The Starry Times: Mood/Moon Update – No Hurry, No Worry!

The Tiger – Vehicle for Goddess Durga!

Hey Everyone,

Heads up :
Moon is stressed from 5-7 June, today and tomorrow.(Moon is our emotional mind and instincts)

It’s moving through Gemini, currently in the star of Ardra – this star is associated with storms, (hello Sydney, we are having a deluge), with the goddess Durga, its ruled by Rahu and generally is a star that can promote both conflict and intellectual brilliance.

We have entered into two months of challenging energies where many issues from the past are being brought to the surface like an ugly pimple with a fat white head, and stuff is ready to pop… well, maybe – unless you have been living in a cave and not creating any life ripples, since, ever….

However, if you have been mindful, cultivating awareness and generally not creating too much fuss in life, it hopefully wont be too intense, although everyone will be affected by these times, as the energies are not easy. Situations can arise that create unsettled feelings. 

Mantra – no hurry, no worry! 

Today and tomorrow the moon is particularly stressed as it passes through gemini, activating the saturn/ketu/mars/rahu/mercury opposition. 

Is there someone who is just waiting to pick a fight with you? Or is that person you? Don’t buy into it – be aware this is a very heady and intellectual vibration, mars and mercury are not friends, so conversations could be prickly, Rahu is throwing smoke around obscuring the truth, mercury is strong in its own sign, so it can amplify the need to be right, especially with mars adding fire to words. 

You get the picture … Should we all go hide under a rock? No, we all have to face life and our duties, but we can learn to be more mature and emotionally intelligent in disagreements. Let’s not all be like the US and find non – reasons to send missiles. Put off any important discussions for another time. 

Alternatively, this can be an exciting and intellectually stimulating time, full of inspiration and visions… just make sure your ideas are grounded and not based on reactionary motivations. 


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