care for yourself – let go of others demands, and fill your own cup. Venus in pisces needs to learn that worlds’ problems are not their responsibility!

The Sun has begun its annual sojourn through Aries, emphasising the fresh and inspirational aspect of Fire. It is a great time to launch or think about starting a new project. Sun is the karaka (significator) of the soul – what lessons are completing, and what are you needing a fresh perspective on? Are you just recycling your experiences or are you shifting and moving on the spiral? Connect to your inner light (sun) and recognise the innate courage and strength you do have. Have to courage to ask for help when you need it.

While Saturn is still slowly plowing through Sagittarius, re-defining and re-structuring the values and beliefs that are being held, Jupiter’s transit and aspects can hopefully leverage us from old, stuck patterns, giving us the insight to see and accept our shortcomings with wisdom and equanimity and hopefully facilitating the inevitable transformations ahead with divine grace… May we all desire to seek the truth of our natures.

Have a great week ,

Love Darinka

I have studied Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life. To me, life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe, self and others. If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you personally, I offer consultations in person or over skype.

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