The Starry Times: Eclipse Season July 2019

We have passed through the most intense time of the year. Who can feel some of the pressure lifted? Mars and mercury have moved out of the grips of Saturn and the nodal axis; our energy, direction and focus (mars) feels freer and our ability to think, analyse and process information (mercury) feels less restricted.

Key dates for July.

  • July 3rd – Total solar eclipse Gemini, Ardra Nakshatra @ 5:30am
  • July 17th – Full moon & Partial lunar eclipse
  • 8th July – Mercury goes retrograde. Expect disruptions in communications and travel plans so take care and plan ahead, avoid travelling on this day. With the conjunction of mars, tempers can fly easily, especially in the northern part of the globe where the summer is hot!
  • Mars + Mercury in conjunction most of July – exact conjunction on 9th July – But take extra care of communications/back up data from 7 – 10th.

Solar Eclipse – Gemini – Ardra Nakshatra

A total solar eclipse is when the moon passes in between the sun and earth, temporarily blocking the light of the sun, casting a shadow on earth. Over the millennia, eclipses have been shrouded with superstition and fear, yet the effects on the earth and on human physiology and psychology is very real, although many modern scientists rebuke any connection between eclipses and human nature.

Eclipses do affect us, some more than others. Perhaps some of you have been feeling unsettled or acting weird, or thinking strange things. It can be difficult to distinguish what is what, and the random thoughts that seem to barrage our mind.

It is generally not a good day to push forward on material plans and affairs. Avoid making deals and agreements over the eclipse time, as they may not last. Best to focus on more spiritual things such as letting go of baggage (on all levels), cleaning the house, as well as meditating, introspective and contemplative activities.

Some people may be feeling more anxiety than usual, and there is a tendency to avoid our self care routines. We need to support ourselves during these unsettled periods.

Eclipses tend to obscure and or reveal some things, sometimes if you are looking for something they can turn up around eclipse times. Earthly phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanic activity happens as well. This eclipse will take place in the nakshatra known as Ardra –connecting us to Rudra- the fierce and crying form of Shiva, the god of storms. So, this could be a stormy time for some folks, especially if you have prominent planets placed in this star, in gemini and/or saggitarius.

This particular eclipse may feel heavy and lethargic as the sun and moon will fall into the grips of the saturn/ketu/rahu opposition, greatly affecting the soul and mind – so we need to take extra care. Being an air sign, Gemini promotes mental activity and sometimes scattered thinking; too many things at once. Strange things may happen with electrics, communications may get confused, mishaps and misadventures are likely, so best to lay low and let the day unfold without needing to freak out too much 😉 Find some time to sit in the sun and have a chai. All will be fine.

More info on eclipses can be found here :

Full moon & Partial Eclipse 17th July – Uttara ashadha Nakshatra – Capricorn.

The full moon will culminate just in the early degrees of Capricorn in the star of Uttara Ashadha.

This day will cause some unsettling in the mind and emotions, this star can appear cool and detached, yet it deals with an inner struggle of materialism and asceticism. Again, not a day to push to hard with material plans and projects. Take it easy and try not to pressurise yourself.

More info on this full moon in coming articles.

Mercury Retrograde 8th July, Merc + Mars Conjunction – Pushya Nakshatra, Cancer.

Practical things: Back up your computers, get your files in order and double check communications before sending!

The second mercury retrograde instalment of 2019 begins 8th July brings its usual travel plans disruptions and delays. Mars is added to the watery mix as both these planets are in the sign of Cancer. This sign is notorious for its strong emotional nature – it feels, it expresses or represses its emotions. In this sign, mercury tends to analyse its feelings, mars tends to create passive aggressiveness, indirectly expressing its frustrations. With the retrograde and conjunction, it can add to an already tempestuous and tenuous situation. Keep your cool.

The nakshatra being activated is Pushya, ruled by Saturn. Saturn has an uncomfortable relationship with its emotions, often denying or repressing what needs to be acknowledged and felt. Mercury retrograde can ignite a different way of thinking so its a good time to explore your inner self, needs and unexpressed emotions. How do you really feel? What’s going on in that big beautiful heart of yours? Is there another way to see the same situation?

Pushya’s symbol is a cow’s udder, a circle and a flower. It is one of the most nurturing stars with a strong affinity for nurturing, family and security. Through discipline most things can be achieved and accomplished.

Saturn is quite stressed at the moment due to its tight conjunction with Ketu and being retrograde, so issues will be related quite strongly to the past, beliefs and values. (More info on Saturn & Ketu in previous articles) – This isn’t a time to cut corners as it wont work out. Maybe you thought you already dealt with something? This time is about peeling back another layer and going deeper. Remember all storms have an effect of clearing what is not structurally sound.

Many people follow astrology because they are looking to blame their circumstances and inner negativity upon – its easy to blame inanimate planets, and find another avenue out of taking responsibility for their life. It is much, much more difficult to face reality as it is, and to accept the situation in the here and now, without feeling like a victim, feeling guilty or disempowered.

The key here is responsibility. It seems to be synonymous with blame these days. Blaming people and situations only creates more disempowerment.

Responsibility is about accepting an acknowledging the reality of the here and now, not just our own singular version. This acceptance is what opens the door to change.

Acceptance is opposite to Saturn who by nature is resistant to change.

In the meantime, attend to what is important, and continue to choose courage to face and work with what is difficult or uncomfortable in your life. Things will pass, and, they will get better.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like a deeper insight into what is happening for you personally during these times.
I would like to honour and thank my teacher Komilla Sutton who has taught and supported my learning in Jyotish over the years. Thank you also to Barry Rosen, Vijay Goel, David Frawley and Dennis Harness.


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