The Starry Times – June 2019 – Cosmic Clash

Jean Giraud

Hey Everyone –

Planets are approaching, encroaching, getting closer and closer to their cosmic clash –so be mindful of what you think, say and do during the month of June. All that we send out comes back to us.
The collective external world is a divine mirror; every other living being reflects aspects of the universal self. If you do not like what you experiencing in your life, take a deep, long look within. Not with judgement, but with detached, compassionate observation, investigation, contemplation.

This is the art of Atma Vichara – Self inquiry. If we do not know/own our self & shadow, it will continue to appear in the outside world.

What’s going on right now?

  • Mercury has moved into Gemini on the 1st of June, approaching Mars and Rahu, as well as slowing down to move into retrograde on the 8th of July.
  • Saturn is retrograde in Sagg, Jupiter’s sign, until 18 September.
  • Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio, Mars’s sign until 11/8 August.
  • Ketu, (sth node of moon) is locked in an exact conjunction with Saturn, destabilising and restructuring many core elements of society including religious establishments. Also karmic & past life issues need to be dealt with. This tight conjunction breaks in October.
  • Venus moves into its own sign of Taurus on 5th May
  • Moon is stressed from 5-7 May as it passes through the saturn/ketu/mars/rahu/mercury opposition.

The good news is…

Venus is strong in Taurus and aspected by Jupiter, the great guru- so relationships can be benefited at this time. The planets are always a little troubling, so its important to look for the blessings in situations. Often our thinking makes things much worse than they are. During the turbulence, take time to seek out good company and do nice things for you and your loved one. Support the positive and sail through the storms. Jupiter is also aspecting Venus, so relationships could benefit from applying higher knowledge, wisdom and inspiration. Always treat your partner as more important than yourself – humility and devotion is key to love!

Mercury is a very important planet to be mindful of, over these next two months as it is a highly adaptable and fluid energy, taking on the quality of where-ever its and what-ever it’s placed with. Mercury will approach Mars and Rahu, who are volatile, ego driven and naturally ambitious energies. The great clash occurs on the 14th of June, when they are at @ 24 degrees gemini, in opposition to a retrograding Saturn and Ketu @ 24 degrees of Saggitarius, – complete with a bright, yet volatile full moon!

What this means is…
The need to pay extra attention to our internal dialogue and how we are communicating, how we are thinking and what we are feeling. Mercury as planet of communication will bring difficult situations forward, to deal with. Saturn’s retrograde with ketu is making us both need to take responsibility yet also to bail from our duties too. 

17th and 18th June are dates to take care as well, as Mercury will then move across the degree point of mars/rahu, amplifying any drama.

On the 21st, mercury moves into Cancer, leaving the intensity of the opposition, however Mars will join it, and the flavour of July will mostly be dominated by the retrograde of mercury, making several clashes with its enemy mars, who will be in its weakest sign. Added to this soup will be a couple of eclipses, revealing and/or obscuring situations. Try and remain still, avoid getting into arguments and confrontations, and making any rash decisions.

As we can see, the months of June and July are packed, volatile, slow, frustrating, potentially dangerous, powerfully transformative, very good for spiritual pursuits and hard work/focus/discipline.

The Gemini/Sagittarius axis is strongly highlighted at the moment. People are questioning many things on many levels now. Beliefs, existential crisis, big changes are being felt in many different ways. Many folks are waking up to realities beyond the rat race cycle of capitalism, and questioning their deeper purpose in life. The greater the shaking, the greater the need for change – perhaps the need for reconnection to our spiritual selves and divine heritage.

The motion of the planets only reflect and mirror what is happening in your own lives. The planets are ‘karmic seizers’ – as indicated by the sanskrit word “graha” – meaning to seize, hold, grasp. Our free will is such that we are free to act how we choose, but we are bound to the consequences of our actions.

If you are someone who takes time to connect to your eternal self, takes care of your body, actively cultivates a peaceful and calm nature, spends time in good, uplifting company, meditates, breathes consciously, has a balanced routine and lifestyle, eats modestly, is vegetarian or eats very little meats, sleeps at the right time, is motivated at least partially by altruistic and selfless desires, expresses gratitude, humility and grace, you are not describing a saint – you are describing a sensible human being. These actions and others, cultivate tranquility, balance & ecstasy in the life by affecting the subtle energies which govern the functioning of the mind and body.

Most, if not all of our personal issues stem from improper living and thinking. Developing good habits and attitudes, avoids many problems in life.

Owning your Shadow

Every situation, every feeling, thought, emotion, sense, impression, idea, reaction, response, is a teacher – How you interpret an event is a reflection of self, of your inner relationship to yourself. If you see someone is being a jerk, how are you being one in life, to yourself , or aspect of yourself?

If someone seems kind, lovely and sweet, Own it! – What you recognise is within, all shades, tones, colours and hues of the human experience. Rising above binary thinking of right and wrong allows you to expand into the vastness of universal and cosmic intelligence of which is encoded in our dna, genetics and cellular memory.

Moon is the emotional mind. The subtle quality of moon means that it is very susceptible to external influence; its nature is receptive, reflective and shadowy. As it is the fastest moving astrological body in our solar system, it is never still. Neither are our minds. Thoughts are always coming and going. Where do they come from ?

We need to be aware of ‘the dark side of the moon’ – the subconscious self; blindspots, hidden aspects and karmic residues. In the gap between action and reaction – While you cannot control other people’s behaviour, you can master your responses to a situation. How you choose to respond is everything.

However you view things, your perception can be changed. So much is about our mindset – to change it, is not easy, but the most rewarding. The greatest work of art is the transformation of the self, in-sight, in having new eyes, seeing differently, that which was once irrevocably certain and fixed.

Even the most rigid of structures eventually change.

Time, the greatest healer,
Patience, the greatest skill to master, and the most potent medicine during these turbulent times.

Jai Shani Dev
Om Namah Shivaya!
Om Durgaayaa Namah!

Take it easy over these couple of months and feel free to get in touch if you would like a deeper insight into what is happening for you personally during these times

X Darinka

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