The Starry Times 14.6.19

Morning everyone ,

Today we have the exact conjunction of Mars, Rahu, Saturn and Ketu @ 24 degrees Gemini/Sagg– with Mercury close by. There is a Saggitarius full moon on Monday and Sun about to shift into Gemini on the 16h of June.

This axis is potent! A wonderful soup of two main aspects of our mind, the intellect and the faculty of wisdom.

The effects will of course vary, according to who is experiencing it, for some this can be an absolute breaking point, the pressure may feel too much, for others, health issues such as infections, blood related disorders, lung/respiratory issues, bone, joint and hip problems might be highlighted. You may be feeling hyper energised (mars/rahu) or excited, wanting to do everything all at once without much forethought. Its an excellent time to focus and apply your energy on some project(s) that need your discipline and attention.

The particular degrees that are highlighted are Purva Ashadha ruled by Venus, and Punarvasu ruled by Jupiter. Venus is in Taurus, and Jupiter is Retrograding in Scorpio. So, Jupiter and Venus are also aspecting eachother! What a combination. What an opportunity to break down and break through.

What is ready to shift in your life?

These are both the great benefics and gurus of the cosmos. Jupiter is teacher of the ‘gods’ and Venus, the guru of the ‘asuras -demons’ – In the mythologies jupiter and venus are not said to get along – mostly due to their different ideologies. While jupiter dislikes no one, there is tension in this opposition. Jupiter is about purity and higher values, where venus is happy to indulge in the senses. Neither is the right or wrong way, but it is a tension that can sometimes struggle to find a common ground.

In daily life this manifests in a number of ways, however Jupiter can give us the wisdom to use our desires and senses in the right way, leading us toward self realisation and a deeper relationship to the sacredness of our lives on earth, rather than just temporary sensory indulgences for the sake of them.

Clashes in beliefs and ideologies are behind much of the current tensions, who we are, what our purpose (or non purpose) is, deep inner churning and questioning. How long do we want to live the way we are living? Are we just recycling our human experiences? Efforts forgotten and repeated, generation after generation? Big questions are good to ask now. Keep asking, keep inquiring, question yourself most of all, your bias, beliefs and assumptions, doubt your doubts and keep on asking. Don’t expect an answer right away, but keep questioning, pondering, wondering, things will become clearer.

What is your greatest fear?
What are you ready to let go of?
What is ready to shift?
Who are you, beyond your mind, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and memories?
Who is the thinker that thinks?

Stuff to contemplate…
Take it easy next few days…

Much love,
Darinka x

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