The Starry Times: Mercury Retrograde July 19′

Krishnagopala milking Nathdwara

So now, we have the second instalment of mercury retrograde for the year. It’s in the zodiac sign of Cancer, in the lunar mansion (nakshatra) Pushya.

Pushya is one of the most nourishing stars in the zodiac.

Its primary symbol is the cow’s udder – The cow nourishes and nurtures, in the wild, the humble cow is even known to nurture other species of animals. Milk is a primary food source with wonderful healing benefits, especially when it is given willingly from a cow. Today’s farming practices are exploitative & inhumane, however originally, there was enough milk to go around, for the calves and for humans. Pushya is like this, always open to sharing, caring and nourishing. It doesn’t judge. It is a star ruled by Saturn, so pushya takes this role seriously. It can feel at times, it has a duty to serve others, which can make it seem a little rigid and inflexible.

Since Saturn is currently dancing closely with Ketu, Mercury will be expressing this frustrating energy, however the retrograde can actually help facilitate looking at a situation that has been feeling stuck for a while – in a new way. Mars is also currently aggravating mercury, as they are in a close conjunction at the moment – there is a potential to cause arguments, so keep your cool and find new ways to communicate that are conducive to peace. Mars has a more challenging time in pushya, due to an antagonistic relationship with Saturn and Ketu – however conflict brings strength, crisis brings change and by allowing the ego to not dominate a situation, much progress can be made.

Mercury is the planet that governs the analytical and logical intellect, and communication abilities. Often retrogrades can help you to see things from another perspective. For practical and material affairs however, it’s best to avoid travelling and making too many plans during the retrograde seasons, otherwise be prepared for some kind of delays – especially this one, as Jupiter and Saturn are also retrograde. And, as usual, take care of your electronic things, back up, double check you sent that personal email to the right person, etc etc!

The sign cancer is ruled by moon and pushya is ruled by Saturn. The Saturn/Moon combination can feel heavy on the mind – practice detachment rather than fall into depressive states. Be detached from the emotions, while being present and accepting of your feelings. Watch your emotions come and go, rise and fall, but why identify with them? Are you really your emotions? Do they define you? Connect deeper within, beyond the temporary comings and goings of endless thought.

Find the gap between thought, emotion and feelings – Widen it. That is your presence, and power of choice – Let Mercury assist you to shift your thinking – try not allow mars’s antagonistic and aggressive vibration get in the way of compassionate communication. Use the fire of mars to focus your thinking, and express integrity in speech.

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Stay humble, stay light, true strength is in gentleness, one of the greatest gifts that pushya can inspire in us.
Feel free to get in touch if you would like a deeper insight into what is happening for you personally during these times.

I would like to honour and thank my teacher Komilla Sutton who has taught and supported my learning in Jyotish over the years. Thank you also to Barry Rosen, Vijay Goel, David Frawley and Dennis Harness.


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