The Starry Times : Saturn/Ketu 2019 Breakdowns & Breakthroughs

Jean Giraud / Moebius

Key Dates:

11th April – 11th August – Jupiter’s retrograde in Scorpio
30th April – 18th September – Saturn’s retrograde in Sagittarius
7th May – 23rd June – Mars in Gemini
14 – 16 June – peak opposition with Saturn/Ketu
16 – 20 June – Mars/Mercury/Rahu conjunction

           The days become shorter, as we move further into autumn, here in the southern hemisphere. Our favourite taskmaster Saturn is retrograde and conjoined Ketu in Sagittarius, continuing to re-structure our deepest core values and beliefs for the rest of the year. Jupiter’s brief dip into sagittarius amplified the changing structures and ideologies that are ripe to shift and evolve.
As Jupiter continues its retrograde through Scorpio, we are seeing more and more breakdowns in old establishments of power, and a greater revelation of the truth; of secrets that have been held for a long time. Jupiter continues to reveal the poisons embedded in our own beings, catalysing healing and growth.

What revelations and insights have you discovered in your own life?
What has outgrown it’s form?
What structures are breaking down?
Where are you ready to jump, and evolve?

April 30th – Saturn Retrograde.
Retrograde times are times to reflect on one’s choices and actions. How they have been effective or ineffective? Normally it causes it’s usual delays, frustrations, limitations and extra responsibilities, but what makes this retrograde more challenging, is the tight conjunction with Ketu, (south node of the moon). This combination is bringing tough karmic lessons from the past that have an opportunity to bring much healing and growth. The key is to stay humble and open. It’s actually, a really good time, over the next few months, to work hard, tie up loose ends and finish up projects that have fallen on the wayside. 

Saturn and Ketu are inherently opposite energies – Saturn is the taskmaster, showing us where we need to fulfil our karmic responsibilities. Ketu acts like mars. It is sharp, firey and promotes detachment.
Ketu links us to our deep unconscious. It doesn’t want to accept responsibility, it wants moksha, it rejects the attachments associated with worldly life. So there is a great churning in our psyches, catalysing much inner tension. The key to work with this is to accept our responsibilities with detachment. We can make intelligent decisions, rather than act impulsively and rashly when the pressure rises. This Saturn/Ketu conjunction occurs in the dharmic sign Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. It is a fire sign and connects us to spiritual vision. It’s desire is to seek for truth, wisdom, knowledge and philosophy; to expand it’s sight across every terrain.

7th May – Mars moves into Gemini.
14th – 16th of June – Peak conjunction and planetary ‘war’
18th – 20th June – Exact mars/mercury conjunction.

When Mars moves into Gemini on the 7th of May, issues that have been seething beneath the surface will begin to percolate. The most potent days/times will be between 14-16 June, when Mars joins Rahu opposing Saturn and Ketu at 24 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. Added to this, Mercury, will be joining the party in Gemini for the month of June, taking on the qualities, and amplifying the energies of the moment. This time more than ever, we will need to take extra special care and deeply improve our emotional intelligence and communication skills. We must learn to respond with maturity, patience, wisdom and perspective, as the going gets tough.

 Everyone is going to feel the effects of these combinations in one way or another – the key is in how you choose to deal with it. Are you a victim of circumstance or a master of your mind? You have a choice in every moment.
Take note of the dates and avoid planning anything major around that time.

While we cannot control other people’s actions, we can be extra mindful to not make silly decisions, or decisions based on temporary emotions. Most of our fights and arguments occur due to an entitled sense of self that needs to be right. You don’t need to win every battle, beware of passive aggressiveness. Check in with yourself. Are you speaking in a way that is causing arguments?

Speaking your needs clearly and avoiding projection onto the other person saves so many unnecessary quarrels. Try and take a step down to see things from another perspective. So often we get stuck arguing about tiny details, that when looked at from a bigger picture, are quite insignificant. This is one of the lessons of the Sag/Gemini axis.

When the mind is stressed and tired it cannot function properly, and what we need most during difficult times, is a sharp mind and clear thinking. Your responsibility to yourself is to set healthy boundaries, avoid unnecessary extra demands. Take time out for you. If you can, wait till after July before making any major changes.

Suggested reading : Non-violent communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg & The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Saturn’s master lesson is Patience.
Master infinite patience and you are a master at life. Trust the confusing, non-linear process, and the mud will settle. Let go of the need to be in control, surrender your agenda, know everything will happen in divine timing, there are just some things that we cannot control. We all have our karmas to face. The right path is never easy which is why we all like to take shortcuts. But sometimes we just have to put our boots on and go through the mud.

Many people may find these next few months extra challenging as we are being forced to look at ourselves and change our thinking and behaviour, if we want to improve and change our lives.
Saturn governs all that we don’t like – and the more we resist a situation, the more unbearable it seems to become. Saturn’s lessons take time, he is a slow planet, and does not rush things. This is why in astrology Mars is Saturn’s “enemy”, we often rush foolhardy with our egos (mars) into situations, often making them worse than needed.

Accidents happen when we try to force and agenda that is not ready to move. Whenever we try to force or push something, it rarely works out with the satisfaction we are seeking. So this time more than ever, take the back seat, mend the metaphorical holes in your lives, go seek therapy, do an art class, spend time in solitude; contemplate yourself.

Despite the million emails that need replying, underneath the piles of clothes on the floor, amidst the cacophony of children screaming and the airplanes flying, life is still moving at the pace that life moves at. So tune into the natural rhythm and flow – and attune to the deeper currents that are moving through you too.

The inner spring inside each person is what truly nourishes our souls. Spend more time in nature, breath consciously, find your meditation groove… Things will ease up by the end of July.

Time to practice our spiritual muscles! 
Love Darinka

I have studied Jyotish for a number of years and have gained so much from applying the insights and knowledge to my life. To me, life is an adventure, an exploration of the universe, self and others. If you like what you read and would like to know more about your own chart and how the planetary energies are affecting you personally, I offer consultations in person or over skype.


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