The Starry Times: Shake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll -Full Moon Saggitarius

The Gate of Knowledge – Noa Knafo

Full moon today on a wet and cold and wintery Monday morning – at least here in Sydney …

During the day, moon will be traversing the tail of scorpio, having just passed it’s friend Jupiter who is retrograding in that part of the zodiac. By the early evening the moon will have moved into Sagittarius, soon to join the troubled oppositions.

The 18th and 19th could be emotionally intense days for some people, so take care of your mind. In my experience of observing my mental health patterns over the years and the lunar +planetary movements, it is very easy to predict when the ups and downs occur – moon is mind, and contrary to popular thought, the mind is not the brain although they are closely related. Vedic sciences are sciences of conciousness, designed to awaken the inner being, freeing us from the grips of our own thoughts, emotions and mental patterns. The mental churning that so many of us struggle with in modern society, in my opinion is due to an inner existential cry of the human soul – that we are so, so, much greater than the current paradigm presents to us.

And so great shakings happen – disguising great awakenings – At the very least, we can deeply trust the process and the knowing that great chaos often precedes great changes.

This full moon occurs in the lunar constellation Mula – 0- 13’20 mins of Saggitarius. There is a jupiter/ketu undercurrent to this lunar vibe, sagg is ruled by jupiter who is retrograding in scorpio currently, and Mula is ruled by Ketu – the separative and more spiritually inclined south node of the moon.

Since Ketu is locked in a tight conjunction with saturn, opposed by mars, rahu and mercury, this moon is bringing an emotionally charged vibration to the surface. Ultimately how we are dealing with things is going to determine the outcome. Planets don’t really cause stuff, the cosmic movements are reflecting what is already happening in your life. If something is so ready to fall apart because for many years there have been unresolvable problems and you have been dealing with the situation with bandaids, well, maybe it’s time to let go, or at the least, take a break, get some spiritual perspective on things.

Say you have all this happening in your 1st and 7th axis of self and others, your whole sense of identity and who you think you are, as well as all your relationships to everyone else around you is going through a huge transformation, maybe you don’t know who you are anymore and old patterns falling away may make you feel like you are on very unstable grounds.

If it is happening in your 4th/10th house axis, issues around home and work will be going through the process, and the exact details will be evident in your life. Maybe its time to think about getting a new job/home, OR finding a way to make your current one better. The key is to always strive for the highest common denominator in these difficult situations, rather than just react impulsively (as i’ve done on so, so many occasions – rarely works in favour of the situation! ) – Be the bigger person and choose what is right for the situation as a whole rather than serving your own agenda, solely.

Mula is a star associated with Nirriti, the goddess of destruction. Mula also connects us to the roots of things. Since we are eternal beings of light, who are we really? what is really being destroyed? Only that which does not serve our highest purpose. So, as painful or confusing as things may be at the moment, let things be and try adopt an attitude of detachment, practice observing what arises within you without reacting. I can guarantee every single time you choose to observe than react to the strong emotions, and just acknowledge their existence, the easier and easier it becomes, until these things stop bothering you. Definitely not an overnight thing, but a gradual shift in consciousness. You cannot force the flower to bloom and you can’t “fix” yourself overnight, but maybe see your mind like a garden (as the wonderful monk Thich Naht Than says) and cultivate your mind -garden, be vigilant and dedicated to your healing. Be Gentle. Follow the threads of thought and emotions back to their roots … Personally, I find acknowledging and accepting your reality will create the necessary space for authentic healing and transformation.

Take it easy, and feel free to get in touch if you would like a deeper insight into what is happening for you personally during these times.

I would like to honour and thank my teacher Komilla Sutton who has taught and supported my learning in Jyotish over the years. Thank you also to Barry Rosen, Vijay Goel, David Frawley and Dennis Harness.

With Love, Darinka x

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